Welcome to The Emerald Box Turtle's "all things Tarot" web page!

Check out the FREE Card O' the Day for an (almost) daily card reading. While the daily card may not pertain exactly to you, it's surprising how close it gets to the truth. The Tarot can find ruts that many of us are stuck in, and I'll interpret the Tarot's wisdom to blast us loose. On the other hand, the cards may find the world's energies are peaking, and you should ride the wave to success!

If you want a personal reading tailored just for you and your questions or thoughts, go to my on-line store to order a reading (the "Readings Store" button in the menu bar above). There are numerous spreads offered that delve into your most important issues from many angles: fortune, guidance, problem solving, life readings, and couples or partners. Should you be completely confused about which spread to choose, simply email me, and we'll chat about your questions or thoughts, so I can help you choose the reading that will serve you best. Once a spread has been chosen and purchased, I'll be notified and then will contact you to gain your permission to do the reading and to get a better understanding of your question or what information you may be seeking. And it's okay if you don't have a specific question; you can still benefit from the wisdom of the Tarot simply by having a reading. After I have that information, it will take approximately 48 hours for me to do the reading and return the analysis of the cards to you via email. (The very largest spreads require a 72-hour turn-around time.) Once you've received your analysis, you may then contact me, at no extra charge, with any questions you may have pertaining to that reading and my analysis. Often, questions don't arise until weeks or months later; I'll still be here to answer them.

See my "events" page for my schedule. I attend many metaphysical fairs and expos around the country. If you'd like a face-to-face reading with me, that's where you'll be able to see if I'm going to be near you soon.

Are you ever curious about the history or the nuts and bolts of the Tarot cards themselves? I'll be writing periodically about that on my blog page.

Look on my "contacts" page for email, Facebook, You Tube, and Instagram information. Also, if you want to hear my voice or see my face, you can watch my You Tube videos from the links posted or listen to my radio blog posts via those links.

Individual appointments for readings can be arranged if you're in the area of Athens, Ohio. I can also be engaged for your personal events, parties, showers, or for a gallery reading! Just email me and we'll talk about appearance fees and reading options for your guests.

If you want to know a bit more about me, and how I got to be here, see my biography page. No, I don't divulge all my darkest secrets, but a little back story might be interesting.