July 1, 2017: I read something super interesting about the divining abilities of Tarot cards. It really resonated with me as to what kind of tool a Tarot reading can be, and what it's useful for. Oracular devices, or the tools people use to create "readings", are varied, and I don't believe any one device is "better" or more "powerful" than the next. On several occasions I've been asked to teach someone how to read Tarot cards because they can "only" read Oracle or Angel cards. When I ask why, the potential student usually says something along the lines of the Tarot cards are "real" divinatory tools and Oracle or Angle cards are just for play. Nonsense! If a tool works easily for you, then use it happily and well.  

Modern life has become more and more busy and noisy to the point that many are just stumbling along from one "obligation" to the next. Work gives no pleasure but is simply a means to a paycheck. That paycheck enables one to buy stuff they really don't need. The stuff just creates clutter and doesn't fulfill one they way one had hoped. Social obligations are suffered rather than enjoyed. Through all that noise, the small whisper of one's intuition is lost. And if one's not listening to Self, then one certainly will be deaf and blind to Universe.

That's where divinatory tools come into play: to help one make sense of world events and new trends, how those things affect the individual, and to tap into spiritual reservoirs for guidance during times of crisis or choice. Such tools don't give the answers about what to do next, but they can help to explain why one views something as a problem v. a challenge. The Tarot cards (or other tools) can ask one to look more closely at one's reactions to, or attitudes, about life situations or unfortunate events. Do you collapse in a heap and blame your misfortune on others? Are you convinced you're born unlucky? Do you hope to be "saved" from any unhappiness?  

A divinatory reading full of rainbows, glitter, and unicorns and predictions of true love coming in just three short months is, in my humble opinion, pretty useless at best, and downright false at worst. No one can predict another's future because we make thousands of small adjustments every day that move us away from that precise moment of the reading. It's impossible to freeze oneself in place and not make any changes, at all, so that the same conditions present at the time of the reading will remain until three months hence when Mr. Tall Dark McHandsome shows up. Therefore, the readings that challenge one to look deeper into the True Self to determine what it is one truly NEEDS, and not just wants, will be the readings most useful to a seeker. It's the old receiving a fish v. being taught to fish adage. If one can understand how to create one's own world, then it's up to the individual to create the best world in which that person wants to live.

The next time you think you're ready to have a reading, first choose the reader with whom you resonate. No oracular tool is better than another, but some readers will be a fit for you and others won't. It's just like finding friends, people to date, a pastor for a church, or a therapist. Then consider the information you wish to have and to ask about. However, don't be surprised if other information steps forward; you may think your job is the most important thing right now, but Universe may decide you need to be paying attention to your relationship. If you have no burning questions in your mind, it's perfectly okay, and useful, to have a "check-in" reading just to touch base with your higher self and Universe to see if you're missing anything important.

Now, find the next psychic fair or expo near you and have an eye-opening experience! You can also do a little on-line research to find a reader who appeals to you. There are many readers who can do very effective readings over the phone or via email (for example, me!).