October 29, 2020: Card O' the Day: King of Cups, reversed. Because king personalities are generally dominating and self-assured, when reversed, their normal characteristics get pushed to the extreme ends of a spectrum. At one end, to avoid being perceived as wimpy, weak, or ineffectual, one may act macho or resort to bullying. Emotions can become artificial, and one might hide behind a caring façade, publicly pretend congeniality, or fake a role to fulfill someone’s needs and gain credit for being a “good guy.” Then again, by APPEARING to be Mr. Wonderful, some may try to take advantage of others through embezzlement, shifty or double dealing, and dishonesty as this vibrant energy gets turned away from helping others.

At the other end of the spectrum, the reversed King can become sentimental, maudlin, melancholic, depressed, or disappointed in himself. Escape into excessive sleep, alcohol, and/or illicit drugs are possible avoidance tactics used to basically sulk and hide from the cruel, cruel world. Which is sort of appropriate right now, if you ask me.

If you’re feeling mean and snappy like King #1, avoid others. Unleashing your vitriol on the world isn’t fair and it’ll only require clean up and amends later. If King #2 is more your speed, do the best you can and forgive yourself for letting things slide. This year has been truly awful, but like the seasons, change happens every day! Keep your feet moving until you get through all the Big Bad.

October 28, 2020: Card O' the Day: Three of Swords, reversed. Did you know tears that protect your eyes every day are slightly different from those that flush away irritants or those you cry in response to emotion? “Basal tears” are the typical tears that keep the eye hydrated, clean, and nourished. “Reflex tears” are produced in response to irritation from chemicals, bright light, or crap you get in your eye. Crying as an emotional response or from pain is called “weeping”. These tears contain the protein-based hormones prolactin, adrenocorticotropic hormone, and Leu-enkephalin, which acts as a natural painkiller. (Chemical Composition of a Teardrop by Anne Helmenstine, www.sciencenotes.org) Therefore “weeping” in response to a painful event-emotional or physical—is actually healing and good for you!

When the Three of Swords is reversed, though, it indicates one is denying one’s inner pain and is refusing to let the tears flow. This blocks the necessary healing process. There’s actual scientific proof for that old saying “have a good cry” to feel better!

Once you’ve dried your tears, amazonite might help you regain your equilibrium. As the stone associated with this card, it is said to help reawaken joy and open your heart so universal love can flow again. And that’s something we all can use right about now….

October 27, 2020: Card O' the Day: Ten of Cups. In the midst of a pandemic, a contentious election cycle, and grave economic conditions, we’re being reminded to recognize the valuable qualities present in EVERY situation. No matter how bad it is in your life right this minute, I guarantee you the sun will come up again. Literally and figuratively.

So, if you’ve been feeling a little lost, foggy, slow, and anxious lately, I urge you to have faith and hang on. It WILL get better. The Ten of Cups is here to lift our spirits and bring us the rainbow after the storm.

October 26, 2020: Card O' the Day: Two of Swords. Maybe this is just me, but the Two of Swords today is signifying low-level mental blocks, stagnation, or lack of creativity. This past weekend consisted of me drooling in front of my phone for hours on end…I’m still feeling like my brain cells are under water. Is it the weather? The political news? Covid-19 malaise?

I dunno, but I saw a new word (new to me, actually, because it’s quite old) during my perusals: acedia. It means spiritual and/or mental apathy or  sloth. Now, “sloth” doesn’t just mean “lazy”; there are lots of nuances to “sloth” such as lassitude, which means lifelessness and weariness. 

How does all this relate to the Two of Swords? It means the mental/spiritual energy circulating these days is sluggish and not conducive to big bangs. The last two cards I posted were about big bangs of fire energy scattering in all directions. This is the aftermath, the hangover, the “I should clean this mess up now, but I can’t move.” Just do your best today…. And if your best is a nap, that’s okay.

October 23, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Chariot, reversed. The bold forward motion of The Chariot is disrupted when the card is reversed. The energy scatters in all directions or surges out of control. In an effort to redirect or rein in that energy, you may feel the compulsion to CONTROL…anything, everything, everyone. (Your friends, partners, colleagues, children, etc. will just luuuuuuuv you for that. NOT!) This need to control things outside of yourself is a reaction to the out-of-control feeling inside.

However, “balls to the walls” force isn’t going to put things back into place. These are problems that need to be SOLVED not overpowered and that’s gong to be hard to do in your current state. I suggest heavy exercise, trivial activities, or mindless organizing of paperclips to allow some of this crazy energy to bleed off. (Um, hello reversed Princess of Wands.)

Once your energy level has softened a little, you’ll be able to focus on making a list or putting together a plan. I don’t know if you can actually move forward yet, but you can at least get ready and visualize the solutions. Don’t consider it time wasted, think of it as insurance against possible f*ckups. Only then can you proceed intelligently, economically, and in a straight line to results.

October 21, 2020: Card O' the Day: Princess of Wands, reversed. Whoa, Nelly! Rein it in, people. Energy is wonk-assed and hasty. Bratty, brash, dramatic, manic, thrill seeking, and completely unmindful of your resources…all things you DO NOT want to be with a credit card in your hand. I can’t even say give it to a trusted friend because they can’t be trusted either! Put it in a jar, fill the jar with water, and put the jar in the freezer. It’ll take enough time to thaw it out to get yourself away from whatever crazy thing you were going to buy or do.

The problem is you haven’t been allowed to have any fun for so long that your energy is getting backed up. Better to go for a long run, a fierce work out at the gym, or dig a new pool in your backyard. By hand! Notice I didn’t say practice your yoga and/or meditation. Wands energy that’s gone sideways needs to be burned hot, fast, and sweaty.

You might be a little too flakey to do anything creative and false starts would be demoralizing. Stick with cleaning the garage rather than starting your new novel. At any rate, this too shall pass after you’ve vented a bit.

October 19, 2020: Card O' the Day: Nine of Pentacles. This Card O’ the Day is dedicated to my friend, Sarah, who’s struggling a bit right this minute. Perhaps you are, too. Take heed….

The Nine of Pentacles represents success through discipline. With discipline one will achieve, grow, and prosper. Accomplishments will be grounded on the physical plane (Pentacles, after all), but they will be sensitive to your spiritual wellbeing. Meaning, the thing you’re working on is good for your wallet AND soul. The number 9 indicates a certain level of completion has been reached, but it’s a foundation for the bigger, badder stuff coming down the road as a result of this particular finished project.

The word “discipline” originates in Middle English in the sense of “mortification by scourging oneself.” Used like this, “mortification” is subduing one’s physical desires and causing oneself great suffering (scourging). However, you can make self-discipline more palatable by facing fears of failure and releasing self-judgment about not being “good enough.” Travel your path with compassion for self. You’re INVESTING in yourself, and future, by doing this thing. 

With that mindset, get off Facebook or Instagram, and get to work!

October 18, 2020: Card O' the Day: The High Priestess, reversed. When the High Priestess is reversed, it indicates a removal from one’s higher self as the desires of the ego get confused with real intuition. In plain terms, you might feel an increase in the superficiality or distance in a relationship, or it feels like you’re doing all the work to maintain it. Lethargy, laziness, or lack of interest could be preventing you from initiating new plans or projects. At worst, that could mean principles become corrupted as they conflict with ignorance, shortsightedness, and lack of understanding on the material plane.

I understand the lack of interest in new projects. Many of us are struggling to be motivated these days. Remember that your favorite people are also experiencing this laziness and lethargy, so have compassion for them when they don’t call or re-tweet your post. Keeping emotional score right now means that connection will fail. Try to save the judgment about whether that person is “a keeper” until after things settle. (Now, I’m talking about casual flaking, NOT someone being an utter asshole to you. You have my permission to dump that person right now.)

The worst connotation of this card, though, is the disconnect from or loss of personal integrity. This should NEVER happen. You’re meant to be better than that. Men and women imprisoned in the WWII concentration camps held onto their integrity. If they could do it under such horrific circumstances, you can too. Take a deep breath and a brisk walk around the block to reconnect with your kinder, gentler Self, and help a little old lady across the street while you’re at it.

October 16, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Devil, reversed. The Devil reversed shows greater extremes than any other card, reversed or upright. If you’re good, it means you’re reeeeeaaaaaallllly “good”…so much “better” than anyone else and you make sure they know how holier-than-thou you are! And if you’re bad, I hope you know a good lawyer and exercise your right to remain silent cuz bragging about how “bad” you are and posting the proof on Instagram is how a lot of chumps get caught.

Another facet of the reversed Devil is weakness and timidity. You’re going to have an epic pity-party—Covid be damned—everyone is invited, and no social distancing or masks will be enforced! Wine will flow in abundance.

Or, you can move on to Door #3 and face your false inhibitions, patterns of manipulation, and codependency and release yourself from that garbage. Allow yourself to be happy in your own skin with all its stretch marks, cellulite, droops, bags, sags, and wrinkles. Own your frailties, but don’t be defined or limited by them. See through all the illusions you’re being fed on a daily basis that you’re not “enough” in some way. Because you ARE enough in every way that’s important.

October 15, 2020: Card O' the Day: Prince of Wands. We had the Prince of Wands a few weeks ago, but he was reversed then, which indicated slower energy and a more mature way of handling stress. Upright, somebody put a boot up his root chakra, cuz he’s back to lighting his hair on fire and runnin’ down the road.

This isn’t necessarily a “bad thing” though. Changing it up is good for you; it keeps you on your toes and young-thinking. The Prince offers us the self-confidence we need to dare a little and take a risk. Now, I know we’re in Mercury retrograde right now and things can go to hell in a hand basket quickly, but maybe THINK about the adventures you want to take. It never hurts to plan and with fire under your butt, you’re more likely to make plans that you’ll actually follow through on.

Channel this guy’s excessive charm to your advantage and burn up your social media connections with witty memes and funny photos. Just know the difference between being the life of the party and becoming an asshole. The Prince skates reeeeeeaaallll close to the edge of being a douche. 

October 14, 2020: Card O' the Day: King of Pentacles. Autumn and spring are the two “super change-y” seasons of the year (as opposed to the long hot days of summer and the endless dreary months of winter). During these two seasons, things change fast; buds pop over night or the leaves change color and fall within a week’s time. The King of Pentacles conveys the energy of Spirit and the feeling of connectedness to Mother Earth as she goes through her cycles. I think his appearance today is to remind us the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Emotional support and spiritual connection—if achieved—open doors for further development and expansion, a strong sense of purpose and direction, and long range vision. Meaning, think beyond the current discomforts and inconveniences we are all suffering right now. My grandfather was a POW during WWII. Since he had no idea how long he would be imprisoned, he planted a garden to feed himself and his fellow prisoners. By connecting to Mother Earth and planning according to HER calendar, he survived.

This card is significant of good physical health and we are called to focus on our body, diet, and exercise, and apply energy to practical matters and physical wellbeing. Amber, the stone for this card, is said to fortify inner vision, increase mental wellbeing, help the soul achieve illumination, absorb negative energy, give life in the material world, and bring strength and wisdom. I dunno about yinz guys, but I’m gonna go put on my amber earrings right about now.

October 12, 2020: Card O' the Day: Prince of Swords. It doesn’t happen often that I get the same card two days in a row (to remind you, there are 78 cards in a Tarot deck), but when that happens, I’m thinking I either missed something or we didn’t get the memo this card was sending. …and then I open my Big Book and the first thing I see is it’s possible to over-think things. (LOL-ing at Universe…)

Nevertheless, let’s examine that notion. Sometimes we do need to take a leap of faith based upon minimal research. You know, as in you can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket. My take away on this is we’re being urged to take a step or make a move, even if it’s the wrong move, just to get unstuck. You can fix it later if it turns out the effort wasn’t the best, but there’s nothing to fix if you don’t move at all. 

The Prince is here to give you all the courage and willingness to fight all enemies and the ability to overcome physical and mental limits. Meaning, right now is a good time to run on 3 hrs sleep and a lot of coffee to get your “thing” launched, into Phase 2, or done. Therefore, use the spirit of enterprise and your quick-wittedness wisely to support a cause, meet like-minded people, be inspired, right some wrong, cut through obstructions, create time efficiency, or eliminate ineffective behavior.

October 11, 2020: Card O' the Day: Prince of Swords. Some of you have turned your personal Star right side up! Good for you! How do I know this? Because today’s Prince of Swords represents sudden shifts in perspective as the mind is cleansed of all parasitical concepts that weigh one down. This is the mind-chatter that keeps you from going beyond mere thought and making your plans reality. 

However, while your mind may be whirling with all this new energy, don’t get ahead of yourself and leap at every impulse. The Prince reminds us to ground ideas in reality and be responsible for what you do and create. (Ask him how he knows….) With your head screwed on straight and out of your root chakra, you’ll be able to see your way to solutions that end conflicts and clear up some problems that may be dogging you. 

Keep your Star upright! If you’re still breathing, there’s always hope for making changes and choices that will improve your life.

October 10, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Star, reversed. The Star is the card that quietly tells you you’ve got this. That you have strength and power and matter in this world. When the card is reversed, you doubt that. Self-esteem takes a hit as you believe you lack talent, grace, and beauty. In denial of your true gifts, insecurity leaves you hiding and trying your best to be invisible.

You may lose touch with some of your sources of inspiration and/or other valued relationships could be getting distant. Like the reversed Princess of Swords from the other day, clarity of thought is compromised, focus on tasks is gone, and decisions are nearly impossible. In such a head space, efforts will seem overwhelming or pointless.

The Star is asking you to shed all ideas about yourself that depend upon your social status, possessions, appearances, and what others think of you. Post what you want to on your social media pages without thought to how many “likes” or shares it’ll get. Stop measuring yourself against the “Kim Kardashians” of the world and start measuring yourself against who you were yesterday. Strive to do better and be better than the person you are rather than trying to “one up” your neighbor. Staying on your own mat and concentrating on you will go a long way in helping you rediscover your self-worth.

October 7, 2020: Card O' the Day: Princess of Swords, reversed. The reversed Princess of Swords signifies halting and poorly organized thoughts. This leads to becoming overwhelmed by problems—large or small—and feeling too weak or intellectually confused to do anything about them. Miscommunications in emails or other writing or in conversation seem to be chronic. Some of those “misunderstandings” seem to be on purpose, like someone is trying to trick you!

I’m not trying to minimize your distress, but I want you to ask yourself where this is coming from: definitely from the outside or from that horrible little voice in your head that blows even the slightest hiccup into The End of Days? You know which little voice I’m talking about…the one that tells you you’re too fat/skinny, tall/short, stupid/smart, nice/unhelpful, etc. The voice that blames you for things which are completely out of your control and yet somehow makes it your fault.

Think about it reeeeeaaaalllly honestly. Are you breaking your own heart and tearing yourself down or is it truly coming from your stinking boss/partner/colleague/neighbor/“best” friend? If it’s you, it’s time to talk to someone about it and find out what old pain hasn’t been dealt with from your past. If it’s outside, grow a pair and get off the floor. If you’re not lying down, nobody can wipe their feet on you.

October 5, 2020: Card O' the Day: Eight of Pentacles. The last few days have been hard for me. Maybe you noticed there was no Card O’ the Day. Perhaps the full moon was at fault, perhaps it was the chaos of the entire year that put me down. As I was drawing the card for this morning’s reading, I asked for help from Universe. The answer I got was work.

It doesn’t matter what you do; it’s the actual labor of the task that can bring spiritual reward if you let it. Find beauty in the simple routine of cleaning the kitchen or weeding the garden. Such mundane jobs take on a sacred quality when performed with total involvement, love, and for the sake of having a clean kitchen and weeded garden once you’re done. Take it one step at a time without concern for reward or recognition. 

Working in harmony with the environment makes you aware of your body, the world around you, and the way we all fit into the puzzle that is Universe.

October 1, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Lovers, reversed. The reversed Lover has been coming up a lot lately for clients of mine. Now it appears for all of us. In a nutshell, The Lovers is about making the wisest choice for one’s own greatest good. Sometimes that means making tough choices that seem to go against everything you THOUGHT was right and true. 

However, when the card is reversed, it may indicate a lack of analysis (or over analysis) regarding a situation or decision. Impulsiveness leads to uninformed stabs just to get it over with so you don’t have to spend any more thought on it. Quarrels, haggling, and miscommunications don’t make things any better.

It might be a time to be alone with yourself, thoughts, ideals, and values for a bit. Never mind what the neighbors, pundits, “experts”, or your hairdresser thinks you should do. Think carefully about the choice and what is best for YOU and go with that. There will be repercussions no matter what you decide, but at least you stayed true to Self.

September 30, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Chariot, reversed. Psycho-emotional energy bleeds off us all like B.O., last night’s garlicky shrimp, or the dust cloud surrounding Charlie Brown’s friend, Pig Pen. We pick up new energy and drop old in a constant cycle. Currently, the energy blasting around like a tornado is hubris. Even more so this morning….The card for today, the reversed Chariot, reflects that energy. 

This card signifies a dangerously inflated ego that leads to lack of caution, inflexibility, and having absolutely no doubts about the validity of one’s actions. Any means justify the ends to one’s goals, but because one is easily distracted from the objective, the work remains incomplete. Overly aggressive rash actions, an unreasonable attitude, and the inability to adhere to rules of fairness reflect a compulsion to control others to make up for the lack of self-control.

In actuality, all this bluster is just a smoke screen to cover one’s weakness and doubt in one’s abilities. Here’s a hint: attempting iron-fisted control over a situation isn’t the answer. You must find a true solution to the problem and that will require finesse, diplomacy, and compromise. No, you won’t get everything you may want, but you’ll get more than what you have now. And so will the “other side.” It’s no coincidence we received Death and The Tower—the two BIGGEST “change” cards in the Tarot deck—yesterday and the day before. Everything NEEDS to change to correct the many faults and mistakes made.

September 29, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Tower. Alrighty, then. If yesterday’s Death wasn’t a big enough ass kicking, how ‘bout we add The Tower. This card tells us there’s no problem that cannot be solved or a situation shifted. If you don’t have the strength or chutzpah to do it yourself, Universe will do it for you eventually…like it or not. It’s not in the Divine plan for you to be imprisoned in illusion or repression, but you must work WITH Universe to change that. 

Stop looking for God/Allah/Yaweh/Jehovah/Higher Powers in the sky and find it here on earth and within yourself. We’re “made in the image of God”, right? So release that bit of personal divinity that’s the True You and embrace the clarity that comes with the freedom from false beliefs that you’re “lacking” or “not enough” in some way.

In my understanding, Death is a change in physical things or social structures…your job, house, car, relationships (with yourself and/or others), your own body, your church, etc. The Tower is a change in your mind, beliefs, or values. Having them together like this is a challenge to make some really radical shifts in yourself and life. Will you resist or willingly participate…or perhaps start the process yourself?

September 28, 2020: Card O' the Day: Death. A reminder to those not very familiar with the Tarot cards: Death does NOT mean someone you love, or you yourself, is going to die. 

Death according to the Tarot is a time for a deep letting go of all the anger, aggression, or other negative energy you harbor in your being. Doing so would allow for the elimination of all the useless crap that impedes your growth as a human and divine being. If you allow it, you could go through a metamorphosis that brings an end to all your illusions about what’s “important” and “necessary” for your happiness. Such a change of view could bring great relief.

With every breath we take, there’s a chance for renewal and revitalization of the way we think, behave, and act in the wider world and within our own selves. Therefore, treat every moment as an opportunity to perform or receive a miracle.

September 27, 2020: Card O' the Day: Five of Pentacles, reversed. Pentacles represent the physical plane and all that goes with it: jobs, cars, living quarters, relationships, family/religious/social/political structures, and all the beliefs, values, and opinions that support them. When the normally volatile Five is reversed, it can feel like chaos has erupted in your daily slog through life. However, this “chaos” can lead to a reconfiguring of that grey plodding that releases you to a more light and colorful life.

The big take away from this card is that the same ol’ thing isn’t working anymore. You need to make some real changes to find new opportunities and enjoy the subsequent gains. However, changes require admitting what you’re doing or have isn’t perfect. So, you need to prepare yourself for eating a little humble pie as you reevaluate your religion, politics, beliefs, and other “shoulds” and “oughts” by which you judge others.

If you really want to go there and embark on the hard journey, expect obstinacy, impatience, and irritability from everyone around you (and ESPECIALLY yourself!) as you start voicing your new thoughts and put them into practice. Some stuff and people will be left behind, but the prize at the end will be worth it.

September 26, 2020: Card O' the Day: Prince of Wands, reversed. The easy road for the reversed Wand Prince is to give into the volatile energy and blow the world wide open. Acting like an utter ass feels good in the short term as you vent that steam but know that you’ll burn bridges with colleagues, friends, lovers, and family. Nobody will be able to stand your boasting, dick-swinging, and inconsideration. Expect to be dumped, ghosted, and possibly fired.

OR, you can take the reversed Prince’s hard, but high road. This road has a slower pace on which you stop to smell the roses, enjoy the present moment of a cold beer with pals, really pay attention to your SO’s description of their day, and send somebody a birthday card because you remembered. Sure, you’re allowed to plan ahead, but it’s not done with the frenetic “what’s in it for me” and “how soon can I get mine” attitude. Look for ALL the benefits coming from an idea—not just how much money it’ll make you.

The upright Prince is super dynamic and will probably make his/her first million by his/her 30th birthday, dates only models, and has a fancy car. How nice for him/her. When reversed, this energy either spins out of control or quiets down to a simmer because you’ve come to understand what’s truly important in life. Your choice.

September 25, 2020: Card O' the Day: Four of Cups, reversed. When any of the “fours” are reversed, their inherently stable energy gets disrupted. Sometimes we need a little volatility to get us off our fannies, other times, we’d really rather have things stay the same. With the reversal of the Four of Cups comes emotional disruption as that safe, plodding energy gets a little sloshed about.

The first thing you may be feeling is restlessness, a bit irritated for no apparent reason, or your normal meditation or prayer routine keeps getting interrupted by thoughts dashing through like an annoying toddler who needs a nap. Psychic potential becomes amped under the influence of this card, too. You may be noticing “signs” or synchronicities that actually mean something to you rather than you dismissing them as coincidences. 

Take advantage of this situation and try on a few new hats, so to speak. Join an interesting group, talk to people at the dog park, or take an acquaintance out for coffee and see if there’s potential for a deeper friendship. Plan an unusual date night with your SO. This is your chance to break out of an emotional rut and transform creeping boredom and apathy into fulfilling new relationships.

September 24, 2020: Card O' the Day: Eight of Swords, reversed. We JUST had this card appear less than a week ago, and it’s reappearance tells me some of you may still be a bit confused about what’s real and what isn’t. What truly is cause for concern vs. what’s nonsense.

Some restrictions you’ve placed upon yourself may seem to be supported by logic and reason. Your doubts about your own intelligence (or having been told you’re a bit dim for too long) make you susceptible to persuasive ideas and/or arguments, which allows others to deceive you. Do me a favor and Google “Jim Jones”, “Guiana”, and “Kool-aid.” Mr. Jones was very famous for gas lighting nearly 1,000 people into drinking poisoned Kool-aid. This card is indicating there’s a lot of Kool-aid out there to be had and I’m here to tell you NOT to drink it!

Use your own smarts to discern what IS true and what’s merely gas lighting. Do your research, listen to your gut, and see things clearly for what they are (it might not be what you WANT it to be). Again, the reversal of this card brings us ingenuity and improvisation, which makes it easier to get past intellectual blocks and sort all the contradictions that have you so perplexed.

September 23, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Chariot, reversed. At this moment, many of you may feel like you’re spinning your wheels and getting a whole lotta nowhere. If you’re pushing forward trying to force progress, you’re hitting obstacles after blocks after U-turns. You just can’t seem to get anywhere. Conversely, maybe you’re feeling too cautious to even try and bed is looking reeeeeeeally good right now.

Upright, The Chariot represents taking control of a situation and making disparate factions work together (whether they want to or not) to create something new. When reversed, this card tells us the bulldozer, control-at-the-expense-of-all-else approach isn’t going to work. We’re trying to control that which cannot be controlled. We need to actually SOLVE the problems and not just beat them into a semblance of submission. It’s like filling in a volcano’s crater thinking that’ll keep it from erupting.

What to do? Commiserate with your fellows and be reminded of how your life sucks a little less than theirs. An occasional dose of “it could be worse” puts things in perspective. Next have compassion for yourself and all those who suffer. Finally, step back and seek support. Two or three heads are better than one in this case. The down-side to that is compromise will have to happen. However, the point is to solve a problem for reals so that everybody wins.

September 22, 2020: Card O' the Day: Prince (Knight) of Pentacles. The suit of pentacles is about the spiritualization of matter. Meaning, it encourages us to find the divine in tangible things and our work. The Prince of Pentacles is expert at this because of his sold work ethic and willingness to do mundane grunt work. He achieves a sort of zen state as he lays bricks, mows the lawn, puts files or accounts in order, or whatever task he is doing. He’s not the designer but the person who makes the design a physical thing.

This zen state of being in the physical world can be wonderfully grounded and centered and the Prince’s appearance today is a signal to make space for this new kind of stillness. We are urged to let go of expectations about ourselves and others and become more self-contained and less attached to stuff and people for our “happiness.” By accepting what “is”, and being okay with it, life becomes simpler and less stressful…and dare I say, happier.

The downside to the Prince is he’s a bit stodgy and slow to change. Therefore, being too chill can mean things that should change, don’t. Balance in all things means having the strength and passion to change what you can and being accepting of the stuff you can’t.

September 18, 2020: Card O' the Day: Eight of Swords, reversed. The Eight of Swords is about creating the illusion you’re trapped. It may seem to be true, but the blocks are actually in your mind and heart rather than being actual iron bars. This self-sabotaging mindset keeps you stuck and prevents any forward motion out of your current quagmire.

When the card is reversed, however, it indicates the first, most important, steps of finally seeing things clearly and for what they truly are. Magic, ingenuity, and improvisation are greatly enhanced by this card, so give some “crazy” ideas a second or third thought. It’s time to set yourself free by doing something you never thought you’d do…like move across the country, end that dead-end or toxic relationship, or quit that completely unfulfilling job.

The connotations regarding health, for this card, include panic attacks. No surprise there! The mere thought of quitting my job, selling my house, and moving 2500 miles away from everyone I know for a guy makes my heart race, ears ring, and palms sweat. Oh, wait. I did that 17 years ago (and counting) to marry my husband. Those concrete shoes you’re wearing? You put them on…you have the power to take them off.

September 17, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Hierophant. The Hierophant contains yin/yang energy and all that’s possible. He represents a solid foundation of traditions, lore, knowledge, ideals, and doctrines passed down from our ancient ancestors. He’s all this personified, as well, in teachers, gurus, and religious leaders. This card makes us aware of the “shoulds” and “oughts” of life, our senses of civil obedience, and the fear of “what will the neighbors say?” that keeps us from breaking the rules.

But The Hierophant also offers a bridge between this stern right v. wrong, the limits imposed by organized religions, and the stuffy and timeless teachings from our elders and our own free will. While we have millennia of human experience passed to us through the collective consciousness and what has been discovered archeologically, we still are individuals who are born as clean slates.

We are invited to blend the two with the help of this card. Take what you know as “right” and “wrong” based upon formal education, family tradition, and societal laws and blend it with what you know in your heart and soul to be true. We all have the capacity to act with perfect love, kindness, and mercy. Today, strive to walk what you talk.

September 16, 2020: Card O' the Day: Seven of Wands, reversed. The Seven of Wands has a lot of interpersonal energy that’s pushy and competitive. When reversed, you might be losing the argument. We just had two Princesses (Pages)—of Swords and Wands—and they represent budding energy and just starting out with something. Because of that, the Sword Princess is often disregarded intellectually…I mean, what does she know? In the same vein, the Princess of Wands can be considered too enthusiastic or idealistic with her concepts and gets told to hush while the “big boys” talk.

Whether you’re male or female identifying, being dismissed is no fun and one’s first reaction might be to become painfully self-conscious, pretend you don’t care, become passive-aggressive (as much as you can get away with), or go away to soothe your wounds. Being scarce for a little while is actually not a bad idea because it keeps you from doing something foolish and saves face while you heal from that particular humiliation. 

While you’re holed up, however, examine why you were shot down. Was your input vague, poorly supported by facts, or otherwise weak? Was your idea a little fantastic? Now get busy researching the snot out of your “eureka” moment. Find articles, data, and/or beta tests to bolster your thoughts and prove your theories aren’t completely nuts. Then come back armed with all this valid information and show them who’s a noob! You’re stronger than you think. 

September 14, 2020: Card O' the Day: Princess of Wands. Another Princess (or Page)! Again, this card represents entering into a new phase with all sorts of wide-eyed curiosity and enthusiasm. Being of the Wands this time, the phase is going to be passionate, spontaneous, and downright brazen! Non-conformity and independence rule this free-spirit who’s yearning to take action…ANY action just so they can feel the wind in their hair again and not so damned lethargic! As they search for new directions and self-growth, they don’t care about their lack of actual training or skills! With enough determination, stubbornness, and sheer chutzpah, they can do it all!!!!!

Anyone else remember “senior-itis” or spring fever? It’s a bit early for that, but I think we’re starting to chafe at the bit of the restrictions necessary to squash the Covid-19 bug. Thus the instability of energy that has us starting twenty tasks or projects and actually completing nary a one. This type of spazziness can cause hyperactivity and attention deficits that might lead to minor accidents and injuries.

I’m not going to rain on your parade too much, but the Princess does bring a few caution flags with her. Sure, welcome your adventures and dream big dreams, but be realistic in your goals and ground yourself in common sense before you get hurt.

September 12, 2020: Card O' the Day: Princess of Swords. As a Princess (or Page), this card represents entering into a new phase with all sorts of wide-eyed curiosity and enthusiasm. Being of the Swords, the phase is going to be intellectual or scholarly…using your noodle. This card in particular is very tuned towards communication, so be sure your throat chakra is well lubricated and you’re ready to express your cerebral activity. Some of you may be going back to school and learning new skills like closed-captioning, computer systems, court reporting…fields that tie communication with technology.

People who are under the influence of the Princess can get caught up in head trips of the “shoulda, woulda, coulda” variety. The young energy of this court card brings insecurity with it, so be careful of second-guessing yourself into an insecure puddle of doubt. If that happens, distract that busy brain with a nature hike, cleaning frenzy, or frivolous novel. 

Garnet is the stone associated with the Princess of Swords. It’s said to have a restorative effect, strengthen courage, and promote self-trust. All that’s needed to get off that guilt-doubt-fear-of-not-being-enough train!

September 11, 2020: Card O' the Day: Nine of Swords, reversed. Very many of us are beset by problems outside our control (Covid-19, wildfires, floods, etc.) right now. The fear you feel about them and your personal safety is completely legitimate. But because the problems are out of your control, there is a tendency to suppress your anger and resentment  regarding these totally unfair disasters. Therefore, check yourself for unacknowledged depression or state of crisis.

Now, things WILL get better. When? It’s anybody’s guess. Therefore, use any kind of down time to face your fears, all your biggest “what if’s?” that make your stomach churn. Make a plan of what you would do if it did come to pass. You’re stronger than you think and there are people out there ready to help. 

September 10, 2020: Card O' the Day: Eight of Pentacles. Ever hear the adage “before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water; after enlightenment, chop wood and carry water”? I used to puzzle over that one until the light went on and I understood. To me, it means as long as we’re in human form, we still have to do all the mundane chores regardless whether we become enlightened to all the mysteries of the universe. If you’ve got a physical body, it must be maintained, fed, and sheltered.

Today’s Eight of Pentacles is about that chopping of wood and carrying water. Since it has to be done, no matter what (unless, of course, you’re good with allowing your body to be seriously uncomfortable or die), then do it with a smile on your lips and a song in your heart. This card represents work as a form of love in action. It’s the love of a job well done for the sake of doing a good job and not because it “gets you something” in the end.

Approach your work today with conscientiousness and attention to the details. Turn your “ugh! I gotta do’s” into “I want to do’s.” Find the beauty in the most ordinary tasks and work from a spiritual level.

September 9, 2020: Card O' the Day: Four of Swords. After all the tragedy, changes, righteous anger, natural disasters, and political turmoil we’ve been experiencing of late, the Four of Swords is suggesting it’s time for a retreat from “battle” to give ourselves time to heal. This withdrawal makes time and space for repose, much needed meditation or prayer, and respite from our troubles to replenish ourselves and regenerate our energies.

Once one is well-rested, one is better equipped, more energetic, and stronger to digest what has passed, grieve losses, and release the ashes to the cosmos. From such a place of tranquility, one can mindfully respond to the world and all its current chaos rather than be governed by knee-jerk reactions coming from fear, pain, or rage.

Therefore, make a time today for being alone. Maybe you’re a book-in-the-corner kind of person or nature hike lover. Regardless, take some “me” time and refill your cup.

September 7, 2020: Card O' the Day: The World. There are several “ending/beginning” cards in the Tarot deck. The four tens of the Pips, Death, and The Tower come to mind. The World, as the final card in the Major Arcana series, I think, is the big kahuna of the “endings that allow beginnings” cards and its appearance today is a strong omen.

This card represents an ending that’s inevitable and completely unavoidable, but it’s slow. Rather than wiping everything out in a second like a flash flood, tornado, or wild fire, it’s like a creeping river of magma. It will bury everything in it’s path, but you have time to collect yourself, your most important belongings, and make a plan for the future. The question is whether you do so or stick your crown chakra in your root chakra and ignore what’s coming.

This card is also about reflection and integration of all the experiences of the past year or two. All the frustrations, heartaches, job changes, joys, readjustments, and adaptations need to be combined into your new “normal” going forward. This will lead you to the “a-HA” moment where you realize you can handle all that life is throwing at you and that you’ll be okay in the end. (Provided, of course, you’ve got your chakras in proper alignment….) 

September 6, 2020: Card O' The Day: Seven of Pentacles, reversed. Money is a form of energy. We receive it in exchange for our work energy. But if we lose sight of this energetic exchange and begin to covet and crave the money itself more than doing the equal amount of work, that’s when we get into a spiritual imbalance. 

The reversed Seven of Pentacles represents this spiritual imbalance and reflects uneasiness about money, the impatience and restlessness urging you to get “more”, and the fear of losing what has been gained thus far. Some of this schism between work/money energy may come from feeling like you’re trapped in an unsatisfying job.

This card is telling us it’s time to go back to working with a consciousness of the spiritual divinity in all you do. Respect the energy you receive in return for your work whether is comes to you as cold hard cash, perks and benefits, a basket of eggs, traded labor, gratitude, etc. Cash is not the only energy form that rewards your labor or the labor of others working for you. Remember that and you will feel closer to your Higher Self and less focused on “having” or “not having.”

September 5, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Star. I feel the best way to summarize the energy of The Star is the moment Dorothy understands from Glinda that she had the power to get herself home all along. Dorothy had to be ready to trust herself and her inner light to guide her past all blockages and challenges. We are encouraged to be like Dorothy: find our inner calm, tap into the Universal love bathing our Mother Earth, and hope for the future.

Receiving this card today reminds us everything is connected and we aren’t ever truly alone. By following the light of the Higher Self—that bit of the Divine each of us has within—you will find the way to your spiritual healing and be reborn to a higher level of consciousness and knowledge. And because we are all connected, even though we may be undergoing a personal healing journey, the glorious energy generated by your efforts will combine with the energy of others and further add to Universal Love.

September 4, 2020: Card O' the Day: Strength. Strength is said to be the implementation and expression of feminine or yin* power, and thus the majority of Tarot card decks depict Strength with a female figure overpowering a lion or other larger-than-the-figure creature. In this form of power, passions have been conquered by reason; there is wisdom, discipline, and courage in it. It’s the kind of power that’s aware and nuanced with self-mastery—meaning, the wielder of that power doesn’t need to shout, puff up, or force their ideas through.  

True Strength is seen when one listens to understand the other and not just to come up with a witty or crushing response. This Strength is born of love, not the desire to best another, and so compromise becomes easy and desirable to all parties. One with real Strength faces challenges and learns from the experience rather than blaming others for misfortunes. It’s time we act with Strength.

*Yin energy or power is contemplative, thinking, considering, planning, and therefore “quiet” versus yang energy which is action oriented.

September 2, 2020: Card O' the Day: Ten of Swords, reversed. Being a “10”, regardless of the reversal, this card represents the change of a cycle or another type of ending in your life. This could mean the ending of sorrowful times or good times, but the “thing” has run its course and it’s time to move forward into something new. 

More specifically, the Ten of Swords represents serious bummers that have cost you a great deal of resources, energy, and tears. When  reversed, that means things are supposed to be looking up, but I’m not holding my breath…I feel like we’ll be struggling for a while longer. The emotional toll these hard times take on us can create intellectual blocks, but this card tells us we’re survivors. Always remember your reactions to problems are within your control and those responses will determine whether you fail or ultimately succeed.

No circumstances are entirely awful (just as nothing is entirely perfect, either) and many may see some upgrades in their personal experiences. However, for there to be REAL improvement for all of society, we need to make lasting changes, not just slap a Band-Aid on it and call it done. Laws and policies must be changed, eliminated, and/or implemented. Do what YOU can to raise up your corner of the world even if that’s just holding the door for someone else.

September 1, 2020: Card O' the Day: Nine of Pentacles, reversed. As the world events swirl around me and the news becomes more and more bleak, I feel lost, insecure, isolated, and even trapped. My energies dissipate and I just want to sleep to avoid everything….

But…whispers my soul…there is still hope for us all. People are still getting married, having babies, going back to school, cooking, gathering, protesting, traveling…life continues. Yes, it’s all a little different. Restrictions change the way we do things. And yet, that’s the way change occurs and we improve upon a flawed system. 

When the Nine of Pentacles is reversed, it can signify one is denying the wellbeing one enjoys. One looks beyond what one has and dwells only upon what one doesn’t. I’ve been guilty of this lately. It’s time for me to re-focus. You, too?

August 28, 2020: Card O' the Day: Princess of Pentacles, reversed. Today’s reversed Princess is actually an extension of yesterday’s reversed Prince of Swords. The Prince was indicative of the exhaustion many of us are feeling as we’ve been struggling for survival these last months. The reversed Princess is here to help us come to a new understanding about what’s truly important as many of our plans have been downsized, postponed, or cancelled altogether. While this is very disappointing, it does make room for relaxation and a refocusing of attention and energy as deadlines evaporate. 

This card can represent changing one’s mind about previously held beliefs, attitudes, and goals. You may feel a little at sea as you wonder about your purpose or place in this world after all these changes and the necessary adjustments to them.

Your own esoteric gifts can offer peace and tranquility during this period of uncertainty. We all have them…and no, I’m not talking about being “psychic.” I’m referring to our innate inner wisdom and gut-level knowing that can guide us to what’s next for each of us. It might be to join a group, go solo, embrace a new religion, completely reinvent yourself, or return to your roots. Whatever this shift from the pursuit of the material looks like for you, seek it from within.

August 27, 2020: Card O' the Day: Prince of Swords, reversed. “Battle worn” is our key concept for the day. I feel it…do you? Disease, wrongful death, violence against the “other”, graft, corruption, natural disasters, bigotry, and hatred have poisoned us and beaten us down since time began, but it seems especially harsh this year. 

Retreat, rather than forward motion into the continuing line of fire, is tempting. And for once, Universe is okay with letting us run away from our troubles because pushing forward right now would be careless, reckless, and a waste of time and other resources. Therefore, leave the heroic work to those who are called to do it, stay home and out of the way, and don’t try to launch any big projects at this time. 

A new day will come, but not today.

August 26, 2020: Card O' the Day: Six of Pentacles. The main keyword associated with the Six of Pentacles is “reciprocity.” This is defined as exchanging things with others for the benefit of both. The word “exchanging” means giving one thing and receiving another in equal value. As in, taking as much as you give. It’s said that it’s better to give than receive but if you never allow yourself to receive (or take what you deserve) and just give of yourself to no end…well, an end to the free giving will come and you’ll be left feeling bitter and used.

Balance within one’s whole environment, spiritually and physically, is vital to our individual wellbeing. We’ve all had that person in our lives for whom we do a lot…too much. We do it because they are family, we love them, or we owe them. But when the giving far outweighs the receiving, you’re setting yourself up for resentment.

Today, practice generosity to yourself. Nurturing, kindness, and unconditional love should not just flow out from you but must flow in for your overall health. If no one else is offering it to you, then keep some of your own to maintain your reservoir of happiness. If you’ve drained yourself dry, then you can’t give anymore anyway. So, you might as well hold some back for you.

August 20, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Moon. The whole world is in a situation of flux. Nothing seems to be stable and normal…but yet there is stability and normalcy if you look for it. The Moon is here to help you separate truth from illusion, delusion, and fear as the current multitude of crises has many of us swamped by our emotions. This condition then leads to clouded perception and insecurity for your familiar way of life.

This card represents deep spiritual connections and faith in the unseen. I like to ask people to prove it’s impossible when they question psychic gifts, ghosts stories, or other evidence of “things that cannot be touched.” Therefore, in such an upside down time, why not welcome the possibility of what could be and dig deeper into your own inner wisdom and psychic “gut” feelings? Activate “the spiritual” in your own ordinary life (if you throw salt over your shoulder after spilling it, then you’re already doing so), by adding a moment of meditation to your day or keeping a lovely rock that pleases you. “Spiritual” isn’t all about incense, crystal balls, and flowing veils, ya know.

We’re all in states of evolution as we try to adapt to what is. The Moon tells us we have time to rest and recuperate from what has happened recently and is happening daily. While it may not be time for big activity yet, seeds are being sowed and gestation has begun.

August 19, 2020: Card O' the Day: Three of Wands. We’re being asked to continue to persevere despite all the blockages and challenges we currently face. There are still vital currents of energy flowing—Mother Nature is slogging through her annual routine, in case you haven’t noticed—but they may seem more hidden or inaccessible right now. You have to sit quietly and take a minute to feel it on a deeper level than what you may be used to. Like yesterday’s reversed Prince, we continue in a more relaxed, moment-by-moment mood of active waiting. 

What the heck is “active waiting”? It means envisioning future goals and exploring possibilities without concrete planning. You’re not making phone calls, ordering supplies, or talking to loan officers. It’s researching grant possibilities but not applying just yet. It’s trying on different ideas to see if they really appeal to you and whether you’d be willing to do the work. It’s basically armchair quarter-backing.

Because there’s no concrete goal in the works, take all the time you need to reevaluate possible plans. Use creative enthusiasm, flashes of clarity or clairvoyance, and a-HA! moments to wander through your imagination. You may not come up with anything brand new, so look for ways to improve the “old” or branch out further. Don’t be shy about asking for assistance; it’s out there and you just have to ask.

August 18, 2020: Card O' the Day: Prince of Wands, reversed. We received the Prince of Wands, reversed, a little over a week ago and he’s here again today. Last time I felt all the FOC* energy the reversed Prince displays when he’s “in a mood.” Today, not so much. 

Though the current situation continues to block, delay, and cancel damn near everything we try to do, it’s almost as if we’re finally getting used to it. I think many of you are ready to let the flames in your hair die down and settle in for the long haul. At the beginning, we were promised a few weeks or a month or two of inconvenience. But by now, it’s apparent we’re in a marathon and not a sprint. 

The good news is if you shorten your outlook from the “five year plan” to no more than a five week, or even five day plan, you’ll be able to remain present for what’s happening right now. Yes, it’s helpful to have goals, but if all you do is reach for goals, you don’t get to enjoy the accomplishments you’ve achieved thus far. By sitting for a bit and truly appreciating a job well done—large or small—it allows for a deeper experience of that feat.

(*F*cking Out of Control)

August 16, 2020: Card O' the Day: Ace of Swords, reversed. Sometimes we attach ourselves to a belief that feels really “right.” As evidence begins to emerge contrary to this comfortable belief, some will dig in their heels and be resistant to the truth. But without a clear sense of reality and the willingness to see it, emotions take over and mistakes compound. In an effort to save face, one may confuse ideas and facts with one’s emotions and resort to verbal aggression and wound others with words and insults.

We’re being asked to pay attention to details that have been long ignored. Put aside ego and view the situation for what it truly is. Logical objectivity is needed at this time, not emotional attachments. Reason and thinking dictate that if Approach A isn’t working, and is actually making things worse, then one needs to switch to Plan B. (It has been said that using the same solution to a problem and expecting a different outcome is akin to madness.)

This card suggests that commitments to fanaticism are beginning to waiver, which tells me that truth is beginning to win…as it inevitably does. Like The Wheel, this card reminds you that your reactions to situations matter and are entirely within your control.

August 15, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Wheel of Fortune. The Wheel is reiterating the inevitable changes Death signified the other day as in it’s futile to resist the continuous march of time. The sun comes up, the sun goes down, and there’s not a damn thing you can do to stop it. Therefore, it makes the most sense to come to terms with and accept how life is flowing right now.

View the current events not as failure but as a chance to find a new path. There are cheap ways to reeducate yourself and learn new skills for when the job market reopens. Find them and create your own story of rebirth. While many of us took the extra free time at the beginning of spring to clean closets and reorganize our spice racks, now is the time to cleanse and renew your mind and spirit by dumping the obsolete notion that things will return to “normal” in just a few days…weeks…months.

The most important concept that I urge you all to embrace is that the challenges we face now, or ten years from now, will be. Most of the time we have little control over what happens. But you have ALL the control of how you react to what happens. Will you lay down, sniveling and whimpering, or will you roll with it? How you react today will determine what comes next for you.

August 14, 2020: Card O' the Day: King of Pentacles, reversed. The reversed King is indicative of feeling helpless and having very few choices as one watches the entire world fall into corruption. Disillusioned by the justice system and/or politics/politicians with their totalitarian views and verbal aggression, it may seem one is the only one left with any principles. Those with power are sadistic, malicious, and unscrupulous people who look only after their own interests. In an effort to bring change, some may join non-conformist or revolutionary groups or engage in other forms of activism. 

While it might be too much for you, personally, to organize or take part in protests, phone or social media campaigns, door-to-door petition projects, etc., there is one rather easy form of social activism I hope all of you will consider: voting. Don’t be afraid to ask for an absentee ballot (some states require you to send a mail-in request, so it’s time to request a ballot now), go to your polling station and vote early, if you can, or be tenacious enough to vote in person regardless of the lines. 

If you want things to change, you have to use your voice. Be heard this fall.

August 12, 2020: Card O' the Day: Six of Pentacles, reversed. The reversed Six indicates energy isn’t “flowing well.” (THERE’S an understatement….) This could mean you’re feeling weak-kneed or broke on the physical plane, cranky, sad, or stuck emotionally, or just can’t seem to find your spiritual mojo any where. We’ve all suffered disappointment after disappointment as high hopes for the new year were utterly shattered, and it’s enough to make you feel like a victim of an unjust Universe.

However, if you think about it, we Humans have been running ourselves off the proverbial cliff for some time. It was a somewhat stable situation that was held in place by the “powers that were.” Universe has said ENOUGH! and knocked us on our asses. It’s time for us to evolve again, and that’ll be uncomfortable but we really have no choice (see yesterday’s reversed Death).

The trick to surviving all this with your sanity is to return to your spirituality. To be clear, “spirituality” isn’t necessarily something organized that you do according to a set of rules. You can absolutely free-form your spirituality through art, gardening, charity work, or living naked in a yurt and not speaking for 10 years. Whatever YOU need to do to find your connection to the divine is fine with me (as long as you don’t hurt other living beings in the process [I’m not judging but Karma does]). The point is to “get good” with yourself and your place in the cosmos so we can find new balance together.

August 11, 2020: Card O' the Day: Death, reversed. Upright, Death means we can expect ch-ch-ch-changes! But when reversed, it represents struggle against and resistance to those changes. That resistance may show up as fear, distress, excessive sleeping, lethargy, inertia, and/or stagnation. (My hand is raised and I’m nodding along with that list.)

The thing is, the changes we must accept at this time are necessary and inevitable. Crossing your arms across your chest and pouting “I’m not gonna” is pure self-delusion. It’s going to happen; it IS happening. Your denial doesn’t make it go away; it just prolongs the pain of the particular ending.

If your personal ending just happened, you get a pass for a few days. If your ending is Covid related*, then it’s been long enough and you have to start accepting that life is going to be different from now on. The coping mechanisms and alternative routes we’ve been implementing to continue forward despite the virus may very well be more efficient and will be used forevermore. Accept and adapt. It’s a lot easier.

*Deaths of loved ones are of course excepted. Take all the time you need to grieve.

August 10, 2020: Card O' the Day: Four of Wands, reversed. The Four of Wands is one of the happier cards in the Tarot deck with lovely, benevolent energy. It can signify happy gatherings to celebrate life events or goals being met. When reversed…not so much. The happy gatherings don’t or can’t occur. If they do, the celebrations are a mere shadow of what they should have been and one may question whether it’s worth it to make the effort to go at all. Work isn’t much better. Labors may feel forced, rushed, or overwhelming as you are expected to perform miracles without the proper resources. Anything creative feels like a boring routine so what’s the point.

The lesson of this card is the necessity of appreciating the blessings you still have. Yes, much has been taken from us in the last few months, but where there is breath, there is life, and where there is life, there must be hope. Go to the bare-bones event and be present for the one who is trying to celebrate milestones even now. Be glad you have a job at all; there’ll be plenty of time to get a better one later. Set aside the “creative thing.” If it’s bringing you no joy, then don’t do it. 

Sometimes we have to encourage our happiness and actually work at it. Now is one of those times.

August 8, 2020: Card O' the Day: Prince of Wands, reversed. I know lots of people lost their jobs through temporary layoffs, downsizing to cut costs, or their employer went out of business. Therefore, many of you may be looking for a new job and the reversed Prince is right there with you. Unfortunately, he’s feeling the heat and is becoming deeply insecure about his ability to find something new in the current job market. 

That insecurity and worry translates into brashness, dick swinging, and hot air. (HR personnel be on the lookout and verify EVERYthing on this type of person’s resume.) On a good day, The Prince of Wands is the type to go to Daytona for Spring Break, pandemic be damned. But now that the money is running out…desperation can make people do even crazier things.

If you recognize yourself anywhere in this post, step back and take a minute. Review your resume for anything that might be a little “overstated.” Have a mere small latte before the interview, not three triple-shot espressos. Be natural, kind, polite, and grateful to be present for this opportunity. And check the zipper on your pants.

August 7, 2020: Card O' the Day: Ace of Wands, reversed. Dreary news continues….

We’re experiencing tough breaks as things continue to fall apart. New beginnings are still indicated by the reversed Ace, but it’s damn near impossible to get anything off the ground as everything is blocked energetically and psycho-emotionally. Weakness and doubt among our leaders leads to reduction, waste, and devastation. This card advises “inaction” at this time and it would seem the U.S. Congress is taking this advice to heart as their calendar shows they’re leaving Washington until the 7th of September.

As for the rest of us, do the best you can but don’t expect huge results. Be happy with what you do get and continue to be kind, grateful, and helpful to your neighbors and fellows. Sending out love and light….

August 5, 2020: Card O' the Day: Temperance, reversed. When Temperance is reversed, it represents conflicts and imbalances that cause stress and/or illness. We’re looking at the extremes of a spectrum with no easy middle ground that allows for natural energy flow. People seem to overcompensate or be completely lacking in any compassion, they’re uncooperative and uncompromising, and it can feel like you’re in competition or conflict with everyone. If the external energy of your world is like that, your internal energies can manifest in wild mood swings, losing sense of your Self, impatience, frustration, loss of efficiency, and a whole lot of wasted time.

Sometimes, when I pull these daily cards, I just wanna shriek YA THINK!?!?!?!??!?! WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST CLUE, UNIVERSE!?!?!?!??!!

As best you can, try to regain your balance. Find a personal compromise between caution and reckless abandon. Because the whole world is suffering crisis after crisis, we must look within to achieve center. It may not be perfect, but it’s enough to get YOU through. If some of you can be strong enough to support yourselves AND a few others who can’t find their footing at all, then do what you can to help your neighbor. If some of you can only be strong enough to support yourselves, there’s no shame or judgment attached to just staying out of the way, because reducing burden is still a laudable way of helping to restore balance.

August 4, 2020: Card O' the Day: Nine of Pentacles, reversed. I hesitate to post this card because I want to offer hope and good tidings. However, that’s not reality right now and we need to be slapped hard with our truth. Denial of the pickle we’re in will only prolong the situation and/or allow it to get worse and worse.

The reversed Nine recognizes your intensifying feelings of entrapment, isolation, loss, discontent, and insecurity. It’s difficult to relax and enjoy hobbies or exercise as the pandemic continues to threaten our individual and collective health. Personal discipline is gone and the sense of failure that follows only exacerbates things further. The threats to personal contentment and safety due to the poorly handled crisis may tempt one to flaunt social regulations. But this self-gratifying lack of awareness results in irresponsibility and faithlessness to yourself and everyone around you.

Hang tough, people. Pray, meditate, hug trees, make crystal grids, burn candles, dance naked in the moonlight, brew tinctures, and/or do whatever ritual of healing and love that’s part of your belief system. Humanity is suffering. Be part of the solution by being nice today.

August 3, 2020: Card O' the Day: Princess of Pentacles, reversed. Oooo! I hope those in the eastern states haven’t done anything important yet and for those more westerly, I warn you now it’s Monday. If it’s liquid, you will spill it, zippers won’t zip, buttons will pop off, and if you’re on time right now, something will make you late. In addition to being all thumbs physically, your head isn’t much better. An inability to focus will result in dumb mistakes. What was super important last week is so “last week” today.  

When I’m in that kind of mood, on-line shopping and Doritos are my new best friends. Therefore, trust me on this when I tell you to just cancel your day. If you can’t, don’t make critical decisions. Ask for another day to research to be sure or to “sleep on it.” De-activate your Amazon Prime account and call your bank to say you’ve lost your credit card. Stay out of all convenience or grocery stores. Take a long hike, bike ride, or nap. Naps are good for keeping you out of trouble.

August 2, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Chariot, reversed. Another one of those goofy Tarot tricks! Yesterday I drew The Chariot, but wasn’t able to read its meaning for the day. Color me blocked or just not in the mood. Today, I drew it again, but reversed. Seventy-eight cards in a Tarot deck. So, the odds aren’t astronomical and yet not exactly “one out of three” either.

The Chariot indicates (among other things) being masterful in your game plan.You’ve got full control of yourself and the solution to the problem. However, when reversed, you still have confidence to burn, but it’s misplaced. Your solutions, plans, and methods lack caution and prudence, are inflexible, ego-driven, and actually counterproductive and self-destructive. With your inconsiderate and unreasonable attitude, I’ll bet you’re blaming everyone in your path to make up for your FUBAR attempts.

Here’s a suggestion: your “will power” approach isn’t the answer to the problems you’re facing. You can’t simply bulldozer your way through and over things and call them done. A REAL solution needs to be found and that will require brains over brawn, finesse, diplomacy, cooperation, consideration for others, and basically being a decent human being rather than a full-of-yourself a**hole. If you must go out today, be nice.

July 30, 2020: Card O' the Day: Four of Cups: My first thought when I saw this card was of care and stability. A lot of people interpret this card as representing stagnant emotional energy, but I feel a quietness about it rather than stasis. It’s a time of active waiting because the time isn’t right for big actions. Certainly keep moving forward, but do so gently…besides, it’s too hot to make grand gestures!

While you’re sitting in the shade having a cool drink, step back from your mind and all the “shoulda”, “woulda”, “coulda” crap that’s circling up there. You could turn a perfectly fine—if a little dull— situation into something awful with your overactive mind and needy ego or you could cleanse your psyche of old emotions that keep coming back to torture you.

This card speaks of an opportunity to behave in an altruistic and giving manner, kindness, and optimism. But there are also elements of feeling introverted and unmotivated. Maybe, and here’s a wild thought, the introversion you’re feeling is a signal to be kind and giving to yourself! What!?!?!?! Yes! Seriously! Plop in a quiet corner and let any drama take place in another room while you read a book, listen to music, or nap. I’ll just let you be and see myself out….

July 30, 2020: Card O' the Day: Two of Wands, reversed. Life is pretty much a sh*t storm right now with conflicting energy and information. This might cause you to give up on an idea or journey because the trouble arising at every turn is just not worth it or makes it impossible. Furthermore, your resources are already stretched thin, so you really can’t afford to waste anything. Have you ever heard the saying “Retreat is sometimes the better part of valor.”? In this case, it’s true and prudent to back off a minute and save your strength.

This card is telling you that sheer will-power or force isn’t going to “make it happen” this time. You’re being asked to become more self-sufficient and reorganize the turbulent energy available. You have inner resources and possibilities you’re not considering…look to those and how you can use them. Be receptive to the unexpected because you never know when an alternative route will open up.

Remember that it’s often through loss, sadness, trouble, or fear that we learn our best lessons. Embrace the sucky inconvenience, take notes, and find a new way.

July 28, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Moon, reversed. The Moon is full of magic and serenity…I defy anyone not to feel at peace and a bit fey when gazing at the full moon! However, when this calming quality isn’t allowed to envelop you and emerge through your basest instincts, fear and disturbed emotions can result. The reversed Moon represents a refusal to acknowledge the unseen world of intuition, gut feelings, and “knowing” and instead clinging to reason, logic, rationality, and practicality to your detriment. Without the Moon’s gentle reassurance, one could develop poorly defined anxieties or depression.

Now, granted, we don’t need to ignore the Moon to feel depressed or angsty right now! I would imagine most of us are mentally and spiritually weary and would just love to retreat to a cabin in the woods or a shack on the beach. The delusions, manipulation, suspicion, illusion, and impractical ideas being blasted at us 24/7 doesn’t help the drain on our psycho-emotional health, either.

Didja ever notice that when people dream of a retreat it’s to a cabin in the woods, a beach, or even just proverbially sticking their head in the sand? What do all those have in common? If any of you said Mother Nature, you get the prize. Mother Nature in general and our sweet Moon are immensely calming and healing. Honest. Find the Moon tonight, sit for a minute, and just study her. I’ll bet you’ll feel just a wee better for it.

July 27, 2020: Card O' the Day: Ten of Pentacles. As with all 10’s, the ten of Pentacles indicates an ending and new beginning if you can allow it. It represents the completion of material gain in our lives, but that there’s nothing beyond it. As in, how nice for you, but what are you REALLY worth? The current environment isn’t the sturdiest, most secure, or safest and there’s continued distraction and detachment from what’s truly important: abundance for all and a permanence of mankind that outlasts a single individual.

Each of us brings value to the big picture, which makes it that much grander, which we then get to share in a community without inferiority or superiority (in a perfect world, of course). Certainly enjoy life’s luxuries and shiny objects, but understand there’s soooooo much more to it! This card represents going beyond the material world to bring abundance to all parts of our existence and its appearance today is the reminder we need occasionally.

The card’s stone stepped forward: Tiger’s Eye. Tiger’s Eye is said to teach the tolerance of different points of view and help one see the unity of life on this earth. Perhaps today is a good day to have some in your pocket….

July 24, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Hierophant. The Hierophant represents (among other things) all that is good about organized religion, belief systems, and codified magical practices. When we have faith in a higher power, it can bring a sense of serenity and grace in times of trouble. There is a part in most of us (I won’t insult anybody by saying “all”) that needs a connection to the Divine and this card signifies the importance of each individual being and their connection to Universe—regardless of whether they are aware of it.

The Hierophant is the bridge between spiritual beliefs and daily life. As in, he helps you walk what you talk. He is the heart of unconditional love that embraces the good and corrupt. (He’s also about laws and societal order, so don’t think anyone is getting off scot free with their shenanigans. Just sayin’.)

You are invited to look for inspiration for your spiritual truth, joy, and power through the guidance of elders and their traditional rites. If you once practiced a ritual like saying the rosary, praying to the east, lighting candles at a personal altar, or anything else that was a traditional part of your life and have slacked off of late, maybe now is the time to return to the comfort of the habit. This “forces” you to be quiet for a moment each day and reconnect with your spirituality, which might just do a body good.

July 23, 2020: Card O' the Day: Six of Pentacles, reversed. The reversed Six represents insolence and physical narcissism. No, I’m not talking Kim Kardashian and her incredible curvy figure, I mean material “physical” as in stuff or money and being disrespectful with it. Currently, those who have largesse or are in control of government funding are acting unjustly by misusing or misappropriating financial means. They are lacking in generosity and are downright selfish in a time when it’s crucial to be the opposite. There’s even resentment of the people who need help and are receiving it despite all efforts to minimize or cut off that assistance.

On the other side of the coin, some may be feeling ungrateful for what little they receive, denied and overlooked when not getting more, or also resentful of a neighbor whose plea for help was answered. Another danger is being covetous of the financial power the “haves” or government officials wield.

No, it’s not fair and most of us are in no position to change the sucky truth. However, what you CAN do is share where you are able, not give up on asking for help, and being grateful for what you do receive. Live in gratitude and love. The alternative is bitterness and hate, which is waaaaaaaay worse than what we’ve got right now.

July 22, 2020: Card O' the Day: Eight of Cups. …And again with the Eight of Cups (previously on July 2nd and 11th). Astrologically speaking, this card is governed by Saturn (planet of hard work and order), which is in opposition to Pisces (sign of emotional healing and life completion). This antagonistic relation indicates the emotional healing we all so desperately need will require great effort to manifest changes for the better. Expect destructive patterns to surface—either old habits you thought you’d kicked or taking up something new. Swell.

We are sooooo ready for the next phase of life PAST* the disease, civil unrest, and political turmoil but weariness and frustration cause a decline in interest of anything constructive. If any of you are still slogging forward, it’s super tempting to discontinue all efforts, abandon any small success you may have gained, and just “turtle up” into your respective shells. However, continued separation and self-isolation will only make things worse. 

Therefore, keep crawling forward. We must persevere. Above all, guard against chucking everything you still have while searching for new emotional fulfillment…in a bad relationship, at the bottom of a bottle, in the ice cream section at the store, etc.

*How DARE I whine when disease, civil unrest, political turmoil, devastating fires and/or floods, earthquakes, etc. etc. ravage our world every day since the dawn of time? I’m hanging my head in shame for it, but I still feel it and need relief from the grind. Along with everyone else….

July 21, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Hanged Man. One of the most obvious and dramatic ways one can shift one’s perspective is by standing on your head. Now what do you see (besides the dust bunnies under the sofa)? A shift in your world view can also be had by going into panoramic view to see the whole picture and not just your narrow “truth” or the convenient details that bolster your perception. There’s actually way more to life in general, and your part in it in particular, than some of you may want to admit.

This card is an invitation to decide what’s truly important: your anger, self hatred, fear, and/or judgment or pulling your crown chakra out of your root chakra and clearing your True Self of all that sh*t to become a better version of you and not such a miserable cow. Look at what suffering in your life may actually be “homemade” or allowed because you’re too inert or weak-willed to speak up and stand up.

It’s time to let go of the old mindset that you’re not “enough” in some way and transform the way you view yourself and your life. Is your glass half empty or half full? We are in a moment of suspension where our normal routine has been disrupted. Use that free time to your advantage and gain a little self-knowledge by doing the hard inner work. Notice I did NOT say lose 50 pounds, train for the Ironman Competition, write the next best seller, or get your PhD. Just contemplate your navel and notice how perfect it is and how you do a very good job at walking and chewing gum—at the same time!—most days.

July 20, 2020: Card O' the Day: Eight of Wands, reversed. Goofy cards…. As I was drawing the card for today, I was a little distracted and quickly pulled the Eight of Wands. I immediately felt I’d been too hasty so I returnedthe card to the deck (of 78 cards) and reshuffled and cut. Once I’d centered myself and concentrated on my deck fully, I drew another card. Eight of Wands, reversed. I sh*t you not.

The reversed Eight has a very up-in-the-air quality about it. There’s a situation that should end, we want it to end, and yet it continues to drag on without a clear finish point that we can look forward to. This will lead, or may have already led, to feelings of burnout, uncertainty, and a certain paralysis that prevents you from making any forward movement at all. During this adverse period, it may seem everything is in your way, Murphy’s Law is cutting you zero slack, and there are no breaks to catch. You may gravitate to completely ineffective ways to spend your time and energy because what’s the point of trying to do anything useful right now?

You have my permission to binge-watch NetFlix. But I’m also going to encourage you to try your best to do at least three useful things a day. They don’t have to be huge undertakings but at least little worthwhile.

July 18, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Hierophant, reversed. This card its JUST NOW showing up!?!?!?! 

The Hierophant, reversed, indicates questioning conventional mores through behaviors or ideas that are pompous, righteous, and arrogant. One has had enough of the “shoulds” and “oughts” of life and is choosing one’s own standards rather than just accepting the dictates of the powers that be. Bucking the system, disobeying rules, rebellion, civil disobedience, or outright crime are ways this energy can manifest. Some leaders (or wanna-be leaders) will make fanatic pronouncements with absolute assurance they are RIGHT and anything else is flatly WRONG. However, they’re hypocrites just in it for the money or recognition and nothing else.

However, committing to such a path of false knowledge or mistaken beliefs, which get in the way of actually resolving an issue, is restrictive and limited. Failing to accept the responsibility of finding one’s own way, one’s higher way, is lazy and displays gullibility and resistance to change.

Be very careful onto which bandwagon you jump. If you close your eyes and ears to new information that indicates you may be wrong, you would do well to reassess your position. It actually takes a bigger person to jump off the wagon and admit a mistake was made than to stay on and double down on one’s error.

July 17, 2020: Card O' the Day: Ace of Cups. I was tempted to describe this card with mere rainbows and hearts emojis. But I knew we needed a little more than glitter to guide us, so I opened the Big Book. The Ace of Cups represents the spiritual basis that gives meaning to, and protects from corruption, the laws of society, moral order, and community structure.

Change and insecurity are overwhelming most of us. We’re experiencing new emotions that are hard to fathom or describe. Therefore, we would do well to look inside and connect with our real NEEDS, never mind our wants. This is accomplished by being passive and receptive (rather than pushy and grasping) to what comes to each of us. This does not mean you’re laying down in the middle of the road to become everybody’s speed bump; it means knowing, in your soul, that life will support you.

The truest feelings of the heart come through a relationship with the Divine. (What you call “the Divine” is your business; you know what I mean here.) When you’re well connected to higher powers, you’re capable of trust, hope, and all the possibilities love can create.

July 16, 2020: Card O' the Day: Three of Pentacles, reversed. In some ways things are slowly getting better as the scientists and doctors come to understand the current pandemic slightly better each day, as more people become willing to wear masks in public, and businesses adapt to the new circumstances. In other ways things are getting worse as the virus continues to spread, businesses are forced to close again, we ponder the wisdom of opening schools in the fall, and the pervasive uncertainty of “what are we gonna do!?!?!” stretches on.

The union on the physical plane this card represents is disturbed and those of us who should be working together aren’t. Mutual support is withdrawn as we childishly pick “sides” on an issue and stubbornly stick our fingers in our ears and shout “lalalalalalalalalala, I’m not LISTENING to you!!!” Ignoring the issues at hand is not an option. Seeking to force everyone to do as YOU will have it is impossible.

Therefore, take your fingers out of your ears, get off your righteous soapbox, and look for ways to compromise and return this card upright so we can work together to solve problems that impact us all. Remember that old adage about flies and honey v. vinegar.

July 15, 2020: Card O' the Day: Six of Swords. The Six of Swords is one of the only “nice” cards in the suit of Swords, in my humble opinion, and I’m glad to see it today. Two days ago we got The Magician, which is a powerful “beginnings” and “potential” card. Yesterday, The World showed up (albeit reversed) to remind us that with all beginnings, there must be an ending first. Today’s Six also speaks of a new start and being receptive to a new state of affairs and/or opportunities as you mentally move away from loss, trouble, and heartache.

The new situation may not be your ideal or the opportunities may not necessarily be dreams come true, but the good news is you’ve stopped resisting these ideas and solutions. No, they’re not perfect nor what you thought you wanted, but you’re ready to surrender to what IS being offered and it’s now time to figure out what to do with it.

This will require reorientation to reality and directed intelligence. As you move towards the unknown, without knowledge or guarantees of the outcome, you’ll discover the light in all the perceived darkness.

July 14, 2020: Card O' the Day: The World, reversed. Upright, The World card contains limitless potential for us all. The world is our oyster and we only have to reach for it with the desire to make our dreams come true. It’s our reassurance that we belong here. Terra firma beneath our feet offers stability, structure, and security as we find the final pieces of our personal puzzles.

Reversal of this card does NOT negate all the fabulousness of this card, it just slows things down a little as we must re-learn how to thrive. Even though we may feel stuck or running in circles right now, our inherent success remains. It might be difficult to manifest goals, but it’s not impossible. Slow growth or lateral movement is better than nothing.

Look to see what holds you back and release it. Fear? Lack of self-confidence? Loss? Just keep moving your feet…left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot…. The World, as the last of the major arcana in the Tarot deck represents a big ending whether upright or reversed. However, it represents just as big a beginning. Don’t give up on finding your new way.

July 13, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Magician. The Magician is so rife with possibility…he can go in any direction, but today his shadows are most prominent to me. He’s ruled by three planets: Mercury, Neptune, and Uranus. This last planet rules The Magician’s darkness, and I think it’s funny—“yer anus”—because his asshole is really showing today. I mean, it’s a struggle to put this together; I’m feeling sick to my stomach.

The Magician of today represents illness, infirmity, and destruction. I think this is physical sickness as well as spiritual, which is manifesting in dishonesty, manipulation, and trickery by people who make things up as they go along. I don’t need to explain the physical, do I?

This card is revealing what happens when Universal Law is disrespected and ignored. Ego takes over and the willful need to be “right” supersedes all reason and compassion. Undisciplined and reckless are the keywords for today. Be careful out there.

July 12, 2020: Card O' the Day: Two of Pentacles. The suit of Pentacles (my favorite) represents the spiritualization of the material world. Hunh? Simply put I’m talking about bringing Spirit into your physical life via meditation, crystals, rituals, religious practices, or anything that helps you see the magic that is woven through our ordinary existence. We’ve all admired the beauty of a flower, bird, or scenic vista on occasion. You’re being asked to look again with your soul, inner self, child’s eyes, or what have you to experience wonder and awe at what you’re seeing, smelling, or hearing.

The Two of Pentacles, specifically, represents trying to maintain or restore balance in a volatile situation. I would consider our current atmosphere of worry, obstacles, and agitation a “volatile situation,” wouldn’t you? To get back to a feeling of equanimity, we’re going to have to make some conscious choices to let go of unnecessary stuff, whether physical or psycho-emotional, to reduce the load.

Hard as it is, embrace some of the new norms* of society and adapt them to your life. You may be suffering thin resources right now; learn to make do without and/or look for ways to stretch what you still have. Try to remain joyful. That’s where my first paragraph of this post comes in. NOTICE the moment and find the magic in it.

*Certain “new norms” of overt hate and bigotry I will NEVER embrace, accept, or adapt to.

July 11, 2020: Card O' the Day: Eight of Cups. Another repeat…the Eight of Cups appeared on July 2nd, too. 

Depression and stagnation are represented in this card but we also have change and progress. The “inch by inch” growth spoken of in yesterday’s Seven is already showing up today as we are moving, inevitably, from a less meaningful situation to one that is more worthwhile. Unfortunately, the “blahs” are still present but small adjustments and itty-bitty differences show us a slightly different perspective than from yesterday. 

Allow this card, this day, to be a wake up call that breaks the monotony of the fear and malaise that is currently blanketing our society. I’m not saying you’ll suddenly jump out of your socks and start singing like Maria in “The Sound of Music.” You’re being invited to discontinue certain pointless efforts and spend what little energy you have on finding a deeper meaning in yourself and your own life. You may find a “higher purpose” that will benefit all of society or you’ll “just” find some relief from the constant horror of our present reality. Either way, BONUS!

July 10, 2020: Card O' the Day: Seven of Pentacles, reversed. Yesterday I simply couldn’t bring myself to write about the card of the day I drew. Anxiety sucked me down and the day was spent sleeping or avoiding reality. After a bit of an uptick in my cheerfulness rating these last few weeks, I seem to be having my own resurgence of the Covid-caused blues…a sort of fracture or separation between my lethargic body and tired spirit. Neither body nor spirit can help uplift the the other and thus I become an inert blob. Anybody else out there, too?

The reversed Seven represents problems and complications at work. I don’t see “work” limited to just your job, but it includes all work you do, whether domestic chores, home maintenance, personal projects, or volunteering your time. It’s all “work” and this card signifies feeling trapped by unfulfilling jobs, which leads to bitterness, sadness, and a universal and pervasive dissatisfaction.

However, the good Seven, even reversed does offer a small glimmer of hope. While there is delay, growth does happen inch by inch. The trick is to just slog through the work without expectation of reward or material gain for now. In a little while, you WILL have something to show for your efforts and that might give you the boost you need to really reconnect to life.

July 8, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Devil. The Devil in the Tarot deck represents our shadow sides. It’s all the stuff about yourself of which you’re not too proud. A tendency to gossip? Bigoted? Addictions? It doesn’t matter what it is, but the more you hide it in shame, the more power it has over you. You’re being invited to face those shadows, admit to them, and do something about them. The “doing something” means getting a grip on those shadows and not indulging them. Educate yourself about different cultures, people, and religions to help you see the “other” is just that and not the “bad thing” you’ve made it out to be. Addicted to a substance or action? There are help groups or therapists for everything you can imagine. 

By recognizing your inner shadows, you awaken to the responsibility of integrating them into your whole being. The fact is, you are who you are and you can’t just deny a large chunk. You need to learn to balance your light with this primal force of “not-so-niceness.” Look for work-arounds. If you simply can’t be bothered to volunteer your time, then write a check. People who are different than you bug the snot out of you? Walk away. There’s no reason for you to engage and become a viral YouTube sensation.

If you understand and admit to your faults, this opens the way for renewed well-being and liberation from them. NONE of us is perfect! Remember that as you forgive yourself for your failings. However, as you notice those failings, it might be a good idea to improve on them a little.

July 7, 2020: Card O' the Day: King of Swords. Yesterday it was suggested to take a step back from people and all their emotions to concentrate a little more on yourself. Today we get the emotionless Mr. Spock of the Tarot deck: the King of Swords. He’s one to make sense of his world through extreme organization and uses logic to make decisions rather than emotion. The need to find a more practical and “better way” for something in your life will come through being organized and logical. The better way will yield higher results for less effort. Therefore, look to see what could be streamlined in your life.

Another way to get more bang for your buck is to be mindful of what didn’t  work in the past. Repeating mistakes is a huge time and resource waster and therefore, you’ll want to be brutally honest with yourself to learn those lessons. No, don’t paste an “L” for “Loser” on your forehead, just make a note and move on.

The King is also an “implementer” with the capacity to foster change. He’s frank and honest in his communications, cooperative, and tactful. He’s also so persuasive his compromises tend to be a little tilted in his favor. And yet, his commitment to honesty and integrity means he does the right thing and doesn’t take unfair advantage. Keep all this in mind as you work towards making life easier for yourself and becoming a better human.

July 6, 2020: Card O' the Day: Four of Cups. The most common interpretation of this card is emotional and energetic stagnation. However, I’m not feeling the quietness of this card as being stagnant, but more like a clam, cool pool in which to relax and reclaim your emotional balance. If you noticed, I took a couple days off from the Card O’ the Day for the holiday weekend. Any time I socialize or am with people for several hours or a day or two, I need time for quiet grounding and contemplation after the emotional overload of simply “people-ing.” This card suggests you follow my lead.

It’s also recommending that you become a little more protective of your emotional energy. Set personal boundaries and attend to your own needs before you attend to others’. Remember, they tell you on airplanes to put on your own emergency oxygen mask before trying to help your traveling companion(s). This is the same thing, only for your psycho-emotional health. Now, you may feel like you’re withdrawing and withholding your feelings from those who need you, but seriously, you cannot help others when you’re a mess yourself!

The Four is telling you to step back from any drama and simply watch from a distance; wait to be asked to step in. Even then, be sure you really need to—otherwise, let the drama and participants sort themselves out while you go into the comfort and safety of your inner world to strengthen and purify yourself. While there, clean out old emotions that continue to drag you down.

July 2, 2020: Card O' the Day: Eight of Cups. Sometimes the Eight of Cups is considered the “travel card” indicating a departure. That can be literal as in moving houses, jobs, leaving school, walking away from a relationship, etc. or figurative like going on a spiritual quest to dig deeper into your own psyche. The reason for the need to move on, though, is the important part.

You could be looking to leave an actual situation because what you thought you wanted has ceased to be all-consuming. You’ve either outgrown that particular thing or something else has taken its place that you find way more fascinating. Perhaps the job/house/relationship is still okay, but deep down you know it’s not going to be a “forever” thing and you have an urge to go now and seek something better rather than waiting for the last dregs. On the other hand, you may not need to actually leave the building but to find what’s missing within you, your spirit, your mind—which you can easily do in your back yard.

This card represents the need to venture into unknown territory. You’ve gone as far as you can here and to stay would mean you’d repeat what’s already been experienced or accomplished. Open your eyes, look around, and answer the urge to get up and “do” that’s been chewing on the back of your neck.

June 30, 2020: Card O' the Day: Death. When cards repeat within a few days, it tells me the message is really important. We just received Death on June 25 and now it appears again today. Between these two appearances, we’ve received cards that are basically ego-centric hissy-fits of resistance to the changes and “death” to norms we’ve accepted for decades. People are being called out for their blatant racism/sexism/homophobia/etc. and are suffering consequences such as losing their jobs, social standing, or respect. Then they try to do damage control by saying they didn’t mean it “that way”, it was a joke, or anything else to evade responsibility for their hurtful actions and words.

The truth is inevitable and unstoppable societal and systemic changes are rolling across our world like Death. These painful changes are necessary for us to transform into better, kinder, gentler beings. The values and concepts we’ve been holding diminish us and it’s time they’re swept away. We are being given the opportunity to reinvent ourselves individually and as a species.

Some will become leaders and take very active roles in facilitating the changes or reorganizing the aftermath. Others will quietly follow and adjust to the “new.” Either way is fine; you do what you can to survive and be happy. Those who resist will suffer the most. Therefore, I advise you let go of what “was” and start accepting what “is.” And here’s a secret: It’s simply easier to be nice and love than be nasty and hateful.

June 29, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Empress. The Empress is most commonly associated with abundance, fertility, and creative force. She is also the ruler of the Underworld and the keeper of our inner child (the little brat that waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaants!!!!!!!). Today all that nurturing, “mother” energy is on vacation and The Empress’s shadows are showing.

The Empress has strong emotions and sometimes they overtake her intellect. Today she’s passionately (read: loudly and insistently) expressing her beliefs with great confidence. Never mind they are rooted in ignorance and confusion. Did I mention she also represents “light deprivation” and “obscurity”? As in, “darkness”; the lights are off at her house and she’s refusing to consider the fact she can’t see her hand in front of her face…or the truth.

With a lack of sensitivity and flexibility, the Empress is becoming bitter and resentful of life’s required changes and separations that must occur. In all fairness, she is Earth personified and we all know how slowly Earth usually makes changes. I can relate; I hate changes, too. However, we cannot avoid the truth of what is happening these days regardless of how much you don’t like it. So quit’cher bitchin’, put on your Big Kid Pants, and roll with what is real—not just what you waaaaaaaaaaaaaant.

June 27, 2020: Card O' the Day: Queen of Swords, reversed. The normally astute, science-minded, and pragmatic Queen of Swords turns away from clarity of thought when she is reversed. She represents those narrow-minded, uber-righteous people whose personal biases prevents all logic and reasoning from getting through their ego-centric beliefs and opinions.

Regardless of how impractical and fantastic their ideas may be, such people will harangue you until you agree just to shut them up. The fact that their ill-temper and negative attitude comes from frustrated plans and ambitions can warrant a little sympathy, but because they’re being such assholes about it, they simply alienate everyone around them.

The appearance of this card is a reminder NOT to behave in such a way no matter how hard your day has been. If your mood is still good as you read this, be forewarned there are people like this out there…waiting and eager to harsh your buzz.

June 26, 2020: Card O' the Day: Five of Cups, reversed. What is up already with the Five of Cups? This is the third time we’ve received it inside two weeks! First, on June 15th, we got it reversed; June 17th it reappeared upright; today we get it reversed again. To recap the previous readings: reversed means we’re intellectually understanding the losses, though not liking them by any means, and upright is basically WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! and not being able to see what’s still there through your tears.

It’s interesting this card follows Death from yesterday. Death warned us of inevitable changes and “endings” we have no control over. Today, we mourn what is taken from us and perhaps indulge in one of the five stages of grief, that of denial. When reversed, the Five of Cups speaks of not accepting losses and/or hiding from the pain through busy work or putting on a falsely “brave face.” 

No, I’m not saying we should all weep, tear our hair, and rend our shirts. However, we do have to acknowledge our pain to move through it. Ignoring the elephant in the room won’t make it go away—as much as we’d like it to all just disappear—so face your pain squarely and start some meaningful recovery practices. That might look like talk therapy, gardening, bike riding, spring cleaning, starting your novel, painting your bedroom, or anything else that moves your butt forward. We can do this….

June 25, 2020: Card O' the Day: Death. Before you all freak the frick out, no one is dying…well, yes, they are. People around the world are dying every minute of every day. But Tarot’s Death card is not talking about that literal, people are dying, death. Tarot’s Death card is heralding deaths of beliefs systems, ingrained patterns of behavior, prejudices, religions, economies, leadership groups, jobs, relationships, etc. In other words, it’s a big fat hairy “change” card. And, boy, are we experiencing some big fat hairy changes around the world—and in the U.S.—right now. 

My humble opinion is that it’s about damned time for changes in the way we view and treat others. It would seem our species has an inherent mean streak that needs to be tamed. (Notice I didn’t say eradicated because, let’s be real!) We need to love more, be kinder, more helpful. But if that’s too big of a change to make all at once, then practice staying on your own mat. Because minding your own business is ultimately kinder than pushing your views, religion, fears, traditions, etc. on someone else just to get them to agree with you and make you feel “right.”

Closer to home, you can expect changes around your house, to your body, and/or in your job/career. The changes Death brings aren’t always “happy events” but they do release you from something that’s no longer in your best interests and make you available for something better. Therefore, when you experience “unpleasant endings”, look for the new and better for which you’re now open.

June 23, 2020: Card O' the Day: Three of Swords. This card refers to the choice we had yesterday. The Three is telling us “no” or “not now” with regard to that decision because things are still unclear at the moment. It’ll cause grief and not be what you want in the end if you move too soon. Therefore, it’s advised to continue evaluating all your possibilities.

I suspect that during your assessing and evaluating of what to do next, you’re going to realize something isn’t working for you anymore or wasn’t such a good idea in the first place. This card mentions movement and severance from the past, which helps alleviate upsets. This tells me there are a few “items” in your psycho-emotional knapsack than can be jettisoned. Yes, you may waaaaaaaaant it, but by now you’ve realized it’s it’s actually causing you suffering. The good news, though, is the suffering and realization of “I’m done with this” means you learn a valuable lesson and you don’t have to go back and do “that” again! 

Be gentle with yourself and practice self-care, but don’t you dare wallow. Life is too short for pity-parties.

June 22, 2020: Card O' the Day: Two of Wands. Hunh. I took a couple days off from the Card O’ the Day and we’re still here pondering the lint in our bellybuttons. The Two of Wands, like all two’s, represents a decision that needs to be made, but there’s uncertainty because you’re not sure if you should protect what you have now or move forward into “the new.” Fortunately, the pondering has not been wasted because you now recognize your potential and can appreciate your capacity…and yet you hesitate to step through the door.

The present energy is encouraging you to take a risk and choose what you really want, but your doubt is blocking that energy. Therefore, take a little more time to assess and evaluate what you have, what you’ll need, and what you can dump. I’m a big fan of engaging all parts of the brain on a knotty problem by writing stuff down and reading it back to yourself out loud (this includes the parts of the brain that control your hand, arm, eyes, mouth, and ears). This little exercise may help you prioritize tasks and get you started on breaking those stultifying patterns in your life be they physical, mental, or spiritual.

Caution: you will upset those closest to you with your choices and evolutions. See above re assess and evaluate what to keep and/or chuck.

June 19, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Hanged Man, reversed. The reversed Hanged Man is kind of a reversed reversal since the Hanged Man is already upside down. When the card is upright, the central figure is hanging upside down, which can represent the need for new perspectives or just hangin’ out for a minute to catch your breath. But when the card is reversed, the central figure may be heads up, but he’s still tied by the ankle to his spot and can’t go anywhere. That non-movement could come from fear and resistance to what’s next, procrastination, or being stuck in a suffering mood.

Another interpretation of this reversed card is being caught up in social pressure. For example, there are lots of argument for and against wearing a mask in public these days. There are opinions and articles by “experts” from every occupation posted online, on social media, and in the news. As we look for direction on this issue, and any other issues that concern you personally and society in general, we tend to get pushed one way or another and become confused. This card is recognizing that confusion as we struggle to figure out what the “right thing” IS so we can DO it.

Bottom line: Listen to your gut. Do what YOUR heart and soul ask you to do whether that’s for yourself only or for your community as well.

June 18, 2020: Card O' The Day: Prince of Wands. The Prince (or Knight, depending on the deck) of Wands represents movement and action for the sake of movement and action. Lots of pent up energy needs to be released and changes will be made! This may look like changing jobs or moving houses, but whatever happens it feels like (and needs to be at this point) an adventure! If you don’t do an actual physical move, then you may drop old habits or belief systems. 

While you seek those broader and greener pastures, do a little research and think about what you want first. This powerful, transformative energy is extremely useful…kinda like dynamite is extremely useful. Therefore, it needs to be employed carefully lest you ka-BOOOOM it all to oblivion. Naturally, you’ll face challenges along the way to your goal. First and foremost of those challenges is yourself and your eagerness to “git ‘er done!” A little innovation and improvisation and lots of willpower will help you on your way. 

The final word on this card is this energy can make you very appealing to some and equally annoying to others. Look for the people who are thrilled by your “winds of change” and ignore the cranky plodders. They’re just not ready to move like you are.

June 17, 2020: Card O' the Day: Five of Cups. I think the reason we received this card again is that the reversal of two days ago represents our COGNITIVE understanding of losses, but the upright version points to the emotional pain that has yet to be fully processed. Absolutely feel and acknowledge your pain, upset, anger, inconvenience, fear, discomfort, anxiety, and anything else unhappy you’ve been experiencing of late. This year has proven to be a hella ride and it’s only half over! Therefore, release any negative self-judgment you may be/have been experiencing because you can’t move forward into the new normal until you come to terms with your grief over what’s been lost or irrevocably changed.

While it’s tempting to drag your feet and cling to what you knew as the “good ol’ days”, ya can’t. Continued denial of your losses leads to self-pity, wallowing, blame, and depression (ask me how I know). We cannot control our environment but we can control our reactions to it. Your reactions can be rooted in resistance (the hard way) or with the mindset of greeting each new day as a clean start. 

On a mundane level, this card can represent reuniting with friends and acquaintances. Portends of things to come….

June 16, 2020: Card O' the Day: Six of Swords. Today’s card has echoes of yesterday’s reversed Five of Cups in that you’re aware of what has been lost (the tipped over cups), but not yet conscious of the remaining cups and what you can do with them moving forward. This card offers you the clarity and evolutionary perspective that allows you to see those still standing cups. Tension is easing because the initial “oh sh*t!” moment has occurred and you’re moving into recovery and accepting what has happened. The next question is “Now what?”

The most traditional meaning of this card is travel by water, but I don’t see this in a literal sense today. Emotions are governed by the element of water and traveling implies “physical distance.” I think our directive to “travel by water” is really an encouragement to put some distance between yourself and an emotional situation. As in, don’t go out with your S.O. for a few days/weeks, don’t go visit your mother, pass on any invitations to go hang with “that friend”, and so forth.

By making this physical distance, it will help you gain perspective about circumstances. With proper perspective, perhaps you’ll find the wisdom of understanding something has finished or is hopeless and the best course of action for you is to simply walk away. Leaving a toxic situation is by no means a cowardly retreat or giving up. It’s rising above, remembering your True Self, and taking that badass Self to a better party.

June 15, 2020: Card O' the Day: Five of Cups, reversed. The Five of Cups is often depicted with five vessels of some kind, three of which have been knocked over or destroyed in some way and two remaining upright or intact. When the card is reversed, it means we’ve come to understand the three that were lost are actually less important than we once thought. And when we turn our attention to what is still there, we see THAT’s the important stuff, the foundation on which to build. Yes, mourn losses but focus upon what remains.

We are able to see the valuable remnants because this card also offers the emotional stability, coping skills, determination, and fortitude to overcome recent misfortunes and anxiety so we can redirect energies. Help is given quietly and subtly; receive it without guilt or shame. As you transform your disappointment and begin rebuilding, new interests and/or occupations will take your mind, heart, and wallet in fascinating directions.

June 14, 2020: Card O' the Day: The World. The World is the final card in the series of the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck. As the last, it represents an ending, which we all know then makes space for and brings a beginning. We are encouraged to celebrate with a ritual of gratitude, remember what has been, and look forward to the limitless potential of what could come.

This card also signifies liberation from the bondage of negative thinking with regard to yourself, your life, your job, and everything that creates the whole of “you.” The World represents a major realization about our True Self…that each of us is a perfect creation/child of Universe. We may notice we have a few flaws, but ALL of us do and that’s part of our perfection. The World gives you the power to be okay with who you are, warts and all.

We are in a vital time in our nation and across the globe. Take a minute to reflect and integrate all you’re learning. Align your mind and intuition with the cosmic Spirit (or God, Allah, Jehovah, Yaweh, Insert Your Higher Power Here) to see the real meaning of life beyond concrete, material reality.

June 12, 2020: Card O' the Day: Six of Pentacles, reversed. One of the more subtle meanings of the reversed Six of Pentacles is its “Robin Hood” connotations. It represents a desire to tip the scales of society and remove the stratifications or caste systems that have been built over the millennia. The way the “haves” are separated from the “have nots” is often merely the luck of your birth situation. Some are damned to crowded slums with no hope of ever getting out and others are born to wealth and status.

As a stable but unequal status quo is disrupted, those whose abundance is more than ample are encouraged to share. Give what you can and are comfortable offering. Ask yourself this important question: What lesson am I meant to learn here during this current upheaval?

June 11, 2020: Card O' the Day: Temperance. Have you ever watched the path of a pendulum? It swings far to the left and then swings equally far to the right. It takes a while, but eventually it settles into the middle and is still. It’s a visual representation of one of the main laws of physics: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. I feel like we are experiencing some pretty wild actions and reactions in our world right now. These tumultuous responses are resulting in many deaths, literally and figuratively.

Temperance promises peace will fill the emptiness Death has given us and  indicates healing and reconciliation. (For those of you who Death has touched literally, you have my deepest condolences. Peace does come, eventually….) Harmony will happen as we blend elements and factions into a delicious soup that never could happen if all the parts were kept separate. Finding the middle way with compromise and doing the “right thing” will bring us back to equilibrium and then to recovery.

The stone associated with Temperance is rose quartz. It’s said to heal the wounds of the heart and allow one to trust and love fellow humans. It can show us how to influence the environment with gentleness, harmony, and love. How can a simple rock do all that, you ask? I haven’t the faintest idea, but isn’t it worth a shot to try? If you’ve got some, put it in your pocket today.

June 10, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Star, reversed. When The Star is reversed, it may indicate you’re holding your thoughts and feelings back or having difficulty opening up. However, you may think you need to hide those thoughts and feelings from others. The question to ask yourself is why? Are you hiding because you don’t want to make waves with your different opinions or are you unwilling to examine yourself due to fear of what you may discover or have to confront? Because it’s often the case when we do that inner exploration, we don’t always like what we find, which may require some hard work to change. (Ugh!)

Sometimes, deep insecurity is masked by arrogance or false smiles (I’m FIIIIIIINE!!!!!). It’s possible disappointment has adversely affected a few valued relationships and now you find yourself less capable of trusting those people. Certainly there is a wide range of … opinions … circulating on social media these days….

The reversed Star is asking you to shed all ideas about yourself that falsely depend on status, appearance, or possessions. Get back in touch with your favorite sources of inspiration such as a yoga practice, meditation, reading holy books, making a crystal grid, praying to a deity or higher power, etc. etc. It’s time to heal.

June 8, 2020: Card O' the Day: Two of Pentacles. Two’s often represent decisions and the necessity or readiness to make them. The Two of Pentacles suggest a great transformation is required to unite two aspects of one thing, but it will be precarious, full of obstacles, and worry. This revolution will allow fundamental, but worn out, structures to be positively reshaped and replaced. It has been, and unfortunately continues to be, a long time in coming and only through great effort and perseverance. But we stand in a doorway to something new.

Emotional and personal attachment to a global or personal shift can make it hard to assess a situation. It may be difficult to hold one’s ground and defend a position, but it can be achieved by keeping in touch with pure and positive motivations and holding on to personal integrity and sincerity. At all costs, remain focused on objectives and stay firm in ethical efforts as you move forward to bring about change at home, work, in your community, or in the wide, wide world.

June 7, 2020: Card O' the Day: Judgment, reversed. When the card of Judgment is reversed, it represents difficult transitions. Some of us welcome the new and just love when changes come into our lives. The bigger the change, however, the bigger the adjustment that’s needed to turn the ship becomes. These changes that you face may be within yourself, your immediate family or tribe, or on a broader scale. 

Many of you may be resentful or doubt the value of these necessary revisions. Resistance to new information and an inability to detach from past mistakes and behaviors causes a schism within tribes, communities, and all of society that threatens the comfort and security of our old ways. (Whether those “old ways” are detrimental doesn’t make it any less easy to change them.) Nevertheless, refusal to face facts and move forward will lead to further disappointment, impede expansion, and result in stagnation and rot.

Also, this card indicates the promises of some leaders have fallen flat. Those who followed may be feeling duped or betrayed for having placed trust in that particular leader. Know that there’s absolutely no shame in shifting your support to a different leader or set of personal rules after discovering they don’t represent you well anymore. That’s just called “personal growth.”

June 6, 2020: Card O' the Day: King of Pentacles, reversed. Usually the Reversed King of Pentacles signifies money problems and I think most of us experience a pinch now and then. Considering the current situation, I’m sure many more of us are feeling “pinched” more than usual….

However, the king of all creature comforts, when reversed may also indicate some of you are coming to realize you have enough. The lights are on, there’s food on the table (okay, maybe not steak…), and there’s a roof over your head. Money as a form of stability and security becomes less important as you understand stability and security can be found in relationships, kind gestures, volunteering, a more profound spiritual practice, or in any gazillion other ways.

This king is also representative of family and long-held traditions or beliefs—either cultural or personal. When reversed, it could indicate you’re ready to let some of those traditions/beliefs go. Maybe those traditions/beliefs have become uncomfortable for you (or always were but you had no choice), you’ve changed your mind about why they are important, outgrown them, or just need to start fresh. For whatever reason, the traditions or beliefs no longer serve you and you don’t have space for them in your life anymore. That’s okay because the most permanent thing in our lives is change.

June 5, 2020: Card O' the Day: Nine of Pentacles. Whereas the number eight represents completion and manifestation on the material, physical plane, nines take that completion to one’s personal spiritual plane. As with all “endings” or “completions”, space is then made for change and growth. The maturity, depth, and spiritual awareness brought by the nine is combined with the suit of Pentacles today to represent accomplishments grounded by the earth element but that are sensitive to spirit.

Practically speaking, this means you’re aware of the good things in life and are grateful for them, but also realize there’s way more to “success” than merely physical acquisition. It may feel as though life is pretty darned nifty for you in your current situation. However, the final piece may still be missing…inner resolution and/or purpose. 

Keep looking! Reinvest in yourself, face your fears, and release self-judgment about not being enough in some way (or wayzzzzz). You might need to dedicate some time alone for creative internal work or thinking to get there, or it might just smack you in the face some day. Either way, be true to Self, do what you need to do to heal your wounds, and live YOUR ideals. Always remember and never forget, Universe made you for a reason.

June 4, 2020: Card O' the Day: Prince of Swords, reversed. When the normally sharp intellect of the Prince of Swords is reversed, it slides into the fanatical and ridiculous. Arguments become irrational. It seems as though the only way to express oneself is like a toddler in an out-of-control temper tantrum during which one seeks to deliberately cause pain, injury, or physical damage. As one impulsively charges ahead, others are endangered by rampant recklessness. 

One may think one’s forward motion is in the name of destructive rebellion, but it’s a wildly mistaken response to a situation that calls for diplomacy, prudence, and a more careful and considered solution. Anger, fear, and vengefulness are the true impulses behind such actions, and those emotions stem from ego…tit for tat, mean-girl sh*t.

Here’s a question: Is such an aggressive and excessive approach really necessary?

(Before ya’ll have a kitten about this post, I’m not talking to righteous adults; I’m conveying the energy I feel from all those “Karens” and “Kevins” out there with their panties in a twist.)

June 3, 2020: Card O' the Day: Princess/Page of Wands, reversed. The reversed Page/Princess can represent our society’s collective worry and consciousness of challenges (and, kids, are we having some “challenges” right now or what?) or it could represent an individual person. Other symptoms of this card being reversed can include uncertainty in acting. (Um, me! What do I say or do? Is it better for me to stay home and out of the way, or should I go and add another body to the fray? Where am I needed?)

Then if I do act, I feel clumsy…Did I say the right thing? Have I inadvertently offended anyone with my own two cents’ worth? The waters are hard to navigate right now and I’m afraid to declare myself to others lest I do it badly and be misunderstood. Trust me, my heart is in the right place, but I don’t know what to do or [how much I’m willing to sacrifice]. Did y’all notice how I wrote that question in teeny-weeny font*? That’s my privilege showing and I can’t wait to pull my skirt down fast enough to cover such an embarrassing truth about my self.

Society* is at the point of concretizing ideas beyond mere inspiration, dreams, or “wouldn’t it be nice?” and many are less than enthused. But the longer society remains indecisive, communal resolve and confidence will erode further. Therefore, clumsily and uncertainly stumble forward or sideways, but don’t stand still and heaven forbid, don’t go backward.

*I’m using our current events and social climate to illustrate the energy of this card. However, it could just as easily apply to individuals who are going through their own personal crises.

**Teeny-weeny font does not translate on Yola.

June 2, 2020: Card O' the Day: Ace of Pentacles. All four of the aces in the Tarot deck represent beginnings. The suit of Pentacles represents all that’s tangible—from your own body to the economic resources of the world. This particular card signifies the great work of the civilization of humanity. Ideally, we shape the raw materials Nature gives us into safe, comfortable environments so that all are secure enough to live life fully and not just merely survive and exist.

This card invites you to celebrate the sacred in ALL life with strength, gratitude, balance within and without, fairness, compassion, and love. Let’s start with those who need to be acknowledged the most at this moment.

The Ace signifies the coming of a spiritual springtime in which we will experience new wisdom and knowledge, and in which we will undergo a shift in consciousness. This shift will allow us to challenge laws, move mountains, change the status quo, remove that which no longer serves, and hold accountable all that owe debts to society. It’s a time of cleansing our own spirits, that of Mother Earth, and Universe. We, the people, made this mess; it’s time to begin cleaning it up.

June 1, 2020: Card O' the Day: Strength. Strength represents all the work we must do on ourselves to live righteously, morally, and walk the talk coming out our mouths. Have the certainty and robustness to hold your convictions passionately yet peacefully without being controlled or carried away by the heat of the moment. True strength is being able to remain calm, lucid, and reasonable in the face of chaos.

We’re beginning a new week, a new month, and a new cycle today and Strength is asking us to use the power each of us has within our souls wisely. As communal beings, we yearn to be loved and understood. We all need feedback from others; make that feedback you share loving and healing. Use your persuasion, influence, and cooperation to overcome difficulties you face rather than force. True power comes through love, not coercion, dictatorship, or military might.

Today, let us begin reclaiming our lives from Fear.

May 31, 2020: Card O' the Day: King of Swords, reversed. We’ve received the same card—out of 78 in a deck—as we did yesterday. It’s not often this has happened in my posts re the “Card O’ the Day”, but it seems we’re seeing the reversed King of Swords on a large and small scale this weekend. Yesterday, I felt the reversed king represented the corruption in leadership across the world. Today I feel this card slightly differently.

As long as there are groups of any nature, there will be leaders of those groups. Those leaders will suggest beliefs and core values and those who agree, will join the group. However, those beliefs and core values aren’t always lawful, equitable, or ethical. This weekend, civil unrest rages across the country. Peaceful protests are disrupted by a few who have lost their sense of integrity in the pursuit of truth and justice. 

These few are disregarding law and societal order for their own gains. They care nothing for the consequences of their actions…well, to be clear, they WILL care for themselves if they get arrested and have to pay legal fees, but they don’t care about how their actions effect others. It’s wholly unjust for the innocent victims of these rampaging few who are so thoroughly “reversed” in their thinking and reasoning. 

Clear quartz is the stone associated with the Ace of Swords. It is said to lead to perception and harmony and aid in clear thought. The mineral associated with the King of Swords is gold. It is said to stimulate spiritual development and strengthen character. If you find comfort in the vibration of the earth elements, these are suggestions to hold close today. Peace be with you. Namaste.

May 30, 2020: Card O' the Day: King of Swords, reversed. Ten days ago we were given the “gift” of the epitome of the “Karens” of the world represented by the Queen of Swords, reversed. Today, with the King of Swords, reversed, we get a glimpse of every tin-pot dictator our species has ever suffered… and suffers to this day.

The King of Swords, when reversed, shows how strength and power is corrupted and twisted when used for one’s personal gain and dominance. These beautiful qualities that allow mere mortals to become heroes who can move mountains collapse into lawlessness and avoidance of consequences for wrong-doing when the privilege of leadership is exploited. It’s wholly unjust and unscrupulous favoritism that’s harsh and without mercy for ordinary men. If one of the victims of such abuse should speak up, then he/she will be coldly and methodically shut down with excessive logic…or cruelty. 

On both large and small scale, this reversed King is currently well-represented all over the world and in our own backyard. How long will we allow it? My cynical best guess is as long as humans exist. We’re capable of great mercy and altruism, but being greedy little assholes and walking the low road is so much less work.

May 27, 2020: Card O' the Day: Eight of Wands. The Eight of Wands is expanding on yesterday’s Four of Swords by teaching us the meaning of “motionless movement.” (Hunh?) This means there’s a lot of creative and intellectual activity but it’s happening while you’re on your keister, drinking coffee, and enjoying the birds squabbling at the feeder. In this calm pause, you can find a deepening of thought and acceptance of what was and what now is as we transition into new possibilities.

As you think your deep thoughts, try to focus on enjoying the moment rather than getting super caught up in the “I oughta do”s of life. I remember my mother said she could never sit on her garden bench for longer than three minutes before she’d leap up to weed or trim something. So just take a breath and see the beauty of life. Never underestimate the power of a well-placed pause….

May 26, 2020: Card O' the Day: Four of Swords. Yesterday’s Ace of Cups gave a message of love and open hearts. Today’s Four of Swords is asking you to sit still in that new love. Be in the moment to understand what that means for you. Digest and reflect upon what has passed through you for the last couple months and allow these new energies to coalesce into organized plans. We’re being asked not to take quick action just yet but to gather a little more information about how our new lives will look.

This card speaks of social harmony and compromise, regeneration and recovery. We’re on the right track towards living through the pandemic and adjusting to the necessary changes we all must make.

Use this moment of tranquility to enjoy your mental peace and newly opened heart.

May 25, 2020: Card O' the Day: Ace of Cups. This card represents an outright gift of love from Universe. Open your heart to it and the hope-filled new starts it promises. This gift is of spiritual as well as physical healing, and we’re being asked to create a more spiritually alive new world after the breakdown of the old.

How do we do that? By pursuing heart-based meaning and purpose in your life. The Ace is a “beginnings” card that’s telling us it’s a time of welcome change and creative inspiration. The abundance of positive energy being transmitted is so great it can lift others up to collectively effect societal change.

The Ace of Cups embodies love in all its potential and possibilities! And it’s what will heal us emotionally, spiritually, physically, and economically as we emerge from the period of stasis we’ve recently endured.

May 24, 2020: Card  O' the Day: Three of Wands. The protective home environment that has kept us safe all these weeks has been the center of your strength. Wellbeing within the family unit continues to support and guide us as we take our first tentative steps back out into the world.

This is indeed cause for celebration as our problems lurch in the direction of resolution and the healing we all need begins. It’s been painful, but our innate deep human sympathy for each other has shown through. Whether you stayed home and out of the way or worked the front lines actually doctoring, delivering, cleaning, cooking, etc., we bore this burden well.

Now is a time of positive energy and a very fertile window for new ideas. There are endless opportunities if you dare. The question is only how badly do you want it to happen? Make it so.

May 23, 2020: Card O' the Day: Seven of Swords. All of the cards in a Tarot deck have light and shadow qualities. Usually, the shadow qualities of the Seven of Swords are brought forward and interpreted in a spread. However, I’m seeing all the bright light of this card today and none of its shadow. In general, the number seven can represent exploration, new inventions, and mastery of challenges. The Suit of Swords is all about your thoughts and thinkings capabilities. Put them together and we get a burst of insights, strategy, new plans, inspiration, and creativity!

We are indeed still in crisis, but barriers have been opened and we can see new hope and relief from isolation (literally!), which brings us renewed trust and hope that it’s gonna be okay. “Okay” does not mean things are going to go back to what they were. Old assumptions will be challenged and you’ll be asked to leave behind beliefs or mindsets that no longer serve you in this new world. 

Great activity and reception of your intellect will propel you forward, and you’ll increase your personal strength on the way. Perseverance and willingness to take risks boosts your ingenuity and creative problem solving abilities because you feel confident your fresh ideas will find fertile ground. The time is becoming ripe for all possibilities!

May 22, 2020: Card O' the Day: Five of Swords, reversed. It’s always fascinating to me how much the Tarot cards tap into the collective psycho-emotional energy of the Universe. Back in early March we saw the cards reflecting our fear and mounting frustration as stores/restaurants/bars were closed, we were sent home from work, and anticipated events were canceled. We had more than the usual number of Major Arcana cards show up to ask us to PAY ATTENTION, we had lots of cards that encouraged us to be creative with our resources and time, and now I’m seeing the difficult rebirth of us all as we slowly come out of quarantine. 

The Five of Swords, reversed, is telling us to look beyond what* we’ve lost (jobs, money, time, businesses, clients, etc.) and the defeat some of us may have suffered and turn our attention towards recovery. Grieve and mourn your losses, by all means because during this “aftermath” period is the time to do it. We’re not at 100% yet, so you’ve got time to fully process this catastrophe.

Once we do get back to 100%, however, don’t wallow in your losses. Focusing on the defeats will only cause stagnation and prevent forward motion. Look around to see what can be salvaged. Repair the disconnection from your clients, business associates, the job market, and the outside world as you begin meaningful communication again that includes plans for your version of “reopening.” Finally, recognize the potential for spiritual growth this sorrow and discomfort offers us.

*Notice I said “what”, not “who.” If you’ve lost a loved one to Covid-19, you have my deepest sympathies. I don’t expect you to “get over” this kind of loss. Take all the time you need and understand everyone grieves differently.    

May 21, 2020: Card O' the Day: Three of Pentacles. The suit of Pentacles, in general, represents the spiritualization of the physical plane. As in, labors of love, serving others in times of crisis, or helping your elderly neighbor mow their lawn. This card, specifically, reminds us of the work that raises us to a higher level and brings joy. (Okay, maybe you don’t really “like” mowing your neighbor’s lawn, but it does make you feel pretty warm and fuzzy when you’re done, amirite?)

The Three also indicates creativity is bubbling in the pot and an actual goal is beginning to take shape. In fact, you’re starting to see some results and they tell you you’re on the right track. Your focus, organization, drive, and perseverance on this project will lead you to expansion and positive outcomes. This card also suggests now might be a good time for learning useful skills. If that’s not possible, then look for people who have talents where you don’t and get them to do the stuff you can’t.

In a nutshell, the Three of Pentacles reminds us of practical work that helps your community and serves as a vehicle for self development. What that actual work looks like is up to you. Everybody has a vital role in our communities.

May 20, 2020: Card O' the Day: Queen of Swords, reversed. Here, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the perfect description of every “Karen” you’ve ever met. Thanks to social media, we get to see “Karens” behaving badly in the wild. The memes and videos are hilarious and show how truly unpleasant people can be when we lose our commitment to truth, clarity, and the Higher Self and sink into an excess of egoism and personal bias.

The typical “Karen” is a strong-minded person who’s turned nasty in reaction to pressure or pain, frustrated ambitions, ideals that have turned sour, or abilities that have been sacrificed. She expects everyone around her to do as SHE wills and rationalizes her bad behavior through faulty reasoning. This narrow-minded and bigoted thinking is impractical, micromanaging, and hypocritical.

Basically, the “Karens” of the world feel they’ve been badly short changed in their lives and use their rude ‘tude to try to gain some ground back. Sometimes compassion and gentleness will get past the angry dick swinging, but if she’s become too entrenched in her victimhood, professional therapy would probably be best. (But that would require her to have the personal insight that she’s in the wrong…don’t hold your breath for that to happen.)

Bottom line: if you suspect you might be a “Karen”, stop it right now! If you know one, run for your life.

May 18, 2020: Card O' the Day: Prince of Cups. Wow, the third Prince in a row! (Well, almost.) Princes, in general, represent commitment, responsibility to others, and huge amounts of energy directed outwards in their bold actions. Their appearance in spreads can indicate situations developing quickly and then resolving as soon as you take steps toward rectifying a problem or taking advantage of an opportunity. They don’t indicate something lingering on and on; their vigor makes things happen.

The Prince of Cups, in particular, tells you that your next bold move “feels” right—it’s sincere and coming from your heart. It’s about fulfilling dreams that align with you personally. By example, it would be going to medical school because you want to help people rather than wanting to make a lot of money. The Prince of Cups is a natural healer, protector, and humanitarian, so he’d be the health care provider who goes to a third world county or a disaster zone to “do good.” (But, of course, there are lots of ways to “do good” without requiring the time and expense of medical school.)

How does this translate for all of us? It means examining our motives and what is driving us forward. First, we had the Prince of Pentacles who was ready to manifest something solid. The reversed Princess whined that she didn’t wanna ‘cuz it was too much werrrrrrk! Then the Prince of Swords shows up to poke us in the behinds with his electrifying ideas. Now the Prince of Cups is here to tell us “it’s the right thing to do.” I have no idea what you guys are up to, but I bet it’s gonna be grand!!

May 17, 2020: Card O' the Day: Prince of Swords. This flip-flopping of action!/sluggishness/action! may be tied to the weather. In my neck of the woods it’s been awfully rainy this spring and on the rare days with sunshine I’m decidedly more “up.” And since I’m drawing the cards…. Anyway, our good Prince of today is nervous of being quiet and alone with himself, and I think his appearance signifies most of us are in agreement with him. 

The Prince of Swords, like all the Princes—but more so— is a man of action and “doing.” This makes him very adaptable (we need that right now) and quite frank. No time for flowery phrases or persuasion, but some of you may have to defend your version of the “truth.” For example, the issue of wearing a mask or not is quite the hot button topic on social media! Let’s remember diplomacy and tact as we weight the pros and cons of any topic.

This card represents a very active intellect that’s eager to overcome difficulties with shifts in perspectives and rapid thoughts. Necessary decisions will provide solutions to problems and end of mental conflict. The Prince is here to help you conceive it and then DO it already!

May 16, 2020: Card O' the Day: Princess of Pentacles, reversed. Oh, I am so laughing at myself! Yesterday the Prince of Pentacles was steadily riding forth towards new horizons and a new way of being! Today the reversed Princess is lifting the edge of the rug and calling me out on my other reality. Meaning, while I do feel I’m progressing through the various feelings this pandemic has stirred in me, today’s card is reminding me I ain’t perfect and I still got sh*t to do.

 This card represents distractions, loss of purpose, and remaining inactive. Now, I’m not feeling “Loss of Purpose” in the grand sense; it’s more along the lines of “the bathroom really needs to be scrubbed…but not today….” My sense of hard work has petered out from what it was only a couple days ago. I’m allowing trivia to distract me from projects I’d really like to accomplish, but I don’t have the discipline or focus necessary to do a good job. Thus, I sit like a blob of dissipation as I waste the most precious of resources: time….

(You’d think the guilt of all this lethargy would kick my butt into action. Sadly it does not, and I just feel more guilty…. Blech.)

May 15, 2020: Card O' the Day: Prince of Pentacles. During my personal journey through the quarantine, it has been interesting to note my reactions over the past weeks and months. At first I didn’t think I would be too put out since I live a fairly isolated life anyway. Yes, it was vastly disappointing to have a large chunk of my favorite thing to do (psychic fairs!) cancelled after anticipating them all winter, but I could handle it and stay home for the greater good. Then the anxiety set in. Not really for myself, but the world in general…I became worried for all of humanity.

Now I feel myself moving into a new frame of mind, and the Prince of Pentacles describes it perfectly. This card represents letting go of certain expectations of yourself (during the quarantine, I MUST find a cure for cancer, the answer to global warming, and a quick and efficient way to clean the oceans!) and others. I’m being told I don’t need to do anything but rest in the fullness of who I am right now and simply heal and practice being a little more flexible. After all, clinging to a rigid pattern that was no longer possible was what made me anxious.

We’re now in a phase of making space for a new quality of stillness and acceptance for what life is now with a new and dangerous presence in our midst. With practicality, patient, and methodical work, we’ll get on with the business of quietly protecting each other until an effective treatment or cure can be found to eradicate the virus.

May 13, 2020: Card O' the Day: Princess of Cups. The Princess—or Page, depending on the deck you like—represents emotional maturation through reflection, meditation, relationships, and struggles. By being the attentive observer through this process, one acquires critical thinking skills, judgment or discernment, and a solid capacity for decision making. In the desire to live fully, mixed with fear coming from inexperience, we can expect a cautious beginning that is destined to evolve positively.

This card also signifies the realization we’re not isolated beings in an uncaring world. Suffering often stems from the illusion of separateness and we have no one to lean on in times of distress. That’s not true, but you must reach out to others when in need. No one can read your mind and it’s unfair of you to expect them to. You have the ability to create your own situation of happiness but it takes a little work.

The short answer for this card is, collectively, as humans, we’re embarking on a whole new path.

May 12, 2020: Card O' the Day: Five of Cups, reversed. When the virus first became bigger than what we could ignore and the country was largely put under quarantine, I thought it would be easy. I’m pretty much a hermit on my hill, so how was this going to be any different. When I couldn’t meet friends for coffee or take my mother to lunch, that’s when I began to get uncomfortable. Then the news stories of how hard this situation was hitting others really triggered my anxiety.

The reversed Five of Cups is indicating to us that life has changed. However, those changes have brought new coping skills and emotional stability as we are determined to overcome anxiety and get on with life. This card promises recovery and renewal for ourselves and new interests and/or friendships coming after these sad and disturbing events.

The Five of Cups is often depicted with a central figure lamenting three overturned vessels. The remaining two vessels of the card are still upright but ignored by the figure. When the card is reversed, we become aware of those two remaining vessels and understand what remains is important and permanent even in the face of sorrow. Furthermore, we can comprehend that the losses are actually less crucial that we’d originally thought. Build your new “house” upon what stayed during these tough times.

May 10, 2020: Card O' the Day: Two of Pentacles. The Two of Pentacles signifies the duality of moving forward on the physical plane or staying pat with what you already have. This card indicates you can get by on the current resources you have, but staying still for too long leads to stagnation. It’s definitely a hard choice to make right now and that means your bright future is currently blocked. 

Bottom line, you need to make changes to progress forward and the practical work begins with this card as you balance new needs and obligations. The question is whether you’re flexible and adaptable enough to make these changes with grace or anxiety. For me it depends on the day or even the hour…. Yesterday morning I got all sorts of things done, but by afternoon I was a blithering, anxious mess.

This card promises expansion if we can make alterations to our “normal” ways of thinking, behaving, and physically living our lives. Fortunately, we don’t have to do it all in one fell swoop. This is the kind of thing that needs to happen organically and flow with natural energy. Translation: baby steps will serve you better than giant leaps in this case.

May 9, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Hermit, reversed. The most obvious interpretation of the reversed Hermit is that we no longer want to be alone. Circumstances are such that many of you may be feeling deserted and abandoned, which leads to intense loneliness and isolation from the very resources that can help alleviate this problem. Do reach out to friends via FaceTime, get some sun, and look into whatever financial aid you qualify for if you need it.

The upright Hermit represents a time of serious self-reflection. When reversed, there’s a fear of looking too closely at the truth and denying what’s patently obvious. (That uncomfortable reality could be in your own backyard or worldwide depending on how broad your view is.) That fear will tempt your ego to take over to obscure the facts and slap a pair of rose-colored glasses on your face or shove your head in a hole. That’s what ego does: it tries to make us feel more comfortable about ourselves without doing the real work to FIX the situation. And without actually fixing anything, chances for success go right down the drain.

Additional keywords for the reversed Hermit include hastiness, imprudence, rashness, prematurity, and refusing to listen to advice. I’ll allow you to apply (or not) those concepts to your life where necessary. Personally, all those apply to my cry-baby, petty side that’s pissed about the latest cancellation in my fair schedule. My higher Self will soothe the pissy-ness with a cookie. Or three. Whatever works….

May 8, 2020: Card O' the Day: Queen of Wands, reversed. The reversed Queen of Wands represents energy that blows hot and cold. Kinda like the stores are reopening!! But it’s not safe to go in them, only a certain number at a time, stay 6ft apart, etc. It also represents excessive authoritarianism, which many of us actually need! There are a lot of yahoos out there who struggle with rules meant to save our lives. 

Closer to home, she signifies struggles for personal growth and development because of the lack of opportunities in which you can prove or challenge yourself. Feeling weak and directionless, one is apt to procrastinate, withdraw into deeper solitude, and become unavailable. 

I can certainly attest to the above paragraph. The psychic fairs and expos I planned to attend continue to be cancelled as each one comes up on my calendar. And while I understand the necessity, it’s really heartbreaking to be denied what so defines me. In an effort to CREATE my own opportunities, I’m doing on-line readings. (This isn’t a shameless plug, I’m explaining here.) It’s second best because I’d rather read for people in person, but at least I still get to interpret my beloved Tarot cards for my equally beloved clients near and far. I gently suggest you do the same: CREATE your opportunities!

May 7, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Wheel of Fortune. The Wheel reappears for us after a month. As Spring “springs” with blooming flowers, trees and shrubs, and the animals get on with creating babies, we’re reminded how the cycles of our world move ever onwards. Personally, I’ve been struggling to maintain my equilibrium; I have good days and bad days. Some days are half good as I collapse after only a couple hours of productivity. I’m not sure what kind of day today is yet, but  The Wheel reminds me “this too shall pass.” All of it. My anxiety, bleh mood, eagerness to garden and ride my bike, make jam…all of this energy waxes and wanes within me like the moon waxes and wanes above.

It occurs to me just now that some people whine they ALWAYS have “bad” luck, NOTHING ever goes right for them, they’re always the one to be shat upon in any situation. These types look to people who seem successful and say “Look at So-and So; he leads a charmed life!” Nothing ever goes wrong for him. But The Wheel begs to differ…the charmed one may lose a wad in the stock market or his wife takes him for everything in the divorce. Whereas the whiner might get a well-deserved promotion. EVERYbody’s life cycles. The world goes through cycles.

The changes we go through individually and as humans on this earth are inevitable. You can do it the easy way and roll with them, or fight tooth and nail, be miserable, and have to adjust in the end anyway. My struggle to maintain my equilibrium and my good days/bad days routine illustrate to me I’m resisting the current circumstances brought by this latest cycle. A lot of my life I can control, but right now too much is out of my control and I’ve got my knickers in a royal twist. But THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

May 6, 2020: Card O' the Day: Seven of Wands, reversed. It would seem my cards are reflecting my own feelings and observations. Yesterday was all about making lemonade out of lemons and finding new ways to work and the joy in our work! Today it’s back to anxiety, indecision, and feeling defeated. (Certainly the grey chilly weather doesn’t help. Fer cryin’ out loud! It’s May 6th and I’ve got a fire going!) If one (ahem, me) isn’t careful, one can allow fear to overtake one and lead to over caution. Going into total protection mode and keeping people at a distance is good for “flattening the curve”, but it also eats away at one’s vital social connections. 

Under ordinary circumstances, I struggle to maintain contact with my friends. I adore my peeps, but I’m lazy about staying in touch. When invited out, I’m so there! However, I usually don’t do the inviting. At the beginning of the year, I made a promise to myself to check in with my friends and initiate lunch dates more often. One date a week was my goal, and then THIS happened.

The Seven is reminding us we’re stronger than we think and to dig out the inner resources that have been pushed to the back of the closet. No, every day doesn’t need to be uber-productive, but do your best to be a little productive at least once on a “bad” day. That includes texting “yo, s’up?” to your friends between the episodes of your binge-watch du jour.

May 5, 2020: Card O' the Day: Eight of Pentacles. The Eight of Pentacles is the big “work” card of the Tarot deck. Typically speaking, it represents employment, craftsmanship, handiwork, and possibly training for something new as alternate work opportunities or interests arise. Seeing as how the employment rates have utterly tanked lately and many small businesses are in danger of going bankrupt, I think we need to take a moment to consider what “work” means to us and what it has the potential to be. 

In general, the suit of Pentacles represents the spiritualization of the material world. The Eight in particular signifies the spiritual element in our daily work wherein our jobs bring us spiritual reward. By example, on a rare trip out yesterday, I stopped at a fast food place for lunch. The people in the drive up windows seemed so serene and grateful to be working and serving a purpose to society. Maybe it was my imagination…but I was a teensy envious they have jobs to go to where they get to serve others. My job has been canceled for the foreseeable future unless people reach out to me individually. I really MISS sitting with clients and hashing out their readings with them. That’s MY purpose—how I share my spirit through my work—and I can’t fulfill it right now in the way I’d like.

However, Universe has a way of making sure we have what we need. The Eight asks us to work in harmony with our environment by using the resources we have to create something. It may require learning new skills or honing those we already have or haven’t used in eons. (Esty is positively exploding these days!) Take the day one step at a time and try to elevate even the most ordinary tasks to moments of gratitude and beauty. Put your spirit into a job well done.

May 4, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Emperor, reversed. The Emperor represents the concept of “father” in the Tarot deck. This can be interpreted to mean one’s actual father, a father figure in one’s life, a boss, or a leader of a group, community, or even country. When reversed, this leadership, support, and inherent duty to others is ignored. The personification of this card betrays the trust of those he/she should be supporting, fails to stand for important principles, and is unable to carry through with hard and unpopular decisions.

As we struggle with the current strict rules required to minimize the impact of the pandemic which is upon us, some may very well feel utterly stifled by our “cruel” governmental leaders. The news and social media is flooded with reports and pictures of those who so suffer. However, such self-righteous arrogance and self-importance above all others simply illustrates the level of immaturity at which some are stuck. 

As our “kingdom” that we once knew crumbles to dust, my question to you is: What is your reaction? You can control nothing but your own reaction…. Will you be able to honestly stand tall ten years from now?

May 3, 2020: Card O' the Day: Six of Cups. The Six of Cups is often seen as the “nostalgia” card as we look back and pine for simpler, happier times. While it is good to look back and remember valuable lessons learned, it’s not useful to wallow there. By yearning for what was, there’s a tendency to make the past more perfect than it actually was and to gloss over the boring or painful parts. Also, staying stuck in your past and hiding from the present can bring uncertainty for your future and inevitable solitude…and not just from being quarantined.

That said, we’re not yet ready to move forward out of our current holding pattern. We have some lessons to learn about love…the humble and generous kind that has nothing to do with your own self-interests. This is the nurturing love that you give, out of the kindness of your own heart, without looking for a gold star or quid pro quo. It’s about checking in on elderly neighbors who might need groceries, wearing a mask in public so you don’t spread YOUR germs to others, or buying a gift certificate from a small local business to support it during these lean times. I saw a great quote on Facebook the other day that sums up this kind of love: If we change the “i” in “illness” to “we”, it becomes “wellness.” Ponder that for a minute….

May 2, 2020: Card O' the Day: Two of Swords, reversed. When Upright, the Two of Swords indicates a balance or status quo. It’s not particularly pleasant or productive, but it works well enough and you’re too entrenched to really think very hard about changing things. I mean, it would be nice, but that would require weeeeeeerrrrrk now wouldn’t it?

Reversed, this precarious balance is upset, whether you like it or not. Being smacked in the face with the truth is never fun, but sometimes that’s the only way we’ll ever move our butts and start making things better. Because we’re dealing with Swords here, it could indicate something is “cut” literally (you have surgery you’ve been trying to avoid) or figuratively (you end a relationship).

Regardless of how this card plays out for you, it’s time to recognize avoidance of the problem is no longer an option. There are such things as lost causes and you may be stuck in one. Walk away and find a friend with a WHOLE box of tissues and a couple bottles of wine. You’re gonna want them.

May 1, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Chariot. Wait, wait, hold up! We JUST got The Chariot, reversed, five days ago. Now we get it upright!?!?!? As in “victory”, and in “total control of a powerful will”? Say WHAT!?!??! Hmmmm…I’m not feeling that and therefore, I shall dig deeper.

Actually…The Chariot is appropriate today. Right now, many of us are suffering inner conflict as we desire both security and safety but also to move forward to the return of normalcy. (I mean, my hair is sooooooo bad, people!) However, The Chariot gives us self-control over our antsy, burnt out selves that overestimate our abilities and cause us to make mistakes. The narcissistic ego is what forces us to believe misconceptions that lead to mistakes and great peril.

As the charioteer—depicted in many iterations of this card—controls two creatures, this card teaches how we can face the contradictions within and come into harmony. We must learn to accept responsibility and the consequences of our actions…more so now that ever because our actions can cause others to die not merely cause us, individually, embarrassment or inconvenience. Again, we have to make use of different qualities, talents, and avenues to succeed.

And as a final tidbit of wisdom, “isolation” is actually one of the keywords associated with The Chariot. Who knew?

April 30, 2020:Card O' the Day: Ten of Cups, reversed. Welp, THAT didn’t work. I thought if I let the Card O’ the Day go for a few days (and I was busy), it would perhaps give my cards time to show something new and promising. Nope. More of the same.

When the Ten of Cups is reversed it represents strains within groups, tribes, or society. We suffer disruptions in our success, indignation, irritation, and blocks as a highly-charged situation—in this case LIFE as we knew it—goes wrong, and we must endure a serious reality check regarding our hopes of going back to normal any time soon. Anticipated events continue to be delayed or cancelled.

The push to re-open businesses, entertainment venues, grooming establishments, and so forth indicates many are concerned with the material, day-to-day world to the detriment of their integrity. Because it’s usually so easy to get what we want, when we want it, we fail to appreciate what we already have. Ever look in the closet and think “I have NOTHING to wear!” or in the refrigerator/cupboards and sigh “There’s NOTHING to eat!” Look again and I’ll bet you‘ll find plenty to wear and eat if you can accept what IS there rather than lament what ISN’T.

April 27, 2020: Card O' the Day: Seven of Swords, reversed. The toxic theories and aggressive ideas suggested by the reversed Seven are all over the Internet and in the media. These incredibly ignorant hypotheses can cause damage of epic proportions. Therefore, the reversed Seven’s “good advice” is to really double check what you read and hear before trying it yourself.

While the pandemic and the worldwide threat is indeed real, the fear that it’s causing is equally disturbing. Prudence dictates that we cancel or postpone previously laid plans for another time when the danger of widespread contagion has passed. When that will be, I don’t know but all the smarty pantses of the world are banding together, seeking joint effort to create meaningful change in how we, as Earth’s citizens, move forward from here.

The reversed Seven is offering us support and assistance through this hardship. Look for it and ask.

April 26, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Chariot, reversed. Becoming over-confident, engaging in self-destructive behaviors (drinking bleach or rubbing alcohol, for example), and lack of self-control simply means you’re speeding towards a big Crash-n-Burn. The “will power” approach to ending the quarantine isn’t going to work on this particular problem.

My next planned event is at the end of May…in about 5 weeks. The reversed Chariot tells me that plans are delayed or cancelled altogether and things will remain static. Well, yeah! That’s what I’ve been doing for two months! So, do I go in 5 weeks? Will THAT event be cancelled, too? As the debate to “open” or not “to open” meanders on, we become mired in ever-increasing inconclusiveness….

The wisdom hidden in this card is the situation is out of our control. Therefore, we must find a way to SOLVE the problem rather than try to simply “control” it. In my mind that means the experts do all the heavy lifting while I stay out of the way. I shall continue to watch the statistical reports and make my decisions about venturing forth based on them, prudence, and my gut intuition.

April 25, 2020: Card O' the Day: Ace of Pentacles. The suit of Pentacles is the physical embodiment of Spirit in general and yours in particular. The Ace represents a cleansing of this spirit because it’s in deep need of nourishment and renewal. 

While all Aces signify new beginnings, and this one does, too, with this Ace it’s about the long view. We’re not talking personal five-year plan here. This card is asking you to step onto an entirely new path so we don’t end up like this again. Okay, I realize Nature is Nature and there’ll always be viruses and bugs in our lives. However, we need to learn our lessons THIS time so we can survive more gracefully through the next time.

When we create and work towards manifesting our visions with love and excitement, that’s the essence of Pentacles. There’s no shame in wanting “everything”, but there’s the danger of self-sabotage if you fail to truly appreciate each of your creations. If you just make a “thing”, set it aside and immediately working on a “bigger thing”, you never embrace the joy of the work you did. During this forced stasis, look around yourself and be grateful for what you’ve made thus far out of your life.

April 24, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Tower. Another repeat from April 7th. We are getting ass-kicked, 2x4-to-the-head-whacked, throat punched, and balls-in-a-vice warned to take heed. On the physical plane, this card represents the breakdown of health and wellbeing. Emotionally, it’s telling you it’s time to admit failure. I’m going to soften that blow a tiny bit by changing that to “it’s time to admit we are FAILING.” As in, we still have time to fix this and be smart.

We are being asked by Universe—actually, forced—to allow the old world to come crashing down. Our egos have been usurping the soul’s power for far too long. We must allow the soul to reassert itself to resume the natural flow of Nature’s energy. With everything swept clean, we can rebuild upon truth without the false and numbed-mind illusion we’ve been stuck in. It’s time to get our crown chakras out of our root chakras.

The Tower tells us our pleas for freedom from our oppression will be answered! Just be careful what you wish for….

April 23, 2020: Card O' the day: Temperance, reversed. Approximately a month ago we received Temperance, reversed; today it comes back to us. Yesterday, I failed to notice the Nine of Pentacles, reversed, reappeared after less than two weeks. I believe we’re receiving repeats to reiterate and emphasize the messages from these particular cards. Also, the number of reversals compared to the number of upright cards tells me we’re living in extreme times that require extreme measures and sacrifice to get us all “right side up” again.

As the quarantine drags on and on, differences of opinion and dissension among our leaders and popular groups disrupt and fragment all of society and its normal cohesion. Meaning, we used to be all on the same “side”, more or less. Not any more. Quarrels, discord, disagreements, and downright hostility abounds as people become more and more impatient. Wild swings of emotions and behavior indicates many are losing their sense of higher self and this lack of moderation or self-restraint leads to harmful imbalance and inefficiency for everyone.

I get it. Some are getting desperate as they wait for unemployment stipends and/or the promised stimulus checks. I don’t know what to tell you, except wear a mask in public. It’s the least you can do.

April 22, 2020: Card O' the Day: Nine of Pentacles, reversed. In our (yes, “our” because I’m speaking from the heart) isolation, we’ve suffered a loss of discipline, an inability to channel energies towards a useful purpose, and can’t tell what we want or what truly matters. All my plans from early March onwards have been canceled. As each event fell like dominos, I would think maybe things would settle and I could go to the mid-April event; after all that was a month away. Then it became waiting until mid-May…six more weeks and SURELY by then I could get back to my life. Now I’m looking at the first part of June and am grappling with the wisdom of going or staying home provided, of course, that event isn’t canceled.

The experts are saying we can’t come back out of isolation too soon. The reversed Nine of Pentacles agrees because it represents expansion that threatens to overwhelm and suffocate what has been achieved. If we come flooding out to crowded events too soon and flout social regulation, we are being faithless to ourselves and others. We’re only wanting self-gratification and refusing to recognize right from wrong.

And here I sit, dying to get back to my psychic fairs and reading the Tarot cards for my wonderful clients. If my next event carries on as scheduled, do I dare go risking my own health and my husband’s when I get home? Do I stay at home and become a germaphobic hermit? How do I balance my duty to society of not spreading disease and the desires of my ego? Anyone? Anyone?…Bueller?

April 21, 2020: Card O' the Day: Princess of Wands. The Princess of Wands is celebrating the joy of being alive! Her nails may be ruined, bloody stumps and her roots grown out a mile, but she’s alive and kicking. She encourages us to approach challenges with eagerness and see them as opportunities rather than road blocks. Her wonder and creativity are balanced by wisdom, so her energies are expressed in practical ways. 

She’s all about starting new projects that are a little daring and non-conforming. I see this as doing something you’ve just never done before. Have you noticed how many people are sewing masks and offering them on Etsy, EBay, Facebook, etc.? These resilient, enterprising people saw a need they could fulfill from the safety of their own home. They may not have experience, knowledge, or exceptional skills, but they’re open and have the desire to DO something constructive. 

Of all the Princesses/Pages, this one is the most “message-y.” Therefore, keep your eyes and ears open for signs, casual suggestions, or requests for help you could take further than just for the one person. Like, say, becoming a professional grocery shopper for people who can’t or shouldn’t go to the store right now. The Princess of Wands is asking you to declare your willingness to begin!

April 20, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Hierophant, reversed. The Hierophant, reversed, perfectly represents the people who have become so frustrated by the quarantine they have taken to the streets in protest. This card represents disobeying rules, questioning “authority”, and choosing one’s own standards. Many are past mere questioning and are ready for confrontation, civil disobedience, and rebellion as evidenced by the many protests in several states. 

However, one must understand that EXCESSIVE individuality can be—an is in this situation—dangerous and disruptive to all of society. The signs I saw participants holding in the photos of the protests were based upon false knowledge and mistaken beliefs that speaks of shallowness and gullibility that moves right on into the territory of fanaticism. They righteously make pronouncements with absolute assurance they’re correct as they cling to unproved principles out of sheer blind faith.

One of the signs I saw held by a man read something to the effect of “The Lock-Down Killed My Business.” I ask you, sir, would you rather the virus killed you and your family after you infected them?

I’m struggling, too. Hang tough people.

April 19, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Sun, reversed. When The Sun appears reversed, everything seems clouded over and we suffer loss of reason and lucidity. The intensity of life leaves one exhausted and as things drag on, we’ll suffer burnout from the continued loss of freedom and choice. Many are already reacting to these frustrations by having demonstrations, parades, and protests without wearing protective masks or maintaining distance from each other. While I absolutely support these people and their right to make their displeasure with the government known, their methods are born of ego inflation, hubris, and false optimism.

Another manifestation of this card is being unable to enjoy what you do have out of fear it’ll be taken from you or in a form of survivors’ guilt. I’m incredibly blessed to be where I am, to have maintained my health thus far, and am painfully aware others aren’t so lucky. Why me? What did I do that’s so special? I don’t know….

Nevertheless, try your very best to find pleasure in even the simplest work or household tasks. Actively choose to be happy. That’s a HARD one and some days I fail miserably. Some days I manage it for several minutes. I fully believe in the power of a positive attitude, so I push onwards and Choose. Joy.

April 18, 2020: Card O' the Day: Three of Cups, reversed. It’s interesting that we’ve received this card again a month later.… In fact, the last three cards have been repeats. Though The Lovers and Fool reappeared upright, the Three of Cups remains reversed to remind us how important separation and maintaining emotional control continue to be. We need to look at the hard realities: people continue to be infected by the Covid-19 virus and thousands are dying.

Our movements, activities, and jobs have been disrupted and curtailed for only about six weeks. Lack of cooperation, self-pity, and moping that something hoped for didn’t come about is extravagance in all its most negative aspects. Even all your extra eating and boozing isn’t as fulfilling as it was in the beginning (ask me how I know).

The next time you want to ignore your deeper values and indulge in a trip to the beach (certain beaches in Florida and South Carolina are reopening), think of the people who are permanent shut ins because of physical or emotional limits and whose “quarantine” will never end. View this quarantine as a TEMPORARY inconvenience that will pass. Big Kid pants, people. If Anne Frank could handle “quarantine” for YEARS, we can hang on for a few more months.

April 17, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Lovers. Well, that’s interesting…. Yesterday I drew The Fool, upright; in January I had drawn it reversed. Today, I drew The Lovers, upright; just twelve days ago I drew it reversed. Could it be that we’re beginning to turn our world back to right side up?

This card tells us we have an important choice to make between two desires. Judging by the growing push back against our continued quarantine, I’m going to guess many are starting to wonder whether staying home is the right thing or going about their business is what needs to be done. We must base our decision upon responsibility and reason, not our momentary desires. While this card’s title speaks of “lovers” it’s actually about analysis, consideration, and comparing the pros against the cons.

This card isn’t just about choosing the right lover who makes your heart sing and your nether regions melt, but it’s also about balancing cause and effect, love and hate, good and evil…it’s the point at which you no longer view others in the way of how can they help you with your needs, but how you can help THEM with THEIR needs. It’s about putting others first and thinking of society as a whole and not just yourself. Of course, if you need help, ask for it. If you don’t, stay out of the way and continue to do for yourself with what you have on hand.

April 16, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Fool. The last time we got The Fool it was early January and the sh*t hadn’t completely hit the fan. However, said Fool in January was reversed and I interpreted it to mean we WANTED to go on adventures, but we hesitated and felt safer at home. And here we are, safer at home!

This time The Fool appeared upright. I see him as seeking knowledge or truth. Change is essential, but it starts in the imagination—if you haven’t conceived it yet, then you can’t plan how to make it real. We’re on the edge of new beginnings and rebirth with potential out the wha-zoo. 

However, doing “nothing”, as in staying sheltered in place, is also advised by our dear Fool because we’re still powerless over our circumstances. When it does come time to move again, we will burst forth with fresh ideas and lessons learned in mind as we make the Big Shift happen. Until then, be safe, cautious, and healthy.

April 15, 2020: Card O' the Day: Ace of Swords, reversed. Even though our Ace is reversed, it’s still an Ace and thus it tells us beginnings are afoot, albeit blocked or delayed. The general Swords energy of thoughts, mental activity, and communication are present. Upright, this card can indicate a new way of thinking, but it’s reversal tells me we’re still resistant to that. Similar to the Eight of Wands and the reversed Five of Pentacles of the past couple days, this reversed Ace is also telling us that Plan A ain’t workin’ so good and it’s time to trot out Plan B. However, changing the course of our entire world culture/economy is going to require a humble surrender of ego.

On a more personal level, you may be having difficulty thinking clearly, get lost in confused ideas and feelings, and suffer disturbing thoughts. Refusal to accept the new normal and reevaluate current plans will only exaggerate problems. (A little shout out to my 22yo nephew who thinks only “old” people get the COVID-19 virus and just wants to hang wid his bros. Oy!)

When things appear more important or dire than they really are, try to find balance in your reality. To do that, look around and see what you do have. Check what you don’t and then determine if it’s a true need or merely a want. Make the needs happen and let the wants go for now.

April 14, 2020: Card O' the Day: Eight of Wands. This card’s mainstream representation is of speed and synchronicity. However, I want to dig a little deeper into it because we’re in a place where we simply can’t go hell bent for leather into the wide, wide world. The change and movement signified by this card is necessarily going to be inner work as we align our energies with others to harmoniously solve world problems. According to all the posts on social media that I’m seeing, this is happening beautifully as people sew masks, deliver goods to those who can’t go out at all, etc., etc.

This card is a good omen for seeking new paths, but that can threaten to displace or upset long-standing commitments. Welp, yesterday’s reversed Five of Pentacles already told us the “old way of doing it” was no longer working. Therefore, cut back and make use of what you’ve already got and edit life now in preparation for the new stuff coming. We certainly don’t want to carry our crap forward!

The Eight gives hope for great transformation, triumph over obstacles, and change for the future. However, a conflict lies between impetuosity to get moving already! and logical foresight—as in we simply have to wait for the virus to pass through town. Remember, the “journey” is the actual goal and each step has importance. Therefore, don’t rush your steps…savor them for the individual gifts they are.

April 13, 2020: Card O' the Day: Five of Pentacles, reversed. As our “normal” way of life collapses around us, it actually makes room for us to create alternative structures and invent new approaches. We see now the standard way of doing things wasn’t working (globally and in your own backyard). As we continue to persist through our difficulties, we come to a turning point while facing material and spiritual troubles. I think we’re all learning to make do with less, without, or share what little we have with someone who has nothing. And with less “stuff”—and the inability to procure more stuff—cluttering up our space, it’s possible to look inward and reevaluate what’s really important.

Something else is going to shift big time: your relationships. This forced separation will strengthen ties and commitments to some but others will be allowed to just drift off. If you made do without them now, and didn’t miss them all that much, well…. Also, be aware that relationships you’ve forged during this crisis may be just a “crisis friend.” Once the severest danger is over, that friendship might no longer be as intense. Just sayin’.

April 12, 2020: Card O' the Day: Strength. After all the cards we’ve received that have described our anguish, we receive Strength today. Not only do we receive the card labeled Strength, but I feel strength coming from this reminder of our deep inner knowing that we can endure facing life as it is right now without wavering. Some are using skill and craft to do useful work to help their neighbors and community. Some are showing magnanimity by donating PPE supplies they don’t need to those who do, paying someone’s grocery bill, or donating to research foundations. Those of you who are simply staying home are also to be lauded.

Strength means showing restraint and discipline when handling hard situations gracefully. Sacrifice and self-denial takes courage. And your inner Self is noticing your outer work. Do not be surprised if you undergo a psychological transformation. There are countless stories of humans rising to great heights when put in the most dire circumstances (think of every natural and man-made disaster ever). After this pandemic has passed, the stories will surface of how truly heroic we have been.

Strength is daring to thrive under the worst conditions.

April 11, 2020: Card O' the Day: Nine of Pentacles, reversed. As the necessary quarantine drags on, the feelings of entrapment will intensify and you’ll feel more and more desperate to roam freely without a mask and without having to obsessively eyeball the distance between yourself and others. This  isolation can lead to loss of discipline and common sense leaving you open to being taken advantage of through online schemes. All our plans for the spring and summer are having to be cancelled or postponed, which then makes you unable to channel your energy into a useful purpose to prepare for said plans.

Many of us are facing financial embarrassment or downright ruin. Health issues become all the more highlighted as we try to manage any underlying conditions without access to some of our usual coping mechanisms. Some may wonder what they want or what really matters anymore….

The upshot of this card is denial of wellbeing and good fortune. Therefore, look around you and assess your situation for the next 24 hours. Roof? Food? Clothing? Necessary meds? If you’re reading this, then you have access to the Internet. Count. Your. Blessings. Express gratitude for them. Rinse and repeat at the top of every hour. Concentrating on what you DO have instead of lamenting what you don’t increases the feel-good chemicals in your brain, which helps lift your mood.

Where there is life, there is hope.

April 9, 2020: Card O' the Day: Seven of Swords, reversed. We just luuuuuuuuv to gossip, don’t we? Conspiracy theories are merely another form of gossip, and they can range from the absurd to the downright dangerous. Because we have a brand new topic of conversation to chew upon, the conspiracy theories are coming in fast and thick about the corona virus itself and who “invented it”, how to cure it, and how to avoid becoming infected.

Here’s what our Card O’ the Day has to say about those ridiculous stories floating around. First and foremost, those theories are toxic and create more fear-based problems. These aggressive and dishonest ideas will destroy the world if we let them. Many are using cunning and covert manipulation to scam, con, and swindle people out of their savings promising a miracle cure or fool-proof protection from illness. (This kind of crap has been going on forever, it’s just “new and improved” to fit the Covid-19 situation.)

Yes, seek help and advice for your problems but from REPUTABLE sources like the World Health Organization, CDC, your local unemployment offices, sba.gov for forgivable small business loans, or other PROFESSIONAL and qualified persons. Once you have your solid advice, be cautious about becoming OVER-dependent upon others to tell you what to do. You’ve been given a brain and an intuitive gut. Use them as you navigate these times with common sense and a grain of salt.

April 8, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Empress, reversed. We continue with our lessons from the Major Arcana…. The Empress, of course, is the “mommy” card of the Tarot deck representing fertility, creativity, and all things “mothering”—whether actual children, four-legged babies, important work projects, or running a corporation. 

Reversed, The Empress slides into hot-headedness, over-emotionality, lack of concentration, disinterest, and inaction. This card signifies feeling overwhelmed and not being able to take proper care of yourself or your home. Blocks on our creativity leave us frustrated, disempowered, and lethargic. You may indulge in extravagances of comfort food, alcohol, or on-line shopping. (This entire paragraph is me, just so we’re clear.)

I saw something on Facebook today about “motivational posts” which actually translates into motivational shaming. It was something along the lines of “if you haven’t learned a new language, sculpted your body to perfection, and found the cure for cancer by the time the quarantine is over, it’s not that you lack time but you lack motivation.” The response to these motivational shaming posts is that we are all suffering collective trauma right now. Who can start a new business, earn a PhD AND an MD on line, and write the next great American novel when this stressed?

Therefore, try to get dressed and comb your hair today (no shame if you don’t). Maybe reorganize your sock drawer (NOT you entire wardrobe, just the socks). Make yourself a hot meal rather than cheese and crackers (guilty of that). Forgive yourself for not recreating the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel on your own living room ceiling and just get through these next weeks with your sanity more or less intact. 

April 7, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Tower. I kid you not; I am NOT cherry-picking the cards to show you only the Major Arcana. Universe is essentially screaming at us. Listen up, people.

The Tower is one of two “HUGE CHANGES” cards of the Tarot deck; Death is the other one. Today The Tower is telling us there is no problem that can’t be solved. The fear we’re experiencing now is because we’re not sure of the consequences of the changes that come with the solution. Our world illusion is being shattered, but that will allow what has been imprisoned to emerge. What has been imprisoned within you that’s coming out now?

The Tower breaks the hold The Devil has had on us of arrogance and materialism. Many people in positions of authority will lose their standing, which will bring changes, too. 

The message for this card today is we are to stop looking for God/Allah/Yaweh/Holy Father/etc. in the “heavens” and find him/her/it right here on Earth…within yourself, within your neighbor, within your community. Trust, that no matter what, Universe has our back.

April 6, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Wheel of Fortune. The Wheel of Fortune is the tenth card in the order of the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck. Therefore, I count it as a “10”, which represents endings that make new beginnings and renewal possible. Yes, people are dying—as they always do—and babies are being born—as they always are. The Wheel reminds us it’s utterly futile to resist the continuous flow of life. Spring is still bursting with new life even as we despair at the lack of proper medical equipment and governmental management.

These huge changes are shaking us out of our complacency and the illusion we have everything under control. We don’t. We’re amoebas in the Grand Scheme of Things. Therefore, right now, your REACTION to the changes we’re experiencing is of the utmost importance. We’re being given the chance to evolve, adapt, and break destructive patterns in our individual lives and collectively as humans. 

With everything in flux, be open to the opportunities these tremendous changes will bring. Open your mind to receive more than you ever dared. Embrace new ways of perceiving your life, experiencing events, and being you. Some will make huge and obvious changes, others will simply give thanks a little more often. Whatever changes you make to your life at this time know they have the potential to make things better. Receiving The Wheel is generally regarded as a fortunate omen as it’s believed “good luck” is on the rise.

April 5, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Lovers, reversed. This is the fourth Major Arcana in a row we’ve received. I’m called to examine the number four. Generally it speaks of structure, order, and stasis, which is a nice word for stagnation. A structured and orderly life can be very comfortable and comforting, but I understand prison is very structured and orderly, too. The lesser know representation of the number four is that we’re being dominated by the physical world. Ain’t THAT the truth! A tiny little virus is holding us hostage in our own homes. Our job is to fight the stagnation. I have a friend who’s learning Chinese and taking an on-line calculus course. I don’t aspire quite that high but I am trying to keep my brain from turning into a rotten carrot.

The Lovers, reversed, represents quarrels and arguments. Well, duh, Captain Obvious. Coop people up and they’re gonna get cranky.

There’s also a lack of or over analysis of a situation. I think this comes from the 21,000 sources of information we draw from when trying to stay informed of the latest news of the pandemic. This card recommends we act alone right now, and apart from the very plain meaning of this, I believe we should be “acting alone” when choosing the source of our information. Miscommunications cause confusion. Confusion leads to bad choices which could then lead to regrets and guilt. Never mind what your 3rd cousin’s aunt-in-law, who works at the sewage treatment plant, has heard from her astrologer*. Find science-based notifications and learn for YOURSELF what’s the best plan for you at this time.

(*I hold cousins, aunts, and astrologers in very high regard. This is an example, not a slam.)

April 4, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Devil. We’re a species that thrives by living in communities (herds). We’re better protected and secure when part of a group, but The Devil wants you to examine who you are alone. Who are you without the beliefs about yourself society has imposed upon you? The moment you stop believing the crap you’ve been fed about being “less than”, not “enough”, or otherwise limited, you’re free to release the light of your originality that lies within you.

Once you take off the costume you’ve been given, you’re going to have to come face to face with your deepest fears: am I weird? am I enough? am I kinky? am I petty, small, greedy, jealous? Once you face these fears, you’re being invited to “get good” with your darkness. No, I’m not giving you free rein to become an asshole! The Devil wants you to simply accept your less-than-admirable qualities. Just because they’re there doesn’t mean you have to act on them, but it would be awfully nice to stop feeling so guilty about them. 

The Devil is the source of your strong will, audacity, chutzpah, and charisma. When harnessed and kept within appropriate boundaries, they’re darned good qualities to have. However, if they’ve gotten off their leash, take responsibility for your shadow qualities and change how you govern them. Otherwise you’ll just keep making the same mistakes, alienating others, and failing to achieve your goals.

April 3, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Hierophant. The Hierophant represents a body or person that hands down social laws and norms. It’s a system that upholds laws or organizational networks. It’s the power of structure that brings us comfort and security. Though it leaves little room for development of individual ideas or decisions, conformity to this structural system allows for peace and common ground among all those within a community.

Having received this card today we’re reminded of the need to put faith in those we’ve chosen as our leaders. We need the guidance of our “elders” and to trust it in order to progress through this time of global crisis. As they put into place new and inconvenient rules, know that it’s in an attempt to mediate and hold in balance opposing poles and not just to f*ck with your world.

This is a time to comply with patience and endurance.

April 2, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Hermit, reversed. When cards are reversed, they don’t really signify the exact opposite of the upright…rather they show the extremes inherent in the upright card. The Hermit, reversed, reflects not wanting to be alone anymore, but a fear of people leads to phobias and paranoia. Normally, if this occurred in a reading with a client, I would ask what brought them to this condition. Who hurt them and how? Considering the current situation, though, it’s a bit of a no-brainer as to why some of us are caught between not wanting to be alone but are fearful of others.

Isolation to excess tends to slow or disable any development of one’s ideas, well-being, and any type of forward motion. (I know MY couch is calling me for a nap at 8:50a.m.) The Hermit, when upright, represents self-reflection, contemplation of one’s life and next steps, and/or getting in touch with your more spiritual self. Reversed, there’s a fear of examining things too closely lest unpleasant truths surface. And with all the time we have these days, being forced to fix your flaws can be pretty daunting. Start with baby steps; don’t try to fix anything, just acknowledge it for now.

Today is a sunny spring day in my area. I’m going to do my damnedest to avoid my couch. For those of you living in the city, open your windows and do some jumping jacks in the fresh air. If permitted and practical, take a walk around the block. Literally putting one foot in front of the other is the only way we’ll survive the quarantine…even if that means pacing circles in your living room.

April 1, 2020: Card O' the Day: Ace of Wands, reversed. All aces represent new beginnings. (Interesting we got one on the first of a new month.) However, when reversed, the Ace of Wands is telling us the right opportunity for action hasn’t come yet. We’re being given the “thumbs down” and “now now” that counsels inaction because a situation is premature and not yet ripe. Your incorrect evaluations could bring consequences that are possibly severe. Therefore, put some more thought into any bright ideas you may be hatching during quarantine.

Because the card is reversed, it indicates a block in the flow of energy. Thus, the means of realizing goals isn’t there, which causes delays and setbacks. Rather than wasting precious resources and energy raging at the circumstances the virus has caused, sit back and wait for Nature to take her course. It’s not like anyone else is screaming past you and getting a leg up on you; we’re all stuck at home doing nothing.

March 31, 2020: Card O' the Day: Princess of Cups. Receiving the Princess of Cups today is a reminder to let life flow…to accept and adapt to circumstances. We’re being asked to be fully aware of and open to all the wonder and magic of life. It’s true that people are getting sick and dying, our health care workers are stepping into danger every day, and our social lives are on indefinite hold. BUT ALSO babies are being born, trees and flowers are blooming, the grass is visibly growing, and Mother Nature is bringing us a new spring. Embrace the adventure of this burst of new life mentally, emotionally, and spiritually even if it’s physically impossible to do so right now.

This card represents curiosity, reflection, and an attentive observation as one waits to acquire critical judgment and decision making capacity. All Pages/Princesses represent study or being students at something. Therefore, with all your free time (if you’re not busy supporting those of us staying at home, of course), learn something new. Cooking, baking, knitting, scrapbooking, journaling, writing, gardening, ANYthing that stimulates your brain cells!

The Princess of Cups has the unique ability to create her own situation of happiness. Be the Princess of Cups. (Tiara optional.)

March 30, 2020: Card O' the Day: Two of Swords, reversed. Upright, the Two of Swords represents a precarious or superficial balance that one wishes to maintain simply because you don’t feel ready to make the decision the Two requires or you’d rather keep the status quo out of fear of change, laziness, or indifference. Kind of an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” situation. But here’s the deal, it IS broke and it DOES need fixed.

Reversed, this card tells us it’s time to give up this faux balance willingly or know that it’ll be lost soon enough. Some of you are ready to end your stasis and see the truth…the real truth of the disturbing issues that require action. Perhaps that action is to learn to sew masks for the health care workers (I’ve seen instructional videos all over Facebook and You Tube), help deliver groceries to seniors or other vulnerable people, or simply stay home and out of harm’s way so you don’t become yet another person the overloaded healthcare system has to treat.

Truth is like an onion: the more extensively you look at it, layers of deeper and more profound truths are revealed. Perhaps one of those deep, dark truths brings you to question the honor and wisdom of the “it can’t touch me” and “I’ll do what I damn well please” attitudes some still have. Be well. Stay safe. Stay home.

March 29, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Magician, reversed. This is the third Major Arcana, reversed, in a row we’ve received. The Major Arcana are the “heavy hitters” of the Tarot deck. These are the cards we want to pay attention to as they point to the things we really need to address. The Court cards can show the people close to you who are also involved or the personality traits you may be exhibiting as you try to deal with the situation. The Pip cards add nuance and show which of the elements is most present in a reading. A little Tarot 101 for ya….

While many people are staying home and doing their best to shelter in place, there are still many who are not. I recently read there’s a mass “migration” occurring where people are fleeing the larger cities to go to their vacations homes or rent housing in smaller towns. This is a self-serving manipulation to get what you want because these small town or vacation town hospitals aren’t built for a lot of sick people. Continued denial of involvement in this pandemic or responsibility for your fellow humans is deception of your True Self and abuse of social power and privilege that others may not enjoy. 

No, things aren’t going as planned this spring for ANY of us. I, too, feel petulant and peevish, but The Magician, reversed, is telling us there is a necessity to wait and not act at the moment no matter how lonely or tired of doing things by yourself you may be. All of us need to take a new approach to life right now and, most importantly, ask yourself how others are affected by your actions. You may say you don’t care and just want to protect yourself, but the longer you move about and spread the virus, the longer this problem will hang over you.

March 28, 2020: Card O' the Day: The World, reversed. How very appropriate to receive The World, reversed, since our world has been literally turned upside down by the grim sh*t called Covid-19. 

There are two sides to this card; let’s get the bad news over with first. Many of you still refuse to take this virus seriously and refuse to let go of your fun plans for the near future. Despite warnings, Mardi Gras festivities went ahead in New Orleans and Spring Breakers went to the Florida beaches by the thousands even though the bars had been closed. If you’re STILL traveling for fun, this is pure egocentricity. Yes, you will feel limited, constrained, and stagnant stuck in your house or apartment with “nothing” to do. But consider how limited, constrained, and stagnant you’d be in a hospital bed or coffin.

The good news is that all this “inconvenience” amounts to setbacks and delays. NOT complete failure. There is still stability and structure in our society. If you truly need help, it’s available; we haven’t devolved into total anarchy and “Mad Max” end-of-times. This whole situation is an ending that clears the way for a new beginning. However, the reversal of this card indicates some of you are unwilling to bring closure and completion to that which is indeed over. Sacrifices are necessary; make them from a place of compassion and wisdom. When you do that, it’s easier to stomach.

March 27, 2020: Card O' the Day: Temperance, reversed. The United States has a population of approximately 330+ million people (according to Google). China has a population of 1.4 BILLION; that’s more than four times the population of the USA. AND YET, the US now has the highest number of Covid-19 cases in the world. China has FOUR TIMES more people, but we have more cases at 85.6K and counting.

And why is that? Temperance, reversed can explain. This card represents lack of moderation or self restraint that leads to harmful imbalance of the energies of the Universe. Lack of compassion and/or the inner awareness to know what’s appropriate for a situation. Being uncooperative with and uncompromising about the local directives that are in place to limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus means you’re putting your own needs in competition or conflict with everyone else’s. Emotions are out of control, which only leads to quarrels, discord, and disagreements.

Temperance, reversed, represents an “all or nothing” type of situation. And, yes, that’s where we are. Our health care workers have VERY limited supplies and some are being forced to wear trash bags for protection as they treat sick patients. This cosmic imbalance is causing stress and ill health for us all. The way to bring back balance is to calm down, avoid extremes, and STAY. HOME.

March 26, 2020: Card O' the Day: Prince of Pentacles, reversed. The reversed Prince seems to perfectly describe the two main reactions people have had to the Covid-19 quarantines and limits placed upon our movements. Since nothing is black or white, I would guess most of us fall into both camps…a little or a lot. 

First we have those who developed an unhealthy obsession with material things. They panic-shopped and hoarded the toilet paper and hand sanitizer. They didn’t care a whit about anyone else and were completely indifferent to the fact that others needed T.P. and dry goods, too. (We all saw the videos of people behaving badly on You Tube.) And once these people got home, they sat staring at their toilet paper pile and became inert couch potatoes. Because they’re so self-focused, they stagnate without any outside stimulus. They need someone else to entertain them because they have no internal drive…except to “get theirs” before anyone else can.

The other “half” of society is using this quarantine to overturn any materialistic focus in their lives and to look inward to work on their value and security of spirit. They practice any form of meditation (jogging, yoga, biking, hiking, chanting mantras, etc.) or prayer to seek inner peace and repose. While they look within, they will likely find “buried treasure” they’ve been ignoring, which can now be brought to the surface for disposal or refinement.

Whichever side of the fence you’re on, I wish you health, happiness, and hope for the future.

March 25, 2020: Card O' the Day: The High Priestess. All of us have oodles of potential that we haven’t tapped into. Why? Because we’re so busy working to pay rent, hanging with friends, maintaining relationships, and basically running on the gerbil wheel. However, right now, we have a truly golden opportunity to just stop, be perfectly still, and receive what our minds, souls, and/or Universe want to give you.

The High Priestess represents passivity that gives your mind a chance to work, prepare, and nurture that gestating little germ of a brilliant idea…the one you aren’t really sure you even have yet! But if you remain centered and balanced, that creates a strong foundation for your faith and intuitive knowledge on which to grow. Be quiet and at peace and listen to what Universe is trying to tell you.

This is a time of preparation and taking the first steps towards understating your new reality. Don’t “think” too much (what if, where’s the funding going to come from, I don’t know how….) and just trust your instincts to solve the problems as they arise. I have a feeling that after the quarantine is lifted, there will be an explosion of new inventions. When it’s again possible to take action, all these dreams we’re dreaming will burst onto the physical plane. Make yours one of them.

March 24, 2020: Card O' the Day: Prince of Wands, reversed. The natural introverts among us are not experiencing much change in our lifestyles during the “shelter in place” decrees imposed by our lawmakers. However, the natural extroverts are struggling a bit. 

The Prince of Wands is a “flaming” extrovert who needs lots to do, places to go, and people to see in order to thrive. When reversed, he displays foolhardy impatience and thoughtlessness about anyone else but him/herself. The Prince wants what he wants when he wants it and hates to be alone or tied down. This type of person will defy rules, advice, and requests that are for the greater good but infringe upon him/her personally. 

Yes, all these cancellations, delays, and interruptions are frustrating, but we have a chance to rein in our fiery impulses and simply enjoy the present. Take advantage of this quiet time rather than perpetually focusing—and worrying—about future plans and the expected progress. This slower pace gives you time to perfect strategies, be more effective, and allow for deeper experiences.

March 23, 2020: Card(s) O' the Day: The Hanged Man and the Four of Swords. If you think about it, life often gets in the way of spiritual rebirth. A pause, whether self-imposed or imposed by circumstances, gives us the respite from the daily grind to refine plans, do inner work, and/or gain insight into who you really are or want to be. We’re getting that pause right now and despite all the discomfort, it’ll be for your own good in the end. 

The Hanged Man is about making a choice between staying in the depths of your anger, self-hatred, fear, and/or judgment or clearing your higher Self of all your sh*t. You’re being asked to shift your perspective from your personal narrow view and convenient details to see the entire picture. At this time your REACTION to the truth is what defines your character.

The Four of Swords reiterates The Hanged Man’s message of rest, meditation, and quiet preparation imposed by Covid-19. You may feel dull sickness or incompletion as you think about all the things which can’t be accomplished at this time. However, through centered stillness, you can prepare to manifest future plans. Spend your down time reassessing your psycho-emotional position on life and get your thoughts, dreams, and musings organized.

I have a feeling these first weeks of stasis will be the worst. Let the sorrow and frustration move through it’s natural course by acknowledging your feelings. Then let them go (or wallow, that’s the choice The Hanged Man is offering) and allow a state of peace and patience to come into place.

March 22, 2020: Card O' the Day: Nine of Swords. I’m seeing a pattern develop: we have several gnarly cards reflecting the doom, gloom, and panic followed by strength and perseverance, which then devolves back to panic. I thinks that’s normal to see our emotional pendulum swing from “the sky is falling!!” to “I can do this!” and right back to “I CAAAAAAAAAN’T do this!” None of us can keep a perpetual smile on our faces (I had a period of anxiety yesterday) nor can we live in an emotional bunker for the rest of our lives. We need hope to keep our sanity.

This card illustrates the power of worry and anxiety. In our forced solitude, we feel imprisoned literally and figuratively as we stew in our fraught thoughts and emotions. Fearful visions of the future consume us and we lament the loss of our ordinary lives.

However, Universe will protect you. All unnecessary and extreme fear only exacerbates your discomfort. This pain is not meant to make you miserable; it’s meant to make you aware and wake up to a rather serious truth. It’s time we face reality about a lot of things: globally, in our homes, and within our Highest Selves. Calm your mind to find courage and then welcome the illumination that appears out of the mirk.

March 21, 2020: Card O' the Day: Queen of Cups, reversed. Yesterday we had the Princess of Cups, reversed and all her emotional drama; today we get her “mom.” The reversed Queen can represent passive resistance, becoming lost in overwhelming emotions, and losing one’s sense of service to one’s Higher Self and community as one becomes more possessive of resources (and toilet paper). As the days of isolation stretch before us, it’s tempting to retreat into unrealistic fantasies, alcohol, recreational drugs, or other vices. The increased worry and brooding—along with boredom eating—will bring on indigestion, water retention, and moodiness.

I looked over the cards for the past week or so and saw the fear and hoarding behavior build. Then we had a couple days of sane “we can survive this” energy, but the ever-increasing limits to our freedom and normal activities is playing havoc with our emotions. This. Is. Normal. 

However, you can be “abnormal” and push back against these tendencies to collapse in a heap of despair. Firstly, go outside. “Outside” is safe. Fresh air and sunshine are actually GOOD for you in that they’re anti-viral, boost your mood, and force you to put down the TV remote/phone/tablet and MOVE. A brisk walk or longer hike will help you battle that bloated, oogy feeling and clear your head. If you have physical limits, conference call friends and relatives for virtual tea parties, card games, or chess. Find a way to continue being your best Self.

March 20, 2020: Card O' the Day: Princess of Cups, reversed. There are STILL some naysayers out there who don’t think our current pandemic is “real” or “that bad.” Our card today represents the mindsets and emotional selfishness of those who refuse to listen to advice, legitimate stories, or the news. Intuition is being ignored and vulnerability is being denied. Some are being easily swayed, influenced, or distracted from current events. I recently saw a video of many young and foolish people in Florida continuing with their Spring Break celebrations they had planned “months” ago.

The truth is the entire COUNTRY of Italy has been on lock-down; the entire STATE of California has just announced they’re now on lock-down, too. If you don’t NEED to go out in public, don’t. State parks are open; museums and zoos have put all their exhibits on line for virtual tours; spring is coming and your garden needs attention. You’ve been complaining for months/years you don’t have time to learn to knit, clean out the attic/garage/basement/closets, or read that stack of books on your night stand. Now you do.

The reversed Princess also speaks of mentally/emotionally retreating into a fantasy world. Right now, that’s NOT a “bad thing.” I mean, you’ve got nothing better to do, right? However, while you’re dreaming, see if there’s anything useful in your imagination. Keep a journal or write down your uh-MAZING ideas for later. Who knows? You might just invent the perfect mousetrap during this forced stasis!

March 19, 2020: Card O' the Day: Strength. Receiving Temperance yesterday and Strength today makes me feel as though the energies of Universe are already shifting. Perhaps it’s because China, the place where “it all started”, has started closing their special hospitals due to lack of new patients and reported NO new cases in the last 24-hour period. The wave of infection is still cresting here in the U.S., but elsewhere it IS beginning to subside. The cards of recent days reflected our fear of losses and uncomfortable changes. These new cards are showing we are made of sterner stuff than we thought.

This card represents keeping control over our “animal” energy. Meaning we can maintain compassion for all rather than sinking into cutthroat survival mode. As we handle aggressive situations gently, we can solve problems with patience and reclaim our lives from fear. Life has a way of finding a way to bloom and grow where nothing should…look at forests after devastating fires; look at Chernobyl; look at the canals of Venice where dolphins and swans have returned.

Strength gives us the courage and responsibility to find the balance between our fear and recklessness (spring break youth who are still partying, anyone?), handle our emotions, and face our difficult and dark feelings. By doing this, we can discover which familiar patterns no longer fit or serve and can be eliminated in preparation for the new cycle that’s beginning. This cycle promises protection, self-discipline, grace, and health.

March 18, 2020: Card O' the Day: Temperance. Temperance represents a new awareness of divine protection and the existence of guardian angels. As the dust settles around our “new normal” regarding the current pandemic, I’m starting to see forces working together to create a unified whole. The harmonious merging of seemingly opposing energies work to find the middle way to keep us safe.

The need for continued energy flow remains to prevent stagnation; but to do that, we may need to get creative and a little elaborate with our maneuvers. (My local wine bar is now offering delivery of their fabulous wines to help stay in business through the closure of restaurants and bars.) By seeing what DIDN’T happen (as in the world DIDN’T end), and avoiding extreme emotional reactions, we can assess what remains and be clever with it. 

This particular card follows Death in the order of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Death doesn’t LITERALLY mean someone is going to die. It means a situation/thing/relationship/job/etc. is ending. But that ending clears space for something new…. In this case, Temperance is offering promises of recovery, balance, peace, and health to fill the places Death has cleared.

March 17, 2020: Card O' the Day: Ace of Pentacles, reversed. My Tarot cards continue to tap into the bleak energies we’re all suffering at the moment. The reversed Ace represents hardships, traumatic events, and devastating and painful experiences where previously secure and dependable structures fail. Well, duh. It also can signify “false starts” and I’m thinking that this new decade has gotten off to a reeeeeaaaaallllly “false start.” When this is all over, I vote we have a “do-over.”

Unfortunately, when there’s widespread hardship those who have more material resources than others end up having more power, too. In their survival mode, those with resources and power will be tempted to abuse that power and reduce their abundance to mere possession. This is the ugly side of humanity….

However, there are ways to be generous without emptying your pockets or exposing yourself to infection. We’re being asked to go beyond the strictly practical and be creative with new possibilities. Start thinking of ways you can help your fellows remotely. I know of several yoga teachers who are putting videos on You Tube so you don’t have to neglect your yoga practice. You can become a personal shopper for the elderly in your area. You can start virtual chat groups to keep in touch. Teach something in a video and post it on Face Book. Use your imagination, stay safe and healthy, and don’t give up.

March 16, 2020: Card O' the Day: Queen of Swords, reversed. The Queen of Swords, when reversed, is the whole current social situation personified. She represents changes that cause loss, suffering, and scarcity. She’s become self-centered with little regard for social causes or the rights of others. Her personal bias has made her ill-tempered and suspicious. Much like yesterday’s reversed Prince of Swords, clarity of thought has gone out the window. In an effort to control a frightening situation, she becomes micromanaging and frustrated.

If you recognize any of these characteristics in yourself right now, it’s pretty normal. Our worlds have been turned upside down. We can’t follow our usual routines, enjoy entertainments, or go on vacations. For cryin’ out loud, we’re not even supposed to have St. Patty’s Day parties!!! Schools are closed so kids are home climbing the walls and eating the cupboards bare. I’m afraid to visit my mother because she’s nearly 85. The list goes on and on.

What to do? Acknowledge your feelings. Yes, it’s all HIGHLY annoying, inconvenient, budget busting, terrifying, and business killing. Reach higher and look past what’s in your face. Try, try, try to see what remains and concentrate on what you DO have rather than what you don’t. Give thanks for all of it. Dwell on the list of positives, no matter how short, and not the list of negatives. We can do this.

March 15, 2020: Card O' the Day: Prince of Swords. The Prince of Swords is a messenger with warnings—he doesn’t bring news of spring flowers and love. We are told to prepare for sudden changes that blow up our worlds. (Where was this guy a week ago!?!?!) We’re being told the virus situation is going to get worse before it gets better, so it’s possible our good Prince is bringing these warnings closer to home and making them more personal. (Swell.)

Unfortunately, this card carries traits of aggression and impatience as the Prince operates under his animal instincts for survival. All stores are currently FULL of these types emptying the shelves of basic staples and toilet paper.

The good news is we are also capable of questioning past recklessness. Instead of acting with greed and selfishness, this card asks you to take the lead and move forward with courage. Ground your ideas in reality and do thorough research into what needs to be done and how you can do it safely. The quick minds and actions of all of us will get us ahead of the problem and back to our hum-drum lives sooner rather than later.

March 14, 2020: Card O' the Day: Six of Pentacles. We JUST had this card on March 11th, but it was reversed. That day I cautioned against becoming spiritually constipated and ceasing all energy flow. Apparently a whole bunch of you took that to heart because the card appeared to us upright today!

Reciprocity, generosity, and philanthropy are the keywords that represent this card. Knowledge from REAL sources (such as the CDC’s Facebook page) and common sense have brought us power. Compassion and helpfulness compel us to help others in new ways. For example, I saw a suggestion to buy gift certificates on line from your favorite local businesses. They get the money now while things are really tough and you get a “free lunch” when the dust has settled. My local small pet store is offering to deliver pet food for at-risk customers.

Has anyone else seen the videos of the Italians singing to each other from their balconies? This is a PRIME example of flowing spiritual energy. Think about how you might help others from a safe distance. It’s absolutely possible and it’s the best way to keep spiritual energy flowing so we ALL survive together.

March 13, 2020: Card O' the Day: Three of Cups, reversed. Oh, I just laughed out loud when I drew this card! The Three of Cups, when upright, represents hanging out with your peeps, homies, posse, and or “crowd.” Reversed, it indicates a loss of enthusiasm for socializing and unpredictable circumstances that generate confusion and displeasure. Ya THINK!?!?!?! It ALSO signifies self-pity and extravagance in negative aspects. Hoarding food and toilet paper anyone?

It’s highly important, right now, to maintain emotional control of ourselves and NOT panic. I know yesterday I said to “keep moving forward” to avoid stagnation. I still mean it. “Moving forward”, in my mind, is following the emergency guidelines our lawmakers are setting, staying home if possible, and social distancing. Nevertheless, continue with your normal lives with prudence and lots of hand washing. 

Over-buying food and toilet paper is a form of hoarding energy and contracting the energy flow. This damming up of the energy is what will keep the spiritual illness around long after the virus actually moves on or we find a vaccine for it and reduce it that way. By keeping your spirit alive, light, and ever-reaching higher, you’ll reduce the panic in yourself and those around you. Be a beacon of common sense and calm.

March 12, 2020: Card O' the Day: Seven of Wands. We are most definitely experiencing challenges right now. Fear and ignorance cause us to descend into aggression and paranoia. Therefore, don’t rely upon Facebook memes, what your cousin’s aunt-in-law said, or the local radio talk show host opined. Educate yourselves, take realistic precautions, and use your best judgment. Even then, you may find yourself  having to explain your actions to others. Remind them politely you’re doing what’s best for YOU.

We’re being asked to remain calm and resourceful. We MUST continue to move forward with our lives and keep energy moving. If we contract, that energy stagnates and we only sink deeper into fear and ignorance. Look for alternative routes to going about your business. Go shopping at off-peak hours, make do with what’s already in your pantry, use your own pen in public places, use that pen to push buttons on payment machines, etc.

This is a major departure from our normal levels of equilibrium, but brute resistance to these forces accomplishes nothing. We can overcome these obstacles with ingenuity, prudence, and compassion. Namaste.

March 11, 2020: Card O' the Day: Six of Pentacles, reversed. The suit of Pentacles is the spiritualization of the material world. Meaning, Wands gives your the initial spark to do something, Cups gives you the desire to do it, Swords gives you the intellectual planning to do it, and Pentacles is the actual “doing” to make the thing tangible. Upright, the Six of Pentacles represents fluid material energy as chores get done, purchases are made, cars are built according to the blue print, etc. Reversed, this card indicates that energy isn’t so “fluid.”

This card can indicate feeling shortchanged, denied, or overlooked. High hopes have been let down causing one to contract into greed, jealousy, illusions, and insecurity. The first words that came into my head when I drew this card were “spiritual constipation.” As the latest version of the flu virus spreads throughout the world, many are panicking and hoard-buying toilet paper (!?!?!?!?) and hand sanitizer among other things. People are refusing to go to public places, or help another in need because of fear of the virus. It’s similar to the reaction to the HIV virus in the 80’s and early 90’s.

Granted, the Corona virus has proven to be deadly. HIV was even more deadly at the beginning but time passed and we got used to that monster in our midst. We can do the same with the Corona virus. Take precautions but don’t live your life in fear, suppression, repression, and spiritual constipation. This is not the Zombie Apocalypse.

March 10, 2020: Card O' the Day: Nine of Cups, reversed. Okay, I seem to be reading for myself today, but I invite you to apply this wisdom to your own lives. This past weekend I had my first expo of the season and had taken my lovely little trailer out of winter storage for the trip. During the drive there, the awning of the trailer decided to self-destruct in the most dramatic way possible while I was speeding down the highway. Fortunately, no one was hurt and after removing the dangling bits, I carried on and had a fabulous show. Upon calling the dealership to make a warranty claim, I was told there will be a fight. As in, they’ll somehow try to blame me. 

Which brings us to our card today. The reversed Nine of Cups tells me I  will encounter blocks and opposition and that differences of opinion will make it important to clarify all details truthfully and frankly. There is a solution, but I must not expect immediate results. In the end, someone will be called to account as reality becomes apparent and no longer avoidable.

That’s the “manifestation of the problem” part of this card. The “what do I do about it” part is as follows: put the past behind you and proceed with confidence. As you gain perspective over this little snafu, you’ll be able to let go of what’s already been lived (the awning blew off, but no one was hurt). If I allow myself liberation and release from the superficial attachment to the awning, I’ll find my inner happiness again.

March 5, 2020: Card O' the Day: Ace of Cups, reversed. Aces mean new beginnings, but when reversed, some of you may be unwelcome to this new start. Why? Do you feel you’re undeserving of it? Do you doubt such good fortune is yours? What old failures or disappointments hold you frozen from trying something new?

The Ace of Cups is offering an emotional gift of happiness or the birth of a new endeavor that is heart-based. Meaning, it’s a thing you’re very passionate about and you hold dear in your heart. However, the reversal suggests you’re blocking yourself out of fear or someone who has emotional influence over you is pooh-poohing your idea. (Don’t be crazy. You can’t go to Puerto Rico to help rebuild schools or improve infrastructure. Stay home and do your job like you should.)

Because we all have the gift of free will, we have the power to turn this Ace upright and get on with it. Yes, you’ll need to go out of your comfort zone and dare a little. Any nay sayers will have to be politely—but firmly—shut down. Accept this gift from Universe and make your dream a reality.

March 3, 2020: Card O' the Day: Ten of Cups. This card made me smile when it popped up! It feels like Universe is just giving us a pat on the back and saying, “keep the faith, be strong, I got you!” The otter is the animal associated with this card. I now direct you to every otter video or meme you’ve ever seen on the Internet. That right there is the meaning of the Ten of Cups embodied in a happy, cute little critter!

Copper is our mineral/stone/crystal structure that goes with this card. it’s said to strengthen loving qualities like optimism, benevolence, harmony and our sense of beauty. It helps us love and accept ourselves…and if we can love the hot messes we ourselves are, then we can love others despite  the flaws that have, too.

The small gnat in the otherwise lovely ointment is this card is a 10, which means the ending of something we’ve put our heart and soul into is coming soon. However, we’ll be okay with it and the new beginning has lovely and loving potential. For now, bask in the perfection of yourself, your friends, and your life. 

(I can just hear some of you start to whine that your lives are HARDLY perfect. I ORDER you to FIND something perfect about it and celebrate that! Choose joy, people, CHOOSE joy. Don’t make me come after you to kick your ass….)

March 2, 2020: Card O' the Day: Seven of Pentacles, reversed. This is the second “7” we received in a row. This tells me 7’s, in general, have their own message. This number is associated with risk-taking and strong action. The intellectual energy and creativity we felt yesterday is repeated here. Because we have Pentacles today, it tells us whatever is in your head is ready to come into physical being.

When the Seven of Pentacles, in particular, is reversed, it speaks to over valuation of the material world. It’s not just a preoccupation with money but all material things. There’s danger of focusing too much on the actual tangible “thing” at the expense of the spiritual elements that are also present. Just because you can’t feel/touch/see something doesn’t mean it’s not there or important.

The number 7 also reminds us to continue our inner work. The card today tells us it’s time to return to working in service of Mother Earth and others. “Service” is the operative word here. Not “returning to work to make a sh*t-ton of money”, “not returning to work to one-up the Joneses”, but to work in service. As we all know, what we give returns to us ten-fold in warm and fuzzy feel-goods.

Finally, this is a process not an end result. Be patient. Prune carefully what no longer serves. As we come into spring, many of us will be literally pruning tress, removing dead plant parts, and so forth to allow the new shoots room to sprout. Take note from the gardeners among us. Don’t worry about what you’re losing in this pruning process because the new will be bigger than the old.

March 1, 2020: Card O' the Day: Seven of Swords. Swords = mental energy, seven = magic. Put them together and there’s a whole lot going on upstairs. Great activity is beginning in your intellect. This energetic burst borders on the divine so it’s super important to be receptive to these “crazy” notions. These are the kind of creative ideas that jet you past opposition and a “stuck place.” Serious “Eureka!!!” moments here.

Some people may think your solutions or concepts are just too far out there. You might have to employ a little diplomatic maneuvering and ever-so-slight massaging of the facts to get your brilliance past the stuffed shirts. Be sure your integrity is still in place, though. Stretching the truth is only kosher when it’s for the greater good and not merely for self-interest.

I’m feeling lots of forward motion today (maybe because it’s sunny and warm and the first day of March, I dunno). Drop excess baggage so you can move more freely. Let go of what you don’t need…especially fear and self-consciousness.

February 29, 2020: Card O' the Day: Queen of Cups, reversed. Two days ago we had the King of Cups appear to tell us all how amazing we are; yesterday we had The Sun, reversed, to remind us we aren’t perfect, but that’s no reason to damn ourselves to hell. Today, the reversed Queen of Cups is here to tell us what happens if we don’t make and keep healthy boundaries (ahem, King) and try too hard to be perfect (The Sun).

The reversed Queen can indicate emotional neediness, clinging, and grasping onto those who use her. (What!?!? No way! Not me!) Because she’s trying so hard to please everyone, she finds validation in “doing for others.” Therefore, it’s very easy for others to start using her because she’s so willing to be used. When resentment starts to creep into her psyche, she’s already let it go too far and she’s lost the sense of service to herself and healthy service to others.

A much more balanced reversed Queen refuses to be swept away by her emotions and lets no one take advantage of her. She’s clear in her intentions and thoughts and competent in her actions. And this version has her personal boundaries well in place. Be like this Queen, not the jealous, possessive, grasping mess of the one who doesn’t know when to get out from under the bus.

February 28, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Sun, Reversed. As we travel the Tarot path through the Major Arcana, we get closer and closer to “enlightenment.” Because we travel this Tarot path many times and ways throughout our lives, this “enlightenment” can be large (life changing epiphanies) or small (perfecting your cookie recipe). The Sun is towards the end of the path and represents a brighter light shining from within (first we have the Star which gives us hope, then the Moon which helps us face our fears). When it’s reversed, you’re doubting your internal philosophical fires.

Stress interferes with your happiness and health. Your health may already be fraying around the edges, but if it hasn’t yet, it will unless you do something about the stress in your life. Where can you become more realistic about your life? How can you be more neutral in your day-today living? What I mean is, do you expect too much of yourself? Perfect house, perfect kids, perfect garden, perfect figure…. Guess what? Perfect doesn’t exist. EVERYONE HAS DUST BUNNIES, BRATS, WEEDS, AND CELLULITE!

Throw on the jeans and t-shirt you left in a pile on your closet floor and go walk the dog. If there’s no dog to walk, walk yourself and ponder those internal philosophical fires. Where do you doubt? Where does the confusion lie? You don’t have to figure it out. Just spend time thinking deep thoughts, de-stressing, and turning this reversed Sun right-side up the way it belongs.

February 27, 2020: Card O' the Day: King of Cups. The King of Cups is the noblest of the Kings…nurturing, paternal, and has strength in his leadership and vast emotional experience. He helps others reach their fullest potential and is the first to congratulate them when they achieve their goals. He’s able to channel spiritual and creative energy into practical expression. The King of Cups is everybody’s best friend and an excellent boss. If you were lucky enough to work under him, you’d never leave.

However, the King puts himself last. Always. He thinks he has to keep his emotions and personal creativity tightly under wraps in order to act responsibly. He’ll encourage his subordinates to have office parties or casual Fridays, but he won’t participate. This makes him seem detached and aloof, but it’s really rigid self control. Sadly, he abandons his own dreams for what he thinks he “should” do. He’ll always act for the greatest good at his own expense because he’s the boss and no longer a person.

His lesson today is to learn to be selfish. Know what you want for YOURSELF and don’t be shy about getting it. Of course, you’ll do so within reason, right? I mean, I’m not giving you license to become a complete asshole…just recognize you’re allowed to have dreams and goals, too.

February 26, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Lovers. Contrary to popular belief, The Lovers is not about romantic love partners. Well, I mean it CAN be, but it’s primarily about choices. So I suppose if you’re choosing a love interest, then yes, it’s about romantic love. The real root of this card is about making a choice…an “ultimate decision.” This decision must be from you and FOR you. It’s about choosing for your greatest and highest good. This choice might prove to be painful, but make it out of love for your Highest Self.

Making tough choices represents a test of maturity. Recognition and understanding of the options available, analysis of them, and cooperation with others is required. The shadow of The Lovers is giving too much of yourself away in the effort to be liked by others. Therefore, take special note of the word “cooperation”; I don’t mean you should just cave to what everyone else wants. Cooperation means everyone wins—including you.

This card represents the action of conscious decisions coming from a blending of intellectual weighing of pros and cons with the emotions and feelings that drive you to take action. Keen analysis coupled with your heart’s desires will help you develop a clear idea of your priorities and what comes next for you.

February 25, 2020: Card O' the Day: Ten of Swords, reversed. This is one of those cards we WANT to be reversed! AND it’s a “10” which gives us the hope that this particular gnarliness is almost over. Therefore, hang onto that thought and look forward to the recovery and breakthroughs waiting for you. Maybe it’s Mercury in retrograde or maybe it’s just a personal sh*t-show, but you’re almost done. The worst has come and you’re now back on the way up. 

The image of Dorothy leaving the dark forest and coming out into the poppy field comes to me at the moment. She sees the Emerald City off in the distance and begins galloping with joy to be so near her goal and out of the darkness. However, we all know what happens in the poppy field. There is fear of being hurt. Emotional blocks go into your head and ping-pong right back down to your heart. Is it REALLY over? Is the other shoe going to drop? 

Have faith. Simple physics dictates for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. Meaning, what goes down must come up. Look at this latest “down phase” as a useful clearing. Whatever has been taken from you wasn’t truly needed. Whoever left you, wasn’t a true friend or a good influence. If you got canned, take it as an opportunity to be free to interview for a better job. Like yesterday’s card, it’s all about the ‘tude you face your life with.

February 23, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Wheel, reversed. The Wheel basically means changes are a’comin’ and because change is a good thing (as in, NOT stagnation), we can view the reception of this card as a good omen. However, it’s reversed. Now, that doesn’t mean our good fortune has turned to bad. The reversal means there are things in your way and the energy for smooth transitions and easy changes will be a bit rough. 

It could be the new events aren’t quite ripe yet…therefore, let the green banana sit for a day or two and soften up a bit! In other words, it’s not the end of the world, just annoying. And when we’re annoyed, we can get cranky and negative. Ever notice how your blood pressure goes up when the light turns green and the person in front doesn’t notice? You have the power to get cross and sit on your horn or just wait another 3 seconds.

The point to the reversed Wheel is to check your ‘tude for any negative ju-ju. This card says to expect snags and then asks how you’re going to deal with them: relaxed and with trust things will work out for the best or with yer panties in a bunch? Your choice

February 22, 2020: Card O' the Day: Prince of Swords, reversed. The normally cock-sure and full-steam-ahead Prince is a bit bass-ackwards right this minute. You may feel like words are failing you and you simply can’t clearly describe ideas, wants, or needs. It’s like trying to tell someone about a dream you had. The good news is this, too, shall pass. The best thing to do is just back off a minute until the opposition you’re feeling resolves itself.

Because this Prince is usually so self-assured, any time he doesn’t feel that way he begins to doubt his prowess. This causes fears of self-worth to arise and one steps more cautiously lest one make a stupid mistake. The caution part is a good thing at this time, but don’t let momentary “two left feet” reduce your confidence. Besides, rushing forward when you’re not 100% just makes painful accidents more likely.

There is a little deceit or craftiness lurking around the edges here. I don’t feel it’s coming from this Prince, however. Meaning, I don’t feel it coming FROM you but more AT you. Read all fine print (or have someone read it for you), get a second opinion, or hold off big decisions until you’re a little more clear-headed. I’m not suggesting you’re definitely going to be defrauded…just be aware this type energy has made its presence known to me today.

February 21, 2020: card O' the Day: Five of cups, reversed. Some people fear reversed Tarot cards and think it’s a “bad thing” when they come up that way. However, this card becomes kinder and gentler when reversed. It represents moving away from emotional upheaval and/or resistance to something that may have caused rifts between family or friends. These rifts now have the opportunity for healing, your own coping skills improve, and the psycho-emotional energy around and within you stabilizes.

As you put this “discomfort” (I feel like a doctor using that word… Me: Will it hurt, doctor? Him: Only slight discomfort.) behind you and get on with life, you can get back to feelings of hope, charity, kindness, and recovery. As in all the softer, more lovely parts of your existence on this plane. During this process, some hard choices and changes had to be made to overcome the difficulties. But it’s resulted in a change of lifestyle that ultimately will be healthier for you.

Sigh in relief that this particular hill has been climbed and you can afford to coast for a bit…. The next hill will come soon enough.

February 20, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Star, reversed. The Star represents our efforts towards ascension to the highest levels of Oneness with Universe. Reversed—and coupled with the direction for inner contemplation—it leads me to the feeling that any lofty ideals you are striving for can hold off for a minute. We need to get good with this “skin suit” and lifetime we’re in right now before we’re ready to push for the next level.

The path to ascension includes extremes of physical/material pleasure and indulgence to get satiated and bored with it. Conversely, it includes severe hardship in the false premise that it’ll make us “better” if we sacrifice all and pretend we’re Mother Theresa. However, extreme asceticism and self-privation is just as egotistical as flaunting wealth and indulging every material whim. Therefore, while you’re trying to find the happy medium between giving of yourself for the greater good of all and starving yourself and living under a rock, simply “be” rather than “do.” 

There’s a need for healing of yourself, and until that’s done, you won’t be able to get to that higher plane of True Self. Shed all ideas about who you are that depend upon status, appearance, and possessions as you find the middle ground of being happy and comfortable in your life without defining yourself by your achievements and stuff. Once that’s done, you’ll be better prepared to take a step “higher.”

February 19, 2020: Card O' the Day: Ace of Wands. Spring is coming and the sap is rising in every living thing! The rush of vigor and energy is of growth and evolution and therefore, this is a good time to start something new—especially in your profession…either adding to it or changing lanes altogether. Whatever you do, be bold and daring and let your inner light shine!

This card also removes the limits to your playfulness and anything that gets in the way of being truly present within the moment and yourself. Celebrate your life and find fulfillment in the simple things as you enter into a new spiritual phase.

February 16, 2020: card O' the Day: King of Cups. On Friday I posted about the King of Wands; today, the King of Cups appeared. These two fellas have deep compassion and heart-based values/beliefs in common. Therefore, I think we’re not quite done with the concept of the wisdom of kindness being a guiding principle in our lives.

Like the King of Wands, the King of Cups represents business success. Being super sensitive to the needs of others, he makes it a mission in his life to help others to achieve their fullest potential. Now, this does NOT mean you have to put everyone before yourself. As a King, you’re in a leadership position, which means you get “there” first and are thus in position to pull others up after you to join you in said success.

Because this King has mastered his emotions (NOT squashed them to oblivion but understands them and finds his human-ness in them), he finds serenity and fulfillment within himself. This leads to joyfulness in his mere existence. Getting out of bed in the morning becomes a moment to celebrate! Based upon his loving vision of the world, he discovers his personal strength and becomes capable of vast action.

I’m blessed to know a guy just like the King of Cups. His name is Mike. Let’s all be a little more like Mike.

February 14, 2020: Card O' the Day: King of Wands. The appearance of the King of Wands is a reminder to believe in yourself—because if you don’t, who will? This guy has all kinds of power and authority and recognizes the great responsibilities that go with those gifts. He offers good news of fertile opportunities, so heads up and keep the faith if you’re waiting for something in particular. 

Something else the King does well is control his mind to let go of all “negative passions” or obsessive thoughts of greed, hatred, fear, and/or depression. He focuses instead on love, compassion, and service to others. Ever notice how you get a little lift when someone holds the door or elevator for you? You feel just a wee special in that moment. How do YOU feel when you do the same for someone else? It feels nice to BE nice, does it not?

The King has the ability to make decisions—large or small—based upon the deeply held value of being kind to others. Coincidentally, that also honors what’s truly good for the Self. Therefore, on this Valentine’s Day, love yourself and do what is truly good for you by sharing that love with others.

February 13, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Star. Ladies and gents, the Eight of Swords that “fell out” of my shuffling yesterday hinted at magic being available to you but The Star straight up connects you with the Divine. How you want to define that word is up to you and your beliefs, but let’s just say the Higher Powers have got your back.

The Star represents breakthroughs so opportunities can become accessible to you. As you step into those opportunities, you’ll feel like you’re hitting your stride or have found your niche. Creative realization (echoes of yesterday’s Three of Swords) brings you to your “place” in this world and has you dancing to YOUR beat and within YOUR abilities. This card personifies guiding lights or stars; this particular star is inside of you and you can have faith in it as you give of yourself to the world. 

The stone for this card is Moldavite and it raised its hand at me today. It took me a long time to feel ready for my own piece of Moldavite. While I was intellectually attracted to it for its theoretical properties, whenever I asked myself if I was ready for it, the answer was no. Finally the answer was yes, and I purchased a necklace. It’s said this stone helps one perceive your lost purpose in life (or maybe just not yet fully realized, as was the case for me) and release the constricting thought patterns that hold you back. I can say I’ve had some pretty amazing energy jet through me whenever I wear it. Perhaps you  will, too.

February 12, 2020: Card O' the Day: Three of Swords. As I was shuffling before my draw this morning, the Eight of Swords fell from the deck. Since I’m clumsy, I don’t pay attention to those “falling cards.” Some do; I don’t. But then I drew the Three of Swords…and I reread what I wrote for The World, reversed, yesterday…about resistance to endings…and was reminded of the blindness to the way forward the Eight of Swords sometimes represents. Thus, the Eight did have a little to say this morning after all. Oh, and the Princess of Swords is still lurking around the edges.

The World, reversed, told us the beginning would be delayed because the ending wasn’t finished. The Three of Swords reiterates the “unfinished business” concept. Our good Princess was jazzed about learning and study. Today’s Three is yammering about lightening realizations and new ideas to be implemented. The still immature concepts/plans in the Three reminds me of the blindness of the Eight of Swords. However, the Three gives us intellectual enthusiasm with a passion for learning and study, like the Princess AND the Eight has the little bright light of magic being more available to you than at other times.

Like all the cards of the Swords suit, there’s heavy shadow on our Three. The mishmash of unfinished business, half-formed ideas, yet raging zeal for moving forward is a recipe for crazy making. Confusion about what to do first, interruptions, and downright opposition is going to set you up for emotional drama created in your head. Recognize it for what it is! Drama YOU create in your own head. Stop, step back, and allow the frustrating snags give you time to regroup. The delays are there for a reason.

(P.S. Today’s reading is a wonderful example of how the Tarot cards support each other, reiterate certain concepts when read in a group, and thus create a fuller picture.)

February 11, 2020: Card O' the Day: The World, reversed. As the final card in the fifth suit, or the major Arcana, we have ending/beginning energy similar to that of the 10’s in the other suits. However, being of the Major Arcana, The World has a little more “oomph” in its meaning and thus we should pay closer attention.

Because the card is reversed today, it means those beginnings we’re trying to manifest are going to be delayed, psycho-emotionally difficult, or held up in snags and red tape. The “ending” isn’t complete. You haven’t yet graduated with your new degree and are thus not quite qualified for that job you’re eyeballing on the Monster Jobs website. Maybe you’ve start dating someone new before you’re well and truly disengaged from the previous romantic entanglement. Basically, the cart is before the horse. You must tie up all the loose ends and make a clean finish or else the new beginning is going to be waaaaay harder than is should be.

On the other hand, some of you may be pretty darned comfy in the stability and security of your current situation and don’t wanna move. Guess what? You gotta move forward or you stagnate. After my father died, I remember being furious, nay, utterly OUTRAGED that the sun came up the next day. How DARE the world keep turning and forcing me forward when all I wanted to do was stay put in my agony. This is an extreme example, but Universe kept dragging me forward and into better times. Let’s hope life for you doesn’t suck right now, but you still have to keep putting one foot in front of the other because if you rest, you rust. Ask the Tin Man.

February 10, 2020: Card O' the Day: Princess of Swords.The Princess of Swords represents new intellectual phases coming. Some of you may be in the middle of learning something or are feeling the compulsion to go back to school. Your logical brain is speaking. Your inquisitive and objective parts need to be fed new ideas to chew on and develop. Because the Princess is at the beginning of this “learning quest”, there may be a bit of a struggle to direct this mental energy towards a productive purpose. But that’s okay, you’ll figure it out as you go.

One concern I have about this card is the Princess of Swords has been intellectually devalued at some point. This has been a real blow to her self-confidence because she’s not feeling heard when it comes to her efforts and ideas. The reaction to this is to increase independence and pretend an aloofness or “I don’t care” attitude. And during this self-imposed, defensive alone time, the thoughts just go round and round about why it’s not happening for you right now. 

My advice is to get off this train of thought as fast as you can. It only sends you deeper and deeper into the abyss of “I’m not enough.” (Ask me how I know.) Concentrate on your studies instead, and give your brain something constructive to do rather than destroying you.

February 9, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Magician. The Magician represents beginnings, potentiality, and all that’s possible. This is an excellent card to have right on the heels of the Nine of Cups, which was representing the nearing completion of something. Several friends of mine are in the process of learning new skills and are in the process of finishing up their courses of training. As new initiates, they’re about to be using their acquired knowledge and resources to create change in the world. Through their fire of will, they’re preparing to make life what it CAN be, rather than settling for what is has been, for themselves and others.

This card’s appearance is telling you the time for action is coming and choices regarding this new knowledge are necessary. Is this going to be a side gig or is it your new career? Here’s a hint towards making that decision: drop the baggage of the past (I can’t, I’m not good enough, everybody says I’ll fail) and fear of the future (what if I fail?, will I make any money?, is this what I really want for the rest of my life?). Make “right now” as perfect as you can for yourself and everyone around you. Launch yourself. The rest will fall into place.

February 8, 2020: Card O' the Day: Nine of Cups. The Nine of Cups is one of the more fortuitous cards in the Tarot deck. How nice it showed up for us today! Let’s recognize this blessing for what it is: a reminder to be grateful. Practice deliberate gratitude today by offering up a “thank you for…(insert your list of blessings here)” to Universe/God/Yaweh/Allah/Etc. You’ll be surprised how much counting your blessings lifts your spirits! And once you see how truly abundant your life is, do a mitzvah and pay it forward. There will be someone you cross paths with who’s not feeling all that “abundant” and needs a little of your joy to keep them going.

As much fun as this card is, it’s a “9” which represents the nearing completion of a cycle that’s near and dear to your heart. No, no one is dying and your S.O. probably isn’t going to break up with you. It’s more along the lines of being in your last semester of school before you graduate, your ninth month of pregnancy, the end of a performing arts run or exhibit, or that kind of thing. You worked really hard to make it happen, you loved it while it lasted, and now it’s time to let it go and move on to your next big experience.

February 7, 2020: Card O' the Day: Six of Swords, reversed. When upright, this card indicates movement away from psycho-emotional turbulence and towards calmer thoughts and peace of mind. However, when reversed, the movement stops as one becomes resistant to new concepts, thoughts, or ways of thinking/believing. One stays stuck in a particular mindset too afraid to step outside of what’s known to explore alternative possibilities or ideas.

By perceiving things from a purely subjective and personal viewpoint and paying no attention to facts and external verification, it becomes increasingly easy to misunderstand anyone else’s opinions, suggestions, or alternate courses of action. This is actually intellectual narcissism. As In, “I know what I know so don’t try to confuse me with fact-based truth.” 

The problem is, none of us is born “all-knowing.” As our societal rules, norms, laws, and standards grow and change with the times, we have to move forward, too. Staying put with what you “know” and are comfortable with is a reaction that keeps you trapped in fear and limited self-confidence. There’s no shame in not “knowing.” Ask questions, become educated, and base your beliefs upon provable facts and not yesterday’s news.

January 30, 2020: Card O' the Day: Queen of Pentacles. Sometimes I complain to Universe with the old “why me?” whine when I feel too put upon. Lately, though, I’ve been understanding it’s my purpose to be “put upon.” People look to me for support, encouragement, and a sympathetic ear. They have since I was a pre-teen…. Today, the Queen of Pentacles appeared. She’s my patron, so to speak, and I identify with her most strongly of all the court cards (which represent the 16 distinct personality types recognized by the psychiatric/psychological field). 

This queen is able to blur the line between giving/receiving in that when she helps others, she’s actually helping herself, too. Her acts of giving become self-nurturing. I think she’s turning up today to remind us, in general, that helping others helps us all. In particular, be prepared to be leaned upon by someone in your community/tribe.

Don’t fear giving of yourself because our good queen is also good at preserving her sense of personal security, space, and identity even while she helps others. Her grounded and practical emotional energy, trustworthiness, reliability, and calm nurturing is needed. Be like the Queen of Pentacles and answer the call when it comes.

January 28, 2020: Card O' the Day: Five of Cups. We’re still in the place of “passing through” a disappointing, sad, or sorrowful phase. More than likely this unhappiness stems from a loss or ending of some nature. You’re asked to feel and acknowledge your emotions. Allowing yourself to fully mourn gets that business out of the way and returns you to clarity of thought and more balanced emotions a whole lot faster. As much as you may want to, sweeping it under the rug doesn’t mean it goes away. It just sits there, lurking, until you address it, so you may as well get it over with.

Once that business is done, you can proceed with taking stock of what has remained after the ending or loss. This card implies focusing too much on the loss and not enough on the stuff you still have. Don’t. Focus hard on what’s left and deliberately give thanks for it and enjoy it. If anything that has remained isn’t “of love”, pitch it. Just because it wasn’t swept away in the main “ending or loss” doesn’t mean you have to keep it.

When you ask “how will I ever find the strength?” when you’re totally down and out—or even just a little glum—remember the personal power you have that keeps you breathing and your heart beating. You may say you have no control over that; your body just does it automatically. But you do have control…and the courage you display every moment that you allow your heart to beat and your lungs to expand will lead you forward to surviving and healing.

January 26, 2020: Card O' the Day: Eight of Wands, reversed. Emotional distress continues with this card. In an effort to push through it faster you may try too hard, apply too much force to the situation, or engage in “people pleasing” that brings you no gain. (There are rare times when brown-nosing is beneficial to your cause. This isn’t one of them.) At any rate, it’s a total energy drain of pointless, repetitive emotional patterns that have you trying so hard to be “perfect.” 

In the effort to be “perfect” and keep everyone happy (except yourself), you’re actually going nowhere fast. Back up, take a “mental health” day if you can, and be still a minute. Do what you need to feel more emotionally secure. While this upset is temporary, it’s gnarly.

January 25, 2020: Card O' the Day: Nine of Swords. The cause of discomfort, worry, or stress is in the process of bulldozing its way through your heart and mind right now. This is a “good thing” ultimately because it means you’ll be done with it. However the actual happening of it is super unpleasant. Nines signify intensity but also completion. Hang tough….

There are ways of making these days of shoveling psycho-emotional sh*t easier for you. When you come to the realization that something is truly ending, accept it. The faster you can understand there are no winners or losers in this “ending” situation, the faster you’ll come to peace and harmony again. This is hard for your ego to do—I’ll warn you now—but it does make it easier on your heart to just let go.

The reward for getting through this and on the other side is illumination—the “I get it” moment. Some of your old concepts may be called into question and examined for viability in this new place for you. Understanding and releasing will bring transformation. (Ask me how I know….)

January 24, 2020: Card O' the Day: Three of Cups. Receiving this card of deep feelings and love going out to your fellows and coming back at you confirms the Queen of Cups’ message that feelings are a “good thing.” Enjoy the human experience of feeling and emotions with and among others, just keep an eye out for where YOUR feelings end and another’s begin.

Being a three, this card signifies making compromises. But the inherent love and joy in this card let you know that making those compromises leads to a win for everyone involved. Meaning, the collective idea is actually better for everyone than any single idea from an individual would have been. And because you’re all happy, you’re more willing to give/receive (don’t forget to receive!) the warm and fuzzy support from your group, community, or tribe. In this atmosphere, endless opportunities are available if y’all dare to step forward. Yes, you might fail, but there’s power in numbers, so maybe give it a whack!

The Three of Cups also represents healing and resolution. Whether that healing and resolution occurs with “Me, Myself, and I” or with a group of which you’re a part, depends on what’s needed most. Don’t rule out the need for arbitration, mediation, or a therapist for neutral guidance during the healing journey.

January 23, 2020: Card O' the Day: Queen of Cups. The Queen of Cups is the epitome of “receptivity.” Receptivity is defined as having the quality of “taking in” or “admitting.” That includes taking in knowledge or ideas and means she’s willing or inclined to receive suggestions or offers with favor. Esoterically, being of Cups, this means she’s also receptive of the emotions of others and is a super good listener.

On one hand, this is all good. However, the down side is with so much “receiving” you can get lost in all the stuff that comes in from the outside and you ignore the stuff that’s being generated inside of you. This may be why some of you connected with the trapped feeling of yesterday’s Eight of Swords. All the worries coming at you—your own stuff or problems of your loved ones—can put you in a dark hole.

Therefore, acknowledge the feelings—yours or theirs. Prioritize which ones need your attention most. If your own feelings and personal worries need more attention, then give it to those first. Tell your friends/family you simply have too much on your plate right now to help them. Once you have your priorities straight, begin the self-care you need to reduce the insecurity and worry you have about YOUR life right now. You can’t be a good friend/parent/employee when you’re fried.

January 22, 2020: Card O' the Day: Eight of Swords. The Eight of Cups represents psychic/mental blocks due to attachments to ideas or concepts we THINK are positive, but are actually causing us more pain than good. One may FEEL powerless and restricted by circumstances, which tempts us to run back to bed and pull the covers over our heads until say, June.

This card represents my mom at the moment. She recently moved to a “senior apartment” which required a lump sum up front and carries a modest monthly rent. The place offers their clients ample time to sell their homes to raise this lump sum. Mom has been trying to sell her home for months and even has a buyer. But the buyer is having difficulty securing a loan because he’s an entrepreneur and doesn’t have a “day job.” Even though the apartment people are by no means demanding their money, my mom is driving herself insane with worry that she hasn’t paid them in full yet even though she has made substantial down payments. Her intense worry and trapped feeling (if I don’t sell my house NOW, the apartment people will kick me out!!!) is a perfect example of this card.

So, the first thing to do is to cut the cord between your brain and your heart. Get cold and analytical and look at your situation with clarity, reality, and truth, NOT fear and hysteria. Talk to the people in charge of the situation—if you’re not in charge directly—to see what you can do to tackle the problem in smaller increments. If you are in charge, make a realistic battle plan with reasonable daily actions. Put one foot in front of the other and this, too, shall pass.

January 20, 2020: Card O' the day: Princess of Cups. The Princess is here to remind us to be present to, and take pleasure in, the simply joys of your life. Really taste that morning cup of coffee or tea. Sit with it and wallow in the satisfaction of it for a few minutes. As you reflect on the magic that is your life, remember to keep balance between work and play. This court card’s personality tends to take an idea and get a little obsessed with it to the detriment of everything else. 

Another point to ponder is your own worthiness for all that you enjoy. Yes, YOU. Explore your inner thoughts and you might notice the door to the cage you think is holding you prison is actually open. You just have to free your mind of oppressive, confining thoughts. Yes, it’s kind of emotionally fraught to think what could be if you put yourself out there, but this small beginning is destined to become a “good thing.”

The animal associated with this card is the beaver. Our busy, industrious little friends are super creative with setting goals and using their available resources. Take note and take a step.

January 19, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Sun, reversed. Put yer copper back on! It’s lesson of self acceptance and love didn’t stick for some of yinz!

When The Sun gets reversed, it indicates one is afraid to acknowledge or relish the joy and abundance you have in your life. There’s this sense of “yeah, but…” as in, things are good NOW, but wait until the sh*t hits the fan or the bottom drops out because it ALWAYS does. So, are you gonna walk around with an umbrella over your head the rest of your life waiting for it to rain!?!?

Doubt and confusion occasionally are totally normal. However, don’t allow that mindset to be permanent. Take a truly realistic view of your life and really SEE all the things going for you. What talents do you have? Who loves you? What material blessings do you enjoy? If there are thin spots, make adjustments where you can to give them a little boost. Otherwise, concentrate on the full part of your glass and know that all setbacks are temporary.

If you’re feeling the need for a stone, amber is our friend today. It absorbs negative energy and promotes your self-confidence. It also encourages decision making that will bring balance. And patience…it’s got patience to help you relax and stop stressing about what you don’t have.

January 18, 2020: Card O' the Day: Ten of Cups. Oh, wow…if we could only quiet the mind chatter and live here forever. This card says we can. It represents repose of the heart and happiness inspired from above. It shows us the interconnectedness of all living things in our world. Wellbeing, blessings, and security are offered as well. 

While it’s a 10, and 10’s—in theory—herald endings that make new beginnings possible, I don’t feel the ending part today. I feel like we’re at the top of a ladder. But instead of starting on the bottom rung of a new ladder, we have the opportunity to just soar into the stratosphere and BE happy and blessed and secure no matter what. It’s a conscious choice to live in a state of joy. 

Copper is the crystal/mineral associated with this card. It’s said to help one accept and love oneself and others. Calmness and healing are supposed to flow into you from this substance. (Does it REALLY? I dunno, but I’m gonna slap on some copper today!)

Allow yourself to soften and be more receptive to life. After all, being guarded against the bad stuff means you’re also closed to the good stuff. Yes, the bad stuff hurts, but the good stuff heals and lifts you high so you can see the glorious view. Welcome yourself home to who you really are…a creature of joy.

January 17, 2020: Card O' the Day: Four of Wands, reversed. What!?!!?!? The Four of Wands AND reversed is baaaack…. And what, pray tell, does it want to say today?

Yesterday I talked about everything being connected and how The Lovers represents moving from an immature “me” mindset to a more mature “we” in which you join forces with others to make the world a better place for us all. This desire to help look after your fellow Earth inhabitants and broadening of your view may feel like a sort of cultural rite of passage like a Bar Mitzvah or a natural one like puberty. Either way, you’re experiencing a shift that may be a little disconcerting. Maybe there’s a little “I’m not ready yet! I haven’t done a, b, or c yet!” going on that makes this time unsettling, too.

When we’re afraid to move forward with new ideas, ways of life, or phases—especially when others are involved—there’s going to be a certain amount of wondering if you can handle it. Do you measure up? Are you “enough” to hold up your end of Universe? Do you DESERVE this right choice for yourself? The answers are yes, yes, and YES! Therefore, revel in the gifts of the recent sixes and get on with your own badass self!

January 16, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Lovers. Another 6 here with The Lovers. In general, 6’s symbolize pleasure, beauty, and all things intangible and not of the material plane. They’re about doing what you love and putting a positive, optimistic spin on all situations. The Lovers, another 6, takes the basic message of the Six of Cups and expands on that…going from the “me” mindset to the wider “we” mindset as you shift your consideration of just one or two individuals to the whole world.

This card espouses making the right, higher choice for yourself and thereby for the others with whom you engage. In this way you begin to understand the deeper concept that EVERYthing is connected. The Lovers’ energy shows you the blessings Universe bestows upon you and makes you fully aware of these divine touches. It’s so easy to take these for granted; today’s card is a little reminder.

January 15, 2020: Card O' the Day: Six of Cups. This card is often interpreted with heavy emphasis on the past, nostalgia, and/or sentimentality. The only “past” I’m getting today is remembering lessons of the past to make the present better and to integrate into our future plans. After all, we don’t need to reinvent the wheel…or do “that” again, am I right?

Whereas the Six of Pentacles can represent reciprocity of the wallet, the Six of Cups is offering reciprocity of the heart. This is a nurturing love that feeds a need for someone else or yourself. It’s totally altruistic as in there’s no “what’s in it for me” but it’s all about how can I make things better for the other person. When you direct this kind of love towards yourself, you’re more interested in healing the spirit and soul and developing inner richness and maturity.

These are our keywords and thoughts for the day: kindness, generosity, harmony, acceptance of what’s true about you, and choosing peace. ‘Nuff said.

January 14, 2020: Card O' the Day: Four of Wands, reversed. This is our second 4 in a row (even though this one is reversed today). Fours represent stability of energetic routines in the suit of Wands, domination of one’s material plane in the suit of Pentacles, clarity of mind in the suit of Swords, and emotional tranquility in the suit of Cups. The danger of the 4 is stagnation. That could look like getting stuck in a rut (Wands), hoarding material things (Pentacles), having a narrow or closed mind (Swords), or boredom or apathy (Cups).

Today’s Four of Wands is reversed, which tends to disrupt the stability of the upright card. When your everyday routines and habits get changed, it can be a little disconcerting. Suddenly something you thought was “done” or settled is up in the air and that can bring on anxiety. For example, the washing machine/car/regular bus route suddenly doesn’t work. Crap! Now you have to cough up money to have the washer/car repaired (I can’t afford that!!!) or you have to find a different ride to work. If the disturbance is at your job, a project may need more work to complete it than you’d thought, final details might crop up, or anything else that makes the project last longer. UGH! Can’t I just be DONE already and have things runs smoothly for a change? 

However, this energy glitch will settle and all work will be completed as it should be. The car/washer will get repaired and the alternative ride to work might even introduce you to a new friend. (There’s an emphasis on community with this card.) Universe is giving us a little shake today just so we don’t fall asleep at the wheel. Accept it, wake up, and enjoy the new.

January 13, 2020: Card O' the Day: Four of Swords. Again, this relates to current plans, whether actual things are in the planning stage—like building a house—or you’re in a more philosophical planning stage of personal growth. Something has come up that’s put you in a forced time out. Circumstances simply won’t allow further motion forward. The thing you need for the house is back-ordered or your basement flooded and you need to take care of this concrete thing before you can get back to contemplating your navel. 

However, this forced stasis helps you recognize difficulties and address them early, rest little from heavy duty mental activity, bring sense to ideas and plans, and basically digest all that you’ve metaphorically swallowed up to now. It’s a time to organize your thoughts to find the practical route necessary to make the most of your resources or reality. 

Some might find this mental quiet too conservative or dull. But it’s in this still place you can more effectively meditate, retreat to your inner self, and find the exciting spark of a creative vision that will be your next big mental enchilada!

January 12, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Chariot. The Chariot is continuing the ideas presented yesterday by the Two of Pentacles. Fresh starts or “journeys” are present here, but unfortunately the objectives are still unclear. This card represents the desire for a particular achievement, not the achievement itself. That’s why I say we’re still planning. Fortunately, the ground is “fertile” for our plans and we’ve got oodles of conviction and determination to “git ‘er dun!” 

Because the final product isn’t quite clear yet (and it won’t be until it’s complete), you may have some doubts and stress surrounding this achievement or journey lurking behind all your outward confidence. Let that stuff go and remember Murphy’s Law: What can go wrong, will. Therefore, if you go into it KNOWING there will be snags and f*ckups, you can relax, let go of the notion of perfection, and learn fabulous lessons and experience the joy of solving problems! (This kind of mindset takes the sting out of failures. Ask me how I know.)

Finally, this card gives us the hell-bent-for-leather urge to charge forward but the self-mastery not to be a bull in a china shop. It’s a good card.

January 11, 2020: Card O' the Day: Two of Pentacles. Being of the Pentacles, we’re turning our attention to concrete things rather than our feelings, thoughts, or creative energy. This is stuff you can touch. The Two represents plans…you’re lurching in the direction of something new. For example, sending out resumes rather than actually interviewing for the job, reviewing which college to go to rather than already picking your classes, or reviewing the blueprints of a new house rather than hammering the first nails.

During this planning stage, you’ll figure out what’s impossible or too expensive. Fortunately, this card brings you adaptability and resourcefulness, which allows you to change gears, modify, and/or find another way to get what you want. MUST have a claw-footed tub in your new house but the contractor says it’s going to cost the moon? That’s where you get on Craig’s List or Ebay and find one for pennies. Or, you start looking for the most obscure scholarships to help you afford the college of your dreams.

Chrysocolla, the stone associated with this card, stepped forward today. It’s said to strengthen your intuition—your gut instincts, the “little birdie”, the voices in your head—so you don’t go all cold and logical when making your decisions. As in, “Okay. No tub. Too expensive.” Your softer intuition will help you keep the dream alive and make it happen.

January 10, 2020: Card O' the Day: Five of Swords. Some people are naturally more cerebral and less emotional—they feel sentiment can make the intellect weak. However, rigid control of the heart/mind relationship doesn’t allow space for flexibility or room to grow from concepts that were good in the moment to new and better ones. This card is offering the clarity you need to see the ineffectiveness of a narrow scope and ways you can be more generous in your mind and heart in your relationships with others.

Being of the Swords, this card cuts both ways. Perhaps you’re super generous to everyone but yourself. Are you often stuck in a mind-loop where you compare yourself to your peers? And how do you stack up? Here’s a thought: remove that word from your vocabulary. Do the best YOU can. Remember that EVERYthing is incomparably unique and has a place reserved in Universe. You are necessary for Universe.

Once you’re done with all these thought games, get cracking. This card offers lots of creative energy. Unfortunately, this creative energy is colliding with the mind/heart conflict and is being frustrated in its tracks. Balance your steel trap of a mind with your sentimental heart and you’ll become more versatile.

January 9, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Fool, reversed. The new beginnings, purity of intentions, and trust in Self and Universe are clouded by the reversal of this card. While utter fearlessness can put you in danger, over caution and not daring to step forward lest you look stupid is just as bad. There’s a saying that goes along the lines of you WILL fail 100% of the time if you don’t even try. The reversed Fool is hesitating to even try.

This card also could indicate some of you are pining for adventure in your lives, but either there is none or you’re staying home where it’s “safe.” This urge won’t go away until you answer it and answering it will be good for you. Now, “adventure” doesn’t have to be a month long trek to Katmandu. A day hike in your local state park, while not as exotic, will get the yen to shush a bit, is easy on your wallet, and doesn’t require the use of precious vacation days.

Back to the “hesitation to even try”—it could be you don’t know where to begin! Welcome to being human. All of us go through periods of apathy and not knowing what to do next. Here’s what you do: take. a. step. Go to the library and get a book that seems vaguely interesting. Skim a few pages. Worth taking home? If not, pick another book. Scan through You Tube and find a video that teaches you something. Join a club. My point is one step leads to another…. Put The Fool back on his feet and plunge into Life!

January 7, 2020: Card O' the Day: Nine of Cups. The appearance of The Magician yesterday was to remind you about your inherent power and abilities. This card gives you a tiny reality check regarding the limits of your individual actions to keep you humble. In fact, the Nine, while full of positive expansive feelings, confidence, and joy, prompts you to receive all blessings that come from outside of you with humility and grace. No, you don’t have to hide your good fortunes or apologize for them, but let’s not be an asshole about them. If you’re in a position to be generous, be generous because at any point in your life you may need the generosity of another. Pay it forward now.

This card, coupled with yesterday’s Magician, has us taking full responsibility for our own happiness. It’s finally becoming clear that no one else can “make” you happy. You’ve got to decide to BE happy. Examine what you need to do to create feelings of happiness and joy within yourself and keep doing that stuff. Once you own your own happiness and decide to BE happy, your personal parade becomes pretty rain-proof.

Along with all the “happy, happy, joy, joy” comes some pretty strong intuition and clear gut instincts. Listen to them. This obedience to Higher Self will translate into solid “executive abilities” to help you make decisions, develop personal boundaries, harness creative juices, and generally make you a pretty effective Captain of your own ship.

January 6, 2020: Card O' the Day: The Magician. The Magician is akin to the aces of all the suits in that it represents all potential and possibilities. We’ve been floating for a little while as we regained our footing after the artificiality of the holiday season. (By that I mean normal schedules, diets, and habits were thrown out the window to accommodate all the “extra” that was being offered.) The Magician has come to us today to make us aware of what we could accomplish this coming year.

Firstly, dig around a little in your psyche to find those hidden dreams and desires you think are out of your reach. As you come to understand them, you’ll see what’s indeed possible to make the best life for yourself. Notice I said “best life.” The Magician is urging you to reach for the brass ring rather than settle for what is or has been. Seeking a little bigger and better keeps you moving forward and out of a complacent rut. (Read: stagnation, rot, and the state of “dead man walking.”)

It’s becoming time now to focus on and commit to your plans. You have all the tools you need and the strength to make it happen.

January 5, 2020: Card O' the Day: Strength. As I prepared myself to draw this card, I felt a “punch" in my solar plexus chakra. This feeling was similar to the throat chakra opening I felt the other day when I drew the Justice card. It’s small wonder I felt a physical reaction in my third chakra when I drew Tarot’s Strength card; confidence, autonomy, and inner drive live there, which is Strength in a nutshell. My favorite depiction of Strength is found in The Tarot of Trees by Dana O’Driscoll. This card is our photo du jour.

Strength represents deliberation, self-awareness, and maturity in handling difficulty with grace. It offers you the choice of blaming others for your troubles or facing the challenge and growing from it. Notice the tree in our photo is growing, and THRIVING, in a place that’s “less than ideal”! It’s growing out the side of a vertical cliff, fer cryin’ out loud!

With such strength and confidence, you don’t need to prove yourself. You can accept your strength and power and share it even if you face criticism. It’s like dicks (this has nothing to do with actual penises). Those who are “hung to the floor” quietly go about their business and make their dreams reality. Those who have itty bitty dicks whip them out at every turn and wave them about screaming LOOK HOW BIG MY DICK IS!!!! Here’s a tidbit of Truth: everybody is born hung to the floor; it is you who shortens it.

January 4, 2020: Card O' the Day: Five of Cups, reversed. As we move away from losses—we’re invited to do so with this card and we’re aware it’s time—your resistance or disappointment is transformed into something better and/or more useful to you. For example, coping skills, emotional stability, and the determination to overcome misfortunes and anxiety are a whole lot more practical than wallowing, sniveling, and whining “I caaaaaaan’t.”

With your Big Kid pants pulled up and belted snuggly around your waist, you can start seeing the alternative routes to greater success and personal growth. In this frame of mind, you’re able to determine who’s offering helpful resources and is willing to stick with you. Ask those particular gems for assistance with your current journey. 

This card is also about repairing rifts and burying hatchets. Whether that happens spontaneously and you all agree to “fuggetaboutit” or whether it takes concerted effort to negotiate a peace treaty, take the gift of healing and be grateful.

January 3, 2020: Card O' the Day: Justice. As I was getting quiet in preparation of drawing the card today, I felt a physical opening of my throat. A thought passed through my head regarding the throat chakra…open throat means truth, expressing your feelings and needs honestly. Justice is all about truth and honesty. What do you reeeeeaaaaaallllly want? How are you going to make that happen? 

Firstly, getting what you want requires work—duh—but since no man is an island, we have to play well with others. Through balance between the ego (I WANT!!!) and the Higher Self (May I please have and what do I need to do in exchange?) this becomes possible. Justice = fair play, diplomacy, integrity.

Developing balance within yourself and your life requires some solid self-examination. What is your truth? Say it, own it, and don’t avoid it. What’s in your life that doesn’t allow balance? Which is better: keeping “that” or breaking with it so you can achieve balance? And so our journey around the Sun goes again…seeking truth, being responsible for it, and getting good with it.

January 2, 2020: Card O' the Day: Eight of Cups. Again, super appropriate for the beginning of a new year and decade. The Eight of Cups helps us recognize the need to leave some stuff behind. This could be a relationship, job or your total career path, belief systems, or actual tangible things. By leaving this stuff behind, you’re free to pursue more meaningful plans for your life.

I once had a “non-believer” pull this card when he asked for a demonstration of the Tarot cards. Oooooh! He was MAD when I slapped him with his truth! But it actually wasn’t me, it was his own Higher Self and soul who was saying, “c’mon, DUDE! We’ve got better things to do here.” Life was trying to deliver on the promises this card represents—happiness, journey, exploration, growth—but he was too stuck in his Devil Self to make the effort.

You’re being asked to seek a deeper meaning with this card. It doesn’t have to be HUGELY deeper, as in “digging all the way to China” deeper. It could be simply joining a book club. Venturing into uncharted territory is the point here. ANY venturing outside your usual rut will lead to growth. Only ONE step forward in a different direction can change your life profoundly. Look what it did for Neil Armstrong!

January 1, 2020: Card O' the Year: Ten of Swords, reversed. Welcome to a new year and decade. A lot has happened to us individually and collectively as humans—both pleasant and unpleasant.

The Ten of Swords represents an ending(s) that make beginnings possible. Under this suit, those endings may seem/feel particularly harsh. (Swords though of the mind are very connected to the heart, too). The reversal of this card softens the blow and turns the severity into sort of a “near miss” rather than a direct hit. It also speaks of having turned the corner, as in having hit rock bottom and the only way now is up.

Receiving this card on New Year’s Day can be literally describing the shit-show 2019 was for you personally. You’re now on your way up. It can be a figurative description of what you or all of us has endured this past year. But this card promises we’re on our way up. Turn your back on all that was shitty about 2019 and leave it behind. Bring only the happiness and good fortune, however small, forward with you into 2020. Plant those seeds of joy and plan for a bumper crop of abundance and delight. A little rain must fall this year, but know it comes to ultimately nourish the garden. Peace be with you.

December 30, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Hanged Man, reversed. My day yesterday was a total sloth-fest—notice there was no Card O’ the Day yesterday, I didn’t even do that. Today we have a “suspended animation” kind of card, but it’s reversed…it’s a reversal of the reversal.

Little things are still in your way that will prevent forward motion (echoes of the reversed Eight of Wands we got the other day), so don’t blame yourself too much for not blazing a new path. Some things you just have to wait to shift on their own because they’re out of your control.

Things within your control are also blocking your way, though. My husband just finished a pretty big creative project and now he’s fidgeting with nothing to do. Yesterday he pottered in his shop trying to picture what comes next…. Basically this card personified. A little wandering around is fine, just be careful this momentary feeling of being ungrounded doesn’t slide into apathy, procrastination, and fear of change. We’re still in the between-the-holidays doldrums so another few days/weeks of figuring out what’s next is fine; just don’t let it become a new lifestyle.

December 28, 2019: Card O' the Day: Eight of Wands, reversed. Upright, the Eight of Wands represents speed, inevitability, creativity, all work efforts falling into place, and the “you better be on the bus because it’s about to leave” type of energy. Reversed, it represents trouble working with others, barriers, a burst of little things going sideways, and emotions running high.

If you think about it, this sums up the last weeks in one card. Speed, hurry-hurry-get-everything-done!  And, now that actual Christmas/Kwanza/Hanukah have passed (or are nearly over), we’re left with the energetic hangover. It’s called “burnout”, people. S-L-O-W D-O-W-N now and and try to calm your inner agitation. 

Freeze the remaining holiday treats and switch to leafy greens, lean proteins, and whole grains. Get back to the gym for a light workout. Stay sober for the next few days. Try to get as much sleep as possible. Also, maybe clearing your social calendar wouldn’t be a bad idea. I know I’ve had quite enough of people and all the conversation, compromise, accommodations, etc. that is required when interacting with large groups. I’m ready for some self-care to unfrazzle my nerves and get my digestion back to normal. Aren’t you?

December 23, 2019: Card O' the Week: Ten of Cups. Family is coming and I’ll be concentrating on enjoying their company and keeping them fed. Therefore, this is a Card O’ the Week. Happy celebrations to you all!

Oh, please. Sometimes my Tarot cards can be so stinking spot-on, amazing, and appropriate for the moment. Could we not have a better card to represent our coming week?!

What we have here is love, love, more love, and did I mention love? The Ten of Cups gives the gifts of joy, repose of the heart, well being, blessings, and complete emotional contentment and stability. This kind of happiness doesn’t come from possessions, but from welcoming yourself home to who you really are and being good with it.

The rainbow, often depicted in this card, speaks of the peace that comes after storms. Therefore, give thanks for family, community ties, friends, and—most importantly—yourself. You’re here. You exist. You’re important to Universe. Revel in what’s happy in this moment, in this week. Leave your cares and woes at the door; they’ll keep for a bit while you party. That’s the message of the 10: enjoy the bliss while it lasts because 10’s mean endings…but also promise new beginnings.

December 22, 2019: Card O' the Day: Queen of Wands. The first thoughts in my head when I turned over the Queen of Wands was, “whatever it is, you’ve got this.” She represents a protective white light and a deep inner conviction things will turn out okay. She’s reminding you you’re actually in a place to share your love and joy—even if it feels so small at the moment—which then makes you feel more blessed and full. It’s a “vicious” cycle….

With her strength of character and integrity, she relies upon, and trusts, her own judgment and power. You don’t need to override others as you wield that power. People who underestimate themselves will try to feel more powerful by stealing that of others; but that’s not you. You have all the power you need to be happy, fulfilled, and lift others as you sail down your path.

December 21, 2019: Card O' the Day: Two of Wands. This card, as a two, represents that it’s time to make a decision about something rather important. You could say you’re at the threshold of a doorway. The question is do you go through it to explore new experiences and adventures or do you stay where it’s safe and secure? Before you can make that decision, however, there are some things that need to be sorted and cleared out of your way first.

While you’re at it, this card suggests developing a new mental discipline or returning to one that worked for you in the past. Think of it like going back to your healthy food regimen, returning to the gym after several months of “not having time”, becoming more brave about calling out rude people, or embracing a new religious ideology.

When you take the plunge and step through the door and readjust your thought processes, you’re going to begin to recognize your full potential. By harnessing and controlling your energetic force (that Qi we talked the other day), you can appreciate your own manifested, and manifestING, powers and capacity.

December 20, 2019: Card O' the Day: Nine of Cups, reversed. The quest for your deeper understanding of yourself and Life isn’t over as you look for more than mere overindulgence of material pleasures. As you find inner—rather than outer—happiness, you can drop the facade of keeping up appearances and discover what you really want from your life.

This card brings us truth, the frankness to speak it, sincerity in your perception of your reality, and the freedom from superficial or false attachments all that brings when you practice it honestly. My definition of “practicing honestly” is LIVING by example rather than flapping your gums about how “woke” you are. 

Walk what YOU talk…whatever that means for you. There’s no shame in writing a check to the Kidney Foundation; you don’t actually have to donate a kidney to someone!

December 19, 2019: Card O' the Day: Prince of Wands. The past is only good for reminding yourself not to do “that” again because it didn’t work out so well. It’s also good for knocking yourself down a peg when you start to get too big fer yer britches…keeps ya humble. The future can be planned for, and it’s advisable to do so. However, excessive worry about the past and/or future is useless and makes you miserable. That leaves today, the present moment, the importance of now, and THAT is what our good Prince is trying to convey.

He gives us the willingness to take a risk and seek new movement and experiences. He sees a chance for action and is eager to take it. Seeking “new” and “action” requires change. Guess what? The opportunities are all around you to leave old ways behind and alter your existence. Not sure how to do that? Expand your perspectives on what you consider possible and entertain different points of view. (Prove to me it’s IMPOSSIBLE before you scrap an idea.)

Finally, I think the most important lesson the Prince of Wands has for us today is to renew your Qi, or the vital energy that is held to animate the body internally (Miriam-Webster), through living a heart-centered life. Love, love, and more love.

December 18, 2019: 

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality

Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see…


These lyrics were running through my head this morning as I was outside feeding my horses. And then I drew The Devil…. This card is about temptations, entrapments, instant gratification, and all the other stuff we think we waaaaant. However, it has nothing to do with real life and the work required to make real life rewarding. For example, relationships have to be nurtured. You have to decide if your partner’s quirks are something you can live with or are deal breakers. Careers have to be supported through the lean times and you have to do the crappy grunt work that goes with ANY job. 

It’s not a “bad thing” to want more, bigger, badder, better and to work towards making your dreams come true. But if all you do is waaaaant, then you’re missing the point of life. Read those lyrics again. Re-read the last line once or twice more. If you can let go of the attachment to “waaaaaanting”, you’ll see how much you receive every day, which then frees you to really live in happiness and inner harmony as your “wanting ego” is balanced by your True Self’s joy

December 16, 2019: Card O' the Day: Three of Swords. This is one of the gnarly cards in the Tarot deck. It contains very valuable lessons that absolutely suck balls because they’re so painful. Unfortunately, equal and opposite reactions to an action, and all that, mean the more deeply you feel love for someone or passion about a project the more badly you’ll be hurt if things go south. Physics can’t be denied.

I know that when my feelings get hurt my first move is to “turtle up”, hide my pain, and protect myself. (It’s not a coincidence my spirit totem is a turtle.) However, this card is urging us to erase some boundaries and allow love into our lives. You’ll actually heal faster with the support of others than when alone. Also, shared pain can build deep bonds with others because it teaches empathy. Not that y’all sit around trying to one-up each others’ tragedies, but when you see that others have pain just as deep as your own, you understand it’s not just you that Universe hates.

The silver lining to this card is it helps you understand the price of love. Through understanding this cost, you gain perseverance, faith, and resolution. With those gems in your pocket, you’re able to move forward, severe attachments to the past, and find relief from the pain and tension. Practice these beautiful forms of self care today.

December 15, 2019: Card O' the Day: King of Swords. After all the high emotions of the last few days, the King of Swords is here to take control. Strength, intelligence, and assertiveness just ooze from him. The most important quality of this guy, and his big reminder to us all, is frank and honest communication. This means open your throat chakra and say “no” when you need to. Self-advocate and speak your mind! If you keep swallowing your own words out of deference to others, you’re going to get heartburn—literally and figuratively.

With logic and analysis, you can organize your next week so you have your ducks in a row. Being super organized will go a long way towards reducing your stress. It will also show you where you can compromise and cooperate with others on some things. Life is a lot more efficient with extra hands working towards the same goal.

The bottom line is, you need to use your noodle and put your ego and heart in the back seat for a minute. This will allow all plans to be completed timely, which translates to you having more time to relax and enjoy your company…or not. This King is amused by socializing but really prefers solitude and harmony. I love when my family visits, but I reeeeeeaaaaallllly love it when they go home!

December 14, 2019: Card O' the Day: Five of Cups. A deep loss or ending has occurred for some of you. Grieve, process your pain, and come to terms with this sucky turn of events. However, during this period of solitude and reflection, you don’t want to stop living altogether. Completely giving in to despair means you’re not available to enjoy the pleasures you do still have in your life.

Keep this at the forefront of your thoughts, scrawl on a piece of paper and hang it on your fridge, or embroider it on a pillow: deep spiritual moments sometimes come at your lowest points. It’s a very painful price to pay, but ultimately you’re a better person in the end. Once you realize that, you begin to see the possibilities that await.

If you feel you simply cannot go on, call the suicide prevention hot line at 1-800-273-8255. It absolutely WILL get better.

December 13, 2019: Card O' the Day: Eight of Wands, reversed. And this is what a minimental melt-down can look like: inner agitation, uncertainty, panic, and indecision. Too much force is applied too quickly thereby wasting power. You know how kids can get “over excited” and they just need a nap or quiet time with limited arousal? Adults can get this way, too. Only we’re supposed to be “adults” and handle too much arousal with equanimity and aplomb. 

Hahahahahhhaaaaaaa, *wheeze*, haaaahahahahahhahahahahhhaaaaaaaa! *Snort* (Oops, I tinkled a bit.)

If you find yourself getting overloaded with obligations, social events, holiday pageants, baking, cooking, decorating, etc. (as this card can indicate…not the actual holiday stuff, but the energy created by the holiday hubbub), and you don’t take a break for self care, expect an emotional outburst in 3…2…1… I guarantee you it will only create more friction and then you’ll have a mess to clean up. Do what you need to do to feel more secure and in control. Now excuse me while I go cancel some plans….

December 12, 2019: Card O' the Day: Princess of Cups, reversed. I think this holiday season stuff is the most dangerous for the Princess of Cups types. She’s dreamy and idealistic…still believes in Santa Clause and will do back flips over the first flake of snow. She lives for glitter, tinsel, and mint-mocha frappes.

Especially this time of year, when expectations are so high, the Princess can go upside down and become super emotionally charged. This makes her vulnerable to ridicule for her child-like wonder, being easily swayed, and being distracted—which makes her wide open to getting her feelings hurt. If someone wants to be particularly cruel to her, just tell her to grow up. That’ll reduce her nothing quite nicely.

Therefore, all you little Princesses out there listen up to Auntie: your gut is trying to tell you something, but you’re not listening. Lemme guess…your gut is saying let the haters hate because you DO believe in Santa; you DO adore all the trappings that go with this season; you DO wish for peace on Earth and goodwill towards EVERYone. Don’t let the haters get louder than your divine little guts. So put on your fuzzy kitten mittens, drink your cocoa with marshmallows, and tell the Scrooges to fuck off!

December 11, 2019: Card O' the Day: Queen of Wands, reversed. Happy holidays everyone! Is your house decorated to perfection? Is all your shopping done? Everything wrapped exquisitely? All out of town gifts mailed? I’ll just bet your freezer is crammed with pre-made casseroles, soups, and cookies that can be brought out for impromptu gifts or people dropping by for dinner! You uber-prepared Martha Stewart types just wanna make me barf!

Whenever my husband reminds me I’ll have a house full of relatives in just a week-and-a-half, I want to throat punch him. I do have things organized in my mind and have it all planned down to the wire. I WILL get it done and be ready for when my family shows up. 

But the more I’m reminded and pushed the more obstinate I get. Last minute get togethers, which bring me happiness, are indeed another obligation. One is tempted to focus so intently on the future Big Event that the smaller things happening today or the preparations you can comfortably do today get lost in the panic.

So, set all insecurity aside; line up your tasks and delegate where you can. You’ve got lots of time. Breathe….

December 10, 2019: Card O' the Day: Prince of Pentacles. This card is the epitome of the old saying “before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water; after enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.” It took me a while to figure out what that actually meant. To me it means that no matter how “enlightened”, “woke”, and “spiritually special” I become, my shit will still stink. It can also mean life goes on no matter what. The sun will come up; the sun will go down. What happens in between depends entirely upon you.

Therefore, the Prince is reminding us to remain flexible and not blow a gasket if things don’t go EXACTLY as planned or expected (remember: expectations are merely anticipated resentment). Whatever happens—good, bad, or ugly—accept it and move on. Now, accepting what “is” doesn’t mean you just park your butt and throw up your helpless little hands. No, you do your best to make things happen and work your visions and dreams! Then, knowing you gave it your all, you accept the end result.

This super chill dude is also about steady work at an unhurried pace. Find stillness and calm in the actual work. With determination and focus, you can do anything you set your heart on doing. I find making to-do lists keeps me on track. You may have other tricks. 

December 9, 2019: Card O' the Day: Five of Swords, reversed. This card represents the aftermath of a bothersome issue, conflict, or disagreement. It’s the day after the big storm when it’s time to own your responsibility for the part you played in the drama and make amends. Look to see what can be salvaged from the situation: renew it, recycle it, and be glad it’s still whole. What is permanently damaged or no longer useful, let that stuff go.

When you look beyond the loss or defeat, you can begin to recover as the uncertain outlook begins to improve. During this recovery time, glean the spiritual  lessons that always come with this kind of upset. What can you do to prevent the  same misunderstandings from happening again?

We have yet another Sword card today. Swords, in general, represent thoughts and communication. If you’re not communicating effectively, the other party is left wondering what you mean. And I’ll guarantee you that if you leave them guessing, they’ll guess wrong. Say what you mean, people.

December 8, 2019: Card O' the Day: Eight of Swords. Ooooooo! This is just TOO good. I’m doing a little happy dance in circles because of this incredible message from Universe that follows the message from the Ace of Swords so perfectly! I LOVE when my cards do this!!!!

While you’re sitting in your deep mental stillness encouraged by the Ace of Swords, you’ll come to realize a no-win situation you may find yourself in is of your own making. WHAT!?!?!!? Yes! Your feelings of helplessness and stuck-ness are fear-based! All the intense emotions of late have formed a barrier against rational thought. Furthermore, attachment to ideas you THINK are positive—but actually aren’t—have formed a psychic block. Do you know what this MEANS!?!?!?! All your problems are in your head!!

Some of you may beg to differ. As in, it’s NOT all in your head that you just got laid off, your car died, your significant other dumped you, or you have a real illness. While you certainly can’t control what Life throws at you, you CAN control how you feel, think, and react to the situation. The Eight of Swords offers you keen logic that shushes your nervous heart and helps you see a way out and forward. You have the power to fix everything wrong in your life. Use your noodle and make it happen.

December 6, 2019: Card O' the Day: Ace of Swords. When I choose cards, I hold the deck in my lap and move the cards left to right through the fingers of my left hand and to the fingers of my right. In this way I touch the cards with both hands and come to a stop on the “correct” card (don’t ask me how I know which one is “correct”). Today, several cards fell off my lap onto the floor during this process. Only one fell face up: Death. This is highly interesting because both Death and the Ace of Swords represent inevitable and irrevocable change.

The Ace also brings us new beginnings and fresh starts (that big change “Death” made space for). This particular Ace also lets you know you’ll be in the right place and time for expansion and abundance as you come to accept everything that’s been lost. The best months for this will be March, April, and May.

Because the suit of Swords is of the air element, it generally governs the mind. However, our minds can put a lot of weight on our hearts, so deep emotional feelings are indicated here along with calmness in the face of difficulty. Crystal clarity that’s detached and rooted in deep stillness at the core of your being brings new understanding for the losses, changes, and new beginnings.

December 5, 2019: Card O' the Day: Three of Pentacles. And now the actual WORK begins…. We’ve been talking a good game about our spiritual paths, formulating plans, learning who to bring with you on this journey and who not, and it’s getting to be time to put your money where you mouth is.

This card represents the exuberance, combined with industry, that stimulates inspiration and enthusiasm to harmonize all factors to create your own happiness. The truth of your deepest being is trying to show you the way, trust that inner guidance—that nudge from your gut—because it knows what to do even if you don’t. 

TRUE wealth comes from knowing yourself and walking through opens doors rather than pounding on closed ones. In other words, life doesn’t have to suck! Find the work that brings you joy. When you work in joy, you’ll relish the prosperity it brings to you whether that work is on yourself, volunteering in a homeless shelter, or making oceans of cash.

December 4, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Hanged Man, reversed. Many people are “waking up” to their spiritual paths these days; myself included. I don’t know if it’s because it’s more acceptable to admit to your spirituality and your belief in magic or “other” or if it’s because Mother Earth, and all her inhabitants, are going through some Universal cosmic paradigm shift. Beats me, but I got sucked into the woo-woo world about sixteen years ago and have found greater peace and contentment than I ever experienced before.

The reversed Hanged Man suggests a recent awakening to the possibilities the metaphysical world has for you. It indicates a spiritual turning point with a sort of “now what?” feeling to it. Restlessness to move forward on this new path is thwarted by minor inconveniences and obligations to the old world. Be patient with yourself as you figure out what this is going to mean for you. Take inventory and make realistic plans. Now, realistic plans include discerning on whom you may rely with all this new stuff so you don’t end up getting “took” or disappointed.

Finally, certain sacrifices will have to be made if you want to make the most of your new spiritual/metaphysical/esoteric path. I found I had to sacrifice a little pride and face ridicule. But I got over it and now skip along merrily knowing full well some think I’m a bit of a whack-job. And that’s okay. Didn’t we JUST talk about Judgment and how we need to tend our own gardens?

December 3, 2019: Card O' the Day: Judgment. This card speaks of a sense of Self you’ve discovered through experience and your spiritual path. In such an aware state, you’re able to hear your true calling, vocation, great truth, or mission in life. I had a moment like this just the other day in which I had both this tiny and hugely mind-blowing epiphany where I felt sure of myself and my life. (The energies of the Tarot can come upon us and move us at any time, not just when a certain card has been chosen on any given day.) I think I’ve chosen Judgment today so all of you can have—or be on the lookout for—a similar experience.

Judgment represents a point of true change with a new spiritual consciousness emerging…these changes are those that affect everyone and everything through a ripple effect. It’s a time of accountability and responsibility for actions taken, choices made, and/or opportunities missed.

Lastly, we’re reminded to focus on our inner worth to discover what’s REAL; never mind what’s happening in someone else’s life. Checking on the condition of  the “garden” of another only leads to judgment—of them and yourself as you measure yourself against them. Wherever you go, there you are. So tend the garden you’ve been given and make it your very best.

December 2, 2019: Card O' the Day: Eight of Swords, reversed. Interesting, as I closed my eyes to concentrate on choosing the Card O’ the Day, I saw a lot of green in my mind’s eye. Green is the color of healing and the heart chakra…the suit of Swords, while it governs the mind and our thoughts, is ruled by the heart chakra. And we all know how those voices in our heads can break our hearts by telling us we’re less than or “not doing it right.” 

When the Eight is reversed, it indicates self-imposed restrictions have become intolerable. Whatever you’ve decided is your responsibility, must be done a certain way, or is a problem, has become a bigger burden to you than it’s worth. However, this card tells us you’re seeing the light and you’re ready to take those first steps towards liberating yourself from unnecessary “shoulds”, “oughts”, and “musts.”

Fortunately for us, ingenuity and improvisation are greatly increased at this time. Get creative and release your restrictions—or any obstacles—so you can gain relief from this pressure (that you put on yourself, just so we’re clear). All the power you need to transcend limitations and remove your confines is now available. Use it!

November 30, 2019: Card O' the Day: Four of Pentacles, reversed. Perhaps some of you went a little overboard with your Black Friday shopping…. The reversed Four indicates dissatisfaction with your financial matters or material concerns. This causes you to go in the extreme opposite direction and clamp down hard on your resources out of fear and defensiveness. On the other hand, if you’ve put a stop to all outflowing energy, there’s no room for anything to come back in.

Reconsider what you need to feel secure. Then establish a realistic budget and be patient with your finances as they bounce back and new pay periods approach. However, try not to let your new prudence with your resources devolve into stagnation, passivity, or covetousness.

Despite all the obstacles you perceive at this time, you can still work towards goals. Maybe you can’t set aside $200 each month right now. Maybe $10 is all you can manage; $10, though, is more than $0! 

November 29, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Devil. How very appropriate for this particular day. We are being offered a lesson in perspectives and gratitude….

The Devil represents temptations on the physical plane such as over consumption and consumerism, seduction, hedonism, base desires, and indulging yourself in any and all of them. The ego, in its obsession with and attachment to things and its struggle not to lose control over them, causes you to cave to addiction, physical cravings, bad habits, and to forget your spirit and Higher Self. We are susceptible to this energy when we base the image of ourselves upon the opinions and possessions of others rather than our own experiences, beliefs, and values. It’s the “keeping up with the Joneses” syndrome.

Therefore, instead of rabidly shopping today and for the next month, take a walk around the block. Admire the Christmas lights your neighbors have put up without having to dash home and redecorate your own house more lavishly than theirs. Go deep into your psyche and figure out why you feel so “less than” that you cannot be satisfied with a more modest car, decorations, clothes, etc. Volunteer at a homeless shelter this holiday season. Then, when you get home to your “less-than-the-Joneses” house, you’ll feel waaaaaaay better that you even HAVE a house.

November 28, 2019: Card O' the Day: Seven of Pentacles, reversed. Yesterday we had very lofty aspirations of spiritual work, higher acceptance and patience, and basically tapping into our Zen state. And then we have the truth of today. Anxiety, impatience, bitterness, feeling as though there’s always more to do, and any goals you do reach, you achieve only the most minimal of rewards and reception of thanks. Sprinkle in some desperation and fear of loss and/or failure and you’ve achieved the ideal Thanksgiving Day dream in a lot of households!

Here’s how to turn that around and release the knot in your stomach. Firstly, change your attitude about your labors. Work with only the joy of the actual physical labor in your mind. Do so with no expectations of gain; do so with only charity in your heart. (Someone once told me “expectations are only anticipated resentment.” BOO-ya!) Dedicate your efforts today to the service of Mother Earth rather than your in-laws, Cousin Eddie, and your perfectionist mom, who never ever made a dry turkey or soggy dressing in her life. Riiiiiiight.

Release all your ideas about what this day SHOULD be and start with a clean slate of zero expectations and just receive and accept what unfolds.

November 27, 2019: Card O' the Day: The High Priestess. Funny…as I was about to draw the Card O’ the Day, I had whirling thoughts about my plans and shoulds and oughts. I consciously made an effort to still my thoughts. I even used the word in my mind as I told myself to be “still” as I prepared to choose the card. And look who showed up….

The High Priestess embodies the principle of perfect stillness and the ability to stay calm and be at peace in extreme situations. She represents the aspiration to the “higher”, whether that’s spiritual, ethical, or something else. As you begin to achieve your own greater spiritual development, share it with your community, posse, homies, family, besties, or anyone so that they, too, may find this inner stillness and peace.

I know it’ll be hard tomorrow to be still and calm as many of you celebrate the traditional holiday. Try. Try to find stillness as you peel the potatoes. Try to find stillness as you dress the turkey. Delegate tasks to others to lighten your own load and don’t freak out if that task isn’t done to your standards. Is it done and will it function as it is? If yes, then leave it and be grateful you didn’t have to do it as you move on to the next thing.

November 26, 2019: Card O' the Day: Ace of Pentacles. Another Ace…and this time of Pentacles. It’s a card that represents the winter months and is auspicious for good fortune, bliss, and spiritual wellbeing. It heralds the beginnings of new projects on the physical plane, whether that’s a new job, building a house, or simply knitting a sweater. The Ace of Pentacles provides you with the strength, abundance, and gratitude necessary for going beyond mere success to fulfilling the prophecy of magic each of us contains.

This Ace also speaks of a deep need for nourishment. Give yourself that. The Ace provides the solid base and foundation from which to work and the impetus to improve and expand—not just on the physical plane but in your spiritual world. And perhaps that’s more important right now…improving your spiritual connection to Self and Universe. 

I think it’s especially important to recognize your spirit as we go into the year’s end celebrations. Material gifts and meals and socializing/networking take up all our consciousness right now. This is where the nourishment part comes in…don’t just feed your face. Take time each day to feed your soul with kind words, kind deeds, and compassion to others AND yourself.

November 22, 2019: Card O' the Day: Ace of Swords. The Archangel Michael, the angel of Truth, Clarity, and Protection, governs this card and he’s appeared today to help you find honesty, fairness, and real truth…not the truth you kid yourself with. Once real truth is exposed and recognized, you can accept yourself for who you are and not be so judgmental about your perceived flaws. And, BONUS! If you can accept your own flaws, that makes you more sympathetic to everyone else’s flaws and you can be more accepting of those who seem different from you.

The Ace of Swords offers a new way of thinking, enlightenment, and the emergence of new and more viable principles and values. Read: less judgment! Yes, you will suffer idealogical conflicts as you sort things out—changing your mind and your thinking patterns takes work. But as old patterns emerge are questioned, this makes room for new patterns to emerge and a giving way for progressive understanding and an open mind to all possibilities.

(To be clear: I am NOT proselytizing, preaching, recruiting, or trying to convert you to something in which I believe. I’m merely encouraging you to examine your ways of thinking to see if you’re in a stagnating rut. Is it time for change?)

November 21, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Moon, reversed. If you hope to heal yourself of any and all your psycho-emotional baggage, you’ll have to be ruthless in this quest. It’s not easy, nor for the faint of heart, but the reward is freedom from self-judgment and being comfortable in your own skin. And who doesn’t want those awful voices in your head that tell you you’re “less than” to Shut. The. Fuck. Up?

You’ll have to descend into the darkest part of your psyche and be brutally honest about the facts. It’s best to do this with a good therapist to call you on your bullshit and hold your hand.

The reversed Moon is suggesting it’s time to discover your crap, face it, and accept it as simple reality—neither bad nor good—so you can move past it. During this healing process, be gentle and patient with yourself, but don’t allow any sniveling or excuses. Git ‘er done!

November 19, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Five of Cups, reversed. Welcome to adulthood and all the hard choices that go with being a grown up! However, making tough choices will lead you towards a change in your lifestyle. Maybe that lifestyle is of being fat and out of shape or wallowing in your victimhood. Either way, moving past those sacrifices I spoke of yesterday land you smack into recovery and renewal…like how you feel after a really good massage only more or less permanently.

This card foretells of emotional stability that gives you the determination and fortitude to stick with those rock-and-a-hard-place decisions and sacrifices and maintain this new life of boundaries, physical health, and psycho-emotional strength. As you transform your resistance and/or disappointments into something better, you’ll understand you have complete control of your own happiness and how to achieve it.

Finally, the reversed Five has elements of blood relatives and alliances in it. I take this to mean that some relationships—whether blood, business, or friend—can be poison. If you don’t acknowledge that toxicity and the loss and sorrow it causes you to feel, you’ll never get past the pain and the never-ending cycle.

November 18, 2019: Card O' the Day: The World, reversed. Funny…yesterday was the beginning of the Major Arcana (The Fool is merely the traveler of the Tarot Path) and today we have the ending. But reversed. All the qualities of the upright card are present, just to a slightly lesser degree…like a partly cloudy day rather than pristine blue skies. Being an ending, that means letting things go that no longer serve you. Some things may feel like sacrifices, but know those sacrifices are made with wisdom and compassion for your highest Self.

You may find that your environment is the thing that needs to be “released” in that it’s become restrictive and limiting. You’ve become potbound and it’s time for some changes there. Apply for a higher position in your company, look for a similar job in a different company, or make a career shift altogether. If you don’t want to move houses, then rearrange the furniture, paint, buy new bed linens/towels, or even a new teapot from the thrift store. Make a change in your surroundings.

Yesterday we were given the good news that we’re on a new path and we have potential out the ying-yang! Today we’re told the “bad news” that something has to end to make way for the new. Don’t resist…you can do this.

November 17, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Magician. Oh, people. I’m so laughing right now. Yesterday we got Death…which is what I have been feeling like for several days: inert, stuck, sniveling, lazy, and with all the self-blame and guilt that goes along with not curing cancer before lunch and cleaning up the world’s oceans by supper. However, today is a NEW day and The Magician tells me all things are possible in this moment and throughout the rest of my life! Not that I HAVE to discover water on Mars…but I COULD if I tried.

The Magician has us feeling confident and capable, hands us all the tools we need to face our challenges and succeed, and then ladles on intense creative energy (I’m thinking of entering my sewing room for the first time in eons). With this raging will to create, magic will happen. But you have to allow it to come at its own pace. Don’t be discouraged by “mistakes”; those are just false starts or getting a little lost on the way to the new mall. The point is that you GET there, eventually.

Here’s your homework: ask yourself “What do I have to face within myself to reveal my inner gifts?” Who among you practices self-defeat? self-deprecation? self-abuse in thoughts or practice? Death came to take that shit yesterday. Today, we have The Magician to lead us in discovering water on Mars.

November 16, 2019: Card O' the Day: Death. If you’ve been feeling sluggish and inert lately, like me, then perhaps it’s because we’re entering into a sort of chrysalis or womb from which we will be reborn. While you’re in there, contemplating your navel, it’s a good time to face your fears, doubts, cover-ups, denial, the pile at the back of your closet, etc. and examine it in preparation of letting it go.

Death heralds new beginnings, but it’s a process. It’s not instant gratification. It takes some serious soul-searching to be really honest with yourself and not manipulate the truth into what you want it to be or how it will show you in the best light. This is like bathing suit shopping with overhead fluorescent lighting. It’s ugly.

But once you can face your cellulite honestly, you’re better equipped to deal with it and play up your assets. We ALL have “cellulite” in one form or another and we’re stuck with it. Therefore, decide to dance with your two left feet and transform yourself into the best version of you the world has ever seen. Let your self-criticism DIE!!!

November 13, 2019: Card O' the Day: King of Cups. The Kings of the Tarot deck can indicate you’ve topped out in a situation or environment. You can’t expect further growth or satisfaction of needs if you stay put and not make some changes. Today we have the King of Cups, which puts us into the realm of relationships and emotional stuff. Therefore, you can’t continue to grow emotionally or satisfy the needs of your heart in certain relationships. As with all things, our relationships will wax and wane according to the requirements of the individuals involved. You’re not failing at something, it simply “is.”

The presence of this king is a suggestion that some of you may have a tendency to suppress your creativity or emotions in an effort to behave responsibly or practically. After all, he’s the mature one in the room. This particular king is also apt to anticipate the needs/wants of others and be a source of comfort at their own detriment. Meaning, everyone ELSE gets the good stuff and the good King is left with dregs.

However, his appearance today represents a catalyst for change and message to rediscover yourSELF. Meaning, he wants you to adjust your love to be true to YOUR heart. This may require you to change the dynamic of certain relationships or end them altogether. Your soul is ready for a spiritual quest to find what’s best for you.

November 12, 2019: Card O' the Day: Seven of Pentacles. This card reflects the idea of long-term goals, letting go of the need for instant gratification, and the willingness to work hard until you get there. You’re realizing that some things simply take time and you’ve just got to be patient. However, you can stay busy while you’re waiting. Prepare for the new growth by clearing out clutter—literal or figurative—painting, pruning, and installing shelving to keep the incoming largesse organized. Some of you may need to slightly alter your course to reap the rewards you’re hoping for; that can be done while you’re waiting, too.

The other key concept of this card is fear of failure. You’re pouring so much of yourself into your work and hoping for such a huge return that the risk/gain ratio is pretty scary. All I can say is Trust. Yourself. To. Do. This. Thomas Edison is credited with the following quote: I didn’t fail. I just found 10,000 ways that didn’t work. The cleaning product called Formula 409 was the 409th recipe! The previous 408 recipes were deemed “not ideal.” 

When you take a step off your path, take a moment to understand why this was an error and LEARN from it. Build your success upon every “oopsy, not gonna do THAT again” moment! The hidden gem in the Seven of Pentacles is the promise that inventiveness and mental/emotional stillness can be found as you meditate upon your dreams and goals. Breathe deeply and think 3-5 Year Plan….

November 8, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Fool, reversed. The Fool embodies new beginnings, growth, unlimited possibility, and adventure. But when he’s reversed, it represents you putting yourself in a box. You’d never DREAM of dying your hair purple or taking a leave of absence from work to spend two weeks helping to guard turtle nests or going to see Machu Picchu in person, dammit!!! Living life carefully, safely, and worrying about what the neighbors would say stifles our innate free spirit and sense of “what if?”

The concepts of freedom and original energy remain in the reversal, just under a cloud or basket. To me, this card is all about hiding your light under a basket and being too frightened to reeeeeaaalllly be YOU! Dare yourself to do something outside your norm and then do it today.

Now, the caveat is that you need to “dare” WISELY. The reversed Fool can also represent hasty actions without judgment or discernment. If you’re going skydiving, research the school and make sure it has a stellar safety record and triple check your gear before you jump. I SCUBA dive, which is considered to be “dangerous” by my life insurance company. However, I do it carefully with reputable dive captains and triple-checked gear. Now, git on wit’ your bad-ass self!!!

October 31, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Magician. How appropriate that we should have The Magician, today, this day of Samhain. This is a magical day on which we celebrate the end of harvest and settle in for the “dark half” of the year. Therefore, I think the good Magician has shown his face to remind us all of our own magical powers. Because, you do have them…we’re all magical, psychic, gifted, or whatever you want to call it. It’s just not too many of us acknowledge and use those powers. Just like any “muscle”, if you don’t practice your magic, it becomes weak and you’re even less likely to trust it.

In addition to representing all your magic, The Magician personifies using your knowledge, resources, and will to create change in the world. He’s CONSCIOUS magic and the unlimited possibility you could have if you tapped into it. Now, conscious magic doesn’t mean creating positions and mumbling spells to yourself. To me, conscious magic means recognizing and fully appreciating the wonder that is Life. Have you ever really studied the complex petal structures of a flower? noticed the varied tones of green on a single tree? listened to a baby’s cry and understood whether it was mad, hungry, or lonely? 

You are a part of this fabric! Therefore, practice the magic of kindness and love towards others. The law of physics—or Karma—that dictates for every action there is an equal reaction means that love and kindness will return to you. Practice the magic of imagination to invent the next best mousetrap. Practice the magic of diplomacy to soothe a tense situation. As The Magician, you have all the tools you need to create anything new or fix anything broken. Get busy….

October 29, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Hermit, reversed. When The Hermit is upright, it can represent a time of being alone to quietly reflect upon life or a problem. That’s fine. We all need a little “me time.” However, when reversed, that “me time” becomes excessive isolation away from people who could help you or represents the refusal of good advice. Life is all about change; sticking your head in the sand and clinging to old beliefs, customs, or worn out ideals only makes you “old” before your time.

In efforts to stick to the “tried and true”, you’ll gloss over, ignore, or blur the facts. I know you’ve worn your hair parted in the middle and feathered back since high school, but it doesn’t look good on you anymore! Ditto the frosty blue eyeshadow! These may be frivolous examples, but any time you stay stuck in a rut—any kind of rut—for too long, you stifle your own growth and expansion.

You may have retreated into a hole because someone you held in high regard betrayed you. That betrayal may have been minor or crushing. Staying in your hole means you’re not getting the help and guidance you need to get past this block that holds you in place. No, nothing will ever be the same, but you can still thrive, albeit differently.

October 18, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Lovers. What!?!??! First the Two of Cups and now The Lovers!?!?!? WTF….

More choices as you face a test of maturity in which you need discrimination. This choice or decision is about considering options that have the fewest DISADVANTAGES rather than leaping at what has the most advantages. You are at risk of choosing based upon your emotions (some emotional input is good, but not ALL), but careful consideration is also required here.

Because this choice is not entirely in your hands, this process amy be fraught with frustration and feelings of impotence as this choice may be dependent on the actions or availability of others. It may seem like all is lost  at several points. However, breathe deeply and try to find the light in the darkness.

October 16, 2019: Card O' the Day: Two of Cups. This is considered the “Big Romance” card of the Tarot (surprise! it’s NOT The Lovers). However, each of our amazing cards have so many layers and nuances to them, so today I’m not talking romance in the sense of Valentine’s Day. Today, we’re seeing romance with ourselves in the Two of Cups. It’s about developing a true partnership with your higher Self and finding friendship within. If you can get good with you, truly heal YOU, then you can be good with everybody else. Or nobody else…because you’ve still got you.

When applied to another person, this card represents the essence of true friendship. The kind where you’re both mature, natural, easy with each other. There’s no neediness about the connection—you want it, you don’t NEED it. There’s no desire to change the other into something else. It’s love without expectations or demands and CHOOSING to relate to the other person As. They. Are. They are who they are with all their drama, kindness, odd habits, snarkiness, etc. And you love them just like that. Or not. Just as you choose to love someone, you absolutely may choose not to if they rub you like sandpaper on an open wound.

Yesterday we were choosing joyfulness and including our friends in that joy. Today, we’re choosing the people with whom we want to share our joy.

October 15, 2019: Card O' the Day: Three of Cups. Following yesterday’s Princess of Swords, reversed, which indicated some of you may feel unloved, unappreciated, unsupported, and/or unheard, we have this lovely card reminding us that we do indeed have support, are loved, are appreciated, and are heard. Maybe not by the people you’d expect or hope, but each of us has SOMEone. And if you say “but not me”, then call a hotline for mental health. There IS a person waiting to talk to you. To hear you. To help you feel less alone and to explore the options available to you so that you get the support/love/appreciation you deserve.

This card is all about friendship, exuberance, resolution of problems, healing, and abundance. However, rarely does happiness just plop into our laps. We have to choose it. Choose it by calling a friend or a hotline. Choose it by taking a walk in the sun and saying “hi!” to every person you see. Admire someone’s dog and ask if you can pat it. Pick up a piece of litter and dispose of it properly. Let someone in front of you on the road.

We are a tribal species which NEEDS contact with other warm or living things (fish and reptiles like cuddles, too). Go find your tribe and be joyful among them!

October 14, 2019: Card O' the Day: Princess of Sword, reversed. The Princess of Swords, when reversed, can mean some pretty nasty language is directed at you. In other words, someone is being mean to you. My question is, is that someone YOU!?!?!? Self-belittlement and believing that you’re somehow “not enough” can cause lack of confidence that then causes you to stop communicating (Swords are about communication, among other things) because you think your ideas and words are stupid.

Chakra-wise, this means your throat chakra is being blocked. When we’re afraid others will get mad or not like us, that’s when we tend to clam up. We don’t want to make waves. However, when you speak your truth or call someone out for being disrespectful, hurtful, etc. to you, and THEY get mad at YOU!!?!? Oh, girlfriend. Huh-unh. No. Being mean to you is on THEM. It’s not your job to make them feel better for hurting your feelings.

Health-wise, swallowing unhappy worlds and thoughts can translate into speech difficulties. (Ya think?) Also, it can weaken your immune system leaving you open for more colds and sniffles this coming winter. We don’t want that, now do we?

October 13, 2019: Card O' the Day: Queen of Swords. The Queen of Swords is practical, pragmatic, and a born organizer. She’s very intellectual and thinks about her decisions carefully rather than going with her heart or gut. She’s also super “truth and justice” oriented. Why so much? Because she’s been done wrong, it hurt, and she’s not going to let that happen again. This can make her seem dry and emotionless, but she feels very deeply and is just trying to protect herself.

Her appearance today may indicate you’re feeling a bit dry and emotionless as well, but in a good and constructive way. This will allow you to set, and keep, personal boundaries. It’s also a good time to handle difficult things dispassionately and directly. For example, you may have been thinking about severing ties with someone, and in your current mood, it’ll be easier than at any other time. It’s sad, but best for you; you can cry about it later.

This current ability to think clearly will allow you to focus and do some serious brainstorming about any endeavors. Cut what doesn’t work, axe employees who aren’t up to snuff, streamline the processes! Gather your personal power and make it happen.

October, 12, 2019: Card O' the Day: King of Pentacles, reversed. When the King of Pentacles is reversed, it can mean money woes. But today, I’m feeling he’s just sort of grumpy…maybe a little unsure or overwhelmed by the earthly duties he carries (taking care of the house, car, job, family members, pets, etc.). The grumpiness may look more like feeling dull and plodding or melancholy. Lacking any sort of oomph, one gets bogged down in tedious, dreary activities. Like sorting paperclips or running an alignment diagnostic on the printer.

Couple the above with the little hiccups from yesterday’s Nine of Cups, reversed, and I think we could all use a “mental health day.” Let the laundry sit in the dryer, leave the dishes in the sink, do as little as you must to make life work, and then Netflix and chill. You have my permission to dive into the Ben & Jerry’s, too.

October 11, 2019: Card O' the Day: Nine of Cups, reversed. As you find a rhythm in your endeavors and you start to see success, don’t you dare become complacent! Stay with it because you’re laying foundations and you can’t relax just yet. It’s like creating a new perennial garden. Once you’ve busted your butt to clear and prepare the space, you carefully plant the flowers, nurture them, deadhead the blooms, water every other day, etc. But then as they start to take off and you get busy with other things, the weeds start coming back and a few plants suffer from not getting enough water on their new roots. (Ask me how I know all this...…)

Your slacking off will have repercussions and you may lose a little of your forward momentum. However, don’t shrink in humiliation for having “failed”, just get back to doing what you need to do. Create habits of the necessary daily work so you don’t forget it or let it slide again…kinda like feeding the cat every day.

By adding this work to your daily routine, you’ll find inner happiness that doesn’t depend so much on your apparent success. You’ll find happiness in the work…which is what the Four of Pentacles was telling us yesterday.

October 10, 2019: Card O' the Day: Four of Pentacles, reversed. This card continues the thread of the Three of Pentacles we had the other day. By finding your life’s work and passions, you’ll need to risk making some changes. The biggest changes will come when you release any binding or confining earth energies. That may look like taking a few bags of unused stuff to the local thrift store, cleaning the garage, or purging your refrigerator. I dunno, you decide what stuff is cluttering up your space and what you’ll feel freer without.

A friend commented on his recent weight loss and he made a very good point about carrying excess weight as a form of self protection or as a way to defend himself. This card is about stripping away those defenses and protections that have prevented you from expressing your true self. Maybe you, too, will lose a few pounds or streamlining your wardrobe will serve the same purpose for you. Each person’s “release of earth energy” will look different.

Finally, as you let go of possessions, especially if they are of the “status” variety, reconsider what your actually need to feel secure and powerful. Here’s a hint, your power really lies within you, not in your Gucci bag. The less you care about status bags and cars and club memberships, the more you can relax and be you.

October 8, 2019: Card O' the Day: Three of Pentacles. The last card I posted didn’t bode well for your money situation or work. This one is bringing us wine and roses to that department! Through assimilation of your skills and spiritual work, you’ll find your life’s purpose. The work that gets you up in the morning with a spring in your step and eagerness to get to it. Kind of like me with the Tarot! It’s my passion and brings me great satisfaction. 

My path to professional Tarot card reading was a long one. I ignored the guide of my inner self for years. Why? I didn’t think I could do it, mostly. I don’t consider myself to be “psychic” and lawdy! remembering the definitions of 78 cards AND their reversals was too much for my tiny brain! But my personal truth won out, and I followed the path on the material plane that brought me wholeness and integration on my emotional, intellectual, and energetic planes as well. I want you to feel like this, too.

The Three suggests support and cooperation from others. Therefore, you don’t have to do this alone. You’re at the point of building a solid foundation that will support and recognize your worth and talents. This cooperation will lead to success and employment in your chosen field.

October 4, 2019: Card O' the Day: Six of Pentacles, reversed. Sooooo… regarding that project we talked about yesterday that you’re working on with others or have just completed, you may not be paid for your share of the work as handsomely as you’d hoped. Material energy flows a little less smoothly with this card, so there may be some delays in getting paid or you’ll be paid less. 

This “less than” energy doesn’t necessarily involve money. You may feel short-changed or overlooked emotionally and not receive the kudos you think you deserve for your part in it all. This can indicate a hunger for attention, and I advise that you dryly, and without emotion, analyze the situation. If you really didn’t contribute all that much, then don’t expect ticker-tape parades for what you added. While it’s no fun being passed over, this too shall pass and you’ll get your day in the sun soon enough.

However, if you carried most of the load, and the director’s niece (who did almost nothing but fetch coffee) is getting all the recognition and/or a bonus, then speak up. But don’t forget to have your parts and contributions well documented so you can make a professional presentation to the director to bolster your argument.

October 3, 2019: Card O' the Day: Four of Wands. The energy of the suit of Wands finds its greatest fulfillment when we overcome the tendency to work or create something alone. This card is representative of concord within and participation in a “circle” of people. That “circle” could be at work, in a family, with your posse, in a ritual, within society, or as being a responsible human in this world. Working with direction, effectiveness, and TOGETHER, you all create something bigger, badder, greater, and more wondrous that any of you could have done individually.

This card also speaks of completion of a project, that it comes out well, and provides increase for all. Through an orderly and unified whole, y’all done a good thing. Time to pat yourself on the back and share a round at the local pub. You did this thing together, so be sure to celebrate together, too.

October 2, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Emperor, reversed. We are on a roll this week! Three Major Arcana in a row! Today’s Emperor, reversed, is representing the autocratic and self-righteousness of some of the belief systems that we talked about yesterday. (These belief systems don’t have to be organized religion, by any means. I am NOT bashing your church or faith.) ANY belief that you may hold, including racism, homophobia, fear or disregard of disabled people, any prejudice you may hold or were taught as a child can be limiting to you. It’s limiting because it holds you separate from your fellow humans.

Our reversed Emperor is telling you these thought patterns are coming from a place of fear and weakness. Fear of anyone “other.” Weakness in that you’re too inert, shy, or stuck in your ways to change your mind about things. It’s my humble opinion each of us has been put here on Earth for a divine purpose. Maybe a BIG purpose like finding a cure for cancer or a little purpose that just involves being in the right place at the right time. Universe has given each of us a space to take up. In whatever way you take up that space, it was designed for you. In whatever way your fellow humans take up their space, it was designed just for them. 

Remember folks, we all bleed red. It’s time to examine some of your beliefs more closely and perhaps kick a few to the curb.

October 1, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Hierophant. Annnnnd THIS is why yesterday was such a crap-fest for some of us. Today’s Hierophant is representing the energies digging around in your brain that will stimulate inner growth and awakening. He’s all about the search for inner meaning…outer meaning, too, actually, as in “Where do I fit into the Big Picture and why?” This is timeless knowledge you didn’t know you didn’t know or that you needed it, but now’s the time to educate yourself. This can be uncomfortable because it requires self-examination and change.

The Hierophant offers a gift of inner or spiritual perception that goes beyond the merely logical thinking represented by The Emperor. Along with this natural intuitive perception comes the discipline and discernment of your inner voice that will help you understand and feel YOUR truth rather than simply mouthing the words or practicing the rituals taught by someone else.

As you come to know YOUR spiritual truth, I invite you to release the guilt that’s so often taught in organized belief systems and live your life according to your values and in harmony with the natural laws of society. (That part is important because prison is no fun.) You have the freedom to take knowledge and advice (even mine!) and decide what to keep and adopt as valid for you, or what to discard, as you make your way on your path.

September 30, 2019: Card O' the Day: Temperance, reversed. Maybe it’s just Monday or you’re on your period, but internal balance—physically, emotionally, intellectually—is whacked! Your scattered thoughts and energies leave you feeling weak and dissipated but at the same time strangely energized and excited. If you tried to nap, you’d just toss and turn without resting. Okay, try some aerobic exercise to get the juices flowing…whimper, whine…I’m too tiiiiiiiiired. Well, crap.

In this kind of condition, you’ll be distracted and highly inefficient. Things will seem very black and white, all or nothing. If it’s not PERFECT, it goes straight to the garbage, which means everything you touch goes into the garbage because you can’t do squat today with any skill or expertise. Tears of frustration, anyone?

And yet, through all this craziness, you have a strange intuitive sense of the right combination of elements that are required to launch you forward into your next big thing. It’s right there on the tip of your tongue…. But you just can’t articulate or grasp it. ARRRRGH! 

What to do? Relax and stop trying so hard to make these wispy thoughts concrete. It’ll come to you and be clear as a bell when it does. Meanwhile, go to the gym, take a yoga class, go for a hard bike ride, or any other physical exercise. Force yourself. The blast of endorphins and smugness for having worked out will make you feel as though you accomplished something despite your crazy condition. And then just be….

September 27, 2019: Card O' the Day: Prince of Pentacles. These Prince types are self-contained and simply ooze high values, security, and order. Simply because they have their shit together, it helps you get yours together, too. He’s a good co-worker and friend to have.

However, the Prince of Pentacles can be a little stuck in his ways, so I feel his appearance today is to remind us to shake things up a little sometimes. Try a different flavor ice cream—I’m not talking the whole cone, but just the little spoon. (You never know; you might like it!) Meet new people, take a different route or bus to work, or change SOMEthing in your life just to be different. Different is good for the Prince of Pentacles.

The final, and best, lesson from our good Prince is he’s about letting go of expectations about yourself (the shoulda, woulda, couldas) and others around him. He helps us come to understand that we have to accept people as they are. We can control our own behavior, beliefs, and actions, but not that of others. Expecting a blind man to see just because you want him to admire your new car ain’t gonna happen. Expecting your cold and distant mother to congratulate you on graduating with honors is only setting yourself up for heartache. Therefore, stop expecting people to do things they are completely incapable of doing. Ask me how I know….

September 25, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Sun. Consider this a reeeeeeeaaaaallllly B-I-G affirmation of growth and the assurance the new beginnings you’re so longing for are right around the corner. You’re on the right path for you and are moving forward and planning for what you think is your perfect future.

This card speaks of being alive and present in the moment. Be sure to DO it and not just read about it in today’s Card O’ the Day. I don’t know what being alive or participating in joy looks like for you, but make sure you dwell, wallow, roll around, and squish in it. (We should all try to do that a little each day, actually.)

Take pleasure in your corporeal body, or “skin suit”, as you revel in the experience of being here on earth. It’s true that some of you may not like the outer appearance of your skin suit. However, marvel at what the lump of flesh that carries your brain and soul can do—even if that’s limited when compared to others. This card represents the wisdom of letting go of thoughts of “I’m less than” and acceptance of what each of us has been given to work with. Enjoy the snot out of it today.

September 24, 2019: Card O' the Day: Five of Cups, reversed. Yesterday there was something you NEEDED to get done (in reality wanted to get done, but you reeeeeaaaaaallllllly waaaaaaaaaaanted to get it done ten minutes ago), but road blocks prevented you from accomplishing your goal on YOUR time line.

Today, your heart has wisely understood the situation, returned you to emotional stability, and trotted out your normal coping skills. This has you feeling better this morning about the necessary waiting that had your panties in such a bunch yesterday. 

In addition to feeling less stressed about waiting for the “thing”, you’re able to transform that resistance and disappointment of yesterday into something better and more constructive. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to go mow my pasture today while I wait. Good hard work outside on a gorgeous day can cure a plethora of ills!

September 23, 2019: Card O' the Day: Two of Pentacles, reversed. The Suit of Pentacles governs our physical world such as money, job, finances, the nuts and bolts of making life happen, contracts, and your own body. Today, though, I’m getting a money vibe.

Now that you’ve made a decision about something, you’re reeeeeaaaaalllly ready for it to happen. End the one thing so the new thing can get underway. However, when the Two of Pentacles is reversed, that means delays and setbacks prevent you from going at your preferred break-neck pace. Like, you need to talk to someone to finalize but they just went on vacation so now you have to wait for them to get back. That kind of crap that makes you roll your eyes and bang your head on your desk.

Trust the delays. Universe is slowing you down on purpose. You may need to change the order of things, shift your perspective, or re-organize certain financial matters to BETTER achieve your goal. Conversely, during your review, you’ll see you need to drop the matter entirely. Good thing you were delayed! At any rate, try to be patient….

September 20, 2019: Card O' the Day: Five of Wands. As you blaze forth into a fresh endeavor, any collaborative efforts required or enjoyed start to get a little too aggressive. Your ego threatens to push you past healthy competition into pettiness and rivalry. You may be tempted to over-spend if “the other guy” shows up with something new.

The best way to picture this energetic signature is a basketball team. During practice, the teammates work on their own skills and play more individually. This pushing, shoving, “skins and shirts” play tests skills and strategic positions. But often, tempers flare during these kind of scrimmage games as egos puff and you try to get a leg up on your teammates who have suddenly become rivals. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to transform this petty friction into a well-oiled team that works together towards the goal—never mind who scores the winning basket.

Therefore, re-organize your efforts to maximize your results. Even if you’re working on a project by yourself, look to where you’re getting in your own way by doing things “My Waaaaaaaaaaaay” and not allowing others to help or offer pearls of wisdom. Teamwork with others or simply Me, Myself, and I will get you to the prize without getting your nose out of joint.

September 18, 2019: Card O' the Day: Seven of Pentacles. More pentacles means working with yesterday’s Princess to get where you want to go. The Princess energy signifies new experiences. The seven here suggests a change of direction—but not a complete change of direction. More like tweaking to maximize your results. 

Unfortunately for those of us who want instant gratification and immediate results, it ain’t gonna happen. Don’t panic and think you’re failing; just work hard towards your goal and ultimately you’ll get rewarded. I mean, c’mon, you’re not going to lose 15 pounds in two days of dieting. It’ll take eating right and sticking to an exercise regimen for at LEAST a month to reach that kind of goal. Probably more like two months because those last 5 are a bitch-kitty.

Meanwhile, make the most of your resources by weeding, purging, and removing what you don’t need or doesn’t serve you well. If you don’t have to clean it, water it, insure it, or store it, you’re saving time, space, and money. This will keep you constructively occupied while you wait for your “I did it!” moment.

September 17, 2019: Card O' the day: Princess of Pentacles. The Princess of Pentacles is pretty self-reliant but her appearance is a reminder to keep your eyes and ears open for possibilities that aren’t only of your making. Meaning, somebody else may have a good idea for something that would work for you. Don’t put on blinders and only act upon what you’ve created yourself. Pay special attention to tangible things right now such as jobs, homes, cars, etc. and any contracts that might be involved with acquiring those things.

This card also speaks of abilities you have yet to discover and probably won’t know how to use right away. Therefore, schooling or study of the subject will be required, but you won’t care because it’ll be utterly fascinating! You’ll just want to keep learning and learning because of a thirst for knowledge…never mind if it brings gain other than a stuffed and happy brain.

Finally, our good Princess reminds us to live life fully and not only during good times. For me, this summer has been tough, but these tough times have helped me learn some serious lessons and offered a good contrast to the ease and happiness in which I’ve been living. This contrast shows me just how good the good has been. So, release any resentment you may have for the hard times and live from your heart.

September 16, 2019: Card O' the Day: Nine of Swords, Reversed. The good news is that you’re coming back to the surface after hitting bottom. The sucky part was having to hit bottom in the first place. Now the trick to this situation is NOT bobbing to the surface like nothing ever happened. Like in SCUBA diving, you’ll get “ the bends” if you come up too quickly. Meaning, your speedy ascent will make you sick all over again. Therefore, as you slowly come back to normal, use this forced stasis well to  rest, think, and digest the wisdom that you’ve worked so painfully to come to.

During the “bottom time”, you’ve been compelled to face some painful truths about people and things in your life. Therefore, you need to do some soul-searching to explore your fears, and any negative feelings towards yourself, that got you into this mess in the first place. Why did you over-spend/eat/drink? Why did you cross oceans for people who wouldn’t cross a puddle for you? Why did your mere “I would like…” morph into desperate NEEDING?

Things are now improving and you can have hope for an easier fall. However, take your lessons and truths with you (you worked too hard for them to just toss them in the kitchen junk drawer) so you don’t have to travel this particular path again.

September 13, 2019: Card O' the Day: Three of Cups. Well then. I guess I was wrong and it wasn’t too late to make amends and/or get things sorted. Yay for that because no one likes conflict or having to end relationships of any kind.

This card is all about celebration. Perhaps you moved past the miscommunications and are having a drink out to cement the reconciliation. Or you’re celebrating the end of that toxic relationship. At any rate, take a minute to feel joy, choose joy, and wallow in that joy!

This card also brings us control of our emotions, sharper intuition, positive energy, new ideas, and possibilities of all kinds. Therefore, be open and aware of the little signals from Universe that something this way comes…. Follow the fun and let the sunshine in!

September 11, 2019: Card O' the Day: Ace of Swords, reversed. Our communication problems suggested yesterday continue today. The reversal of this Ace indicates it might be too late since harsh words have already been spoken. This leads us to quick, snarling fits of temper, lack of confidence, disturbing thoughts, and general mental stress.

If you’ve tried to approach the other party and Plan A didn’t work, then logic dictates you need a Plan B. However, before implementing Plan B, ask yourself where your OWN fault lies? Do you need to apologize for anything (ego and emotions aside on this, be HONEST with yourself)? Do you need to forgive anything? This card can represent resistance to the truth, so it’s vital that you think about this issue to be sure you’re being fair on both sides.

It could be the situation has gone too far and the only solution is to cut yourself off from the problem and refuse to engage further. That will probably be painful. Allow yourself to grieve if you need to. If it’s not painful but rather a huge relief, then treat yourself to something nice and skip along your way free of that encumbrance!

September 10, 2019: Card O' the Day: Two of Cups, reversed. When I talk about a “relationship”, I don’t necessarily mean a romantic one. We have all kinds of relationships with family, friends, co-workers, and business partners as well as lovers. When the Two of Cups, a “relationship” card, is reversed, it means any one of your relationships could be having trouble.

This card indicates miscommunications and emotional misunderstandings. Things just aren’t working out right now! This situation will only get worse until one of you makes a move to clear the air. It might as well be you…put your Big Kid pants on and be the mature one to either make things better or end them altogether.

As for those business deals or partnerships, the reversed Two indicates you’ll do better to work alone because waste and/or folly are present here. However, I just said you need to be wearing your Big Kid pants, so don’t refuse to cooperate just because you’re feeling wounded or are having a snit. (This caution about refusing to cooperate goes for all relationships.)

September 2, 2019: Card O' the Day: Judgment, reversed. Wherever I go, there I am…again, my personal life is intruding on our Card O’ the Day. As most of you know, my mom is making the big move from our family home of 50 years to a senior living apartment. It’s the VERY best thing for her to do at this point in her life, and I’m proud of her for coming to this conclusion and working towards that goal.

However, this whole process of hers is not completely separated from me. I feel like my comfort and security of old ways, means, and possessions is threatened as my childhood home is emptied and readied for the next owners. This difficult transition means I’m one step closer to the ultimate and inevitable changes of old age and death for my mother and eventually me! Yet, through it all, I try to keep a stiff upper lip and not reveal to anyone how insecure I really feel.

Even though Mom’s doing a lot on her own, I’m helping in many ways. Logistics piled on top of my emotional state leave me feeling overburdened by everything (see Ten of Wands from the other day). Despite all that, I’m working towards improvement and am deliberate about sticking to these necessary decisions! Time marches on; resistance is futile.

September 1, 2019: Card O' the Day: Eight of Pentacles, reversed. The suit of Pentacles is about the physical world: job, house, car, your body, picking up the dry cleaning, grocery shopping, schlepping kids to various practices, etc. The Eight is a pretty significant work-related card, and when reversed, it represents a less than a yippie-skippy career at the moment. You may simply be bored and need a vacation, or it might be time to revamp your resume and look for something better.

If it’s not your actual job that’s being difficult, then problems lie with your perception of your physical world. Impatience, procrastination, loss of focus, nit-picking at little things so you don’t “have time” for the big things, and so on reflect your restlessness for something else. Ennui, believe it or not, signals it’s time for a different approach. After all, if you were still that excited about what you were doing, you wouldn’t feel so rut-bound now, would you?

Money and/or bills might be weighing heavily on your shoulders, too. So here I am telling you to look for a new job because you’re bored, but yet you’re struggling to find the next month’s rent! All the more reason to start actively seeking better employment. The Eight of Pentacles, upright, sometimes indicates retraining or enhancing skills. I feel it in the reversal, too. Find education grants—they’re out there—and demand more for yourself.

August 31, 2019: Card O' the Day: Temperance. How appropriate that we get Temperance today. We’ve been juggling responsibilities, tasks, chores, obligations, “gotta do’s” with a couple “wanna do’s” squished in between for quite some time.

Temperance teaches us that life is actually always in balance. What seems totally out of whack in one area is in reality maintaining the equilibrium with the thing in stagnation, stasis, or serenity. However, you don’t notice the serenity at the other end of the spectrum because the “whacked” thing is the loudest noise in your world at the moment. That’s how a lot of us live: giving all our attention to the loudest noise and missing the quiet that’s also present. And you wonder why you stress-eat pints of Ben & Jerry’s?

Therefore, today we’re reminded to find the serenity in our lives. Shut out the loud crap you’ve been multitasking and breathe for a minute. I love going to psychic fairs and expos, but after several hours of smiling, chatting, reading, and caring for my clients, I HAVE to be still for a minute. How do I do that? I go to the ladies’ room and shut myself in a stall! There I just sit, let my smile relax, and have a minute by myself. So, if you’re at work, go sit in the lavatory. If you’re driving somewhere, turn off the radio. If you’re at home, go sit under a tree for 5 minutes and just turn off the noise.

August 30, 2019: Card O' the Day: Ten of Wands. Still reading for myself and my personal situation….

The Ten of Wands represents feeling—or actually being—overextended. You have so many responsibilities! Yes, they require self-sacrifice and a large dollop of generosity. Nevertheless you’re dedicated to these tasks, to the bitter end, so that others may flourish. Some of these responsibilities can be shared or delegated (look for the ones you can pass off to someone else), other things can simply wait until your plate clears a little.

The good news is this card is a “10” which means the ending is nigh and these problems will soon be solved. Whew! However, there’s a snake slithering through the grass and its name is Anger and Resentment. Keep reminding yourself you’re doing these things for the greater good of another. Your sacrifice will be rewarded, and the end of this heavy responsibility is near. Do. Not. Let. Anger and Resentment take up space in your head or heart. That stuff burns like acid and will ruin all the good will you’ve earned for doing what you’re doing.

August 29, 2019: Card O' the Day: Two of Pentacles. Sorry folks, I still seem to be reading for myself. If you recall, we had the Two of Pentacles just eight days ago. 

My mother called a little while ago today and we discussed the logistics of her big move. Again. I then drew the Card O’ the Day and, surprise! the Two of Pentacles returned to remind me that I HAVE the ability to handle this big, complex challenge with ease and grace. How? Well, this card is linked, via its infinity symbol, to Strength and The Magician. Therefore, magic and strength are with me as I navigate this change. I just have to trust….  

As for the rest of you NOT helping your mother move, this card tells us that changes are more easily made now than at any other time. Take advantage! Do practice healthy personal boundaries because some of your difficulty with the changes could be emotion-based reactions. (Note to self…) However, this is a time of logical sense and not emotional clinging.

August 28, 2019: Card O' the Day: Four of Cups, reversed. When the Four of Cups gets reversed, it means you’re restless…but in a good way. Breaking out of a fallow period of discontent, you’re thirsting for fresh experiences. Suddenly, old problems seem so easy to solve with an obvious (but not until now) solution. Perhaps something you thought was dead in the water and a pointless pursuit can be revived, tweaked, and made useful. At any rate, this card bodes well for the transformation of your boredom and apathy.

Another aspect of the reversed Four is that you’re going to be extra “psychic” right now. Your “Spidey Senses” are on fleek! The trick will be to not get overwhelmed by all the fancy la-la woo-woo-ness if you’re not used to being tapped in to Universe. Keep one foot on the floor at all times to keep the spinning to a minimum and perhaps have your favorite grounding crystal handy.

August 27, 2019: Card O' the Day: King of Pentacles. I may have drawn this card for myself…my fall season started of with a bang and a lot of driving. I’m at home now for a goodly week before having to go out again, so I feel this King is reminding me of the pleasures, security, and stability of home. My home is a settled place in this chaotic world, and I’m king of my castle! 

The King of Pentacles represents the energy of Spirit and your connectedness with Earth. He embodies the dual nature of both introspection and intuition. When he’s not out being social—and he does enjoy people—he uses his quiet time to access his inner wisdom and tranquility through his well integrated masculine and feminine energies.

Even though you may not be in a “leader” type position on the material plane, you have internal leadership capabilities and instincts. Trust them. You’re not stupid nor helpless. The appearance of this king is meant to be a catalyst for developing your self-confidence in the material world; therefore, that leadership position might not be too far off.

August 22, 2019: Card O' the Day: Prince of Swords. This Prince is the epitome of a young man going off on his first adventure! Fearless, dynamic, independent, individualistic, and impatient as all get out; he’s hell bent for leather and has the pedal to the metal! He wants to MOVE IT and push all his boundaries. Um…but the directions and goals may still be up in the air for this guy.

There are some necessary decisions that need to be addressed fairly soon. It also could be that Universe takes over and you have to just be prepared for those decisions to be made for you and roll with them. This may seem like your world is being blown up a little, but these new ideas/relationships/interests have been waiting and are rather tired of hanging out until you get off your butt.

Now, this Prince can also be very closed-minded, seeing as how he’s “always right” in his world. Therefore, his appearance today is a reminder to ground your ideas and ambitions in reality. I know I just said Universe could take over and make decisions for you, but you still have the free will to say “no, I’m not comfortable with that.” This card is about speed, so if you have the time, double check the details of any opportunities being shoved at you. If it doesn’t feel good in your gut, then don’t. But also have a little faith and dare….

August 21, 2019: Card O' the Day: Two of Pentacles. The Two of Pentacles represents big changes that will ultimately bring new stability. This will require balancing or juggling the various needs and obligations of your life. The question is whether you can do so with grace or do you see every aspect of the change an obstacle or agitation that’s just there to mess with you? Are you fraught with anxiety about the whole thing?

Welp. I know that I’m pretty darned fraught. My mother is making the big move from her family home of 50yrs to a smaller senior living apartment. Lots of fear, logistics, and planning go into such a big move for an elderly lady and therefore, she’s looking to me for help. I’m doing all I can to ease the way for her AND continue to live my own life as a business owner, wife, and “mom” to 11 animals. I’ll admit to failing the “grace” part and to being an anxious, agitated mess.

However, as “done” as I feel right now, I’m still upright and moving my feet. This card tells me to live in the moment because these next days or week need 100% of my attention. Therefore, I’ve stopped planning my Christmas shopping. Control of my precious personal resources is ESSENTIAL right now, and I’m all about self-care to keep my own equilibrium and balance. Otherwise, if I become a dithering, drooling puddle, I’m no help to my mom when she needs me the most. One day and one step at a time….

August 15, 2019: Card O' the Day: Ten of Pentacles. The Ten of Pentacles is here to tell us it’s going to be okay. Life will work itself out. You’re on a good path for finding security and financial stability. This card is acknowledging what you’ve accomplished thus far. True, it ain’t been easy, but you’re determined and pushing through. (And yes, you’re allowed to have cry-baby moments in between all your strong times. I certainly have them with beautiful regularity!) 

We have another 10 today, and y’all know what that means…something is ending that should be so you can begin something new. Now, an “ending” can mean the end of a semester at school, or the end of summer before you go back to school. It doesn’t have to mean the “Ending of All Life as You Know It and a Complete Transformation.” A 10 in the suit cards is not as dire of an ending as say the Death or Tower cards among the Major Arcana.

Before the ending takes place, however, enjoy your surroundings and bask a bit in them. Look deeper than their shiny (or tattered) surfaces and give thanks for what has served you. Celebrate your personal wealth of spirit and enjoy your life to the fullest.

August 14, 2019: Card O' the Day: Prince of Pentacles. Yesterday I had the feeling that our work of “letting go” was moving up to our heads and today’s Prince of Pentacles validates that feeling. He’s ready to let go of expectations about himself and others. (Judgment, anyone?) By releasing these expectations, you can make space for a new quality of stillness and acceptance of what “is.” (Two of Wands, reversed. What? Are we just recapping the last five cards?)

The quality of this Prince is of being “home” within yourself. You already have all the power, control, determination, joy, and everything else you really need within you. However, you don’t truly believe that because the hesitation and lack of daring to move forward stems from a certain level of poor self-worth. Keep chanting “I’m enough!” until it sticks.

The energy inherent in this card is sustainable…it’s not a flashy paper fire that burns quickly and then goes out. We’re talking energy for long-term goals and plans. That said, you do have to remain flexible. Sometimes we hit snags or get thrown a curveball and have to make up a Plan B on the fly. Don’t get stuck in a rut on your way to The Goal. Remember, it’s the journey, the lessons you learn along the way, and the things you see and enjoy, not The Goal, that’s the meaning of life.

August 13, 2019: Card O' the Day: Ten of Swords. When this card turned over, I thought fer cryin’ out loud, it’s only raining! No need for the histrionics of the Ten of Swords! But then I dug deeper and came up with a few of the finer points of the Ten. Firstly, it’s a 10, which indicates endings that make way for beginnings. In fact, an extreme situation is already beginning to change, if you take a closer look.

The keywords associated with the Ten are liberation, acceptance, expansion, and turning towards greater spirituality. There’s also a certain amount of sassiness, which I applaud! The animal for this card is the boar, who represents healing, determination, power, and protection. And pigs are SMART! The mini pig my neighbors used to have was sassy, too….

The cards of late have been a lot about managing the changes in our lives. How we have to let go of stuff to make room for the new growth. Apparently, the ten of Swords is no different. But because this card is governed by mental energy, I would say the letting go and changing has moved to our heads. Sure, you’ve cleaned out the garage so the car fits again, but have you cleared out your mind of beliefs that hold you back and thoughts that cripple you into staying in bad situations; have you loved yourself enough to MENTALLY let go?

August 12, 2019: Card O' the Day: Two of Wands, reversed. Three days ago we got the Two of Pentacles. Two’s in general can indicate conflict, thus the “juggling” connotation attached to the Two of Pentacles. Today we have the Two of Wands…conflict again, but this time combined with energy. Think the Two of Pentacles on steroids. AND! It gets better! The Two of Wands is REVERSED, which makes it’s energy even more volatile.

Now, “volatile” isn’t a “bad thing.” Volatile means things can happen quickly, unexpectedly, and improve just when you’d about lost all hope for things working out the way you want them to. Therefore, continue to live in the moment and not judge what “is” in this little bit of time, because the Two of Wands says ANYthing can change at the drop of a dime.

More than ever, trust in Universe. The changes in fortune heralded by this card don’t come about by your hard work and will power but by miracles and synchronicity. Be receptive to changing plans within hours. Don’t say “next week I’ll have time.” If a golden opportunity plops in your lap, MAKE time and space to take advantage of it right now.

August 11, 2019: Card O' the Day: Judgment. By accepting what “is” rather than living your life in dreams of something different or “better”, then you can understand, based upon that information, what new direction to take or changes to make. Without drama or judgment, transformation takes place with a new insight that allows you to be in the present and enjoy it as it is TODAY. You may be surprised by the feelings of freedom you’re flooded with as you’re released from certain responsibilities and the constant feeling of obligation.

Expect an influx of psychic awareness and an understanding of the purity of your spirit. You’ll find a sense of Self that’s been earned through your experiences. Old belief systems and behavioral habits will fall away and no longer hold you rigid and inflexible.

When you can understand, without judgment, what “is” about a situation, you may feel a forgiveness so great that you’re able to see a little of yourself in everyone around you. When you can see that we are ALL human, then what you judged as “other than you” and therefore “bad” falls away and suddenly those differences are okay…just different and you don’t have to DO anything about it.

August 9, 2019: Card O' the Day: Two of Pentacles. The Two of Pentacles represents the relationship between available time, energy, and material resources and the perceived need of those. It’s necessary to balance your “daily grind” or the nuts and bolts of life with your true purpose of being here…to have fun!

This card allows changes to happen more easily. Therefore, anything that still needs to be purged will leave with less drama and gnashing of teeth. These harmonious changes will allow for personal growth and rebuilding of strength lost during the last few weeks of chaos. Despite all this good news, new projects will be difficult to launch. Too much fluctuation and juggling is going on to concentrate on starting something new. 

As you maintain your balance during this juggle fest, don’t compartmentalize your life. Drop judgments or preferences and be in the moment. Figure out how to be light-hearted at work and do a little work-supportive networking while out having fun. Develop your witty 15-second “elevator speech” so you can casually slip your business card to just about anyone. Your gut will tell you when it’s appropriate to do so.

August 6, 2019: Card O' the Day: Princess of Wands, reversed. With all the “letting go” we’re being asked to do lately, it’s no surprise some of you may be resisting. “Nooooooo…not thaaaaaat.” Yep. Sorry, “that” has to go, too. It feels more like things are being taken from you rather than you freely releasing them. That’s okay, and I think it’s perfectly normal to feel ripped off and the rug being pulled out from under you.

The outward manifestation of your feelings might look like hesitation and uncertainty (some may accuse you of procrastinating) that delays the inevitable or necessary. Others of you may affect a “too cool for school” attitude and hide your inner turmoil.

Either way, your emotional process is normal, you’re allowed to have it, and your feelings are valid. Look at this as a “Learning Moment” (I know, total eye-roll, right?) and keep doing your work.

August 5, 2019: Card O' the Day: Ace of Pentacles. We have another Ace…. On July 19th we received the Ace of Wands, on the 20th, we got the Ace of Swords. The Ace of Wands reappeared on July 30th; today we have the Ace of Pentacles. Aces are all about new beginnings. Most of the cards between these Aces have been about letting go and making space for new growth.

The Ace of Pentacles heralds commercial success, physical security, and rewards for your labors. How nice for you…. It also represents yearnings and the necessity for deep, spiritual nourishment. There are unsatisfied desires, needs, and wants that have gone unfulfilled for too long. Thus all that crap about letting go of what doesn’t serve you, leaving behind stagnant situations, ending toxic relationships, and so on to give you the space for getting those needs and wants fulfilled already!

The silver lining to this card (no, the silver lining isn’t the material stuff, that’s just the surface of the card) is a shift in your consciousness that brings you new wisdom and knowledge. You’re RECOGNIZING there are problems, what they are, who they’re with, and that you’re not going to stand for it anymore. Welcome to executing your plans and actually walking your path rather than just chanting your mantras and lighting incense.

August 4, 2019: Card O' the Day: Five of Cups, reversed. Universe is just SHOVING us forward and demanding we get rid of sh*t and GROW, dammit!!!! It. Is. Time. To. Move. On.

This card represents the determination and fortitude you have to overcome misfortune and anxiety. You’re able to transform your resistance to change or disappointment that something is ending into something better. Hard decisions have been or are being made; expect to be rewarded for your efforts and to experience changes in your lifestyle.

Another meaning of this card is that some of you completely deny anything is wrong in your lives. All good!! Happy, happy!! But ignoring your pain, putting on a happy face, and frantically doing busy work only keeps you locked in your grief and/or victimhood. You can’t move through/past something you won’t even acknowledge. Take control of your life; don’t let others control it for you.

August 3, 2019: Card O' The Day: Seven of Pentacles. The Seven of Pentacles represents assessments and resulting changes of direction based upon the information gathered. Clearing and purging of the old emotions, stuff, people, and clutter allow you to heal and make space for the new growth and rewards coming (see yesterday’s reversed Hermit and the Eight of Cups from the day before).

Don’t waste a drop of your resources; they’re blessings and should be treated as such. Therefore take care to tend your projects or life events so that you can immediately fix little things that go awry before they become gigantic, expensive disasters.

Above all…patience. Some things just can’t be rushed.

August 2, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Hermit, reversed. When The Hermit is upright, he indicates a time of self-study and “me time.” When reversed, this self-study and “me time” becomes darker. There’s a need to plunge into and dissect an emotional experience or an ongoing situation in search of why you feel the way you do. And more importantly, why you put up with the situation as it is. You’ve been concealing or ignoring facts from yourself. It’s time to face the unpleasant truth that you’ve been following or trusting the wrong people.

What’s needed is a period of stasis and renunciation of what no longer serves you, what no longer fits, or what never fit in the first place but you were to blind to believe it. Like the Eight of Cups yesterday, there’s more walking away and letting go with the reversed Hermit.

Be careful, though, that you don’t isolate yourself from needed resources or from those who can help you right now. It’s okay to be a little anti-social for a time, but the only way to truly cleanse yourself of this dark energy is to talk to someone about it. It might be time for a session with your therapist or clergy person.

Peace be with you.

August 1, 2019: Card O' the Day: Eight of Cups. A time of growth and evolution brings liberation and happiness as you seek your higher purpose. After all, what could bring more joy than addressing your inner needs and wants?

Welp…sometimes those inner needs and wants require that you let go of something or someone. That transforming journey reveals that a vital piece has been missing for a long time or was never there. You were willing to do without and ignore the red flags, but it’s getting harder and harder. This thing will have to, at the very least, change shape or end altogether.

Deepen your insight as you approach your limit of doing without. Observe what comes when you speak your needs. And, perhaps, mourn the losses as you move forward and leave behind what must be left.

July 30, 2019: Card O' the Day: Ace of Wands, reversed. July 19th we had this same card. De ja vu, all over again….

And back to THAT same old song and dance: Doubt with a little soft shoe of hesitation. It seems like whenever we get a little momentum going and we’re feeling kinda sassy, the fear and worry of looking like an idiot takes over. Since when do we have to be like everyone else (okay, since about the fifth grade, but I digress)?

What are you afraid of? Your power? What will happen if you let yourself off the leash? What the church ladies will say if you bring hummus and pita chips instead of potato salad to the church supper!?!??!?

The celebrities we admire (Madonna, David Bowie, Prince, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Freddie Mercury, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Neil Armstrong, Rosa Parks, etc., etc.) were/are OUT THERE. Who says you can’t be a little out there, too. Final question: why do you believe it’s okay for everyone else to have power but not you?

July 29, 2019: Card O' the Day: Justice. This card is about the divine intervention needed to create Universal Balance. It’s like volcanos or earthquakes…pressure builds, things go ka-BOOM, and balance is restored. Clarity and honesty help you make things right as you direct your life with character and integrity.

One of the first laws of physics is there’s an equal and opposite reaction to every action. Cause and effect. Your bullshit is coming home to roost, and you’re being challenged to balance your ego with your Higher Self. That means walking the walk and not just flapping your gums.

Since the Prince of Swords is ready to rock and roll and our Hanged Man is awake, I think some of us are about to take—or will be forced to take—a hard look at Self. It’s getting to be time to say/do the Truth. The REAL truth…not your version of the “truth” but the raw, less exciting or dramatic truth you’ve been telling everyone and/or yourself. It’s time to face the good, bad, and ugly in your life and get real with it.

July 28, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Hanged Man, reversed. When The Hanged Man is reversed it speaks of waking up and becoming unstuck. And now that you’re awake, you’re rarin’ to go (Prince of Swords yesterday)! However, like the Prince’s message to ground your goals in reality, you’re again being asked to slow down and take inventory of the situation before gadding off after the first shiny object you see.

In particular, the reversed Hanged Man is about spiritual awakenings. Maybe you’re becoming a little more aware of the coincidences or serendipities that seem to happen more and more often. That’s good! Just be aware there are many people out there who have the latest and greatest program that can help you become “fully awake” and reach your “highest starlight potential.” The cost is merely your first-born child (the advanced program will cost you a kidney), but in the grand scheme of things, what’s your child or kidney when you’ll be ONE WITH UNIVERSE!?

It’s said that when a baby bird hatches, it imprints on the first living thing it sees. Don’t be like a baby duck and follow a guru to the ends of the earth and your wallet. You have many more answers in your own heart and soul than you think. And they don’t cost a kidney.

July 27, 2019: Card O' the Day: Prince of Swords. Ooooh! Y’all are just itchin’ to MOVE!! The Prince of Swords is about fast movement forward and fast, racing thoughts. He knows what he’s talking about and decides what to do next on a dime. He’s also damn near impossible to work with since, of course, he’s totally right and you’re dumber than a bag of hammers.

Let’s take the good parts and temper the less (ahem) “desirable” parts. Yes, do a little free thinking and see where your mind takes you. Outlandish is okay because the next step is to ground those ideas in reality and feasibility. Communicate your thoughts clearly, but don’t be an ass about it. Diplomacy! If you can blend the derring-do, quick wit, and gung-ho forward motion of this Prince with courtesy, a little deference, and respect for your colleagues, you’ll be unstoppable! 

Remember that we’re still in Mercury retrograde until the 2nd of August so it’ll be a challenge not to alienate friends, piss off your boss, or just generally stick your foot in your mouth. Good luck with that.

July 26, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Wheel, reversed. We received a blast of energy with the Seven of Wands the other day, but since Mercury is still in retrograde, that means the energy is a bit wonky as evidenced by the reversed Wheel of Fortune. It’s not bad luck, just spotty….like a car slipping it’s gears before it catches and can zoom forward.

Gains will still come, but they’ll be smaller and more short term. Plan accordingly. Alternatively, timing may be off and you just need to wait. 

At any rate, I still feel a nice up-swing in fortunes and energy. Be patient and roll with it.

July 22, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Magician. Oooooh! Kids! The Magician is HERE. And I don’t mean he’s present with other cards to put in his two cents’ worth. I feel him take up the ROOM. Granted, I’m having a nice cup of strong tea and the caffeine could be talking, but I’m going to believe in magic for minute and take this card’s appearance as a HUGE jolt of encouragement.

Now that the Swords have cut through the fog and we’re clear and focused, we can use the ample resources The Magician represents to make life what it CAN be rather than settling for what is has been or is today. There are no boundaries or limits to our intellects when this kind of energy is zipping through us. This is the kind of brain activity that leads us to find what’s REALLY important, not just what we THINK is “important.”

The best part is that the resources necessary to manifest the dreams and hunches coming at us like buckshot is available. You have the creativity. You have the skill. Your knowledge, direction, and will are ready to make changes in your world if not in The World. We’re talking serious empowerment here. And do you know where all that’s coming from? You. Self-knowledge leads to empowerment, which leads to being happy. Not just “yeah, yeah, sure, sure, I’m happy.” No, I mean the “I’m deeply happy with WHO I am, and I can walk on air if I so choose” kind of happy.

July 21, 2019: Card O' the Day: Ten of Swords. Who knew clear vision could be such a problem? It’s brought to us again with the Ten of Swords to double down on yesterday’s Ace of Swords. All this clear vision and mental clarity is uncovering and forcing you to see some unpleasant truths. Whether that’s ten pounds gained or discovery that your kid has been doing drugs, it’s a harsh reality to look at this stuff. Try your best not to sink into exaggerated mental anguish over your problems and ride the “shoulda-woulda-coulda” guilt train deep into the night.

The good news is this card is a 10, which means endings that allow the beginnings of the Aces that appeared to us yesterday and the day before. We got the good news first, now we’re getting the bad news. However, there’s still more good news to come with this card, too: determination, fortitude, and constructive force that leads to growth, rebirth, and acceptance. 

The herb that’s associated with this card is ephedra, which is supposed to promote sweating (like we need any help?). A really good sweat session can be extremely cleansing, and I can highly recommend a spiritual sweat lodge or sauna. If you don’t have access to either, a short jog around the block today will get you pretty drippy. The point is to move the stagnating water energy out of your body so you can get off the guilt train and make the most of the clear thinking ahead.

July 20, 2019: Card O' the Day: Ace of Swords. Another Ace! And upright this time, too!

It looks as though the last full moon’s energy has dissipated and we can all think straight once more. This card is all about mental clarity, insight, enlightenment, and “a-HA” moments. Having the lights back on, so to speak, allows for greater or renewed creativity that was stuck for the last little bit because of all the confusion. This is not only about new ideas but also about new ways to approach old ideas or problems. Therefore, revisit anything you’ve put on the shelf. I have a feeling you’ll figure it out this time.

Swords in general represent truth, communication, and justice or fair play. By receiving the Ace today, I think you’ll have the nerve to speak up, say your truth of what you want/need, and get it! There’s a thought…getting what’s yours fair and square! The final rumination on this card is “right place at the right time” energy. Couple that with your clear head and articulate communication, and I smell a nice upswing.

July 19, 2019: Card O' the Day: Ace of Wands, reversed. All these reversed cards must have something to do with the gnarly full moon we just had….

All aces indicate something new is about to happen or you’re moving in a new direction. The Ace of Wands can indicate budding new creations—whether in art, a knitted sweater, or a new and better mousetrap—or the energy to finally accomplish long-delayed goals. However, when it’s reversed, indications are the timing isn’t quite right. The energy is there but it’s running in circles without clear direction. It could be the blueprints for the new mousetrap still have a few glitches. The whole thing feels like having a word or concept right on the tip of your tongue but you can’t quite articulate it.

Try not to get frustrated or jump the gun. Sit back and breathe…allow things to develop and unfold organically. It’s kind of like a fart: if you have to force it, it’s probably sh*t.

July 18, 2019: Card O' the Day: Three of Wands, reversed. This card goes hand-in-hand with yesterday’s card in that work or projects continue to be harder than usual. Your general lack of focus means you’re not paying attention to details and/or planning things poorly. Carelessness and general sloppiness—totally out of character for you, I’m sure—make whatever you do get done rather haphazard. I’m betting you’ll have to go back and re-do a good portion of it because of the resulting low quality.

Now, being out of focus and kind of scattered is perfectly okay. The real crime here is being over ambitious and too proud to ask for help. Recognize you’re not at your best right now. Acknowledge your dip in creativity or productivity. Admit your limitations. Then, take responsibility for your current clumsiness and put off for later anything that needs you to be at your best. This is all a temporary cycle of troubles. However, it has the potential to teach you a valuable lesson: you’re not infallible and sometimes you need to back away before you make a total mess.

For those of you who simply cannot put life on hold until the current energy shifts, focus on smaller, less complicated tasks. Break a project into small segments and do all the easy parts first. By the time you get done with all the simple grunt work, this phase will have passed and you can tackle the heavy lifting again.

July 17, 2019: Card O' the Day: Princess of Pentacles, reversed. I seem to be reading for myself today.

The reversed Princess of Pentacles indicates distractions, wasted time, and dissipation of ideas or the energy to do a project. You may feel a certain loss of purpose…not The Purpose of My Life but more along the lines of “why did I come into the kitchen/living room/bathroom?” Clarity of thinking, linear thought (step 1, then step 2…), or grasping a new concept can be particularly difficult right now. Practicality suffers as well because you seem to take the “scenic route” on all things you do. Even taking a potty break becomes a half-hour endeavor as you get side-tracked by something else.

I find myself procrastinating and paying way too much attention to trivia rather than getting on with what I want/need to do. I read something interesting the other day about procrastination: it’s not that you’re being lazy by not doing the “thing”, but it’s more that you’re not emotionally ready to do it. Take cleaning the garage or a closet, for example. It needs to be done but you don’t do it and put 1,000 other things in line before getting to it. Then one day—boom—you tackle that job that’s been hanging around forever. And boy, does it ever feel GOOD to finally get it off your to-do list!

Therefore, if you’re usually pretty organized and take care of projects and chores in a timely manner, but are struggling at the moment, ease up on yourself. Let this current moon phase, planetary alignment, intestinal gas, or mood pass. You’ll stop getting lost on your way to the kitchen soon enough.

July 13, 2019: Card O' the Day: Nine of Swords, reversed. We have reiterations of the reversed Emperor with this card. Yesterday’s card gave us the choice of puffing and blustering or weakness and indecision. It looks like we use that puffing, fake smile, “I’m good” facade to hide the self-doubt, self-criticism, and timidity. Now, that’s okay temporarily. But if you find you’re FAKING being okay more than actually BEING okay, you may be hiding an underlying state of depression that needs to be actively treated so you can be rid of it. Some people wander along through a deep depression for YEARS without doing anything about it. Don’t let that be you.

The good news coming with this card is the learning of life lessons from this psycho-emotional work so that you don’t repeat the awfulness. Yes, it’s painful work that sucks balls, but it’s necessary. You cannot ignore your pain forever. Deal with it so you can be free of it. This card represents the first steps up and out of the darkness.

July 12, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Emperor, reversed. The Emperor represents inner power and/or authority figures in society. The authority figure could be your boss, mother-in-law, parent, clergy person, or anyone else who has control over some aspect of your life. When reversed, that power/authority is being abused or is totally ineffectual.

Regardless of whether the reversed Emperor is within you or outside, you’re not going to be comfortable with him. Two extremes are possible: excessive dick swinging or limp inability to do anything. Dick swinging means self-righteous micro-managing and over-criticism of everything you do. You can’t even breathe correctly according to this person or yourself. In an effort to control, organize, and bring structure to a situation, even the slightest deviation from a “perfect plan” causes epic meltdowns. Conversely, you or the authority figure skips the puffery and goes straight to the floor in a puddle of indecision and weakness.

If this sounds like someone you know, step back, give them, space and wait for the mood to pass. If this is you at the moment, go hide under a rock and protect the rest of us from your wrath/tears! But while you’re under your rock, practice a little self-care and ask why you’re feeling so insecure in your power. Because that’s the root of the issue: insecurity. You control everything you do, whether that’s making the best of a lousy situation or getting out of said lousy situation. Choose well and get on with your fantastic life!

July 11, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Devil. When you dig deeply into yourself and psyche, that’s where you meet The Devil! He represents all your addictions, wrong attachments, bad choices, obsessions, and the lies you tell yourself. He’s the irresistibly strong impulse that makes you sleep with your ex and have just one more beer. He’s the shame and guilt you carry for having made poor choices.

On the other had, you had to make all those poor choices to figure out what ARE the right choices for you. You tell a kid not to touch the stove because it’s “hot.” “Hot” doesn’t mean a thing to a toddler. He/she is compelled to touch the stove because Mommy said not to…if she said no, then it MUST be a good thing!! So they touch the hot stove, get burned, and have an experience by which to guide themselves next time. Such is The Devil.

Therefore, the experiences The Devil led you into are neither good nor bad. They simply are. If you enjoyed yourself, think such an experience is worth having again, and is good for you in the long run, then have at it. However, if you lose money, self-esteem, people you love, possessions you need, or someone gets hurt, then maybe that’s something to not do again. (Guilt and shame about a choice is a pretty fair indicator as to whether that choice is a “keeper.”)

Bottom line: keep the experience; drop the guilt and shame about having done “that.” (After all, you’re not going to do “that” again, right?)

July 10, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Hermit. The Hermit is here today to ask you one question: Who the hell ARE you? To answer that question, you’re going to have to get still and quiet within yourself. No, you don’t have to go on some expensive retreat; you can meditate quite effectively on the way to work. Turn off the radio, put down your phone, and be with you. This is also not a question you’ll answer quickly…if at all. But it’s one that needs to be pondered.

Many people shy away from self-discovery because they’re afraid of what they’ll find. As they discover their hidden talents and lightness, they’ll see the contrasting inabilities and darkness. Those inabilities and darknesses then overshadow the gifts with doubts of self-worth. Well, here’s the deal: you can’t see the light without having the dark to contrast it with. No one is 100% sweetness and light! No. One.

Make a list of all the things you’re good at. Without self-consciousness, recognize—and USE—those talents. Through recognition and use of your light, you’ll transcend self-doubt and get better at expressing your True, uh-MAZING! Self. Once you figure out who the hell you are, then BE it. Be it out loud and proud! Be it with glitter, rainbows, and ribbons! That’s the whole reason you’re here…to BE your True Self. Universe has a place for you, so take it.

July 6, 2019: Card O' the Day: Ten of Cups, reversed. Yesterday we talked about how it would be a good idea to work alone since the reversed Three of Pentacles indicated members of groups or teams are at odds with each other right now. The reversed Ten of Cups reiterates that disruption in the group dynamic. Divergent opinions, rivalry, and attacks from “below” (read: subordinate employees or group members) are the overt manifestations of this disturbance. It may even go so far as to member(s) leaving the group, which will feel like a “break-up” of sorts.

Oddly enough, while the group isn’t playing nicely around you, you’re feeling some darned nice inner emotional fulfillment independent of this external stimuli or chaos. Your higher Self (the “me, myself, and I” family) is coming together harmoniously, and it’s really pretty good in there with yourself and the clan. 

The only fly in your ointment (because, of course, nothing’s perfect) is there’s some difficulty with appreciating what you’ve been given. And I don’t mean “appreciating” like being grateful, it feels more along the lines of you can’t believe your good fortune and don’t quite buy that you deserve it. But you do.

July 5, 2019: Card O' the Day: Three of Pentacles, reversed. The Three of Pentacles indicates working well with others and team efforts. When reversed, those team efforts sour. Those who should work together, and normally have no problems, will experience waste and mismanagement of their talents. It seems everyone is out of step with the other. Therefore, step away from the team and do your portion of the project alone. If there’s no group work at hand, then break down the project you are working on into small pieces and work on each piece individually. This card indicates meticulous, intricate tasks that need your attention but no one else’s…too many cooks in the kitchen, so to speak.

Spiritually speaking, examine your work or career path and re-evaluate it. Are you doing what you LOVE. Life is simply too short and we work too long and hard at our jobs to be doing something we hate our are “meh” about. You can improve this situation! Go back to school; grants, scholarships, work-study programs, and cheap tuition are available. Yes, it’ll take work and sacrifice to make changes in your work life. But imagine the rewards….

July 4, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Hierophant, reversed. The Hierophant, in general, represents the rules of society or religion and following those rules. But when reversed, it indicates one is being too rigid, too rule-bound, too dogmatic. Boxing yourself into this tiny space doesn’t allow for breathing, expression, or joy.

Fives are about the necessary changes required to break down this box or form that’s been built around your life. (The Hierophant is the 5th of the Major Arcana.) Certainly we need structure to support us, stay safe, and have order in society. I’m not suggesting you go off the deep end and chuck your entire life…just give yourself space to live! 

When within the bounds of laws and ethics, being a little avant garde can be hugely beneficial and lead to prosperity. How? Because you can be creative in your thinking and dreaming when you let yourself off the leash. Stop micro-managing every micro-movement of yourself. Go to the beach despite your cellulite and fish-belly white legs; give yourself permission to say no without guilt; eat the ice cream cone if you want it. Stop strangling yourself with judgment!

July 3, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Wheel of Fortune. I seem to be reading for myself these last few days…getting cards with messages or encouragement that I need to hear. Today’s card is another for me…. 

The Wheel of Fortune represents the archetypal concept of linear time. It flows ever forward like a powerful river. We can try to swim upstream, but it’s impossible. We can try to stay in one moment in time by swimming across the current; nevertheless, we’re carried downstream. Some of those Type A people swim like hell with the current and just zoom down the river missing all the lovely flowers growing on the banks or the people swimming with them. Others just let the current take them where it will…and then complain they were taken somewhere too slowly or not to their liking. 

This Great River, whether you swim hard and fast with the current or just float along for the ride, represents not only changes of fortunes but a profound inner journey during which you come to terms with who you are and all that means. The River is all about change and forward motion that’s futile to resist. Therefore, make it easier on yourself by practicing adaptability and tolerance (my constant prayer these days). Slippery Elm is an herb that might help with that. It’s said to be soothing for mood swings, brings comfort when you have difficulty accepting food or experiences, and comes in candy form! Bonus!

July 1, 2019: Card O' the Day: Nine of Pentacles. I’m fighting my inherent laziness today…it’s such a fine summer day, I just want to nap in the shade. But, no. Mother, Father, Spirit, I ask you to help me have the discipline I need to continue with mundane chores that bring a sense of accomplishment that’s grounded in Earth yet is sensitive to my spiritual side. 

Physical accomplishment can, indeed, be a spiritual thing. In fact, when our boring tasks are done with thanksgiving for the work and finished product—no matter how small—we then elevate simply mowing the lawn into something divine. The Nine of Pentacles represents the discipline, maturity, and depth we all need to “fight the lazies” and do our work. While that work can bring material success and wellbeing, when it’s done well and with your highest Self on board, it fulfills your inner purpose of being.

June 29, 2019: Card O' the Day: Three of Wands. Two’s represent choices or decisions, a union created to make something, or the middle way out of a conflict. A three, then, represents that choice arrived at, the thing made, or the compromise for the conflict. Any one of these options requires flexibility, adaptability, and working well with others. The three of Wands isn’t a “doing it my way” or “solo endeavors” kind of card. When help is needed and/or offered, take it. Consider it a resource that’s useful to you and not a crutch or sign of weakness.

This card continues the “new beginnings” energy, but we’ve moved a bit down the road. Ideas are solidifying, and you’re ready to take a few well thought out risks. This desire for expansion and growth is natural and normal; it’s not coming from greed or ego. Therefore, allow yourself a little pride in your work and the results from it. I mean, the rose bush doesn’t apologize for its blooms, does it?

As you grow, be aware you’ll outgrow things or methods that have proven useful up to now. Don’t be afraid to upgrade, change, revise, revamp, prune, toss out, or give away the things that no longer serve you. Someone who hasn’t gotten as far as you yet may find your old stuff adequate for now. So. Let go and make space for your expansion.

June 28, 2019: Card O' the Day: Ace of Wands, reversed. Another Ace! Even reversed, the Ace of Wands indicates new beginnings. These beginnings may not be in your “muggle” self but more on the spiritual level. This card represents planting the seeds of new outlooks that bring you to a rebirth of self that changes the little “s” to a big “S.” Tangible results such as a fatter bank account, new car, etc. are not important; finding your happiness and the everlasting source of it is what’s vital.

Unfortunately, this kind of transforming requires soul-searching and hard work. Fear and doubt will dog your heels, which will result in setbacks and delays. However, allow the Wands energy to compel you to keep “moving your feet” along this path. Take time to consider each inch forward, savor it, nurture it, and don’t stop.

June 27, 2019: Card O' the Day: Ace of Cups. A good card for today, I sort of need it myself…

This card is announcing the opportunity for new emotional experiences or growth that allows for unconditional love, self love, forgiveness, and—most importantly—the courage to continue on. However, these “new emotional experiences” are going to be powerful and challenging as new feelings replace old and you transform and attune to Universe to find YOUR heart-based meaning of life and what that looks like for YOU.

Despite any upheaval this emotional growth may seem to cause, in actuality you’re entering into a period of peace wherein you have space and time to look inside to connect with your REAL needs and feel the buoyancy of life and depths of your soul. Trust the power of your intuition and follow it where it leads you.

June 20, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Fool (again). The Fool has returned to ask me to expand upon his meaning and share the deeper nuances of this card. The Fool represents every man, our human-ness, our fallibility, and our ability to make a complete hash of things. But his easy flexibility shows us that rigid thinking, fear, and preconceived ideas keep us stuck in small, “safe” little existences. He’s asking us to stop taking ourselves and life so very seriously and break free from narrow beliefs about society, others, and yourself.

As one who is free from self-imposed rules and attachments to possessions, The Fool is symbolic of the wanderings of each of us as we attempt to achieve wholeness of Self and Spirit. We lurch in the direction of, and are drawn to, this “wholeness” spurred by dreams of the future and our burdens from the past. The Fool helps us heal ourselves by accepting past vulnerabilities, shame, or failures as we move on to the next beginning, which gives us a NEW chance to excel. 

During this journey, we can begin to see what we had thought was soooooooo important, is actually only an illusion. What is truly important becomes apparent.

June 16, 2019: Card O' the Day: Nine of Cups. This card bodes well for achievements and wishes coming true, but today, for me, it’s meaning is centered on just “being.” Maybe it’s the rain here in my neck of the woods or maybe it’s the promise of a nap later that’s making me feel so stationary and content in this moment. I’m asking you to be happy today. Regardless of the chores, “shoulds”, and “gotta do’s” planned for this Father’s Day, concentrate on feeling happy and see how that works for you.

The secret to finding emotional happiness is to take control of, and full responsibility for, YOUR happiness. No one can “make” you happy. No one can fulfill all your needs. You have to make up your mind to BE happy. When you can do that, whether for a minute, an hour, a day, or longer, you’ll find material, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

The shadow side of this card is complacency. Never forget the hard work it took you (psycho-emotionally and physically) to get to “happy.” When you feel that moment of happiness and warm-fuzzies, give a little shout-out of thanks to Universe and wallow in it. This is the head-space you’re encouraged to wallow in. Not self-pity, anger, or sadness—that stuff you have to move through. But happy? Oh, wallow, roll, smush around, and linger!

June 15, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Fool. The Fool is perhaps my favorite card of the Tarot deck. There’s such pure potential, anything can happen, “let’s see where the wind blows us” energy within this card. But the taproot, foundation, bedrock of this card is TRUST. Trust in your inner knowing. Trust in Universe. Trust in yourself as you do things in your own way even if it’s not the “normal” way.

Therefore, go ahead and take that risk you’ve been pondering. Your soul has been itching for new experiences and adventures. The Fool’s presence today is an urge to step out of what’s known and go ahead and dare. You’re ready!

The Fool also suggests unexpected changes. Often those can be physical changes (moving houses or jobs, travel, etc.), but don’t rule out changing your present beliefs and values. Those are being challenged right now as you become aware of new ideas and points of view. Change is good; embrace it.

June 14, 2019: Card O' the Day: King of Cups, reversed. The King of Cups can indicate something that’s coming to the surface—or NEEDS to come to the surface!—for exorcism and healing. At his worst, the King tends to be a drama queen and the host-with-the-most of his own Pity Party. We all know one of “those” people and have, at one time or another, been one of “those” people. (Cringe!)

When reversed, however, our good King pulls up his Big Boy pants and finds new ways to express his needs, feelings, and wants with less drama and/or emotional manipulation of those around him. This mature articulation is a more open and honest way to use your voice about what’s important to your inner being, life, or highest Self. Being a King, this card has qualities of leadership. Therefore, you may use your voice to lead yourself or take a stand on behalf of others.

In addition, the King of Cups is rather stunted and rigid emotionally. The reversal means that rigidity loosens, which allows for different ways of feeling about the world around you. This includes the traditional societal rules of gender roles and choices of partners/lovers. You may find yourself reconsidering what you thought was right/wrong with respect to what masculinity or femininity looks like to you. Yesterday, I built a couple new deck chairs. Just cut open the boxes, grabbed up a screw driver, and put ‘em together. My husband was THRILLED he didn’t have to do it. Just sayin’….

June 13, 2019: Card O' the Day: Justice, reversed. Years ago I began dating a nice man in July of 2001; we were still dating at the time of the 9/11 disaster. After that horrific event, my nice gentleman friend was so devastated he needed to make sense of it by placing blame. That blame fell upon anyone with a slightly darker complexion because he immediately assumed they came from a middle eastern country or had heritage from that area. His sense of “unfairness” made him reject a large number of people based upon the actions of a few. He may have always harbored a bias against people of other cultures, but the catastrophe caused his instincts to subsume his intellect and push his mere bias to outright bigotry.

During June, the month of LGBTQ+ pride, where people who identify as other than heterosexual and/or the gender they were assigned at birth, are more vocal and public than usual. Examine yourself to see if you’re struggling with a divided self when it comes to this subject. Does your belief system, what you were taught as “right” conflict with what you know in your heart? Is your intellect fighting with your instincts? 

The reversed Justice card represents an internal imbalance and this intellect v. instincts war. Said internal imbalance can be pretty darned uncomfortable, and some of you may try to pass off responsibility for your biased behaviors and words as “it’s the way I was raised.” Guess what? You’re not a child anymore. A mature mind thinks for itself and takes responsibility for its thoughts and feelings. However, I believe the uncomfortable imbalance you may feel is your higher Self whispering to you that you could be wrong…. Think about it.

June 11, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Empress, reversed. The Empress reversed is pulling in attributes of the Six of Swords and Seven of Cups, both reversed, to reiterate, emphasize, and fully flesh out the messages of those cards. Upright, The Empress is all about abundance and fertility; whatever you start under her guidance grows almost without trying. When reversed, her energy is slowed down or delays get in your way. That’s okay because it gives you more time to think and plan rather than react through heated emotions. Even with the slow-downs and delays, this card offers manifestation energy, so don’t give up.

The reversed Empress also indicates things coming to light as clarification and truth emerge from confusion or cover-ups. More clutter, physical and psycho-emotional, has to be cleared out of your way. Look around. What else can you dump. (I’ve been ranting about clearing closets and removing stuff for weeks now.) 

The other day (Seven of Cups, reversed), I suggested to get things done even if it wasn’t super creative and picture perfect like Martha Stewart would do. Continue in that vein today because traditional, feminine roles are not being useful to you right now. Do things around your house that you’ve allowed your partner or hired someone to do because they felt like a “girl” shouldn’t do them. Nonsense! Paint, mow, change out a light or faucet! You Tube has a tutorial for that!

June 10, 2019: Card O' the Day: Six of Swords, reversed. Okay, I really hate when my cards repeat on me. I mean, we JUST had the Six of Swords, reversed four days ago. Some new material please? So…what’d I miss? Looks like I didn’t miss anything, it’s just the other meanings are stepping forward today.  

You’re attempting to release crap from the past, but it’s either too much work or you’re fearful of moving forward into the “unknown.” Thus you’d rather stick with what you DO know—the familiar, and thereby, “safe” crap. No, it ain’t pretty, but it’s yours and you’re used to it. However, staying in your crap means you stagnate mentally and physically and avoid the truth that you really need to face your stuff and move it out of your way. 

If you buck up your courage and declare today is the day you shall break through the hesitation and indecision you’ve been mired in, be careful that you don’t bring a bulldozer to swat a gnat. This card speaks of “headstrong attempts to overcome difficulties.” Therefore, go back to the advice on the 4th of June: listen to your heart and gut, don’t over-analyze, and move forward with confidence and diplomacy. Move aside whatever or whoever is in your way without drama, gnashing of teeth, or breaking of dishes.

June 9, 2019: Card O' the Day: Seven of Cups, reversed. This card puts a heavy stress on clear and logical thinking, making realistic plans, and setting priorities. Certain goals need to be achieved or problems solved. Find the fastest, most efficient way to get these items off your “to do” list. We’re not talking romantic, scenic route; we’re talking interstate highways all the way. 

Yes, I realize you want to do the job perfectly and with your signature creative flare. Now’s not the time, so save the stencils, colored markers, and organizing dividers for next time. Put yer Christmas decorations in a plastic bin, label it with a Sharpie, and shove it up into the attic already! It’s flippin’ June!

Now, with those chores done (okay, not P.E.R.F.E.C.T.L.Y., and Martha Stewart would sneer), you can relax and take a break. While you’re sitting poolside or on a hike, think about how quickly the problem was solved and the goal achieved. Hmmm. Just maybe taking the most efficient, albeit least picturesque, path sometimes has its benefits.

June 8, 2019: Card O' the Day: Nine of Pentacles. Yesterday, the reversed Devil was there to point out the way (and to tell you it’s time) towards extricating yourself from addition and bondage. This nine is recognizing the struggle that is because of the real conflict between desire for practical achievement, psycho-emotional wellbeing, and security and the urge towards “right now” self-indulgence.

This Nine, which numerically represents completion (of your addiction? instant gratification?), is offering you the discipline, dedication, and discernment to walk away from life’s “candy” and towards living your real ideals. When you’re true to your Higher Self, you no longer feel the need to prove yourself to anyone because you’re “at home” within. This card bodes well for gaining maturity, depth of character, and spiritual awareness.

We continue to explore our shadow sides not just for today, but for many eons to come, I’m sure. And during that examination of self, we learn to accept, release self-judgment, and finally learn our worth.

June 7, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Devil, reversed. The Devil card represents, among other things, bondage to destructive behaviors. When The Devil is reversed, it means release and recovery from addictions to food, drugs, alcohol, gambling, toxic relationships, etc. It can also mean release and liberation from false inhibitions (“Oh, I can’t do THAT! What would the neighbors say!?!?!). Manipulation by others and codependency are finally seen for what they are: unhealthy, unproductive, and wrong for you.

You’re getting the memo and seeing through the illusions that you used to convince yourself all that crap was something you deserved or was somehow a “good” thing. It’s now time to turn away from all the superficial and destructive garbage you indulged yourself with and get comfortable with you. All of you. Even your dark side…that stuff you’re less than proud of, that stuff you wish didn’t exist in you. 

Guess what, kids? That dark stuff is what contrasts your light and makes your light visible. You cannot see the profound message written on a price of white paper unless you write that message in dark ink! The contrast allows you to see the bright white of the paper. And unless the paper is bright, you can’t read the message written in dark. Embrace all of you! Even your kinky leather fetish or 2am eating-mayonnaise-straight-out-of-the-jar. If it’s legal and not hurting anyone, have at it.

June 6, 2019: Card O' the Day: Six of Swords, reversed. Sometimes we need to really think about a problem, weigh all the pros and cons, gather data, and analyze the snot out of things before making a decision. Other times, we can over-intellectualize a situation that really needs you to make a gut- or heart-based choice. This is that time. Look to where you’re over-thinking something. You probably have all the information you truly need but are afraid to go with your gut. Conversely, your gut could be telling you to run away, but you’ve put so much time and effort in, you can’t see yourself just dumping and running.

Part of this tendency to over-intellectualize is that you’re looking at the circumstances from a very limited perspective—your own! What don’t you know? What are you missing? At the risk of sending you back to your pros and cons lists, I don’t think you have the entire story. You may have to dare a bit and venture out of your security zone. Don’t cling and don’t give in to fearful, negative thinking. You can do this.

This card has a final meaning I feel compelled to share. Something is about to come out into the open. A communication of some nature, a public notice, a declaration of feelings or intentions. Perhaps it’s you who’s decided, after a great deal of thought, to run for office. Someone may finally admit they have a crush on you. You may break the news to your partner that you’re going back to school or changing careers. This “breaking news story” might just be the thing you’re over-analyzing.

June 5, 2019: Card O' the Day: King of Cups, reversed. When upright, the King of Cups can mean it’s getting to be time, or you need it to be time, for some emotional healing. Reversed, the King says, “now’s a good time!” 

As you dig around in your psyche, resit the urge to become maudlin, depressed, or disappointed in yourself. Whatever you’re remembering for healing, remind yourself you did the best you could, with the tools and experience at hand, in. that. moment. Self blame now is completely pointless. Therefore, don’t do it! Review the events, feel the emotions, acknowledge those emotions as being sucky, and then toss them in the trash. The icky feelings, that is; the experience that teaches you not to do “that” again, you keep. But again, just the lesson, not the guilt, shame, sadness, anger, grudge, etc. that has become attached to the lesson.

During this process, you’ll figure out new ways to express your feelings and inner life (new spiritual beliefs, renewed religious practices, and such). If one way doesn’t seem to fit, experiment with another. We don’t always find the perfect shade of lipstick on the first try, amirite? (And when we do, the company usually discontinues it. But I digress…) As you do the work of sorting your clutter, it’s okay to be little selfish and spend more time on you. Just don’t be an asshole about it.

June 4, 2019: Card O' the Day: Death. DO. NOT. FREAK. OUT. In the language of the Tarot, the Death card (or in some decks, The Unnamed card), simply heralds change. Those changes are not your choice; they are inevitable. They may also seem rather harsh. But, the “death” is required so that you’re available for the next good thing. I find that Death usually refers to a physical change rather than a change of heart or opinion (that’s what The Tower card is for). By example, you may get fired or laid off from your job, which then leaves you open for a new and better job. A relationship may end; this will leave you free to go out with that new, intriguing person without “stepping out” on your partner. You may have surgery, lose/gain weight, or otherwise change your physical body for the better. A new living arrangement may occur.

Think of this change as an opportunity for rebirth, transformation, re-creation of you. With every breath we take in, it’s a chance to revitalize our thinking, being, and doing. Welcome this card.

This morning, by the by, I spent a few minutes dead-heading the flowers in my garden. We all know that judicious pruning dead blooms or limbs encourages new growth on the plant. See what needs to be pruned in your own “garden” as you allow Death to sweep through your life to ready it for the rebirth that’s coming.

May 30, 2019: Card O' the Day: Ace of Swords, reversed. Yesterday’s card talked of diplomatic negotiations and debate. Today’s reversed Ace basically is saying “I don’t wanna!” Now, it’s true that sometimes a situation is indeed a lost cause and it’s better for all to simply end it. This solution means that all aggression and hostile interactions cease. However, are you thinking of giving up because it’s too haaaaaaaard! to find a compromise? 

Struggling to find a middle way with another person (or yourself) can lead to self-destructive temper flares that consume your time and attention rather than actually doing something. You may be denying that you’re even bothered and resist the truth that the circumstances need to change. So, if things aren’t working by doing A, then reason dictates approaching the problem from a different perspective and trying B. Or C. 

Remember it’s your REACTIONS to a situation or the deliberations that set the mood. Do you react with calm in the face of insults or shouting? You cannot control the other guy; you can only control your reactions to him/her. Sometimes the only logical reaction is to walk away. But consider for a moment why the other guy is so pissy…could he/she be pissy for the same reason as you? Tone down your temper, put your dick back in your pants, and communicate like an adult.

May 29, 2019: Card O' the Day: Two of Swords. The nation’s politicians, from lowest township level all the way to Washington, D.C., could take a note here…. When two sides (of a marriage, your own head, departments at your work place, etc.) are in opposition, it may APPEAR that the only way forward is that one side “wins” and the other “loses.” However, marriage or politics isn’t a baseball game where one side makes more runs than the other during the prescribed limits of the game.

Opposition and confrontation don’t have to be negative. A truly constructive debate is thoughtful, mindful of the other side’s opinions, and made dispassionately and without name calling. It’s not a power struggle; it’s a way of presenting ideas based upon facts. Finding compromise requires negotiation and diplomacy.

If a situation seems like it’s become the choice between a “rock” and a “hard place”, put all ego aside, cease trying to shout over the other guy, and follow your heart. Your heart (wherein lies all your power) not your ego (wherein lies all your fear) will be able to see another route. A route that allows BOTH sides to win. A route that allows BOTH sides to save face. A route that allows the sides to blend to one force moving forward for the greatest good of all.

May 28, 2019: Card O' the Day: Four of Cups. We received the gift of the Ace of Pentacles on Sunday, which indicated new beginnings on the material plane. This card reiterates the new beginnings with the assurance of lots of opportunities within your grasp. However, you may have to shake things up a bit in your own heart and re-think what your assumptions and fantasies were/are for you. Sometimes, when we get our minds/hearts set in one direction, we put on blinders to anything that falls outside the parameters of that “direction.” It could be your goals have to change to meet the opportunities available.

The Four gives us assurance of safety from which to move forward towards those goals with optimism. A little self-exploration and tapping into your intuition will help you make the right choices as you tweak your five-year plan according to the circumstances.

This card also represents selfless love, compassion, and kindness. Did you know you can hold all that in your heart and STILL maintain healthy personal boundaries? We’re being asked to step back from any drama and simply observe. Don’t get caught up in trying to fix it for others at your own expense. You’ll end up giving too much of yourself away by solving the problem for them but leaving yourself worn out and depleted.

May 26, 2019: Card O" the Day: Ace of Pentacles. Back in the days when steam engines pulled trains, they took so long to actually get moving, one could run and still catch the train after it technically began moving. That’s how the Ace of Pentacles feels today…very powerful energy but slow and steady before it hits its stride. And like a steam powered train, you’re not going to get from point A to point B in mere minutes, like you do on the “bullet trains” of Europe and Japan, but you ARE going to get there if you keep at. Since this card is a good omen when it comes to long-term plans and dreams, set your sights on the horizon, not just the next city over.

This card is also representative of the spiritualization of the Earth element and is governed by the root chakra. The root chakra is your home base, your foundation, the source of all your strength. Your growing power is flowering upwards from this chakra like magma rising from the depths of Earth. Feel it. Be sure of it.

Physically speaking this “new beginnings” card of the material plane could manifest into that first job out of high school or college that puts you on your career path (yes, even Taco Bell counts as “career path” material). Ditto the “starter home” or first apartment or a first car that ain’t pretty but moves. If you’re like me and have reinvented yourself a few times in the career department, this card may be indicating it’s time to switch it up and retire from whatever you’re doing now and start over with something else. Perhaps it looks like selling the family home and down-sizing to a smaller house, apartment, or motor home now that the kids are out of the house, which also counts as starting a new phase on the material plane. If you ain’t dead yet, you CAN start something new! 

May 25, 2019: Card O' the Day: Eight of Cups, reversed. We’ve been asked to stay still for the past little while, and today is no exception. The bus isn’t leaving the station any time soon, so you still have time for a nap, careful consideration of options, snail-mailing paperwork, etc. This quiet time is about self-preservation, which makes me think some of you need more time to heal and replenish your proverbial cup.

Sometimes we get wild hairs up our butts and make quick changes, get radical hair cuts or tattoos, or pick up and leave for a weekend in Las Vegas. This card does not bode well for any of that. Any sudden changes made “just because” will be regretted almost immediately. Travel snags are indicated by the reversed Eight, so that rules out the Vegas weekend. Unfortunate haircuts take months to grow out; ugly tattoos are permanent. I’m opting for the nap….

May 24, 2019: Card O' the Day: Princess of Cups, reversed. The Princess of Cups is an emotional, intuitive dreamer who makes most of her decisions based upon how she feels about something. She believes people are inherently good, and most are. But when this card is reversed, the Princess is being being disparaged for her gifts. She’s being told to become more practical, put her feet firmly on the ground, and grow up.

I’m a big believer of listening to your intuition or instincts (your gut) when it comes down to it. This reversal indicates you’re not listening, refusing to listen, or being told your gut is wrong by more “practical” people who may not have your best interests at heart. This is called “gas-lighting” and they want you to do something that benefits or is easier for them.

Because she can be emotionally influenced, the Princess is taking this deceptive “advice” and is closing off from her imagination and intuition. Conversely, though, it may send her to the nearest “spirit guide”, Tarot card reader, or psychic looking for the answers that are right there in her own gut! At the risk of putting myself out of business, we ALL are gifted with a strong gut/intuition. Do your research when making big decisions or about what you believe to be true, collect opinions from those you love, but ultimately LISTEN to your gut and go with it.

May 23, 2019: Card O' the Day: Four of Swords, reversed. Normally when we get the reversed Four of Swords, it’s wakey-wakey time. However, stillness and thoughtfulness still lingers. Which is a good thing because recuperation isn’t quite completed. No, don’t stagnate, but continuing to think about what has just passed will bring clarity and a different perspective.

As things come into focus, you may find you’re stuck on the horns of a dilemma. This dilemma, it turns out was the cause of the recent upset in balance. With emotions out of the way, your foresight regarding your next steps will seem supernatural. By seeing the future so clearly, you can wisely administer all resources with economy and efficiency.

But not quite yet…rest a bit longer.

May 22, 2019: Card O' the Day: Five of Swords, reversed. Now that the zit on your chin has healed (see reversed Princess of Wands from the other day) and your three-alarm drama has settled, we move into the aftermath. You may feel spiritually, emotionally, or even physically pooped out following this episode. Kind of like you feel drained/exhausted after a really long, hard ugly-cry. You’ll feel better, but not yet your best because there’s still a certain amount of grieving to do over recent losses or chaos.

Lots of lessons are ready to be learned, and I urge you to see the potential for spiritual growth. However, you’re going to have to be honest with yourself and own your part in it all. What did you do to start it, fuel it, keeping it burning, etc.? Your recovery period can act as a good cover for your own humiliation, guilt, or shame for said part. As you realign your ducks, you can also quietly agree with yourself not to do “that” again and then let go of the useless self-recriminations.

As is always true of times of inaction and regathering of strength, there’s a danger of stagnation and wallowing in despondency. The message of this card is to rest and recover, but just don’t stay here too long.

May 19, 2019: Card O' the Day: Princess of Wands, reversed. The Princess of Wands represents new energy that’s on the cusp of becoming something great. Adventure awaits and it’s all good! Picture a young person going off to college this fall…. However, when reversed, this young person is reduced to a 13 year old girl with all the theatrics, drama, and superficiality that goes with it.

This card indicates enthusiasm for all the new stuff coming ahead, but because you don’t know precisely what that is yet, you’re uncertain and hesitant in your actions. If you do move, fine details are overlooked or ignored altogether. You feel scattered and unfocused and are entirely too conscious of any challenges you may face (is the crush of your life going to notice that GINORMOUS zit on your chin!?!?!?). 

Because you’re so unprepared and are REacting more than acting, your ideas may well be rejected. Try not to take it personally! YOU’re not a bad person, you just haven’t done your homework. Therefore, go back to your desk, get yourself sorted out, and re-submit your plans when your zit has healed and you can focus.

May 18, 2019: Card O' the Day: Four of Swords. We tend to argue or become upset when we feel our personal power is being threatened for whatever reason. Perhaps your mother disagrees with your outfit choice, your partner tries to sway your political ideals, your friends try to give you parenting advice, or any of the myriad ways our own beliefs and plans come into question by others. When we make choices, good or bad, we are standing in our power and believing in ourselves enough to think we know best for OURSELVES. Today’s card is about finding the source of power within yourself, feeling it, believing it, and standing in it.

This quiet time of contemplation is where you don’t really “do” anything and take time to “be” with yourself. Replenish your cup, reclaim your power and authority over your own life. You may need to employ a little circumspection and diplomacy (true power is without force) to gain the space and time you need to become still and find your center, but do it.

During your period of thought and consideration, you’ll see the time isn’t right for some of the things you want to do. Something is in the way and/or the highly charged energies swirling around haven’t solidified into a concrete plan. Pay attention to your dreams and visions as they tend to reveal inner knowledge through “a-HA!” moments and random epiphanies. Digest what lessons and information you’ve gathered and add that to the mix. This will help you manifest what’s currently on your drawing board for when the time IS right.

May 16, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Wheel. We all recognize the impermanence of life. The sun comes up and goes back down, the moon waxes and wanes, the flowers bloom but then whither and die, the water in the river flows by and is never the same again. Certainly, a lot of things stay more or less the same, but not exactly. This card is here to make us examine the cycles of life in general and the cycles and patterns of our lives in particular. And as we become more aware of certain patterns, we then have the opportunity to break them if they’re “less than good” for us.

When The Wheel appears the concept of ending/beginning is also called to our attention. Today, I’m feeling more significance to the ending or completion end of that spectrum. (The last couple days talked about the new paths and possibilities coming; today we’re emphasizing the endings required before the new beginnings.) 

“Adaptation” is the big keyword for this cycle of ending/beginning. Great strength and humor will also be necessary to keep from collapsing into a heap of “I can’t do this.” Influences, input, help, and assistance will come at you from all spheres of your life, so don’t be afraid of the coming forward motion. While the movement/risks may be something you initiate and welcome, it could also be you’ll be swept along by circumstances. If that’s the case, open your mind to new ways of being and believing so that your reaction to that movement is in line with YOUR will. Accept changes, relinquish the obsolete.

May 15, 2019: Card O' the Day: Ten of Wands, reversed. This card has some serious underlying shadows…. On the surface is can mean laying down burdens, relief from pressure, and the end to an oppressive situation. Clearing out debris, junk, or otherwise “old stuff” (physical and/or psycho-emotional) allows new paths to open thereby giving you space to move forward.

The real question is whether you make this happen with integrity and authenticity. WTF do I mean by this? Sometimes people will break or simply throw away their own things because they’re in a snit. Rather than put the item away, clean it, or deal with it honestly, they literally throw it in the trash just to get it out of their face. Imagine the bratty kid not getting his way, so he picks up his ball and goes home. He doesn’t face the conflict to look for a solution. 

This is “false cleaning.” It’s self-destructive sacrifice rather than CONstructive. It’s a form of victimhood or martyrdom. It’s a cleansing that doesn’t feel good or make you feel more free. You do it out of anger and it only leads to resentment. Therefore, as you lay down your burdens, clean closets, and remove debris, the way to tell if you’re doing so with authenticity and integrity is whether you care if anyone notices. If you do it quietly and without fanfare, that’s real. But if you splash it all over social media and become madder as you go, then you’re playing the victim.

May 14, 2019: Card O' the Day: Three of Wands. Today is my birthday, and as I was immersed in my morning meditations giving thanks, I was moved to tears by the blessings I enjoy every day. Often, I ask Universe to bless the world in the way I have been blessed. Therefore, I happily share this positive, dynamic card of productivity and success I have drawn today with all of you.

The Three of Wands has similar elements to those of The Tower. Not the destruction inherent in The Tower, but the new beginnings that come after restructuring. To make that process happen, first we explore and experience the wonder of the possibilities unfolding before us. The Three said Yes! You CAN accomplish this! because your heart and intentions are pure and you’re willing to take the risk to step on a new path and give it a go. Commitment and clarity of thought and foresight will result in expansion.

We are not only being encouraged to follow our visions but also dared to…triple-dog-dared! Now, you’ll need to stay flexible and improvise because nothing stays the same for long—not even these new plans you’ve got buzzing through your mind and veins. Just go forward knowing the strength is there to follow through.

May 11, 2019: Card O' the Day: Queen of Pentacles. The Court cards represent the personalities of the tarot deck and match the sixteen personality types recognized in modern psychology and psychiatry. The Queen of Pentacles is “my” card, and I exhibit most of the personality traits she does…including the not-so-flattering ones. 

The Queen is big-hearted, nurturing, and loves to prepare food and make a lovely home. This combination creates a warm, comfortable, and inviting atmosphere for her friends and family. (Never turn down an invitation to her parties!) She’s also rather independent and likes to maintain her identity and personal security; she hates to lean on others for her needs.

Unfortunately, this combination of independence and nurturing of others can mean the Queen gives too much of herself away. All the cooking, cleaning, and looking after everyone else—without asking for help—means she can get burned out and cranky. Therefore, this holiday weekend, if you’re making brunch for Mom and the rest of the family, make it a pot luck. Hire a lawn service to spiff the yard. Delegate chores and tasks. If you try to do it all, you won’t enjoy your own party.

P.S. After the weekend celebrations are over, take this tidbit of advice and carry it forward through the rest of your life. Yes, we Queens of Pentacles are completely fabulous all on our own and CAN do it all ourselves. But, why?

May 10, 2019: Card O' the Day: Four of Swords. As I said yesterday, with regard to the Ace of Cups, reversed, it’s time to figure out why you’re keeping your heart guarded. This card, the Four of Swords, is here to help us do that. With some solid “me time”, you can descend into your deepest self, relax all anxieties, and quietly contemplate your situation. You may not be able to get the job done during one day at a spa…if fact, probably not (though it can’t hurt to try). This is stuff that needs to be explored with a licensed therapist, clergy person, or spiritual advisor. This is a time of down-and-dirty digestion of what has passed that has put you where you are today.

The point to this work is recovery and returning to your center of balance. During this exploration of Self, you’ll find out stuff about yourself you never realized. Like, how much strength you actually have. I mean, you’re still breathing, right? But best of all, you’ll get to where you can release the grief and forgive. I can attest to the benefits of talking to a professional; I swear by therapy. With help, I’ve been able to unload tons, come to levels of patience and tolerance I never had before, and feel okay about taking what I need. Am I “done”? Oh, HELL no! But I am lighter than I was before.

May 9, 2019: Card O' the Day: Ace of Cups, reversed. When the Ace of Cups is reversed, it indicates that some of you may be guarding your heart a little… or a lot. Past painful experiences make you doubtful that new opportunities are sincere, and so you keep life at arms’ length to protect yourself from similar pain or failure. (These new opportunities can include business deals, promotions at work, making new friends, etc. We’re not talking just about “love interests.”)

In addition, you may not even be aware that you’re not living as fully as you could by daring to take emotional risks. You just consider yourself “prudent” or “cautious.” Perhaps you don’t ask for a promotion or apply for a more challenging job because you don’t consider yourself qualified or don’t want to risk taking on more responsibility lest you fail. On the other hand, you may indeed be aware that you’re not taking chances to become bigger, better, and more, but you deny it’s a problem and/or it doesn’t matter to you. 

It’s fine with me, and probably with Universe, that you live the way you do. But check in with yourself. Does it matter to YOU? If you shut down that little voice in your gut that whispers it DOES matter with food (too much or not enough), alcohol, or drugs, it’s time to figure out why you guard your heart so closely that you limit yourself from living your fullest life possible.

May  8, 2019: Card O' the Day: Princess of Wands. The good news is that most of us are pretty resilient. Yes, we get down or feel defeated from time to time, but we do rise again. Yesterday’s reversed Nine of Swords indicated we were beginning to pull out of a slump and the Princess confirms it. Some definitions of this card indicate a “willingness” to begin work on fresh and new things. I’m rather a lazy person so the phrase “willingness to work” always makes me eye-roll. And yet, I’m not immune to the restlessness inherent in the Princess of Wands.

Another definition of this card talks about approaching challenges with “eagerness” and “excitement.” However, if you’re like me, fire energy makes me feel compelled…I feel pushed to do something rather than dash forward of my own volition. Again, I’m interpreting this card through my own personality traits, but the end result is the same and the thing gets done, started, or proceeds in another burst of activity. So, pushed, pulled…we’ll  take whatever works to make that first step towards this shiny new beginning.

The shadow side of this card reflects that we are, indeed, playing with fire here. Therefore, you may be so impatient to see tangible results in your new project that you become irresponsible about the shoulds and oughts of life. Laundry still needs to be washed; the cat box still needs to be cleaned; the lawn won’t mow itself. These mundane daily chores will get in your way and make you cranky. Thyme, the herb due jour, is supposed to help with confidence, growth, and developing skills. It also smells really nice and has a relaxing effect on cranky moods.

May 7, 2019: Card O' the Day: Nine of Swords, reversed. Now that you’re getting a better grip on your fears of being shafted and getting back into the sandbox, you’ve actually found some new insight and wisdom. Sometimes being forced to stand still a minute and question why you feel a certain way is good for you. It’s call “shadow work.” This card represents doing your shadow work willingly. Hahahahahah! Who does shadow work willingly!?!??! It’s a nasty business that’s worse than cesspool cleaning. Nevertheless, doing the hard, gross work enables you to shift some shit and move to a better place. Or to use a more metaphysical word, “rebirth.” (Barf.)

This card also signifies pulling out of a low period! Yay! Guilt and self-blame have been alleviated to some extent (I mean, are we EVER free of guilt and self-blame) thanks to using your voice and saying what you need to say, taking responsibility for any missteps you’ve made, and generally clearing the air. Enjoy your day knowing you’ve done some good psycho-emotional work and you get to take a break from being “woke” today.

May 6, 2019: Card O' The Day: Three of Wands, reversed. Now that I’ve totally scared the snot out of you with all the talk of deceit and trickery these past couple weeks, this card is indicating fear of asking for help and feeling cut off or isolated from the rest of the group. Sheesh! We can’t win for losing! It also talks about getting over-ambitious, having lack of foresight, and difficulty putting your plans into action.

So, how are we going to work in this energy shift? Firstly, there’s precious little you can do COMPLETELY on your own, unless you move to the wilderness and live like a hermit. Thus, trusting others to do what they promise is something you’ll have to come to grips with. However, there ARE ways to trust yet keep tabs on your investments of time, energy, ideas, money, etc. That’s where contracts in writing, patents, trademarks, and the like come into play. They act as insurance policies that protect your stuff in case things go wrong. Now you can relax and go play with the other kids.

As far as the rest of it goes, this is a matter of checking your ego. Are you not trusting others to participate or help with your plans because you think you’re the only talent in the room? As brilliant as you are, you’re not going to see every detail. You will miss stuff. It would be prudent to have a second pair of eyes to help you see the things you don’t or to work on the parts in which you have no expertise. Otherwise, you’ll experience, ahem… “difficulty putting your plans into action.”

May 5, 2019: Card O' the Day: Seven of Swords. Aaaaand we’re back to the Seven of Swords. But THIS is what I love so much about the Tarot in that the meanings of each card are so layered and nuanced! What I discovered today about this card is slightly different than what we had a few days ago, but yet the core element of being less-than-truly-dead-dog-honest with yourself is still here.

The Seven of Swords indicates insight and intuitive understanding of others. What can they really offer you? What do you expect of them? Do those match? If they don’t match, things will stay out of balance until you find a different route. That route may be to lessen expectations or drop them altogether. The point is you’re setting yourself up for disappointment if you keep going down this particular road.

Have you ever noticed emotional insecurity is behind your greatest fears? (We expect, we don’t get, we feel insecure.) Ask yourself why you’re insecure. You weren’t hugged enough as an infant? Daddy issues? Trauma? Everything that was ever unpleasant in your life can add to the insecurity. To try to feel secure, you’ll hold yourself back and not take risks. Which means there you sit in your little world feeling insecure and unfulfilled. Wah.

You need to figure it out (therapy helps with that) and get past it. Here’s the deal: EVERYone is just as insecure as you! NO one is without fear! Even those “fearless” people who are totally out there living their lives on the edge are scared shitless. Join them. Fall down. Make a mess. Be embarrassed. Fail. Just do the best you can as you scream all the way down the rollercoaster hill of life. 

May 3, 2019: Card O' the Day: Ace of Wands, reversed. As with all Aces, new beginnings are indicated here. This, coupled with yesterday’s Eight of Pentacles and its good ju-ju regarding work, I’m encouraged your ideas are good and could really launch you.

But again, patience is strongly advised. Rushing forward may lead to dissatisfaction with your share of the profits since the reversal of the Ace represents a “not right now” kind of feeling. The right opportunity hasn’t presented itself or the right opportunity is here, but more details need to be finalized. Get ALL your questions answered and have the agreement IN WRITING so your ASSets are completely covered. My inner paralegal is wrinkling her nose and screaming caution because something isn’t crystal clear yet. Remember, we’ve had a couple cards with “sneaky” and “deceitful” written all over them lately, and today’s card indicates someone may not deliver on a promise.

May 2, 2019: Card O' the Day: Eight of Pentacles. This card indicates good luck and abundance in the business/material world. You’re showing skill in your business, and your intelligence is well applied to material affairs. Trust Universe that things will work out for you in the end.

With that said, manipulation and secrets are still lurking around the edges. (Recall the cards of the previous two days.) Therefore, do your homework and build carefully and patiently. It’s essential that you safeguard your work product and investments by having things double checked to ensure YOUR best interests are being protected. If you’re getting pressure to act quickly, invest money without hard contracts in place, or you feel at all hinky in your gut, YOUR ass isn’t being covered.

I know I said to trust Universe, but in this case, I’m asking you to help her out a little. Work hard, watch your money closely, and make your own success. Your abundance comes from your diligence, not from random luck.

May 1, 2019: Card O' the Day: Prince of Swords, reversed. The Prince of Swords has a very quick and active mind. He’s got to be “doing” at all times otherwise he gets bored. When bored, he gets…shall we say “cranky.” He’ll start doing things and stirring pots just to get reactions and to cause destruction. After all, if something has beed destroyed, then he can rebuild it! Something to do! Or not. The Prince is kind of capricious that way. And especially when reversed, he’ll break dishes out of spite and leave you to clean up the mess.

Like yesterday’s reversed Seven of Pentacles, where we had lack and stealing ideas, this card also has elements of swindle, fraud, or deceit. Because our hero of the day is bored, he may be imprudent and charge ahead at this time without listening to solid advice. His theories and bright ideas might not be very practical; but even if they are, they really should be checked by attorneys and financial advisors to find what he may have missed. 

My point for today is the “personality card” of the Prince is showing some unclear thinking. Couple that with two cards in a row that show deceit and dishonest taking in some way, and I feel like the Prince is gonna get took fer a ride. Don’t be the Prince!

April 30, 2019: Card O' the Day: Seven of Pentacles, reversed. There’s anxiety about money present in this card. Do you have any bright ideas or other kinds of intellectual property that you’re hoping to sell someday but are still unprotected? I don’t mean to sound paranoid, but telling everyone you know about your brilliant cure for cancer may not be the smartest thing. You can certainly discuss the possibilities and nuts and bolts of manifesting your new thing with a few trusted comrades, but blasting it on Facebook might be a mistake.

Don’t dwell in negativity, fear, and paranoia by any means, but do cover your assets. When you’ve worked long and hard for something, it should be yours. Protect it through patents, copyrights, or trademarks—whichever is legally appropriate. Once your project or idea is covered, you’ll be able to relax and not be fearful of losing it to someone else.

April 24, 2019: Card O' the Day: Seven of Swords. This card is all about the different connotations of lying. Lying to others, yourself, being “less than completely honest”, manipulating the situation, lying by omission, and generally being tricksy just to name a few ways we can be untruthful. Now, it’s true that sometimes, we simply must lie or bend the truth for ethical reasons. Doctors will tell loved ones the patient died without suffering when he knows damned well the patient fought and suffered until the end. You’ll tell your partner it was “good” for you, too, just to help them feel a little better about themselves and so you can roll over and go to sleep. The coach tells the worst kid on the team that he can see “improvement” to give the kid a boost in self esteem.

My point today is to really examine your motivations behind your untruths. Are you saving someone’s feelings? Are you motivated by compassion and sympathy? Or are you lying to save your own skin or ego, to weasel out of something you don’t have the balls to straightforwardly say you don’t wanna do, or to get something you want at the expense of another? 

If you’re lying to yourself about something, stop. Face your truth: you actually LIKE to smoke, you’re just too lazy to exercise, and you hate smoothies/love bacon. Do you have to do anything about the things you lie to yourself about? No. But if you have to lie to yourself to shut something up, then there’s a deeper urge that’s saying maybe you should do something about that. Food for thought.

April 23, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Hierophant. This card is really resonating with me today. I know, yesterday I said the reversed Queen of Pentacles wasn’t for me, but I’m beginning to think she was. (Not that you can’t have her, too. I mean we ALL need to ignore chores and have adventures sometimes.) Anyway, I’ve gotten a new Tarot book, and I’m utterly on fire about it. I’ve devoured my previous “new book” and am digging in to the NEW “new book” with the thirst of a gaggle of girls out on Ladies Night.

The Hierophant represents anything that stimulates your inner awakening and growth through knowledge and education. This could be a religion, belief system, tradition, or studying anything about a passion of yours…whether that’s knitting, black smithing, physics, organized religion, or Tarot cards. This is about the study becoming an active, enjoyable, and satisfying experience.

The Angel of Spiritual Teaching is one of those associated with this card. This is not merely an educational experience we’re exploring here; this is about finding self-awareness through learning that reaches a spiritual level. The Hierophant is the link between conscious thought and intuitive understanding. It’s the gut understanding of steel or glass as you carefully work it into something of beauty.

The warning/lesson that comes with this divine tutelage is to never forget the direct conflict between your humanity and the reached-for divinity. Humanity will always win until you transition out of your human form. Read: your shit will always stink. Therefore, no matter how “divine” you become in your chosen passion, you’ll occasionally miss the mark. Stay humble.

April 22, 2019: Card O' the Day: Queen of Pentacles, reversed. Most of the many definitions of, attributes regarding, and personality traits assigned to the Queen of Pentacles apply to me, personally. I identify strongly with this card and every time I read about it, I’m thinking “yep, yep, and yep.” With the card coming up reversed today, I immediately thought that I wasn’t feeling particularly upside down today…so what gives? Well, for one thing, my cards are rarely about me; I’m just the messenger so I can get out of my ego now.

The Queen is a super earth-mother-y, Martha Stewart type and her reversal is telling us to let the laundry go, never mind the dust bunnies, and go outside to run barefoot in the grass. No, don’t go pulling weeds or mulching your flowerbed. Ignore. The. Chores. Look for a little adventure…or a lot of adventure. This kind of self-care has been on the back burner for too long and is pushing forward at you now. Stop “doing” for others for a little while and “be” for you. At least for today.

Or…maybe not just for today. It could very well be it’s time to delegate some of the traditionally feminine household duties to others (read: the men in the family). Your eight year-old kid is old enough to start doing his/her own laundry and making his/her lunch for school. Your partner is perfectly capable of making dinner and doing dishes and few nights a week. Taking off your apron will be an exercise in self-control and discipline, but most exercises are hard until you get the hang of them.

April 21, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Sun. Well, then! There ya have it! Sunshine on a cloudy day. This card represents relief after a lot of intensity. In this ease of pressures, you’ll have a clarity of vision that helps you see the new beginnings before you. What next? I dunno, you tell me! This is the highest of all the “yes” cards in the deck so you’re getting the ultimate thumbs up from Universe.

The Sun also signifies your indomitable spirit that’s been struggling against hopelessness, despair, and total defeat. Even at your rock bottom, you’ve held onto your soul and kept moving forward. Truth is freed from illusion—like that your life matters and you aren’t a complete waste of oxygen. Resurrect your innocence and be sure to play today.

With that said, I hate to be a buzz-kill. Even this card isn’t giving me the total warm fuzzies topped with rainbows and cupcakes. Am I cynical an incapable of seeing anything bright? No…I’m just not giving you a free pass to ignore your work. Therefore, ask yourself the following question: Am I feeling happy and fulfilled? If the answer is less than a resounding YESSSSSS!, then ask yourself this: What do I need to do to regenerate myself after all the crap I’ve been through? Do that. Finally ask yourself what kind of people you need to surround yourself with to help you reach your highest potential. Go find them and develop relationships with them. Get to the place of YESSSSSS!

April 20, 2019: Card O' the Day: Seven of Swords, reversed. This card is murky as hell today…either I need another cup of tea, I’m simply stupid right now, or something is lurking in the mists. There’s a lot about warnings and betrayals in this card. However, I don’t know what to warn you about. Turn on your spidey-senses and be extra observant. 

Another aspect of this card is looking back or going back to a place to try to figure out what went “wrong” then or there. This is good…self-reflection about past behavior is always useful to prevent repeating mistakes. Just don’t get on board the “shoulda, woulda, coulda” guilt train. THAT never helps. 

I think the main theme of our card is vulnerability. What are you particularly vulnerable to today? Are you worried about keeping up with the Joneses because they seem to have “more” or “better” than you? Do you hide your vulnerability by down-playing your troubles to save face? When it comes to the Joneses, you have no idea what’s going on in their house—their shit stinks, too, trust me. As for your troubles, ask for help.

April 19, 2019: Card O' the Day: Eight of Swords. I get that your emotions may be overwhelming you, but don’t you dare lock yourself up in your head and try to rationalize everything and make “sense” of it! You’re being asked to FEEL, dammit; don’t run from it into solitude or hiding. 

Two things that might help: celestite and apples. The celestite is to calm your mind and help you change your perspective about what’s going on in your psycho-emotional house. The apple is said to help with insight and self-discipline (anyone who can eat an apple instead of a big ol’ pepperoni pizza with double cheese is HUGELY disciplined in my book!). And, just sayin’, that apple may help you poop out some stinky, negativity that’s been stuck in your gut.

Your efforts into self-examination and reflection are what’s causing the emotional tsunami. The intense feelings are causing you interference and blocking rational thought (thus the urge to retreat into your head and away from your heart). However, these emotions are interwoven into a conflict that must be externalized. By bringing the feelings to the surface, you can heal them and evolve. Don’t fear these necessary transformations because you’ll move forward lighter and freer of crap.

April 18, 2019: Card O' the Day: Ace of Cups. As with all aces, this card is indicating new beginnings and therefore, change is coming! Yay! (Some of us hate change…ahem, coff, coff.) The standard descriptions of this card include exciting keywords such as joy!, fulfillment!, opulence!, abundance!, and unconditional love!. But notice they all come with exclamation marks attached. I don’t feel all warm and soft with this card today…it’s like I’m being forced to Have Fun! and Be Joyful!. I’m being handed the jumbo stick of cotton candy and I feel both overjoyed and a sugar coma coming on.

The shadow aspect of the Ace of Cups is that feelings and emotions can be overwhelming, even good ones. When things seem to go too well, we tend to start looking for the rug to be yanked out from under us and prepare to fall. Life simply doesn’t treat us THAT nicely, now does it? 

The lesson today is to accept this gift, trust it, and don’t over analyze. Allow yourself to dream big dreams and take joy in them—even if they’re slightly ridiculous (like a lightbulb or telephone, for example….). In addition to the sparkles and cupcakes this card offers, there’s fertility of the heart and mind that leads to productiveness. Meaning, your dreams have weight and aren’t ridiculous.

April 17, 2019: Card O' the Day: Nine of Wands, reversed. This card reminds me of zooming along a freeway, making excellent time on your trip, and then hitting road construction. Your three lanes are reduced to one and you’re shunted from on side of the road to the other. Cones, barrels, signs, and temporary concrete barriers impede your every move. And let’s not forget the assholes who zoom along in the last few feet of reducing lane just to squeeeeeeeeze in front of you. Really? Now you sit in crawling traffic fuming.

However, this reconstruction, reorganization, and repair is necessary to make the route ultimately more efficient and smoother to everyone along their path that much faster. To survive this personal “road construction” period, let go of your defensiveness and frustrations. All that does is raise your blood pressure. 

Find your zen, let the important parties know you’ve hit a snag and it’ll take a little longer to deliver on your promise, and then get busy chipping away at the obstacles. Do what you can today. Mark your calendar for the things that simply MUST wait. Clean something that you haven’t had time to clean in a while. Walk around the block. Universe is forcing you to deal; see if you can do it without anger.

April 12, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Hanged Man. Some of you have taken my little ass-kicking of yesterday to heart. This card is about readjustment of views, ideas, beliefs, and your attitude. You’re coming to realize there’s so much more to life than what you have and are now doing, and you’re finally getting brave enough to maybe go get it. Or explore it. Or believe it. 

Any suffering, literal or figurative, is self-imposed because suffering is a mind-set. Most suffering is resistance against societal “rules” and norms that someone decided are perfect for all, but you’re coming to understand aren’t perfect for YOU. (The most glaring examples are how to worship the Higher Power of your choice and who to love.)  Another place of suffering is realizing you’ve been spending your life thus far pursuing a dream you outgrew eons ago. But you’ve invested so much time and money! You can’t just chuck it and do something else this late in life! Yes. You. Can.

The Hanged Man is telling you something in your life has run it’s course and is figuratively dying. This could be a relationship, career, religious belief, political leaning, or anything else you once thought was important until your grave. Surrender to the ending; it’s time. It may be painful, but nothing better can happen until you clear the decks and make yourself free for it.

April 11, 2019: Card O' the Day: King of Swords, reversed. April 5th I introduced the subject of dick swinging and this card is dick swinging at it’s finest! The reversed king corrupts his power by being excessively rational and logical. Merely methodical and organized don’t begin to describe this asshole. He’s cold, severe, harsh, and cruel simply because he can be. Magic and emotions? Fuggetaboutit! Getting married tomorrow? Too bad; you’re scheduled until midnight, and don’t you dare clock out a second sooner. If your fee-fees get hurt, go whine and sniffle on your own time.

But the big secret this asshole is hiding is that he has no self-esteem, feels stuck with no possibility of ever getting free, and is weak, weak, weak! The only way he can feel taller for even a minute is to stand on someone else’s back.

True strength and power is shown through compassion, kindness, and quiet knowledge that you’re hung to the floor. No. One. Takes. Your. True. Power. If you feel powerless, it’s because you’ve given too much away. Learn to say no firmly, with dignity, and softly. If you’ve got a reversed king in your life right now, put a lock on your buttons so they can’t be pushed. Take legal action if you have to. If YOU are the reversed king today, take yourself out behind the woodshed, drop the nearest anvil on your foot, and apologize to everyone you know for being an asshole. Then ask yourself why you have to be such an asshole?

April 10, 2019: Card O' the Day: Judgment, reversed. As it often happens, my readings and my bestie’s are in sync. D.j. Fuller is a very talented empathic reader in her own right, and I’m proud to call her mentor and friend. Recently she posted that finding magic requires sacrifice, but not of goats, chickens, or your first-born. Magic and true self-change requires sacrificing your fear and judgment. You need to risk your attachments to your identity to truly find your highest Self.

Her wisdom brings me to today’s card: Judgment, reversed. Fear of failure and insecurity tempt you to remain closed and static and refusing to move forward through the psycho-emotional crap you hold close like an old bankie from childhood. But guess what? The forward motion and sacrifices have already begun and no amount of running away is going to stop it.

As you shift and grow, expect push back from your tribe, family, society, as you break from the comfort and security of old ways, means, and possessions. The people who are truly on your side will stay with you and cheer you on. Those who take issue with your growth must be left behind. And let’s be real, your fear of change and growth is rooted in the fear of being shunned by society or judged by your peeps. You’re afraid nobody will love the New You. THAT’S the fear and judgment that must be sacrificed.

April 9, 2019: Card O' the Day: Queen of Cups, Reversed. Our reversed Queen of Cups is the epitome of Spring Fever today, and I don’t blame her a minute!! The fecundity of Nature…everything is blooming, the bees are buzzing, the birds are singing…the larger animals are preparing for giving birth and the smaller animals are doing the deed right and left. Sex, sex, and more sex! It’s hard not to get caught up in this mood and energy of life. You may feel extra emotional, nerved up, and blow hot and cold. The “hot” is in response to the atmospheric energy and the “cold” is your effort to rein it in and behave more “properly.”

The unfortunate part is that our society is, on one hand, horribly Puritanical and AT THE SAME TIME sells EVERYthing with sex! Car shows have beautiful women oozing all over the cars, burger joints have the servers in scanty uniforms, everywhere you turn there are products to help you appear more luscious and f*ck-worthy. But heaven forbid you should actually indulge in your natural urges: scandal! debauchery! immorality!!!

To that I say, “have at it.” It’s natural, normal, and feels good. If it’s not hurting anyone, under-aged children, or animals, let your freak flag fly!

April 4, 2019: Card O' the day: Six of Wands, reversed. The youth and inexperience of yesterday’s Princess of Cups is showing in this card. Doubt, insecurity, and apprehension may cause you to keep any ambitions or plans secret. Ask yourself why you don’t want to share and are acting alone. Are you afraid someone is going to steal your brilliant ideas? Or do you fear being laughed at for having “pie in the sky” dreams? Are you worried you’ll never achieve these goals because of lack of skill or other obstacles?

This card, along with the secrecy and doubt, also represents the trust and foresight necessary to plan your path to your goal. As you travel that path, you’re asked to appreciate each little step forward. Don’t look at school or technical programs as YEARS of study. Look at them one semester at a time. For example, Fall Semester take Intro to BioChem and Carburetors 101. Once that semester is over and you passed your classes, celebrate!!! You passed your perm rolling segment in beauty school? Celebrate! Break up the Big Goal into small goals, appreciate the snot out of each achievement and then sail forth to the next one feeling wonderfully proud for having successfully done that thing you were afraid you’d never master.

April 3, 2019: Card O' the Day: Princess of Cups: The Princess/Page of Cups indicates the tentative beginning to something that’s not fully formed quite yet. There’s a vague idea and impetus behind it, but it hasn’t fully matured. Don’t discount the power of imagination and fantasy to turn this mere wisp into something solid. It’s destined to evolve positively.

In the mean time, curiosity about and reflection upon the magic in the world will help you see the door to whatever has been caging you has always been open. That cage has been in your mind all along.

While you’re looking outside with wonder, look inside with that same wonder at YOU. Learn to trust your feelings as valid and valuable; dare to FEEL, and love, at all! And if you can dare to love, let’s start right at home, with yourself. Because if you can learn to love yourself, and be okay with aaaalllllll your perceived flaws, then you’ll have a better chance of being able to love the rest of us poor, miserable wretches, too.

April 2, 2019: Card O' the Day: Prince of Swords, reversed. Upright, the Prince of Swords is all about “full steam ahead and damn the torpedoes!!” Details are left for the plebes to attend and clean up in his wake. However, reversed, the Prince is ready to be more conscious of and conscientious about his life. He’s telling us it’s time to overcome impulses and become more thoughtful and careful as you move forward. Lately we’ve been hopping from one foot to the other as we scream at the microwave to COOK FASTER! Recent cards have had us blasting through convention and rules to make our own ways, and that’s good stuff. But you want to break the rules carefully and with thought behind WHY they need to be broken so you can put something better in their place. 

Now, this is not to say that you should slow down to the point of inertia. Doubt, fear, and over caution are also present with this card. Yes, be thoughtful in your actions, but don’t stop the acting part completely.

Check final details about travel plans carefully. Reversed Prince of Swords can mean delays or cancellations. Have a Plan B in mind so you don’t freak out if your plane gets grounded.

April 1, 2019: Card O' the Day: Seven of Swords, reversed. We were JUST talking about not hanging with your homies enough! This card signifies support and assistance from others. If that’s merely on a personal level, good for you and nothing more needs to be said.

However, this card has some extra stuff with regard to said “support and assistance.” Public announcements or letting some secrets out of the bag are also present. You might feel ready to come out of the “closet” about something because you’re aware you’re supported and it’s safe to do so. Now, coming out of the proverbial closet is not only for those with other-than-heterosexual orientations. You may have a secret desire to put everything in storage and travel the world or run for public office. But up to now you haven’t said anything because you didn’t want to be laughed at. You won’t be laughed at, and you’ll get unexpected help once you make your move.

Another tidbit about this card is it has qualities regarding seeking more joint efforts for serious and meaningful changes. I read that as making a difference in society, whether that’s on a local scale or going to Botswana to help far flung villages gain access to clean water. So, maybe it’s not about having a kegger in your back yard with your peeps (it’s TOTALLY okay if it is!), but more about getting with like-minded people to save the world.

March 31, 2019: Card O' the Day: Three of Cups, reversed. The Three of Cups is all about yer homies, besties, peeps, those who gots yer back. But it's come up reversed today, which means you're not having time to hang out the way you used to or you're just not feeling in the mood to be with people at all. Maybe you’ve decided your friends are shallow, too “deep”, don’t care about the things you find important, care too much and try to guilt you into recycling and saving the whales, etc. At any rate it’s just too much work to make the effort….

Well guess what? Having friends takes as much work as having a partner. Even if you beg to differ on their politics or crusades, lend an ear and enjoy their passion about their “thing.” Encourage them to be their most authentic selves even if it isn’t your bag. Now, I do understand we grow in and out of friendships for various reasons. If the friendship has legitimately cooled, so be it. I’m talking about something different here.

And that “different” is being a lazy friend. You’re so caught up in your own drama that you’ve passed on too many invitations to hang out or go places. If you keep passing, they’ll stop asking. Just sayin’. So, throw a lazy girl party by inviting the whole gang for a thing. All you have to do is drive to the liquor store and stock up. Then hit the snax aisle and get 40 bags of crunchy salty things. Go home and clear the laundry off the sofa so everyone can sit. Put your sweats back on (if you changed out of them to go to the store, that is), open the booze, and just BE with your friends.

March 30, 2019: Card O' the Day: Justice. Just so you know, in some Tarot decks Justice sits in the eighth position of the Major Arcana. Thus we have another 8 today…third one in a row…just sayin’.

In addition to the good news of sometimes being considered an 8, Justice indicates we’re in the process of swinging back into balance and finding clarity again. Some decisions have been necessary of late and Justice is helping you see the equal value in things that seem vastly different. Such as the value of taking a day off and relaxing as compared to working overtime to get a fatter paycheck. While conscious effort brings reward, if you’re too tired to enjoy the rewards, what’s the point?

Justice also represents all things that help us feel safe and stable. But safety and stability can also be rigid and prevent growth. A plant carefully nurtured in a pot on your windowsill will thrive until the pot becomes too small and further growth is stifled. Outside, the same plant could die, but more likely it’ll reach it’s fullest potential because nothing is holding it back. Therefore, don’t judge yourself or others or base important decisions upon rigid societal rules or belief systems (the inside flowerpot). The body aspect of the card is the heart; make sure your heart and inner wisdom are involved with your choices and judgments.

March 29, 2019: Card O' the Day: Eight of Pentacles, reversed. And the wild hair continues…now I know why some of you were ready to jet, but Universe was saying stay put and work it out (Eight of Cups, reversed yesterday). We spend a large part of  our lives on our careers, jobs, or just keeping a roof over our heads, and it matters a lot—in your head and heart—to be safe and secure. Thus, we get this combination of reversed eights: the Cups relating to our emotional attachment to security and Pentacles relating to the physical need for security.

The reversed Eight of Pentacles indicates careers or jobs are seemingly dead-end and you’re tired of putting in your “110%” to reach that promotion, raise, or next skill set. Impatient for your rewards and recognition, you’ve lost focus, ambition, and concentration. You might even start looking at “get rich quick” schemes because you just want yours NOW. But know this: anything you don’t really work for and honestly earn is wasted effort.

The good news is that 8’s (yesterday’s and today’s) signify diligence in pursuing your goals that result in progress and structure. Therefore, get your crown chakra out of your root chakra and get back to the reality of your life. You got dreams? Then WORK for them!

March 28, 2019: Card O' the Day: Eight of Cups, reversed. Even though you’ve got a wild hair up your ass right now, let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water. When upright, this card indicates it’s time to let go of something or leave a situation that’s emotionally fraught. Reversed, I think we’re being told not to make any rash, emotion-based decisions that burn bridges. There’s potential for improvement and cautious optimism, so don’t bail on all you have. 

You may not be thinking of leaving altogether, but just want a vacation or a break as a form of escapism from your current situation. There might be snags or delays on that front. Plan carefully and for all contingencies. I don’t begrudge you the need for a respite, but luck may be against you; therefore, make your own luck by doing everything you can to mitigate any difficulties.

As frustrated and restless as you are right now, know that you have a pretty good thing going. It’s not time to go, give up, or make drastic changes just for the sake of doing something… anything. Ultimately, you’ll find satisfaction and happiness here as corrections and improvements are made.

March 27, 2019: Card O' the Day: Queen of Pentacles, reversed. One would expect the Princess of Wands to be feisty and capricious. She represents fire and youthful energy and is ready to take on the world! But the Queen of Pentacles? Nooooo…. She’s stately, mature, and so very responsible. However, being reversed, even she feels Spring in the air and is ready to blast loose from the duties and traditions that define her life and to buck the system! 

If the Queen had appeared alone, I may have thought it’s just the warmer weather making her a little crazy. After all, it’s expected of the Princess of Wands to be wild and temperamental; the Queen of Pentacles, on the other hand is everyone’s rock. Steady, reliable, wise, decisive. But she’s still a person…her own person. The reversed Queen following the Princess indicates none of us are “safe” from being shaken from our static slumber.

If this card represents you right now, I urge you to be a little crazy and express your inner child. Let her imagination off the leash to dream big dreams. If anyone has the acumen to make slightly nuts schemes come to fruition, it’s the Queen of Pentacles.

March 26, 2019: Card O' the Day: Princess of Wands. As the day’s get longer and Mother Earth forces us into a new cycle, our physical bodies respond instinctively by feeling alive and joyful just being upright and breathing. Thus, you can feel yourself slowly getting more energetic, antsy, and curious about what’s coming next. Will you make changes or improvements to your career path? a relationship? your living quarters? At any rate, you’re feeling it’s time for something new, and you’re willing to start.

All this spring energy (hel-LOOOO Wands!) can be very powerful. It’s up to you to keep it grounded in realism and common sense. You have the strength to harness this burst of energy and put it to good use. 

The only fly in this particular ointment is your own ego. You may WANT to sail forth and conquer the world, but you’re too afraid of making a mistake and looking like an idiot. (My thoughts on that are not appropriate to write here; bad words are involved). And that’s where your past lessons of what didn’t work come in handy. Also, do the BFD test. If you did X, Y, or Z, would there be copious Blood loss—yours or anyone else’s? How about Fire? Death? Would anyone Die? Is the answer no to the B, F, and D? Then strap on a pair and go get ‘em!!

March 22, 2019: Card O' the Day: Five of Swords, reversed. Apparently, the Five of Swords, reversed, showing up on March 17th was portends of things to come. In other words, we ain’t out of the woods yet. In the past few days, we released tears and grief, energetic crap (Five of Wands, reversed), and got a grip on ourselves (The Chariot) so that we could face the big hairy truth that something we’ve put a whole lotta faith in is, in the end, smoke and mirrors. Well, sheeeeee-yit.

The good news is that when reversed, the Five of Swords emphasizes moving past grief and into recovery. I think it showed up the other day to let us know we would be entering into recovery, and today it’s reminding us there IS recovery after the crap hits the fan.

Sometimes the best way to cope with emotional chaos is to get rather dry and analytical about the situation. It’s like returning to the wreckage of your home after it’s been pretty much demolished by a tornado. You cry your eyes out and then go about the business of seeing what’s left. Some may view that as being cold. However, you cannot stay in a state of weeping mess. At some point you have to move forward and that means drying your eyes, wiping your nose, and getting on with it.

March 21, 2019: Card O' The Day: The Hierophant, reversed. I try my best to view people without judgement as to who they love, how they worship, how they wish to nurture their children, what they believe is in their and society’s best interests, etc. I understand it’s simply Not. My. Place. to tell others how to live their lives (unless, of course, small children or animals are being harmed and then I take issue). Therefore, I’m hesitant to get into this particular card because today its religious aspects are screaming at me.

The upright Hierophant represents the rules of society, the “oughts” and “shoulds” we live by, and organized religions and each one’s beliefs that are required to be a “good” Catholic/Muslim/Jew/Methodist/Baptist/Lutheran/Etc. When reversed, the card indicates some of you may be dealing with an organized religion that’s gone sideways for you. You may be experiencing harsh judgment from your religious group because of some perfectly human mistake. As you seek help and spiritual guidance, you’re faced with fanatical pomposity and arrogance. Dominance and manipulation is disguised as bringing you back to the “righteous” path. However, that path is actually limited and restrictive to your personal and spiritual growth and development.

Discovering that the beliefs, dogma, and tenets by which you’ve lived and held to be true are indeed flawed and represent false knowledge can cause a great deal of emotional distress. Mental struggle and inner chaos about what to do next can be crushing. But yesterday we received The Chariot…self-mastery. Universe told you yesterday that you’re strong enough to weather any storm. Even a crisis of faith can be managed. God/Source/Jehovah/Allah/Universe/WhateverYouWantToCallHigherPower will be waiting for you on the other side.

March 20, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Chariot. This card is all about gaining self-control. Control of your ego so you don’t act like an asshole when things don’t go quite your way, or so you can effectively lead others without alienating them (we all know THAT boss; don’t be one!). Control of your emotions so you can see past and around obstacles instead of collapsing into a puddle of tears or useless snit-fit. This self-mastery will then allow you to be assertive and useful in difficult situations at work, home, or in your community.

The energy of The Chariot is coming from within. It’s sort of behind you and pushing you forward to DO something…anything. The “something” is not calling you forward. See the difference? This will allow you to act without doubt or hesitation. However, unless you couple this fire-under-your-butt energy with appropriate control of your ego, you’ll act with over-confidence and imagine you’re more skilled that you actually are. So, put that scalpel down and step away from the cardiac patient unless you’ve been through med school. Conversely, there’s the danger of becoming a control freak. Being in supreme control of yourself doesn’t give you the right to be in control of everyone else around you. Stay on your mat! (Yoga reference.)

As you take the reins of your life and gain control of your ego and emotions, you can release any psycho-emotional crap that’s holding you back to transform negative energy or events into positive outcomes. The simplest positive outcome being you won’t do “that” again. And by NOT doing “that” again, you grow.

March 18, 2019: Card O' the Day: Five of Wands, reversed. Yesterday, we received the Five of Swords, reversed, and today we’ve been given the Five of Wands, also reversed. Fives indicate conflicts or difficulties arising from changes initiated by the dynamic interaction between formless energy and tangible structure. (The proverbial unstoppable force colliding with an immovable object.) However, Fives also represent health and the physical body. Therefore, consider the role of this conflict in your process of healing. As you suffer, your fears are revealed, but your strength is ALSO revealed, which will transmute all the pain and anguish into life lessons.

The reversed Five of Swords helped us release the mental torment with regard to current problems. The Five of Wands, reversed, is allowing us to release the energetic torture. After a really good cry or an extra hard workout, you feel wrung out and exhausted but also strangely serene as you come to understand the worst is over. A new clarity of mind/body/heart/soul allows you to prioritize what’s truly important in your life and prepare for your recovery from the sh*tstorm.

March 17, 2019: Card O' the Day: Five of Swords, reversed. When things go to hell in a hand basket in our lives, we may react with anger or sadness or both. Regardless of your reaction, a certain amount of grieving must be done, which includes crying. Fun fact: the chemical makeup of your tears changes according to the emotion being released. Therefore, crying is actually a way to physically detoxify your body of negativity. Who knew? Another gem from Nayyirah Waheed: Grieve so that you can be free to feel something else. (A moment of silence as my head explodes in awe…)

The reversed Five of Swords indicates the “bothersome issue” that upset you is actually over or finishing up. Therefore, you’re in the aftermath and need to focus forward past the defeats and losses. Your weaknesses are being tested and it’s reeeeeeeelly tempting to sit and wallow in your pain. Don’t. Keep your feet moving otherwise you’ll stagnate right where you stand. And do you really want to stay “here” forever?

As you stumble forward, see what can be salvaged. Relationships may be different, but the person doesn’t necessarily have to be completely out of your life. What you thought was a solid career may become a starting point to the next thing or a good place holder while you prepare for your next thing. After salvage come release. Let go of the things that are unsalvageable. In the end, accept the growth and lessons from this life event so you don’t have to do it again.

March 16, 2019: Card O' the Day: Six of Pentacles. The suit of Pentacles corresponds to the Earth element and represents the entire atmosphere of your physical world. It’s not just about jobs, careers, and money. The number six is about balance and harmonious energy. Therefore, we’re talking about keeping all areas of your life balanced with each other. This card is about finding a balance between your work and play, your family and friends, your good deeds and “me time.” This balance is also between feast and famine. I’m sure you’ve heard heart wrenching stories about families or individuals which seemed to have it all only to lose everything and end up living in a car…or on the street. “There but for the grace of Universe go me or thee….”

This card is also about rank and influence. If you’re currently blessed with rank in your community or influence in your society, use it wisely and with integrity. Don’t even think about selling your honor to the highest bidder. Use that power for the betterment of all through philanthropy and giving. If you’ve been at the receiving end of blessings, be sure you’re also at the giving end to maintain that delicate energetic balance. If you’re currently down on your luck, count your blessings, be grateful for each, and look to where you can give to someone who has even less than you. As they say, what goes around comes around, and giving starts the circle back to receiving.

March 14, 2019: Cards O' the Day: The Wheel of Fortune and Death, reversed. …And now I know why the cards of the previous two days appeared (King of Wands and The Lovers, both reversed). 

The Wheel of Fortune is indicating you’re coming to a place of expansion and abundance as you create your personal vision. A fortunate turning point, at which you’ll need to make some tough decisions, is rapidly approaching. If you can dare to take the gamble when advantages open up to you, you can expect good luck and success.

However, Death reversed is speaking of fear- and self-doubt-based stagnation and resistance to change. Thus you stay put trying to make the best of a bad situation because it’s the “devil that you do know.” So, until you’re ready to let go of what doesn’t serve you (that which is “dead”), you’re not going to move forward into your abundance and visions. The silver lining to this card is you still have some time for planning before your ship leaves port.

A question to ask yourself is “Who am I afraid of letting down if I move on to my own triumphs?” By avoiding that question, that’s how you got sucked into the work, project, or favor that’s really not your cup of tea, in your field of expertise, and/or quietly sucking your soul dry. Going back to our question, I’m going to ask you another: Why is it okay to let YOURSELF down by getting caught up in this quagmire? 

March 13, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Lovers, reversed. My feelings of some of you being in over your head (yesterday’s card) morph slightly to being in a situation that’s not best for your highest self. I think you were presented with a tough choice. By trying to be nice or helpful, you decided to dive in but it’s been terrible for you. 

This card shows a lack of analysis or an impulsive or an uninformed decision. This has put you in the middle of something that’s suppressing your individuality. (It’s their way or the highway. But wait! You asked me for help!!) Struggles for power and dominance over you make you feel even more taken advantage of and cranky.

Lesson O’ the Day: be careful of making choices against your best interests. Doing good deeds shouldn’t involve shooting yourself in the foot.

March 12, 2019: Card O' the Day: King of Wands, reversed. This card indicates some of you may have been hornswoggled into something you’re not exactly prepared for or don’t have the skill set needed. In an effort to be a “good pal” or “team player”, you’ve reluctantly agreed against your better judgment and your personal boundaries.

Now that you’re knee deep, you see how much work is involved and how woefully under qualified you are. This can cause you to shirk the responsibility to the pledge you’ve taken to help. Being put in this moral dilemma will give rise to resentment of the expectations others have of you to follow through. Resentment is expressed in blowing a lot of smoke and excuses about the whole thing to hide your own insecurities and horror at doing a disappointing job.

Now, no one is born knowing stuff, so it’s perfectly okay to say you need help. You can also cry uncle and explain you’re in over your head and simply don’t have the necessary expertise. Yes, your ego will take a hit, but your integrity will take a bigger hit if you continue trying to fake it and turn in a piss-poor performance. Be stand-up enough to know when to allow another to take over the job. You have other fantastic skills…just not in this particular area.

March 7, 2019: Card O' the Day: Ten of Swords, reversed. To recap this week: anxiety for someone else and guilt that you didn’t or can’t fix it for them and making the best choice for YOU (and possibly letting someone else crash and burn while you move forward). 

Now we see beneficial changes and improvements for you since you made the best choice for you (or will very shortly). With those changes will come new personal power and authority, which will bring you further advantages. The only caution there is to be careful with that new power and not try to take over the world. You know, that integrity sh*t.

Something else that lingers around the edges of this card today is psycho emotional baggage. The “shoulda, woulda, coulda” train from Tuesday has added the “if I had only…” car to it. Stay in the coffee shop at the station and get another latte!! Be late for this train! Do. Not. Get. On. You don’t need this crap holding you back. Certainly, review events for any lessons you may have missed. But do so drily and without emotion. This is key, because allowing remorse or reliving the pain means you’re wasting your own time and energy.

March 6, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Lovers, reversed. Most assume The Lovers card is all about love relationships. Actually, it’s about making the right choices and unions of any nature—not just love matches. When the card is reversed, miscommunication is present, and that’s what’s shouting the loudest at me today.

Clear, objective communication isn’t happening. This leads to arguments and disagreements because you’re failing to get the entire picture, which causes you to balk and get defensive because you feel taken advantage of. If you do make any decisions based upon bad or incomplete details, they’ll be uninformed and possibly impulsive as you try to do anything besides sit and wait. Furthermore, if the decisions were about joining with another, for business or pleasure, that merger may seem smothering and as if you’re getting the short end of the stick. This makes a once desired union less attractive.

What to do? Step back, put your ego in a time out, and ask for clarification. Once you have that clarity and full facts, you can make the best decision for YOU.

March 5, 2019: Card O' the Day: Nine of Swords. Worry, worry, more worry and anxiety. Most of this is on behalf of someone else, though. Add guilt, because you feel like you should have “done something” to prevent that person from getting into trouble. Guess what? Not your circus or monkeys! This other person got themselves into this mess and they’ll have to sort it out. (Unless, of course, it’s your underaged kid. Then it’s your circus and monkey.)

The negative “shoulda, woulda, coulda” train circling your head right now is only the way you feel about the situation, not the actual situation. Therefore, the good news is you can change your thoughts and get off the train! As soon as the mind-chatter starts, change the channel. Put on some loud obnoxious music and dance your butt off. Put on music you hate and spend your mental energies hating it. Exercise yourself into a sweaty mess. At any time your thoughts head back to Negative Land, consciously change them.

This is not to say you need to cut the person who’s in trouble out of your life. Do what you can comfortably do to help, but don’t twist yourself into a pretzel of guilt and anxiety over something you can’t control. 

February 28, 2019: Card O' the Day: Eight of Wands. On Tuesday we had the hard-to-control energy of the Nine of Wands; today we have the equally dynamic Eight of Wands, but it seems you have a good grip on what needs to be done. This card signifies courage, decisiveness, and taking an active role in achieving your goals. Synchronicity will clear obstacles, things will seem to “magically” fall into place, and energies align among all those involved, so just go with it and don’t question this gift.

You’re being asked to be open and receptive of new ideas and outside inspiration. Just because you didn’t think of it or make it doesn’t mean it’s not useful to you. Acceptance leads to abundance. Now, DO ground these ideas and sparkling thoughts in organized practicality. You have to create a structure for this fire to work in. Otherwise it simply looks pretty, is warm for a minute, and burns away to nothing. Use it wisely or lose it.

One of the significances of this card I read was “motionless movement.” And…that means what, precisely? It means you’re moving towards your best self from within. There’s restlessness in your soul that you’re responding to. Be assured that Universe has noticed you’re ready and Spirit is at work. If you’re not sure about your next step, ask for guidance. (Which takes us back to yesterday’s card regarding ego v. true intuition. Ask for what your Highest Self NEEDS, not what your ego wants. I had dinner with a friend not long ago and I WANTED a nasty, greasy pizza! My body, for its health, NEEDED a salad. I ate the salad and felt better for it.)

February 27, 2019: Card O' the Day: The High Priestess, reversed. The High Priestess is a pretty heavy-hitting spiritual card that speaks of your Higher Self and your connection to the Divine. When this card is reversed, it may indicate you’re not taking your spirituality as seriously as it must be taken to be authentic. It’s true that spiritual practices have become more accepted; it’s not that nutty to say you read Tarot cards anymore. But are you joining the party because you’ve truly discovered that other realm within you or are you just trying to appear “woke” and are merely dallying with a fad? 

Be careful that rituals, altars, crystals, herbs, and the like aren’t reduced to mere props to make you seem more “witchy.” Don’t mistake the desires of the ego and the need to be cool as intuition. Your intuition will honestly tell you if you’re just play-acting while your ego will push you towards even more trappings, workshops, and secret midnight meetings as you corrupt the genuine connection with your Highest Self.

The High Priestess wants to make a Public Service Announcement for all ladies: check your calendar to see if you’re due for a pelvic exam or a mammogram. A new year, annual check-ups, yada, yada, yada. With spring coming, you might be feeling extra sexy, too. Therefore, check your birth control supplies and stay healthy.

February 26, 2019: Card O' the Day: Nine of Wands. The dynamic energy of the Nine of Wands is like a very spirited race horse: riding that horse to victory is difficult, hard work, takes finesse and knowing, and is scary as hell. You may come to a place where you’re so exhausted with the fight that you dissolve into tears or a flaming temper tantrum. Black tourmaline is the stone for this card and it might be time to have some close. It’s said to promote self-reliance and stamina so you can continue with your efforts. It also repels negative forces or energies (whether from within or outside you) and/or transmutes that gnarly ju-ju to positive spiritual energy that’ll help you persevere.

When things go wrong and we feel beaten down by Life, some may take on a pessimistic view and live in expectation of difficulties. This card reflects that attitude where you expect the worst and hunker down into a little ball of anxiety bracing for the crash. Well, there’s no guarantee of a crash, so why waste your energy cowering? Wait and see if things do go up in flames before you stand there with the hose. 

The Nine of Wands foretells of great success and victory preceded by fear and trepidation. It also represents the stamina and strength which you need to stand firm. Don’t run; all your hard work is about to pay off. You’re almost there!

February 20, 2019: Card O' the Day: Five of Swords.The nice big false smile I spoke of yesterday is getting hard to hold. Some of the bummers you’re feeling of late actually are coming from negative mindsets. Meaning, the way you view your life is part of your problems. By comparing yourself to others (unfavorably, of course), you enhance insecurity and lose perceived “battles” before you even get out of bed. 

Learn how to protect yourself from that negative thinking pattern by redirecting your imagination. If you imagine scenarios in your mind about asking for a raise, for example, instead of imagining being turned down (so why bother asking?), imagine citing your virtues and the success you’ve brought to the company as you make your case for getting that raise. Athletes use the power of positive thinking to enhance their performance all the time. So can you.

Fives indicate challenge and conflict (inner conflict today), but they also represent new phases. Therefore, take advantage of this unsteady energy to make changes in the way you view your life, yourself, and anything else you’re being a Negative Nelly about.

February 19, 2019: Card O' the Day: Prince of Cups, reversed. The reversed Prince of Cups can represent some pretty shady dealings and narcissistic behavior. I don’t feel that level of duplicity towards others. I’m still hung up on the idea that there’s a lot of personal crap that needs to be moved along. 

Therefore, the emotional dishonesty is coming from within—you’re kidding yourself that you’ve got it handled. The chameleon-like adaptability inherent in this card is a way of flying under the radar so no one notices you’re struggling. A nice big false smile keeps anyone who might be concerned about you at arms length and prevents them from asking sticky questions.

Because you can’t honestly and sincerely give of yourself right now, don’t commit to anything. No, you don’t have time to bake cupcakes for the Cub Scouts. Sorry, can’t sit on the decorations committee for the Spring Fling. Not gonna be a chaperone for the zoo field trip. Why set yourself up for becoming overextended and miserable? Sort your own self out and replenish your cup before you start giving it all away again. 

February 18, 2019: Card O' the Day: Strength, reversed. Great. Is Strength, reversed going to be the “new” Ten of Swords? (See February 15th Card O’ the Day.)

A few days ago Strength, reversed was indicating there were strong emotions that needed to be expressed constructively lest they come out inappropriately and destructively. Day before yesterday, The King of Cups represents deep wounds coming to the surface to be healed. Yesterday’s Prince of Swords, reversed, showed us how our strong feelings can really mess with our heads as we try, try, try to keep a lid on it and act “as if.” Is anyone else seeing the trend?

It’s time to face facts that some sh*t needs to be dealt with. If you can’t do it on your own, I HIGHLY recommend you see a therapist, clergy person, shaman, or licensed social worker and TALK about your feelings for a few hours! Shoving your pain down only leaves it to fester. If you have no shame in going to the doctor for a hinky appendix or broken arm, then why not see someone for your broken heart, uncontrollable grief, overwhelming anger, etc.?

February 17, 2019: Card O' the Day: Prince of Swords, reversed. Did I not say stuff was bubbling up from the depths? No matter how hard you try to be in control, your head is tripping out. Words and ideas don’t make sense, and you can’t express yourself well or with purpose. Doubt and fear begin to creep in as emotions begin to overwhelm. This is all supremely frustrating so you may act out in fits of anger, waste resources and time, be extravagant, or indulge in impulsive actions. Conversely, you may not be able to get out of bed. Inertia is a common reaction to feeling overwrought.

Guess what? It’s the weekend and you totally have my permission to give this day a pass. If you’re too antsy to sit still, go for a hike, to the zoo, or to the movies. DON’T go shopping! You could melt your credit cards in this frame of mind. Also, don’t make any big decisions today. Keep it lighthearted and just be.

February 16, 2019: Card O the Day: King of Cups. The King of Cups is highly sensitive to the needs of others but hides his fierce nature behind a calm exterior. In the face of crisis, he’s the “go-to” man to take care of any problem. His integrity is unparalleled. He’s capable of depth and introspection and is a master of self-reliance and control. This King is the epitome of the strong, silent type.

As a King, this card indicates you may have stayed too long in a state of being, relationship, job, or other situation. You’ve basically become root-bound and can’t grow any further until you’ve made some changes, whether they be physical, emotional, or spiritual. Because this card represents a yearning for spiritual growth, I’m going to say you need to make changes more in your spiritual or emotional houses rather than your physical house.

Being sensitive to the needs of others is all very laudable, but not so good for you if you put everyone else first at your own expense. Nobody is THAT altruistic, so I’m guessing you’re being noble is a way to avoid dealing with YOUR own sh*t. However, if you allow those deeply buried wounds—that have burbled to the surface whether you like it or not—the love they need to be healed, it’ll go a long way towards lessening your struggles and suffering. Who knew!? By being open and accepting to yourself (oh, gee, there’s a thought), you can become healthy and whole. And when YOU’re a happy camper, you’re that much more helpful to those in your circle.

February 15, 2019: Card O' the Day: Strength, reversed. A couple days ago we started a new thread, so to speak, with the Eight of Pentacles. In that card we examined the spiritual journey many of us find as we become more settled in the physical nuts and bolts of life. After the career, house, and partnership is established, we may question whether there’s more to life than just running on a gerbil’s wheel. Once we started self-examination, the head trip started with guilt, fear, and doubt (Eight of Swords): Am I making the most of my life!?!? The Nine of Pentacles, reversed, showed up to poke you with the “What will the neighbors, my parents, my boss, etc. say!?!??” stick. More guilt, fear, and self-doubt.

Today, this concept of fear and self-doubt continues. Through deep thought and spiritual consideration, you may have found a well of raw power and passion you’ve kept hidden. This stuff is magical and heady and STRONG! You know if you let that dog off the chain there’s no calling it back. But because you fear the dog, you weaken it by keeping it on a short leash. The dog may pretend at strength with shows of bravado, but it’s slowly being strangled.

These are some very strong emotions that must be given constructive outlet before they burst forth inappropriately (i.e. a fit of rage that doesn’t fit the situation, self-medication with drugs or alcohol, sexual shenanigans, and so on). The Strength card is the eighth of the major arcana and therefore carries the traits of the other eights. Recall my points about eights of the other day: inevitable, unstoppable change that allows you to move forward and magic. But Strength was reversed today, which reduces the magic and change to mere possibility because it’s blocked by your fear and doubt of worthiness.

February 14, 2019: Card O' the Day: Nine of Pentacles, reversed. During our upbringing, we are introduced to certain social norms and values. Those norms and values will be different according to your religion, the country you live in, and what your parents introduced you to, to name a few factors. Those societal rules by which you’ve been living may seem false to you right now. Or they may seem to cover a darkness by “keeping up appearances” on the surface. It may be time for you to reevaluate what being a good person and following the rules means to you. This card can indicate a period of flaunting social convention or regulation, so it may well be that some of your guidelines to life have been outgrown or you see them for what they truly are: false fronts.

There are also threats to your comfy contentment. Is that threat coming from your own restless mind as you question what you’ve grown up holding as true? Or is the threat coming from outside in the form of forced rule changes or the rule keepers upon which you’ve relied are no longer there?

As this upheaval occurs, you may begin to question whether you’re even worthy of your contentment, success, and abundance. I’ll tell you right now you’re COMPLETELY worthy. Having questions about what you consider “right/wrong” doesn’t negate your worthiness to be happy. Even if you decide boosting cars is a “good thing” in your new social parameters, you’re worthy of being happy and successful. Whether you’ll actually BE happy boosting cars and breaking a lot of social rules is something else.

February 13, 2019: Card O' the Day: Eight of Swords. Another eight…. Eights represent rhythmic cycles such as the annual seasons. There are eight seasonal celebrations—four astronomical (solstices and equinoxes) and four pastoral (planting, harvest, etc.)—that comprise the year in the physical world. In these inevitable, unstoppable cycles, you learn to let go of the past and allow changes as you pursue your goals. Pursuing goals leads to manifestation. Eights also contain inherent magic and imply successful magical work.

This card in particular, on the other hand, indicates our personal struggles as we negotiate the changes and cycles of our lives. You may feel like you’re cruising in some areas, but are lost or stymied in others. How can that be? Total control and ease here and utter chaos over there. WTF?

News flash: you’re letting a head trip control your progress. Fear, self-doubt, second-guessing yourself, and even self-sabotage makes you appear stuck. Oh, and let’s not forget a goodly helping of guilt that  you’re not enough in some way. This “no-win” situation is of your own making. Swords are about analysis and intellect. Therefore, control your feelings and thoughts, and you control the situation.

February 12, 2019: Card O' the Day: Eight of Pentacles. While this card is again of the material plane (it would seem I can’t get a good mix…first Swords for days and now Pentacles), there are spiritual aspects to it and those are what are standing out to me. Yes, abundance comes after hard work, but there’s a different feel to it. The Eight of Pentacles can be considered an “apprenticeship card” much like the Three of Pentacles. But this time it comes when you’re further along the path. It’s not so much about learning your craft and getting rich, it’s more about finding and doing what you LOVE. It’s a renewed apprenticeship to Life. Prudence of labor and with resources is in the form of spiritual and community preservation to continue the harmonious energy flow. 

Even though you may be working in a field where there’s lots of cooperation, you return to more individual work—work within yourself. It’s the actual work that matters to you, not the end result. The actual digging in the garden and turning over the soil is what’s important, not the expected tomatoes later this summer. 

So I ask you, are you enjoying your Journey?

February 9, 2019: Card O' the Day: Six of Pentacles. There’s a concept taught to us when we’re very little (that’s repeated ad nauseam every Christmas) and that is “it’s better to give than receive.” Actually, that’s not true. It’s not “better” to give or receive. What you truly want to keep is balance. Which means you need to take as much as you give to keep energetic balance in your wallet, soul, spirit, and heart. It’s a delicate thing to find balance within yourself between those desires for cool and sexy stuff and your spiritual abundance.

The cards of the last days indicate success on the material plane, and this card continues that thought. So if you’re finding more resources are available to you and are in a position of power and influence, now’s the time to test your integrity. What do you do with that “extra”? We all know that sharing resources benefits all. Do you take some responsibility for your fellows by performing acts of charity by sharing those extra resources? 

This card represents the energetic balance of fair exchanges and reciprocity. This is a hard thing to do—maintaining that balance of give/take because sometimes you’re not in a position to give much. Or you don’t think you are. The give/take thing doesn’t have to be about donating to charity, though it certainly can be since energy exchanges can take any form. However, the soul-based exchanges that flow from love are those that embody true generosity. 

February 8, 2019: Nine of Pentacles. It’s no coincidence that all organized belief systems/religions have some version of the Golden Rule and the Ten Commandments included in the tenets, teachings, and values of each said religion. We’re all taught not to kill or steal. That’s sort of obvious. But coveting is the foundation of all sins, in my humble opinion. “I see the other guy has ‘that.’ I don’t. I want it, too.” When we pine for something we don’t have, it makes us live in a place of lack. There are those who lack for nothing and yet live in a place of emptiness. There are others who have nothing tangible to call their own, and yet they live in abundance.

The Nine of Pentacles represents security, self-sufficiency, and earned rewards for your work, ingenuity, and tenacity. Maximum expansion is achieved through long-sightedness, good management, and good luck. But as the rewards come, maintaining what you achieve and creating more abundance becomes of paramount importance. Your work becomes not a labor of love but a struggle against the odds to get more…regardless of the cost. Covetousness and egocentric control push you forward for more stuff not personal growth.

The message of this card is finding the balance between earning yummy things you desire and deserve and being satisfied when you get it. You may think you “have it all”, but you actually have nothing without inner purpose and continued development of your spiritual awareness. By learning to build your abundance from within your own heart and soul, you create abundance for all. When there’s good fortune and bounty for all, and inside yourself, you’ll never feel lacking.

February 7, 2019: Card O' the Day: Ace of Pentacles. Being an Ace, this card represents beginnings in general or new starts to specific projects. The spiritualization of the Earth element is emphasized here, so those beginnings or projects can certainly be in your spiritual center and not only on your physical plane. However, if your spiritual center is getting good support from Mother Earth, then you’re in a good place from which to launch tangible endeavors. 

Feel the solid base under your feet. Structure is the root of this power. All that’s tangible is represented here. The Ace of Pentacles is a “winter” card (December, January, February), but we’ve passed mid-winter (Imbolc, Groundhog’s Day) and are moving towards spring and reawakening. Even though some areas still may have snow, the sap is beginning to rise in the trees as the flora and fauna feel the impetus to improve and expand.

There’s unlimited movement, in any direction, suggested by this card. The trick is to decide if that movement leads you to gain or loss. If opportunities aren’t obvious to you, then you’ll have to create your own luck. It’s like the old adage that you can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket. With the good luck positively oozing from this card, you’re already getting a boost from Universe…don’t hit the snooze alarm.

February 5, 2019: Card O' the Day: Ten of Swords, reversed. I swear, people, I'm throwing away this deck. The Ten of Swords must have a bent corner or something so that it makes my fingers stop to choose it. What are the odds of pulling this particular card 5 times in the last three weeks?

As you navigate shadow times in your life, look forward. Ever forward. Yes, this moment in your life may suck, but the next moment is still unknown and unknowable. How do you face that next moment? High, drunk, asleep, despairing, or with hope? During my own darkest hours, I faced my future in all of the above. I admit to drinking and sleeping simply to escape the moment I was in. I would numbly watch the same movie over and over. I collapsed in the shower sobbing...on the occasions I could actually bring myself to shower.

This card signifies that something extreme is happening, has happened, or is about to happen. But it will clear the way for something new and possibly better. My mantra, during hard times, is always "Left foot right foot, left foot right foot." If "here" is unbearably sucky, then move your feet to see what "over there" is like. I've found it does get better.

February 4, 2019: Card O' the Day: Two of Wands, reversed. My acupuncturist told me that in the traditional Chinese belief system, today is the first day of spring and the new year. It will be the year of the Earth Boar. She also said the energy will be more "yin" and things will still happen, albeit slowly. I agree with that.... Mother Earth does things at her own pace and you can't rush her. Pigs are very intelligent, and yin energy tends to be more contemplative, considered, and thoughtful before any action is taken.

With that thought in mind we turn to the reversed Two of Wands. Being reversed, the energy is blocked or hampered. Being a two, we're called to address a conflict or make a choice...I'm feeling like there's conflict about a choice. Once you sort things out, the energy will break free like a dam bursting. I think you'll have a huge "a-HA!" moment followed closely by an eye-roll and a slap to your forehead as you wonder why you never thought of "that" sooner. Never mind, it's here now.

This a-HA! moment may also come from another person. Put your ego aside and accept this unexpected gift. Just because you didn't think of it first doesn't mean it isn't valuable. Take advantage of anything that falls in your lap.

February 3, 2019: Card O' the Day: Ten of Swords. My first thoughts when I drew this card were "NO WAY!!!" followed closely by "f*ck me, f*ck me, f*ck me." What, pray tell, is Universe trying to say already with the Ten of Swords!?!?!? Upon closer inspection and study of this card, I see the lighter and more hopeful aspects. (Everything has light and dark to it.)

Consideration of new ideas is coming into your realm of reality. As in "hmmm...I wonder if this will work?" Realistic assessments of those ideas will tell you whether those ideas are pure fantasy or plausible. Include looking for a partner because this card indicates gain coming from a complementary and compatible relationship. It doesn't specify romantic or professional partnerships, so you'll have to see what that looks like for you personally. Through courage and willpower, things will improve thanks to--or in spite of--extreme changes.

This card also represents bringing the mind into balance with the soul. The "scales will fall from your [spiritual] eyes" as you end delusion and resume clear thinking. This is in addition to yesterday's card (also a 10!) about coming into balance within your heart.

February 2, 2019: Card O' the Day: Ten of Cups, reversed. A ten, therefore endings that allow beginnings.... Because it's of the Cups' suit, we're talking about feelings. You may have come to the conclusion that some of your core values or ways of feeling--that you once thought were written in stone--are changing.... This shift may leave you feeling unstable as your perception of your reality wobbles and morphs into something new. You may feel guilt about rejecting these feelings or values (what will people say!?).

I sense also a difficulty appreciating what you have. Why? Do you feel unworthy of your blessings? Are you always yearning for more and attach the state of your happiness to what you have in hand or have achieved?

At any rate, expect to feel emotionally drained as you try to sort things out. The good news is that as you sort yourself out, you'll come to recognize your psychic "family" within. Your "me, myself, and I", so to speak. Coming to understand and being good with this little troupe will help you to move forward with more love for Self and not so much concern for what the neighbors say.

February 1, 2019: Card O' the Day: Eight of Swords. Universe, sweetie, there are 14 cards of the Swords suit in the Tarot deck of 78. Today's Sword is the tenth in the last 17 days. I realize it's cold outside, but do we have to add to the cabin fever by stewing about all our failures?

...And the Eight of Swords is indeed all about cabin fever today. Some of you may be feeling imprisoned by the cold and rain/sleet/snow/ice that's making outside movement treacherous. One look at the thermometer and you're tempted to crawl back into bed. But the problem with that is the more you restrict your movement, the more locked in you'll feel.

There you'll sit, allowing self-doubt, shoulda/woulda/couldas, and despair to creep in and steal your joy. The power of the past stops anything new from emerging because you can't see beyond immediate the limits. And I'm willing to bet those limits are emotionally based; those are the hardest to vanquish. This card contains potential for liberation. The question is can you let go of the limits your heart sets on you?

If you haven't already, bundle up and walk around the block. It'll help. I promise.

January 31, 2019: Card O' the Day: Ten of Wands, reversed. Ten of Wands upright can mean carrying big burdens; when reversed, it can mean laying them down. That's where I'm going today...laying down burdens and/or getting away from an oppressive situation. That "oppressive situation" could be in your own head, seeing as how we've had a hella lotta Swords lately. Also, path clearing is indicated if not actual walking or throwing away is involved. Again, the clearing can be literal cleaning of closets or garages or figuratively clearing thoughts of all negativity.

Another way to lay down burdens is to finally ask for help! If you're doing all the housekeeping, for example, it's okay to hire a maid or ask your partner to take on some of the chores. (This can happen at your job, too.) You don't have to be the chief cook and bottle washer if you don't want to, or if it's too much.

Now, we're being asked to lay down burdens conscientiously. (Ugh! *eyeroll*) You can't just shove the mess from the closet under the bed and call your closet clean. You can't just stop doing the dishes and demand someone else do it FOR you. The clearing has to be done with integrity, honesty, and fairness. No just dumping your life in somebody else's lap and running off to the mall. (sigh....)

January 30, 2019: Card O' the Day: Nine of Swords. Numerically, a nine indicates moving towards a completion of some nature. Nine is also associated with The Hermit, which is our favorite "contemplation" card. During your contemplation of your life, try to be as objective as possible when it comes to your circumstances. What is. Facts only. Then, observe your feelings about the situation. Are you worrying yourself right back into a hole? Because this card also represents the power of worry and regret that can cripple us if we let it.

Fluorite, one of my favorite crystals, is the stone du jour for this card. Whether purple or green or everything in between, this stone may help you with your mental and spiritual development. It's said to bring calm and order to your thoughts and aid in meditation or contemplation. If nothing else, it gives you something pretty to focus on while you sort things out.

Finally, have courage! Trust that Universe has a plan and your back through all this. You're working on a great transformation right now and it ain't easy! Think along the lines of the pain of childbirth or of losing a loved one. Have patience with yourself as you struggle. You CAN do this.

January 29, 2019: Card O' the Day: Princess of Wands. And here we go up....

Yesterday the Ten of Swords appeared again, and I pointed out the only direction to go when you've hit bottom is up. The restlessness inherent in this card indicates you're pretty much done with doom and gloom. You're daring to look up from your feet and the troubles in your path to see what might be coming in the near future. You're ready to hope again and engage in life more robustly than you have been lately.

Fortunately, at this time, you're not required to have specific experience, knowledge, or skill, but only an openness to new ideas, the desire to succeed, and a willingness to begin. The Princess of Wands is here to give you the drive to search for new growth and self-improvement in your quest to better know thyself.

Finally, this card, more that any other in the Tarot deck, represents an emissary. I don't normally predict future events, but keep your eyes and ears open for unexpected news or opportunities. Just sayin'.

January 28, 2019: Card O' the Day: Ten of Swords. GAH! Not again!!! We just had this card 8 days ago....

"Kleshas are considered the root cause of all ... pain and suffering in ... human experience. According to Patanajali’s Yoga Sutras, one of the oldest texts written about yoga, there are 5 main afflictions or kleshas: ignorance, egoism, attachments, aversions, and fear." (Jennifer Meek, yogtimes.com) Having just come from an intense yoga teacher training, I'd say many of us are wallowing in our kleshas. That's not a "bad thing"; it simply is. However, it's food for thought and I invite you to look to where you're painfully attached to some thing or someone, ignorant of what you really want, stuck in your ego, averse to a truth, and what you're afraid of.

Being a ten, this card is symbolic of a beginning/ending, and today I'm very aware of it's number significance more than I was the other two times this card appeared this month. Acceptance, even if forced, will blast you loose from your past and thus allow you to move forward to your future. It's the end of the line, rock bottom, whatever you want to call it, but I think many of you are DONE! and ready to go the only way you can: up.

Now that the makeup and Spanx are off, you can truly see the truth past all the airbrushing and photoshop. The view you relied upon as your reality has collapsed. But this actually comes as a relief and cleanses you of what's gotta go (people, job, things, false beliefs, etc.). Welcome to rebirth and your new spirituality.

January 27, 2019: Card O' the Day: Three of Swords, reversed. I think we were given a break from our heads to get our feet back on the ground and to take a deep, cleansing breath. Refreshed, we then go back into our psyches and intellectually handle some troubling things. Frankly, this is the easiest way to deal with painful stuff: by careful analysis, emotionless review, and drily addressing the issue before it can get worse. Not only do you not fling blame around and look like a child having a temper tantrum, you also don't drown yourself in self-recriminations.

This is not to say you should ignore or deny your darker feelings. Admit you're jealous, angry, bored, frustrated, or have just had ENOUGH!! All your feelings are true and valid. Allow them space in your life. Notice I said to recognize them, not act upon them. Throat-punching someone is not a constructive response to your anger.

Once you have your feelings front and center, ask yourself why you feel that way. Are you partly to blame for the situation that led to those feelings? Then take responsibility for your part, communicate calmly and clearly how you would like the situation to change, and do what's necessary to heal the rifts. It's amazingly empowering to own your shit and make things right!

January 26, 2019: Card O' the Day: Ten Of Pentacles. This card has similar attributes to the King of Pentacles in that it indicates abundance, stability, and security on the material plane. You're absolutely "allowed" by Universe to enjoy luxurious things and gustatory pleasures, but understand even on the physical plane, there's more to life than mere "shiny objects."

To truly get the most out of life and all that Universe offers, one must delve into the unseen, the intangible, and heart/gut stuff to be completely whole. The King of Pentacles has his yin/yang energies well blended, but he's still over-involved in the physical/material aspect of life. This card is a nudge to look deeper...otherwise "abundance" becomes ordinary accumulation of stuff.

Being a ten, this card recognizes the ending/beginning cycle of eternal creation/destruction. Tap into that eternal cycle in your own little corner. You'll then understand how EVERYthing is interconnected. And none of us is ever really on our own. There's community and connection built into the fabric of Universe...you just have to see it.

January 25, 2019: Card O' the Day: King of Pentacles.This card turned up and the first thing that popped into my head was "Dad's home!". I was fortunate enough to be excited when my dad came home. For those of you who weren't let me rephrase: common sense, stability, security, maturity, and rationality are home! After spending several days in our heads and all caught up in racing thoughts, our feet hit the dirt once more. This card is a catalyst to developing self-confidence on the physical plane.

This card indicates a full integration of the yin/yang* energies. You may not feel excessively balanced at the moment, but that will come as you blend with the Spirit (yin/yang) energies of this card. The King embodies the dual nature of intuition and introspection. Meaning, he's as comfortable with his gut as he is his head. His appearance today is a reminder not to forget your gut and allow it as much input into your plans as you allow your head.

Being of the Pentacles, physical health and wellbeing are a topic for discussion. The King is reminding all of us to find physical outlets and forms of exercise that maintain physical and mental health. Even in the dead of winter when we'd rather curl up by the fire. Ugh.

*Yin/yang energy is sometimes referred to as feminine/masculine. However, I don't like to assign a gender to these energies because they are present, at the same time, in all of us. Also, there's the whole gender identification thing.... I don't believe energy recognizes the concept of "gender" and therefore, I shan't either.

January 24, 2019: Card O' The Day: Two of Swords, reversed. Yesterday "barriers were opened" and today a static balance held through complacency is broken. The egg is hatching...ready or not. Staying safely in a cocoon is all warm and snuggly, but it doesn't allow for growth. This breaking free will probably cause disruption emotionally and intellectually. That's going to be uncomfortable. But we only make changes when we're uncomfortable. Remember the old adage "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"? Well, it's time to break it so it can be fixed!

What's going to cause this "discomfort" is the coming to light of certain deep truths. These deep truths can be about your religious beliefs, sexual orientation, career choice, partner choice, etc. They can pertain to anything about which you were once passionate or that in which you once solidly believed.

Bravely face these new facts. Assess then, make a plan based upon them, and get all your ducks in a row BEFORE you make any move. By changing wisely, carefully, and based upon reality, you'll make the easiest transition with the least amount of physical displacement. You can also just light a match to your current life and walk away. But that method leaves a lot of legal loose ends. Just sayin'.

January 23, 2019: Card O' the Day: Seven of Swords. Same card as yesterday, but with a twist.... There's still a crisis at the moment, but barriers have opened with this card appearing upright for us today.

Some have associated the skunk (or polecat) with this card. This cracks me up. But consider a skunk's behavior: it will only spray when completely cornered and scared witless. But it's a self-sabotaging behavior because they're then vulnerable for ten days while they refill their stink tanks.

Insecurity driven self-sabotage and struggles rooted in the emotions that cause cloudy thinking and vacillation are suggested by this card. This may tempt you to stop short of your goals, which then negates all the hard work you've put in and wastes all resources used thus far.

However, also present is creative imagination, strategy, new plans, and--best of all--perseverance and fortitude to keep going. At some point you've realized some things require a tweak or two (thus the new ideas and plans), and fortunately, new roads and methods have appeared and are available to you. So is some good advice. You probably should take it.

January 22, 2019: Card O' the Day: Seven of Swords, reversed. And here we have an example of how we like to make simple things complicated. In what way you ask? By over -thinking and getting caught in circular "shoulda, woulda, coulda" thinking.

On the one hand, you seek the support and assistance of others to help make more meaningful and substantive changes for yourself and for your community. Unexpected sources of ideas, money, stuff, and extra hands come out of the woodwork to add oomph to the whole project. Yay!

But on the other hand, your lack of confidence leads you to see manipulation and dishonesty in those extra hands. These are fear-based problems and not real. Your desire to make a bang is limited by your vulnerability to your own nay-saying. This card suggests you go back to your past to find the root of this self-confidence thing. What went "wrong"? What lesson did you miss that could help now?

January 21, 2019: Card O' the Day: Prince of Swords. A-HA! Awesome sauce! The Prince of Swords is a master of himself and is able to overcome his own limits, including (and most importantly at this time) the limits to his thoughts. He uses logic and reason to gain objectivity and control of his emotions. Meaning: he can see that the minor inconveniences some of may have suffered due to the recent weather (or any other reason) are just that--minor inconveniences.

This card can indicate the need to make a decision and/or a quick turn of events. (Perhaps the do-over required a few days ago is taking hold this time.) A quick mind and inventiveness will help with all projects and tasks. But just because your synapses are all abuzz, it doesn't mean that everything that pops into your head is 100% perfect. Keep an open mind and listen to criticism. Someone else's input may just save your bacon.

Another stone stepped forward today and it's carnelian. It's said to help facilitate concentration and accelerate development. (We all want to "get there" yesterday, am I right?) So put down the smoky quartz and thank it for its service because it's carnelian's day today.

January 20, 2019: Card O' the Day: Ten of Swords. We received the Ten of Swords just six days ago, but it was reversed then indicating you were getting the hang of the new year and all that it holds for you. Yesterday, I warned you about letting negative energy invade your psyche when we got the reversed Wheel of Fortune and all the frustrations that are represented by that card. Today's upright Ten of Swords indicates the grip on your positive thinking is tenacious...grab your smoky quartz and hold it close today. It's said to help you replace negative thoughts with positive behavior patterns.

While this card does indeed speak of victim mentality, surrendering to unfortunate circumstances, difficulties, and disruptions, it's of the Swords suit--meaning it's all in your head! You're tempted to make mountains out of mole hills. Two-five inches of snow does not a blizzard make. Save your teeth gnashing and hair tearing for something truly life threatening.

Find and CHOOSE! positive thoughts. My friend came out this morning to find her car covered by ice and then several inches of snow. It took her a bit to scrape and thaw the car so it was drivable. She told me the entire time she was scraping, as her toes and fingers went numb, all she could think of was how pretty the snow was...like glitter! Release judgment about "good" or "bad." Accept what is and work with it.

January 19, 2019: Card O' the Day: Wheel of Fortune, reversed. The energy that's been pushing us forward the last days is still there, but it's being stymied. When The Wheel is reversed, it means snags are in your way. The development and expansion you're working on is being delayed by circumstances beyond your control. However, breathe and maintain your courage and stamina because this is not a permanent block. Don't let negativity creep in and negate all your hard work.

Something may have to be repeated and extra effort on your part will be needed. The fastest scenario I can imagine is that your application or paperwork got lost, isn't complete, or you have to reapply because the current "thing" is full for this month or spent for this quarter. All. Is. Not. Lost. I encourage you to take a deep breath, a brisk walk around the block, and persevere!

January 17, 2018: Card O' the Day: Queen of Wands, reversed. The reversed Queen continues our current trend of stepping lightly and handling the current energy with finesse and diplomacy*. You're being asked to not let simple things get blown out of proportion or cave into your frustrations by having a temper tantrum. This personal growth and development stuff is HARD! However, you've been given the fire energy to make it happen because Universe trusts you can handle it.

*My personal definitions of diplomacy v. political correctness are as follows: diplomacy is the act of policing yourself, whereas political correctness is being policed by the societal norms of the day. Back in the 1960's, the "N" word was considered vulgar but not taboo. Today, it's considered (and rightly so, in my humble opinion) taboo and one "shouldn't" say it. On the other hand, using diplomacy means one's integrity doesn't allow the use of hurtful words or actions against others. Ever. Therefore, I consider myself to be diplomatic rather than politically correct.

January 16, 2019: Card O' the Day: Five of Pentacles, reversed. The reversed Five of Pentacles is asking you to change your approach because the same old, same old isn't working so well. Fortunately, yesterday's Prince of Wands is considered the "idea man" of the deck and has arrived to help. By switching things up, you'll probably reveal an opportunity that was being lost in the shuffle.

Not only does this alternative route work in the material world, but it's also going to shift things emotionally. Look to see relationships strengthen or be allowed to wither. It's not a "big break up" type of thing but more along the lines of losing contact as temporal and physical space from someone increases. As we all know, relationships expand, contract, wax, and wane just like anything else.

Coming back to the Prince of Wands: excessive speed and dynamism could make things too volatile and thereby unstable. Keep that Prince energy on a very short leash or this precious resource will get away from you and leave you in the dust.

January 15, 2019: Card O' the Day: Prince of Wands. The Prince of Wands is an intellectual visionary, which makes him the key person on every brain-storming committee. He can come up with some pretty hair-brained schemes that actually could work if he could combine that vision with reality. However, he's one to let the "lesser members" handle the finer details of his incredible ideas.

The Prince is appearing to us today to urge us to let our brains and imaginations run wild. Write down your crazy ideas and a few notes about what you'll need to start (i.e. more training/education, business loan, building supplies, etc.). The energy behind this card is that which pushed the great explorers to discover new places, Edison to invent, and those at NASA to put men on the moon.

The trick is to harness this energy without breaking it. Dream big, by all means! And then make it happen...that's the hard part. Like I said yesterday, dare to believe you can do this.

January 14, 2019: Card O' the Day: Ten of Swords, reversed. The new year and its fresh energy is starting to kick in and show. (I know we're two weeks in, but you don't see results on your physique after your very first workout! You've got to keep at it for a bit before you see a smaller waistline.) Your efforts have slowly changed your outlook and you're turning a corner that brings relief from stress and a different feeling of looking forward to the coming months. Dare I say we're feeling a wee optimistic?

However, this budding optimism is precarious and must be nurtured carefully. Meaning, your reactions to previous pain and failures (i.e. self doubt, low self-esteem, etc.) threaten to undo all your work thus far. Kind of like "well, I tried before and failed, so I'm sure to fail again this time around because I'm such an incompetent loser." You have to truly let go of the negative feelings about any past events. Start fresh with fresh efforts and a fresh mindset! Dare to believe you'll get it right this time.

This card also promises advantage, gain, and success if you can believe you're worthy of it. (And you are.)

January 13, 2019: Card O' the Day: Nine of Cups. We received the Nine of Cups just six days ago, so let's see what I may have missed then, if the message has changed, or the same message is being reiterated from the 7th of January....

The shadow aspects of this card aren't slithering around my ankles today. What are singing loud and clear are all the bright and exuberant representations: abundance, integrity, joy! Positive expansive feelings are there to enhance your emotional happiness. Maybe it's the thick blanket of gorgeous snow outside my window, but this card is giving me the "warm and fuzzies." I encourage you to find what makes you feel warm and fuzzy, too.

Let's also acknowledge your hard physical and psycho-emotional work to get to this moment of your life. Take a minute to pat yourself on the back as you count your many blessings. (If you're reading this, then you're indeed blessed with access to an electronic device and the Internet! Universe is asking you to count your BLESSINGS, not all the things wrong with life right now.) As you count your blessings, notice how you focus less on your own ego and your own complaints....

January 12, 2019: Card O' the Day: Six of Cups, reversed. This card is often interpreted as the "nostalgia card." Ahh, the good ol' days.... But when reversed, we tend to over-dramatize those good ol' days. People were either kinder and gentler or incessantly evil. Of course, we intellectually know that's not true. Very few people are COMPLETELY one or the other. Therefore, you're being asked to be a little more honest about your past and how you're allowing it to affect your future.

Now, if it's traumatic events that are holding you hostage, that's another problem altogether. "Shoulda, woulda, coulda's", rehashing old perceived failures, and endless "what if's" are absolutely pointless! It's in the past and you CANNOT do anything about it. (Unless you time travel.) Gnashing your teeth and pulling your hair over what you did or didn't do back then only drives you deeper into despair.

The silver lining of this card is that it does offer renewed trust in the future. Again, therapy with a clergy person, shaman, psychologist, or licensed social worker can help you see the positives Universe has to offer for you TODAY and everything after that. The beauty of the future is that it hasn't happened yet. You haven't had a chance to ruin it, or be a putz, or anything else you think you might do "wrong." So, what are you going to do right today?

January 11, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Moon, reversed.  When I choose pictures to go with my daily reading, I usually write the analysis first and then choose a photo that seems to evoke an idea or feeling from the reading.* Today, when I drew the reversed Moon, I instantly saw the image of the moon reflected in water. This represents the softening of the meaning of The Moon.

Yes, fear and illusion is there, but somehow it's a little less scary, and you're more willing to do spiritual work. Because this card speaks of illusions and changes of perception, don't make assumptions, commitments, or take any risks. You may not be getting the entire story and if you jump in, based upon what you think you know, mistakes will be made.

While you may be willing to explore your darker side, it's no less confusion or frightening. I don't blame you for wanting to stay on the surface, stick your fingers in your ears, and sing "lalalalalala." I have found therapy with a psychologist, clergy person, shaman, or licensed social worker to be vastly helpful when I need second opinions or someone to ask me the hard questions and hold my hand as I seek the answers.

January 10, 2019: Card O' the Day: Eight of Cups. Growth, evolution, and creativity continue with this card. While some interpret this card to mean it's time to leave something behind, I'm not getting that today. It's more along the lines of tweaking what you're already doing or have. Combine your intuition with your constructive intelligence to see how your project/endeavor/"thing" is maturing and changing.

Be aware that The Goal you've been working "all your life" to achieve may have changed or become less important to you. That's okay. Change is good! Don't be embarrassed if you spent a lot of time and money on something only to realize it's just not going to happen the way you pictured it. Think of all the experience and wisdom you got through this project even if it ultimately failed. Any failures always come with valuable lessons.(Ask me how I know this....)

I can't stop here without mentioning the deeper spiritual connotations of this card. Something is still missing, and I believe that "something" has to do with your heart, spirit, soul, and/or True Self. As you search for this missing link, you'll be asked to venture into unexplored territory to find deeper meaning to your life. And that, my friends, is where you'll find your true power that'll help you create your next Big Thing.

January 9, 2019: Card O' the Day: Three of Wands, reversed. Oooooh! Told you to hang on to your hat! That Seven of Wands energy is crazy!

The reversed Three is giving you a warning shot across your bow. Just because you got a huge burst of energy doesn't mean you can be over-ambitious and impractical with your schemes and plans. The energy push means your well-thought out and carefully constructed projects will work nicely. Also, if you shoot for the moon, you risk scaring yourself into inertia because it all seems too much.

When this card of harmonious cooperation gets reversed, you may feel hesitant to ask for assistance or delegating tasks. Actually, your unconscious assumptions (oh, nobody really wants to help little ol' me) are the problem here. Nobody's talking trash behind your back or secretly hating you. They're just busy with their own worries. So ask! What's the worst that will happen? If one person says no, ask another. The point is, don't see drama or blocks where there are none.

January 8, 2019: Card O' the Day: Seven of Wands. A big cold front is coming through SE Ohio and therefore it's quite windy outside. This card presented itself during one of the bigger gusts and reflects the blast of energy the Seven of Wands represents. This kind of energy can evoke raw passion within you and be difficult to control without being swamped by it. Try to harness this wild steed as best you can because it can lead to great openness, manifestation, and growth.

This card is also about explaining yourself and holding true to your convictions. Fortunately, the confidence and courage to do so is also present. Others may not see your vision or point of view as clearly as you do. Thus diplomacy, composure, and clever maneuvering may be required to get your point across or ideas funded.

If, despite your best efforts, you find you're trying to sow your seeds on a parking lot, you may have to seek more fertile grounds. Don't waste this dynamic energy if it becomes obvious pretty quickly that no one's listening. Don't be shy about searching elsewhere to find a group or resource that will support your ideas.

January 7, 2019: Card O' the Day: Nine of Cups. Being another Nine (manifestation), this card is much like yesterday's card in that it offers good luck, expansion, growth, and abundance, too. However, being of the Cups suit, we've shifted from the material plane to the emotional plane. Therefore, in addition to moving towards material largesse and creativity, your relationships with others will bloom as well. Not only do you feel more warm and fuzzy towards your fellow man, but they're noticing your "glow" and are being attracted to your light.

While this card is considered the "wish" card and receiving it means wishes will come true, there's also a big fat caveat attached that warns of complacency, resting on laurels, and smugness. You may feel like you've "arrived", but you must remain humble. Practice gratitude for all that you have TODAY. Never mind what you're developing for next week. Be grateful for that stuff next week when (if?) it arrives. What is in your hands TODAY needs to be recognized and valued TODAY.

January 6, 2019: Card O' the Day: Nine of Pentacles. Now that you've gotten your priorities straight and your ducks lined up, let's get started.

The Nine of Pentacles is representative of manifesting your goals, and Universe is on board with offers of plain old good luck! Not being one to pass on any opportunity, your mental discipline combines that good luck with good management to produce fertility of ideas and abundance in returns. During free time, you're encouraged to pursue interests or creative hobbies. Don't waste your precious noodle and imagination by numbly staring at your phone (ahem, Annette are you paying attention?)

Even with all this abundance, something is still lacking.... Oh, yes. That would be inner purpose and spiritual awareness. It's very easy to get caught up in achieving and amassing and thereby losing sight of your True Self and your true reason for being here. An easy way to reconnect with Spirit is to share your current wealth and pay it forward. Put something into your karma bank for the next time you're a little low and need a left.

January 5, 2019: Card O' the Day: Two of Pentacles, reversed. Busy, busy, busy.... Are you sure it's real work that must be done or are you finding busy work to do as an excuse to NOT do what really needs to be done?

While you may believe you've gotten your ducks in a row, it's not showing up in the real world just yet. This card indicates lack of focus in your efforts and a lot of plate spinning and running in six different directions at once. Meaning, you're not being efficient with your resources. To achieve your goals, you'll need to reorganize your tasks (shifting piles of papers from one corner of your desk to another doesn't count). Delegate where you can, and assess your time lines. Can you legitimately put something off and concentrate on things that have a shorter deadline?

Now, it IS Saturday and some things just can't get done outside business hours. Therefore, determine what those things are and set them aside until Monday. How about you take a walk right now? Even if it's raining or snowing, go outside for half an hour. Mother Nature will soothe your soul and help you get back on task.

January 4, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Emperor. The Emperor contains the power of all elements, and therefore he reminds you it's not IF you have power (because, of course you do!), but what you do with it. By having such power, you can afford to be gentle and kind to those who have less or are not sure of their own power at the moment.

As master of his own ship, The Emperor is free of society's "shoulds" and "oughts." He's not a fashion follower, but a fashion innovator. He makes the music that will become the next big thing. However, this is not to say he's completely unconcerned with responsibility or consequences. On the contrary, he's very mindful of fairness and the equality we all share. He understands that with great power comes great responsibility and he's the builder of foundations upon which we all can stand.

The Emperor appears today to challenge you to take on projects or roles that allow (if not force!) growth. Perhaps that will manifest in running for office, starting a business, or simply ending a bad habit. No growth is insignificant, and thus I challenge you to be all you can be!

January 3, 2019: Card O' the Day: Six of Swords, reversed. This card seems a little contradictory in its interpretation at first blush. However, what I see is recognition of fear of change and the reactions to it coupled with the energy to get past blockages.

First, the fear and reactions part. With all the urgings to FEEL and acknowledge your very valuable feelings and emotions we've had of late, one can get stuck perceiving life from a subjective (i.e. "I feel this, therefore it must be true.") point of view. I repeat, your feelings are valid, but you may not have the entire story. Set aside your feelings for one moment (no, don't suppress them or discount them) and review your world for the solid facts. You may FEEL like you're being sabotaged, but is it TRUE? Apply this logic and analysis wherever you feel fearful or hesitant about something.

Secondly, the energy behind this card. Even though there's fear of and resistance to change, this card indicates a silence will be broken and efforts to release past wounds will begin again. Also, there's a need to handle a turbulent situation. So, despite holding back and wringing your hands while in line for that super-amazing-scary zip-line ride, your analysis of the situation will help you get past your fear and over the hump.

January 2, 2019: Card O' the Day: The Moon. The High Priestess has come to use twice, reversed and upright, in the last few days. She's connected to The Moon through the unconscious knowing represented by both cards. The fact that The Moon has come to us today reiterates the need for internal intuitive work and indicates strong activity of the spirit on your material/physiological plane. If you've already sensed the need for such work, these cards are your guide posts telling you you're on the right path.

The Moon has its own key points, too, however. During this wonderful (and scary!) personal development, important truths will be discovered. It's your job to determine which of those truths are basically illusions and which are real things to fear and fix. Can you accept the stuff that must be fixed and let the illusions go?

It's hard to do and you may be swamped by your emotions and insecurities as you navigate this difficult phase. If you can move through the weakness of your will and uncertainties, you'll be rewarded with rebirth and evolution.... Until it's time to move again, of course.

January 1, 2019: Card O' the Day: The High Priestess. I realize this is the first day of a new year, but let's consider this card for just the next little while. We keep track of time to organize our world and lives, and that's useful. However, I don't want to rigidly adhere to the qualities of this card for ONLY today, because we'll outgrow it once we've integrated its lesson.

The other day we had this same card but reversed. When reversed, the High Priestess urged us to really experience our feelings--even the painful ones--and not just live safely within four beige walls. When she's upright, she offers you the capability to accept darkness and light, sadness and joy, and remain calm within whatever storm comes your way.

As you truly experience your feelings and emotions, you'll learn to understand what they mean. Why are you frustrated? Why are you angry? Why are you sad? That'll be the first step to fixing the situation, which will lead to more pleasant emotions. Recognize your emotional needs so you can fill them with real, nurturing "food." By that I mean leaving a stultifying job, ending a toxic relationship, or facing and dealing with grief. Don't just brush your feelings aside or cover them up; value them as the assets they are.

December 31, 2018: Card O' the Day: Ace of Cups. Yesterday, the reversed High Priestess told us to pay more attention to our feelings and let 'em rip! Today we're given another big "feelings" card: the Ace of Cups. The Ace represents an opportunity for new emotional experiences and growth. You're being asked to allow yourself to experience pleasure, to be happy, and to understand you're worthy of it.

Allow emotions to come to the surface to heal pain or embrace joy. If you suppress your emotions, they cannot be felt or experienced, which makes for a very bleak and gray existence. It's scary to feel some of the more awkward or painful emotions, but trust that Universe will support you. You must come to accept and understand "unhappy" emotions to truly appreciate the "happy" ones. As they say, there cannot be light without dark.

The Ace of Cups also represents enlightenment and a true heart. As you create a more spiritually and emotionally alive new world for yourself, you can expect upheaval, the replacement of some old feelings for new, and challenges. However, all that brings transformation as you find your True Heart.

December 30, 2018: Card O' the Day: The High Priestess, reversed. This is also a good card to receive at year's end. I've seen many memes with the message "new year, new me" or "new year, new me is bullshit." Either way, it indicates inevitable changes where you'll set new standards for yourself and be more self-reliant and independent.

The reversed High Priestess represents letting your hair down and letting yourself off the chain. You may try new things or return to old habits you stopped because they were supposed to be "bad" for you. Loosening the reins might include flirtations and sexual dalliances just for the sake of getting laid.

Even if you don't go to extremes with your behavior, move towards your passion and dig deep into your feelings. Stop ignoring them and FEEL! That pain, joy, anger, frustration, etc. means you're ALIVE and not just existing day to day, paycheck to paycheck. Just know that if you dare to act outside the "norms" of society (read: being a little different), you might be called a witch, bitch, or ball-buster. Wear the label with pride.

December 29, 2018: Card O' the Day: Eight of Swords, reversed. Self-imposed restrictions are getting to be intolerable as the harness you've bound yourself in is beginning to seriously chafe. And guess what? Those restrictions you imposed upon yourself are there thanks to others whispering indoor ear that you should do it this way--the cool way, the proper way, the way that everyone else does it.

However, as you begin to see clearly, you'll find your first steps towards liberation of this harness, these "shoulds" and "oughts." Your ability to see through and around obstacles is greatly enhanced right now, and the power you need to transcend these confines is available. Therefore, get the hell outta yer own way and haul ass!

December 28, 2018: Card O' the Day: The World. I feel this card is especially appropriate for this time of year. It's almost time to turn over the calendar to 2019, but you have three days left to finalize the endings and prepare for the beginnings that are inherent in this card. The World is asking you "What's next!?!?" and other essential questions about your life. You're being encouraged to travel outside your comfort zone this coming year during your coming journeys. Don't be satisfied with the same ol', same ol'!

While you're literally clearing out closets and drawers, you're being asked to liberate yourself from negative thinking and patterns. Get okay with You this year! By releasing petty concerns (does my butt look good in these jeans? is my makeup on fleek? is my car rad enough? etc.) and security (continuing to socialize with the "in" crowd even though you have nothing in common with them anymore), you'll find personal power. This power will give you the tenacity to achieve ... anything.

Don't wait until midnight on the 31st. Start your new path right now.

December 27, 2018: Card O' the Day: King of Swords. As we lurch back to normalcy, the health aspects of this king seem to stand out. There's a need for relaxation. Now that all the family obligations are completed, the final holiday is one of revelry and letting go of the past year. Whether you stay home and just chill or go out and whoop it up, this one's for you. The herb associated with this card, is St. Johnswort, which has calming qualities. A nice of cup of camomile tea can provide the same relaxed mood as well as soothe overworked tummies.

Something else the King of Swords represents is dominance over emotions. This allows one to smooth ruffled feathers and let go of defensiveness that may have come up during recent family gatherings. Unless any offense was truly egregious, chalk it up to fraught holiday emotions, (and a little too much Christmas cheer) and be glad you have another year before having to see "those" people again.

If you want to take it further, this king is very analytical, impartial, tactful, and tolerant. By using those qualities to review the past few days, your keen perception and controlled emotions will help you see through to the real issue behind any harsh words or perceived slights. Which, in the end, will allow you to more easily forgive and forget.

December 23, 2018: Card O' the Day: Prince of Cups, reversed. More obstacles crop up when inner fascinations (what you really want to do) conflict with outer responsibilities. Those obstacles will tend to be emotional as you pretend your way through the holiday season with a big fat fake smile.

Holiday parties, concerts, and gatherings are attended out of obligation and not any real anticipation of fun or delight at seeing people or hearing music. When Uncle Joe gets drunk and goes off on a bigoted rant, you sit there feeling awful but are "too polite" to call him out. And the whole time you're chanting to yourself "it's all good!"

Here's a thought: be emotionally honest with, at the very least, yourself. Just because it's holiday time, it doesn't mean your troubles vanish. You still have to pay rent, get along with your partner, and suck up to your boss to keep your job (or find one for that matter). If you can't afford the time, energy, or gas to go to an event, don't go. You have my permission. If Uncle Joe makes you want to vomit, leave. Or better yet, tell him to shut his pie hole and get out!

Remain authentic to yourself as much as you can as you move through these next days.

December 22, 2018: Card O' the Day: Eight of Wands, reversed. I seem to be drawing the card that I most need to see these days.... The reversed Eight of Wands represents a period where Murphy's Law rules. I just got a new phone (old one finally croaked), and I'm having a hellish time transferring everything. The lesson from this card is to learn to cope with frustrations and use your noodle to find the work-arounds. Of course, this is easier said than done because at some point you just want to throw the phone across the room, pour yourself a stiff drink, and dissolve into tears.

Let's not do that. Firstly, keep a cool head and don't let emotions get in your way. Secondly, look to where you're wasting precious energies rushing in three directions at once to get all the last minute things done. Make a list of what MUST be done yet and methodically get each item done to the best of your ability (no time to thaw the 45lb turkey? get a ham--heat and eat!). Delegate as much of the list as you can to lighten your own load. Finally, if it was meant to be, it would have happened so let those final details go (no one will miss the calligraphy place cards).

We're in a period where even the sun is resting and just holding steady. You should, too.

December 19, 2018: Card O' the Day: Ace of Wands. If the Princess of Wands from yesterday wasn't enough of a kick in the fanny, then we have the Ace of Wands to inspire us today. Inherent in this card we have personal power, strength, and a rush of vigor. New beginnings of any nature (but especially in your career path) are encouraged!

However, this big energy isn't yet directed or channeled efficiently. This can be a "good thing" as the sky is the limit and you can do anything you want! It can also be a "bad thing" causing you to run in circles chasing every shiny object and thereby wasting this resource. If you find yourself scattering in all directions, do what's necessary to ground your thoughts and center your activities to one path at a time. It's okay to abandon a path if it seems to be a dead end, but traveling 40 paths at once won't give you any real feedback other than chaos.

While this card is a big celebration of life itself and all it brings, it also represents finding fulfillment in simple things. Yesterday, as I was cleaning my house, I would get a little cranky and bored with my tasks. I would remind myself to just be in the moment and enjoy the beauty of the cleaned surface...I did that; I made that nice in my eyes. I plan on holding that attitude as I continue with holiday preparations and chores today.

December 18, 2018: Card O' the Day: Princess of Wands. Oh, THANK YOU Universe for this blast of fresh energy! (I was getting awfully tired of being cranky.) This Princess is delivering us playfulness and the ability to approach our challenges with eagerness and excitement (dust bunnies here I come!). Take full advantage of this little burst of sunshine under your tail feathers and get as much accomplished today as possible.

The only caveat to this bright light is you must stay grounded and practical. Don't allow your giddiness to take over and start promising to bake 400 dozen cookies for the community food pantry! At this point in the holiday season, work on what YOU need to achieve. This is not "take on the world" energy, but more along the lines of "I can get done all the stuff I want to before the party starts" energy.

And be SURE to take care of yourself right now! Make time for your regular yoga class, gym routine, run, bike ride, etc. Your normal self care schedule should not be sacrificed. It's more important than ever right now to keep balanced and happy. Trust me, your bowels will appreciate it.

December 17, 2018: Card O' the Day: Queen of Pentacles, reversed. Ooo! My panties are showing! I am the Queen of Pentacles, so having my card show up reversed like this exposes me and my mood of late. Betrayed by my own cards....

When This card comes up reversed, the whole home arts thing goes down the tubes. I've got relatives coming, so I'm all into the cleaning, pre-cooking, and decorating thing--because it's expected of me--but I'm not liking it. This card indicates an increased involvement with people, to. Well, DUH! Christmas and all....

What am I going to do about my feelings of crankiness and forced conformity? Drink wine!! Okay, well, seriously...yes! There will be wine! But also there'll be adhering to my personal boundaries the best I can, self care, and a whole lotta letting myself off the hook for not being the perfect epitome of Martha Stewart. I'm just me. Like it or lump it; harrumph.

December 16, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Hanged Man, reversed. It has happened a few times that I drew the same card two days running, but I don't know if I've done this before--drawn the same card, but in reverse. Hmmm...

The Hanged Man of yesterday had you thinking about and pondering things which brought you clarity and insight. Also, you may have been reevaluating what was once thought to be crucial to you. With the card's reversal today, I feel like some of you may be frightened or uncomfortable with this new independent thinking.

When the Hanged Man is reversed, it indicates being at the mercy of others' opinions. Being so bent on pleasing everyone else, you're letting their perspectives override your own. That's because you're still searching for direction. You're feeling ready for the next thing, but you're not sure what that looks like, so you're allowing too much input to interfere with your personal "turning point." Also, some of the "letting go" mentioned yesterday will feel like sacrifice. This card's reappearance, but reversed, tells me there's hesitation or unwillingness to release what needs to get gone.

December 15, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Hanged Man. Your spirit, higher self, gut, whatever you want to call it has recognized new, and greater, possibilities. Things that once seemed so very valuable and highly prized are suddenly disposable to allow room for the new. In addition to "stuff" being let go, so is control. When you're gripping your life with both hands in an absolute choke hold, new ideas and fresh energy can't get in. This card indicates you're "getting it" and are changing your mind about a lot of things.

As your point of view and mind shifts, you'll achieve insight and clarity and understand there's more to this life than what's apparent on the surface. This "aha" moment is facilitated by the pause imposed on you right now (nobody can get anything done during the holidays, am I right?!). Therefore, take that involuntary lull and accept what is in this moment, in this day.

My personal test for absolute necessity is asking myself "what's the BFD?" While many of us know this acronym to mean "Big F*cking Deal", I changed it to Blood, Fire, and Death. So, when you're faced with frustrations, check for blood, fire, or imminent death. Not there? Then relax; it doesn't reeeeeeeeeelllly need to happen right this minute.

December 9, 2018: Card O' the Day: Five of Pentacles, reversed. Your standard solutions to life's problems (avoidance, over indulgence, going along to get along, etc.) won't work anymore. You need to try a different approach to solving interpersonal or material world conflicts. And when you do start facing problems and actively trying to solve them, you'll see previously hidden possibilities to overcoming disharmony in your life.

Accomplishing this "different approach" will require you to put your ego aside and be present to this lesson. You're at a spiritual/personal crossroads. You can either continue to avoid, over-indulge, or smile and nod, or you can stand up and take control of your life by stepping into your inherent power. You choose: the easy but ultimately miserable way, or the hard road to empowered happiness.

December 8, 2018: Card O' the Day: Six of Pentacles.  The key concept of this card is reciprocity. When we can truly give of ourselves and receive like energy back, without thought or expectation of reward or recognition, then we have achieved reciprocity with Universe. Reciprocity is how we can connect our tribes, families, communities, and society as a whole and thereby uplift ALL members.

However, inherent in the giving/receiving dynamic, there's a situation of dominance and submission between the "haves" and "have-nots." By developing a strong foundation of inner security and healthy attachments to your resources, you'll be able to share those resources without creating lack--material or spiritual--in yourself. And if you feel as though you're living in abundance, then the acts of charity, kindness, and compassion are easily made.

December 7, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Star, reversed. You're being called to shed all ideas about yourself and who you are that are based on your social status, physical appearance, and possessions. Those things have NOTHING to do with your True Self. Stop running after outer trappings and start being in the moment, the hour, the day.... Put down your phone and TALK to the person across the table from you.

There's a deep need for healing of yourself and others. The world is hurting. Be a catalyst for change and a soothing hand on someone's brow.

How are you--little ol' you--supposed to fix the world? By letting go of the illusion of what's important. No, I'm not suggesting you should give away everything and be naked in a cave to find your "enlightenment." We still gotta eat and we're allowed to have nice stuff that pleases the senses. But I want you to understand none of that is Truly Important. Your inner Star is Truly Important. Start there.

December 6, 2018: Card O' the Day: Five of Cups, reversed. You've made the hard choices required--or are getting up the nerve to make them--to allow you to move on. This shows up in the form of difficulties being resolved, hatchets being buried, and garbage being taken to the curb. Disappointments or resistance are transformed into something better.

This kind of work is painful and you may have to grieve a little. Allow that to happen; it's not weakness and you don't have to put on a mask of "it's all okay, I'm good." You actually have the coping skills, determination, and fortitude to fully deal and heal. Having a good cry with your besties or indulging in a couple of quiet days by yourself are examples of coping! Therefore, cope in the way that works best for you so that you can do all the work (ahem) eloquently outlined above.

December 5, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Wheel of Fortune, reversed. The Wheel of Fortune heralds good luck and changes. However, when reversed, the smooth turning of the wheel becomes jerky and unpredictable. This could mean expected events could be delayed or you may suddenly become resistant to planned changes (am I REALLY ready to do this!?!?!).

Even though development and expansion is still possible, to a certain extent you'll be at the mercy of circumstances beyond your control (labor strikes, weather, etc.). However, with some quick thinking and effort, you'll find ways to overcome, or work with, the problems to still get to your goal.

As we move into this coming holiday season, you'll be invited to and obligated to attend more and more social events. This can be very energy-sapping. Be sure to find time for yourself to exercise, get chores done, and/or read a couple chapters in your current book. Refuse an invitation or two if you must. The reversed Wheel can indicate a social life that's spinning out of control. Don't let it run you over!

December 4, 2018: Card O' the Day: The DevilIn typical depictions of The Devil in Tarot cards, it shows a central figure with two smaller figures chained or bound in some way. This bondage to "the devil" represents your physical cravings, addictions, and power for power's sake that separate you into hatred, lack, and finiteness. It's about forgetting your spirit. Ask yourself is my human side going to sell out my spiritual side?

When you cease to give love wholeheartedly and freely, you're no longer linked to higher powers through which you illuminate your truth and magic. Love simply becomes a tool for submitting to another for a price.

The Devil forces you to look at aspects about yourself that you don't necessarily "like", and tests the darkness of your unconscious mind. But your darkness isn't "bad", no part of you is "bad." Embrace and integrate your shadow side into all of you to liberate yourself. The most brilliant diamonds have many facets! The more facets you allow yourself to have, the brighter you can shine!

December 3, 2018: Card O' the Day: Three of Swords. The seriousness and intensity with which you've been doing your work is laudable, but there is validity in the statement of "too much of a good thing." Staying closed off, aloof, and too self-involved at the expense of your friendships, relationships, and teamwork responsibilities damages those links. Then, when you're ready to come back to them after your personal quest, they not longer exist or are weakened. Which means you have to rebuild those connections and it's more work for you.

Therefore, it would be wise to erase certain boundaries and let more love in your life. While your intellect understands--and is wary of--the emotional costs that are inherent to opening yourself to others, you'll ultimately be richer and more fulfilled for having experienced the love.

So, it's a very valuable time of introspection, acknowledgement, and release for all of us. There's great potential for transformation if we can dare to endure the pain that's required of us to do so.

November 30, 2018: Card O' the Day: Queen of Cups, reversed. Yet another reversed "mother" figure indicating you're just not in a space right now to care for others beyond what you must do. Moodiness and loss of that sense of service to others--which is your usual mode--troubles you, and you may want to deny what's going on in your head/heart.

Here's a thought: allow your feelings to wash over you so you can examine them. It may feel overwhelming and "lost." However, by letting the dam break and swimming in the resulting flood, you'll release your inner tension.

Again, solo work is advised, so keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself as you sort it all out. Spill your guts to only your most trusted besties because as you verbally process, you could wound others. Verbally processing includes saying things out loud to see if it's how you REALLY feel (e.g. I HATE my mother-in-law!). That's why you play it safe and speak to a very few who will merely nod and ask whether you're SURE, and not judge you for having those fleeting feelings or ideas during your time of clearing.

November 29, 2018: Card O' the Day: Three of Wands, reversed. Threes denote unions or groups. With the Three of Cups, we're looking at groups of friends and family and the connections between those people. With Pentacles, that union/group shifts to your work life. The Three of Wands represents the collective energies of people endeavoring to create something new. But when reversed, all of these cards show trouble when relating or working with others.

The cards of the last couple days have indicated energetic upsets that have interfered with your relationships. The reversed queen indicated you needed to step back from "mothering" others. The reversed Three of Cups reiterated that message along with identifying the group you've been "mothering." Today's reversed Three of Wands--with its static energy--tells me there are some things you have to endure and sort out on your own.

Postponement, tranquility, and meditation are keywords that go with this card. So, even though you've got good friends who want to help, ultimately, some spiritual or psycho-emotional stuff has to be sorted out on your own. Sure, you can lean on pals for encouragement, but their well-meaning advice is not for you at this time.

November 27, 2018: Card O' the Day: Three of Cups, reversed. Your ambiguity and confusion don't lessen any with this card. Everything is so up in air right now! 

The Three of Cups is the "friendship" card. All your pals, people you hang with to celebrate each other's accomplishments, or just go out with for a drink fall under the umbrella of this card. But when reversed, it indicates your suspicions about their motives (see yesterday's Queen of Pentacles, reversed) haven't subsided. That might be for a good reason in that the coming changes include relationships.

The "old crowd" may not seem as much fun as they used to be or you seem to have less in common with them of late. That's okay; friendships wax and wane like fashion. However, it might be darker than that, especially when your gut has been less than charitable regarding them. Maybe your gut is right and they're blackballing you in some way or are envious of your accomplishments rather than truly happy for you.

Yesterday I suggested that you should allow your friends to help with your personal crisis. Let's tweak that to TRUE friends. Your intuition is speaking and shouldn't be ignored. Therefore, while you're tossing out last year's fashions, review your tribe to see who needs to be reduced to "mere acquaintance" status.

 November 26, 2018: Card O' the Day: Queen of Pentacles, reversed. With your "tower" falling down around you, I wouldn't be surprised if indecision, uncertainty, insecurity, and more confusion have you guessing as to which way is up. And if anyone comes to you needing a "mommy" right now, SO not even! Please, YOU need care and help! How can you possibly provide it for others?

Also, there are self-worth issues lurking about. Nothing you do feels good enough, and you're suspicious about motives of friends and family. Do they think you're not able to do A, B, or C? Horrors! Do they see how incompetent you really are? Why are they being nice and trying to help!?!

Here's a thought: take off your Wonder Woman bustier, accept that cup of tea or glass of wine being offered, and go ahead and "be weak" for a minute. Your personal doo-doo is hitting the fan, and you need all the help you can get. Let your friends support you, for once, the way you usually support them.

November 25, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Tower, reversed. A friend, who's been doing some serious psycho-emotional work and is in the process of transforming, was just telling me today that s/he felt like s/he was falling back into old patterns or habits. This work my friend is doing is VERY "Tower-like" in that some seriously deep-seated stuff is being dragged up, examined, and discarded. It's incredibly impressive to watch and makes me wonder if I could ever be so brave....

The glitch comes when there's a refusal to accept or a resistance to the inevitable changes necessary with this kind of intense personal work. The intellect declares "this" must go, but the emotions want to keep what's known even if it's toxic. This clash causes pain and confusion. The hard part is to keep going. You're being asked to trust that what's solid and worthwhile will indeed survive.

This card is a strong directive to adjust to the changes and not cling to the old. Digging in your heels only makes it worse.

November 24, 2018: Card O' the Day: Eight of Pentacles. After the crankiness of this past week, energies return to a more harmonious state of balance and flow. With perseverance and practical steps, we can return to our labors for the sheer joy of working. Having a clean house or a tidy garden becomes all the reward we need. There's beauty to be found in work...consider the beaver's dam or a bird's nest. The animal is compelled to build a place for living and raising young. But they are also guided by Universe to create a structure of beauty and they work diligently to do so without expecting kudos or anything more than a safe place to live.

This attitude towards one's work contributes to your spiritual preservation. Remember when you were on an endless car ride with your family and everyone would whine "are we there yet?" Life's journey isn't about getting "there." It's about looking out the window and enjoying the scenery as you learn one lesson after another, as you learn to recognize yourself, and as you learn to be satisfied with a job well done by you.

November 22, 2018: Card O' the Day: Ten of Wands. The perfect card has stepped forward today. It represents self-sacrifice, generosity, but also repressed vitality. What started out as a good idea has proliferated and grown to take on a life of its own. You're becoming over burdened by it even as others expect you to keep it all going...and maybe add to it! But regardless of whether the urge to keep going is coming from within or you're being pushed by outside forces, it's getting to be too much and you're going to crack under the pressure.

I'm picturing the millions of people who'll be celebrating the holiday with family get togethers. All those family leaders who started inviting family members and/or neighbors and/or holiday orphans to a merry gathering of 10 or so...which has been gaining ground every year. You're up to a good 30+ guests this year, and you don't know how to stop!

What to do? First, figure out how you got to be in this position. Secondly, delegate everything you can. Thirdly, learn your lessons, forgive yourself for having been a wee over ambitious, and don't do "that" again.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

November 21, 2018: Card O' the Day: Magician, reversed. The "cranky" of yesterday is actually stemming from confusion and difficulty focusing your energy, as we see from the reversed Magician of today. Furthermore, communication may be a problem and you might be feeling unheard. News flash: it's not they who cannot understand you, it's YOU who cannot say what you mean.

Hesitation and insecurity prevent you from taking steps forward. Which is a good thing at the moment, because you're too scrambled to act with any real purpose. So, take this time to study your approach: is your "easy way" of least resistance actually harder on you than growing a pair?

November 20, 2018: Card O' the Day: King of Pentacles, reversed. Ooo! Cranky energy, and it's not even Monday. You're cranky because you feel lacking in some way. Whether it's time, money, love, or another resource, feeling like there's lack in your life can make you feel insecure. Feeling insecure makes you want to withdraw and hoard. Hoard your body's warmth cuddled up in a blanket. Hoard food by eating too much junk. Hoarding time by not keeping up with friends and your responsibilities to others.

AND THAT'S OKAY!!! Sometimes, you've just got to take care of Number 1. Do only what you need to do to get by. The rest can wait until you're in a better head-space. (Try to eat at least one apple and take a stroll around the block. Your bowels will thank you by moving out the garbage...literally and figuratively.)

November 16, 2018: Card O' the Day: Queen of Cups, reversed. This queen indicates there are some of us who are still lost in the emotional world and are having trouble connecting to reality. In an effort to appear rational, it's tempting to be less than honest about feelings and desires. And "desires" are certainly overwhelming right now...sensuality borders on debauchery. Do your best to honor and satisfy those wants and needs safely.

I repeat yesterday's advice to not accept responsibilities you can't hold to right now. If you are one of those who is lost in the sensual self, you can't be in charge of anything beyond the usual feeding of your cat or children.

None of this is wrong...it just is. And knowing why you may be feeling lusty, emotional, and scattered will help you navigate this current energy flow. Don't try to police yourself and box yourself in to rigid ideology. Some stuff just needs to be experienced so it can move through you. These reversed Cups are demanding that we let loose a little.

November 15, 2018: Card O' the Day: Prince of Cups, reversed. Insincerity and emotional dishonesty come with the reversed Prince. I don't feel this is malicious; it's more that you have too much on your own mind to be able to give of yourself to others. You want to be available, but you simply can't be. Therefore, don't make promises or accept responsibilities you won't be able to keep.

Also, be careful that you don't misstep in your current state. Inner fascinations, dreams, and plans are consuming your every thought, and this makes you a little less astute than you need to be. A situation is not as it seems. You'd do well to proceed with caution and/or have an attorney, CPA, financial analyst, electrician, or whatever professional you are not take a look at your latest endeavor. Something's not right, and you can't see it.

November 14, 2018 : Card O' the Day: Five of Cups, reversed. Yesterday's 10 of Swords can be interpreted as a "suffering card"; so can the 5 of Cups, reversed. However, both days I don't feel the suffering but the determination and fortitude necessary to overcome troubles. Instead of wallowing, there's a sense of "welp, that sucked; moving on!"

Cards of last week encouraged weeding the garden and pruning off dead wood. In that process, some hard choices were made or became apparent they needed to be made. At any rate, you're beginning to see what's left after the cleansing. Your REAL friends have stepped forward to stand by you. I suggest you thank them warmly and do what you need to keep them at your side.

All this clearing, cleansing, and weeding is bringing a change of lifestyle which results in recovery and healing. Having come through it all, you've gained emotional stability and coping skills. Pay close attention to those skills so you can trot them out the next time your boat hits stormy seas!

November 13, 2018: Card O' the Day: Ten of Swords. The usual connotation of this card is of utter despair and having bottomed out. I'm not feeling that today. (One of the benefits of having studied dozens of decks and books on the topic of the Tarot is that I have lots of information from which to choose on each card.) Swords are of the air element and represent thoughts and ideas; tens signify endings/beginnings.

Today, this card is about determination, growth, and imagination. Some of this "determination" may come out as sassiness and a bit of snark. Not in a mean way, but as a ballsy way of getting your point across and ideas heard. Don't be shy about using your voice. If a couple F-bombs help to amplify what you need to convey, then so be it. (I'm certainly no stranger to salty language as anyone who's sat with me can avow.)

If you need a little crystal help, try some smokey quartz. It's said to help timid people manifest dreams into reality by changing negative thinking into positive patterns of behavior. And for you herbalists out there, mandrake root is supposed to help banish negative mental images. So, go with the 10 of Swords to end the crappy thinking and begin a more positive and determined outlook.

November 9, 2018: Card O' the Day: The High Priestess, reversed. The High Priestess represents the unconscious knowing and intuition we all have. Fortunately, society is becoming more accepting and aware of alternative healing modalities, the powers of crystals, spiritual practices, and just generally looking beyond the surface of what we can see/touch. That's the key to finding your inner High Priestess: look beyond and within.

However, when she's reversed, this pure, ego-less knowing becomes commercialized, materialized, and faddish. Be careful in your quest for self-knowledge and striving to become, and be, your highest Self that you don't follow the "woke" crowd. Blindly embracing the virtues of coconut oil and yoga, without doing your research and practicing within the limits of your body, is your ego just trying to appear "with it."

Also be mindful of isolating yourself from your "muggle" life (friends, family, job, etc.). Certainly follow your own spiritual path, but be sure it's organic and comes from your True Self. Don't just jettison stuff and relationships to join other "hermits on a hill" to live closer to Source/Universe/Mother Earth. You're only switching one type of society for another with its own rules, judgments, and confines.

November 8, 2018: Card O' the Day: Nine of Cups, reversed. The quest for ... whatever you need to get to the root of, isn't over yet, and there's no time for complacency. You've got to go deeper. That's going to require moving the sofa, going under the bed, and taking the rugs out for a good beating on the clothes line, metaphorically. Only then will you find the hidden things you'd really hoped were gone but aren't.

It's not fun, but it's sooooo necessary. We talked a bit about weeding the garden yesterday; today you have to remove the uprooted crap to the compost bin and not just toss it to the next row over. Some stuff will simply reroot.

By example, I've had clients tell me the psycho-emotional energies showing up in their readings was a years-ago drama and they're over it. Guess what? No, you're not. You've shoved it to one side but never really dealt with the hurt, betrayal, anger, grief, shame, humiliation, etc. the circumstances brought to you. Don't be one of those clients; eradicate the roots of that poison ivy.

November 7, 2018: Card O' the Day: Seven of Pentacles. The most basic meaning of this card is fear of failure. But it also signifies the willingness and ability to endure hard times in pursuit of a goal. Hold on to that courage as you appreciate each step forward, even if it's tiny! Know this: magic is beginning to take root. You just have to be patient and allow the fruits of your labor to ripen. It's a situation that simply can't be rushed.

However, being patient doesn't mean you sit on your duff doing nothing. See what you can purge to make room for the new growth. You've got to keep the garden weeded. If your rewards seem to be a bit thin, you might need to change direction a little bit or try alternative techniques to amplify returns on the investments of time and energy you make.

Finally, this card represents healing. I wish you all blessings and abundance.

November 6, 2018: Card O' the Day: Queen of Pentacles, reversed. When the Queen of Pentacles is reversed, her normal organizational skills become scattered...much like her mind right now. Uncertainty and indecision govern her thoughts and actions. And if she does manage a decision, she's apt to change her mind because she's afraid she's made the wrong move. All this prevents her from being the solid care-giver she is normally as she's much to self-involved with her own thoughts to give a hoot about anyone else.

This upset in the balance of the mind stems from feelings of privation and a deep need for security. While you may not actually be teetering on the brink of financial or emotional losses, the current social atmosphere has many people feeling unsure about societal rules and norms. Will laws change that will add or remove assistance upon which you rely or rights to which you've become accustomed?

November 2, 2018: Card O' the Day: King of Cups. This king has all the admirable qualities of the kings: strong leader, good businessman, creativity, and kindness towards others. However, he has deeply buried wounds (don't we all?) that aren't being addressed. The reason is it's too painful to deal with his own shit, so he helps everyone else deal with theirs. This makes him everyone's best friend who they call when in a jam.

Guess what? It's time to pay attention to your own needs and wants. It's time to dig up those long-buried owies and admit they hurt, heal them, and move on. If you need help doing so, or don't feel you can share your pain with your friends, I strongly encourage you to seek a professional to help you (it doesn't have to be expensive, check your options).

By getting to the core of things and finding peace within, you'll be that much more of a good friend and helper to others. Your creativity, zest for life, and joy will be set free when you unburden your psyche from old crap. Stop sweeping YOUR feelings under the rug just to help someone else!

November 1, 2018: Card O' the Day: Princess of Cups. So, in response to Mr. Grumpy Mean Person (yesterday's Emperor, reversed) we get a dose of Pollyanna. And I think a little Pollyanna, now and again, goes a long way to lighten us up and bring our attention back to the full portion of our glasses rather than dwelling upon the empty portion.

The Princess of Cups is deeply idealistic and is devoted to living life in pursuit of a good cause rather than lining her own pockets. She forms friendships and associations by listening to her heart and gut. Logic may tell us that Ms. So-and-so would be good for our careers, but the gut tells us that she's an opportunistic backstabber of whom you'd do well to steer clear.

Let's remember life isn't all bad and tune in to the wonder and magic of it. Look for cheap or free adventures you can take. Read stories about mother dogs or cats adopting orphaned litters of squirrels or groundhogs. Try to find the silver lining in the clouds over you. Give out compliments to strangers. And just be kind.

October 31, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Emperor, reversed. The energy of this card may represent someone close to you or someone who has power over you. In any regard, he/she is NOT. NICE. and is misusing power in the grossest ways. Over-criticism and judgment coming at you from the outside will jack your own latent lack of self-worth and confidence to the moon. Your internal disapproving voices will get louder, and you may lash out in defensive aggression in response to this needling.

Know this: it all stems from fear of inadequacy. The actions of those who have power over you and your reactions to that tyrannical behavior stem from fear of not being "enough."

In your fearful and weakened state, you may have trouble making decisions or facing challenges. If you can, delegate responsibility or delay obligations to lighten your load. But most importantly remember that you ARE enough. You cannot control others, but you can control your reaction to them and how you feel about yourself.

October 30, 2018: Card O' the Day: Queen of Pentacles. The Nine of Wands we received yesterday indicated a shift towards work. Today's Queen of Pentacles reminds us about organizing that work efficiently and balancing it with self-care and healing contact with nature. She recognizes when she's had enough and will retreat to a park or the woods where she can recharge her own batteries. You should do the same before you burn out from too much giving to your work and others.

The powerful and ambitious Queen is an excellent family manger and business woman. Her management of resources is unparalleled, and she's especially good at recognizing what no longer serves and ditching it. You may not necessarily like having to remove certain things or relationships from you life, but it's what's needed.

October 29, 2018: Card O' the Day: Nine of Wands. The Nine of Wands represents powerful energy, stamina, and perseverance that has been channeled into your work. But you've become a workaholic in your efforts to manifest dreams or to get ahead. That's not life. Labor and toil isn't all you're here for, and you'll begin to pay a physical price--if you haven't already.

If you're having to put so much of your time and resources into your work, it's probably true that road blocks are slowing you down. I mean, if it was all smooth sailing, you'd be able to go home on the weekends, right? So, carefully assess and reevaluate your methods. Where do you need to make adjustments or prune deadwood? Also, take a hard look into the origins of those blocks. How have you contributed to them?

October 28, 2018: Card O' the Day: Ten of Cups, reversed. I prefer to be as neutral as possible with my card posts, but sometimes the energies of personal feelings/situations, or those of close friends, or world events will creep in. Today's card, I believe, is a reflection of the current energetic climate of our nation these past few days.

When upright, the Ten of Cups represents happiness, love, harmony, and the connection to our hearts as we navigate our lives and interact with others. When reversed, all that love "pours" out of our cup. We're left with diverging opinions, anger, bullying, and rivalry between "us" and "them."

Because many of us are living in a constant state of pursuit, I ask you is there ever "enough?" Certainly all of us ARE (tall, short, thin, fat, beautiful, ugly, smart, dumb, etc.) "enough." Cabalism teach that we are all enough as we are and that each of us takes up our space in Universe perfectly.

So, if we, ourselves, are enough, then that leaves HAVING enough. I go back to is there ever "enough"? Happiness isn't a state of having more, or having anything, actually. It's a state of mind, of being. By choosing to be happy just as you are and with what you have, then you have, and are, enough. And by being and having enough, you won't be so concerned about what your neighbor is or has.

October 27, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Empress. In The Empress we find Mother Nature personified. And we all know Nature can be as cruel as she is kind. With no judgment she understands what shall be kept and what shall be released as no longer useful or pragmatic. She cares for her children fiercely but can punish them ferociously when they step past what is due them. She shows us the interconnectedness of all things and how balance must be kept.

This card represents the area of our psyches where the True Self lives. That thing which guides us to be our best version of a spiritual, kind human.

The Mother energy of The Empress is full of healing, progress, development, and evolution with boundless creative potential. Her appearance today reminds us all how we're blank sheets of paper just waiting for the stroke of the pen or brush! Be who the "Mother Nature" inside you asks you to be....

October 26, 2018: Card O' the Day: Seven of Wands, reversed. Yesterday we talked about the "completion" aspects of The World. Today's card indicates to me that those "completions" probably have something to do with other people rather than some personal or work-related project.

The strong interpersonal energies within the current situation can make you feel overwhelmed, anxious, full of self-doubt and self-conscious distress, and tempted to back down or run away. Try not to over-compensate and hide your feelings with aggression (little dog syndrome...they get aggressive when they feel insecure).

On the other hand, backing down and stepping away to gather your thoughts and courage may not be such a bad idea if you find yourself yapping and biting at ankles. Find a safe and peaceful place to do your thinking. While you're pondering, you'll find you're really stronger than you think and you're READY to overcome fears and step into your power. Your inner resources are just like Dorothy's ruby slippers: right there under your nose but you've just never noticed.

October 25, 2018: Card O' the Day: The World. Hey, I shuffled, I cut, and I shuffled and cut again! And yet we've been given The World again!

The previous appearance of The World spoke loudly about the spiritual evolution all of us are capable of, but this time I'm very aware of the completion element of this card. Ask yourself what you need to release energetically before moving forward. Grudges, stuff, possessions, emotions, concepts, beliefs... anything that's cluttering up your life. Are you racist? homophobic? have an "us v. them" mentality? What are you afraid will be taken from you? Who do you need to forgive or remove from your life? What is standing between you and your True Self?

By resolving conflicts, finishing projects, and tying up loose ends, you clear the path for what's next. It may very well be difficult, messy, and painful to end certain relationships or circumstances, but it wouldn't be wise to leave things undone before it's too late. Now, this doesn't mean you have to have a Jerry Springer type show down with anyone, you can quietly end things in your own heart and mind. I'm suggesting, though, that it be conscious, mindful, and determined.

October 24, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Star. It's interesting to me that we've been given three heavy-hitters in a row. It's also interesting the order in which they arrived. First, we were giving The World, which showed us our divinity and place in Universe. Then came reversed Judgment, which mirrored our "nooo waaaayy" reaction to The World. Now we have The Star, which helps us see and understand, concretely,--through recognition of patterns and correlations unnoticed until now--what The World had announced to us on Monday. With each noticing and accompanying "a-HA", we find new inner belief, strength, and spiritual clarity.

This card helps you look towards the future. Your distant visions, dreams, and insights that come to you now will manifest later. By relying upon your inner sun, you'll be guided to opportunities for development. So, sit and be silent with your inner Self, your True Self. As you practice being only in the moment, you'll bring your own vibration into harmony with that of Universe.

October 23, 2018: Card O' the Day: Judgment, reversed. Yesterday brought the understanding of what your True Self's place in the universe means. But today's reversed Judgment indicates some of you may be having trouble adjusting to the mind-blowing concept of a "True Self" and that you have one! Don't worry, Universe will wait while you get comfy with this idea.

The reason you're a bit whacked out by this is it poses a threat to your old way of being and thinking. You're going to be pushed out of your safe, secure cocoon into new philosophical territory. Some people in your life may not stick around for the "new you." (Hint: you won't want them to anyway.)

There are also elements of over self-criticism with this card. You may be berating yourself for having "followed the leader", and now that you can see something different and bigger, you may feel sort of stupid for having been a blind muggle for so long. S'okay. Better late to the party than not arriving at all! Now that you're here, something new is beginning for you.

October 22, 2018: Card O' the Day: The World. This card is indicative of all four of the earthly elements combined with Spirit/God/Creator/Jehova/ Yaweh/Allah/Source/whatever higher power you believe in. It's all the potential you have becoming active and connecting with your inner Divine-ness. The physical feeling is of calm awareness and balanced clarity.

Having just re-read that back to myself, I'm thinking Yeah, bwahahahahaahhahha 😂😂! But no, seriously, take just a moment and quiet your mind. Can you feel your teensy part of the Whole? In the vast universe, here you are, taking up space. You are taking up divine space in this universe in this moment of time like no one else could before you, can now, or ever will.

The World represents the moment of understanding what your True and Highest Self means to the universe and that Self's place in the Grand Scheme. And I do mean "the moment" because just when you think you have it all figured out, things change and you have to start all over to find yourself! But take a breath and recognize that precious equilibrium of being Divine. Consciously look within to see how ultimately perfect and unique you are.

October 19, 2018: Card O' the Day: Princess of Pentacles, reversed. Obviously, we haven't found our "inner balance" yet! 🤣 When the Princess of Pentacles is reversed, she tends to lose her patience when her expectations aren't immediately met. (You can't do anything until Mr. So-and-so calls back, and he's now on VACATION!!!!) Or, it could be worse: things fall through entirely.

The reason you feel totally jammed up and angry if you can't get the gains you're dreaming of is you're too focused on the bottom line. This will cause you to be distracted, impractical, and your clarity of thought will suffer. You may also overreact to criticism or suggestions about how to fix the situation.

Take a step back and look at what you HAVE achieved. Focus less on what's not happening and more on what is. As you congratulate yourself for achievements and celebrate ANY success, you'll feel like less of a failure. It's the old half-full glass v. half-empty glass. The reversed Princess tends to be a half-empty glass kinda girl.

October 18, 2018: Card O' the Day: Justice. The two previous cards were about chaotic and unstable energy and finding our way despite the obstacles. Today, we're given Justice. It represents the intelligence and ability to measure and evaluate situations before things go too far awry. Foresight, planning, and using the process of elimination helps to clear the path to what you really want in life. However, the big gift of this card is learning how to maintain your inner balance and integrity through it all.

Diplomacy is repeated again today. With self-assurance, composure, and patience, you'll be an effective peacemaker among others and will easily take control of any situation. Remember, compassionate power that's applied gently and objectively achieves much more than critical or derisive dick-swinging.

October 17, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Wheel of Fortune, reversed.  This card reiterates the reversed Two of Pentacles we had the other day. Energies are unstable and unpredictable, which will cause you minor inconveniences and delays. Try not to get frustrated by these small annoyances. If you're forced to wait for a return call, say, use that time wisely to organize your thoughts and strategies. Look for anything that could come up to further snag your progress and try to eliminate that before it comes.

Changes, along with development and expansion, are still coming. Check timing; some of the delays could be issues of "ripeness." Some things simply can't be rushed, so learn patience. However, some blocks must be overcome by the old "where there's a will, there's a way" attitude. Finesse, diplomacy, and tact are all tools to get what you want from others when you want it. Did you know that?

October 14, 2018: Card O' the Day: Two of Pentacles, reversed. Okey-dokey, then. The cards of all week have been going on and on about very fortuitous energies and your willingness to dive right in and take on the world. And heeeeeere we go!

Now that things are starting to really roll, that means contacting a gazillion people to coordinate everything. Phone calls, emails, and messages will have to be answered and your calendar will fill up with working lunches, meetings, and networking opportunities. Therefore, re-organize your schedule and make the best use of your resources. That'll mean multi-tasking.

Careful balance and delegating might not be enough. As you move forward, don't try to be a hero and do it all. Some stuff may have to be dropped if it becomes too much. You can only do so much well, and then you'll start doing a lot of stuff half-assed the more overloaded you get. You'll be less impatient with it all if you feel in control of a few things to which you can really pay attention.

October 13, 2018: Card O' the Day: Six of Wands. More personal power and leadership...! Whether that leadership is of others or just yourself remains to be seen. However, self-leadership to get to where you want to be is the beginning of this process. To get there, you need faith in yourself and Universe. The current energy "climate" is balanced and ascending. If now is your "time", it's going to be quite the ride.

There are caveats, however. Number one is know that you'll be inspiring others. Therefore you must maintain your integrity and humility. Number two is to find time to relax and recharge yourself. Recognize when you need to say no and allow someone else the chance to excel. There's room for all of us, and the success and achievements of others don't diminish your success and achievements.

October 12, 2018: Card O' the Day: King of Wands. And it keeps on coming!! Get out of your own way!!

The King of Wands represents mature understanding of how life works and becoming the master of your own passion and power. Social responsibility, kind-heartedness, and practical uses of all resources (recall the Six of Pentacles of Tuesday) means undertakings will bring enrichment to others as well as yourself. This king uses his ideas and energy for creation rather than destruction. He's the "fire-starter", the initiator who sees a need and organizes all the components to make it happen.

While all this sounds really exciting, all the resulting authority and responsibility may seem a bit much. Yeah, you want to do good, but you still need time to go fishing or read a trashy novel. Be careful not to overload yourself. You can be ON the committee, you don't have to chair it.

October 11, 2018: Card O' the Day: Ace of Cups. Still riding on the good times! This card indicates opportunities for new emotional experiences and growth. This is a time to follow your heart and intuition and trust the pure objectless root of your emotions. Meaning, respond to situations with your feelings rather than mental analysis. Trust your True Heart right now.

Because you're so in tune with your heart and gut (or should be), you'll be aware of energetic flows and positive vibes as they come your way. This fortuitous energy will boost your creativity and make manifesting those ideas that much easier.

Now, all this emotional activity can be a little overwhelming! Your emotional state is going through changes and how you feel about things is shifting, so you may be a little hypersensitive. You may be less or more "enthusiastic" about people or situations than you have been in the past. Embrace what's feeling good and let go of what's fading.

October 10, 2018: Card O' the Day: Ten of Cups. Wow. We must have done something right to get this one after the Ace of Wands and Six of Pentacles! True, it's a ten, which can mean endings, but I'm not going to rain on anyone's parade. And besides, two days ago we had an Ace, so I'm not anticipating endings so soon. Enjoy this happiness welling up from your heart.

It's interesting that the art form associated with this card is cooking. Where does cooking occur? In the heart of the home: the kitchen. We love and nurture ourselves and our loved ones through food. It might be time to make a batch of something special to share with your tribe.

All cups have been filled and are now overflowing with joy. Revel in the moment and don't look too far ahead. This is good stuff RIGHT NOW. Namaste, folks!

October 9, 2018: Card O' the Day: Six of Pentacles. We're riding that wave of the Ace of Wands! The Six of Pentacles brings feelings of expansion and largesse in our physical world. This means practical application of resources and continued flowing energy that allows for manifestation of our dreams and visions. Because of this sunshiny energy, your faith is renewed, which then leads to the self-discipline needed for the hard work ahead. But the good news is it won't feel so hard because of your lifted spirits.

As I said, spirits are being lifted by this card, too. So the generosity and charity you're able to bestow upon others is from your heart and not just your wallet. Compassion and respect for others is becoming easier for you under the influence of this card.

Finally, one of the primary keywords for this card is "reciprocity." This means that karmic balance is maintained through giving AND receiving. I have a feeling some of our cranky feelings of late were due to giving away too much and placing a "price tag" on those gifts. If you keep score, you'll only be disappointed. It's better to hold to your personal boundaries than to give, give, give and then resent what you don't get back.

October 8, 2018: Card O' the Day: Ace of Wands. YAZ, people! Last week is OVER and a new week has begun. Whew! I was getting tired of those cranky cards....

Today, the Ace of Wands brings purpose and firm action coming forward out of the fog of confusion. There's all kinds of potential for evolution and growth encouraged by the stable yet flexible and fluid new environmental energy. Your renewed hope and courage help you focus on new ideas or a career, phase, impulse, or spiritual path with passion and clear intention.

Get that wet blanket off yourself and let your inner light shine, Shine, SHINE!!!

October 5, 2018: Card O' the Day: Eight of Pentacles, reversed. Perhaps we now have a clue as to WHY you're pissy-cranky with the world; your job isn't satisfying to you. It's just a J.O.B. We spend too much of our lives working to simply exist at a J.O.B!

This current loss of focus, procrastination, and irritability that's invading your private life stems from a dissatisfaction at work. Either you're over-qualified and are bored or are under-qualified and feel like you're slowly sinking. Either way, your mask of "I've got this!" is starting to slip, and it's only going to get worse until you do something about it. In the mean time, you waste effort and resources by concentrating on organizing your paper clips rather than getting to the meat of a project.

If you're over-qualified, this card may indicate your current consideration or actions regarding career or job changes. If you're under-qualified, it's time to stop making mistakes because you simply don't know how and get on with LEARNING how! (For those of you who do know how, more education is never a bad thing.) Unfortunately, continued education or cross training is more work for you. But your choice is this: stay put and stagnate or work harder now for a job you LOVE and a brighter future.

October 4, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Hanged Man, reversed. Finally we get to the real root of the issue! It's not that you're pissy-cranky with your family, or everyone else, you're pissy-cranky with yourself (I can raise my hand right this minute)! a-HA!

The Hanged Man represents thoughtfulness and contemplation of life and next moves. Reversed, that energy gets skewed into ungroundedness. You can't hold a thought long enough to truly meditate upon it let alone attach to an idea or vision. Apathy, boredom, and procrastination only add to the "I don't know what I want to do, but it ain't this!" feelings. Worse yet, there's a feeling you've missed an important opportunity.

What to do? Netflix and chill. Read a book. Take a nap. Sometimes the inner toddler in us all just needs to be indulged. Try again tomorrow...adulting today is just too hard.

October 3, 2018: Card O' the Day: Prince of Pentacles, reversed. Yesterday's reversed Four of Wands indicated you were not really thrilled with family gatherings. This reversed Prince shows your antisocial crabbiness extends towards everyone, not just family. It's okay to want a little alone time from familiar faces, but this card goes further into loss of concern for anyone's feelings--even your own! What's up with that?

Being of the Pentacles, the physical world is represented within this card. The results of labor or acquiring the next big "thing" seems more important than the people in your life. Some of you may even go so far as to excuse the means to get to your end result, even if you have to walk a low road. On a less sinister note, you may be just losing interest in your current project. Your steady dedication to it is getting to be too much (or you're getting lazy). Is it time for something new?

No, I don't think it's time to ditch your project. It IS time for you to figure out what's up your butt these days, though. Seasons changing? Holidays coming? Mercury in retrograde? Whatever is causing your mood, see what you can do about getting your crown chakra out of your root chakra. My favorite thing is to enjoy Mother Nature, even if it's only for an hour. She'll listen to you snivel and won't judge you for it. She'll just quietly love you....

October 2, 2018: Card O' the Day: Four of Wands, reversed. The Four of Wands has an emphasis on family or tribes and the rites and rituals that are observed within that group. Also, work is accomplished and shared among the members, thereby making everyone's load a little lighter. However, when the card is reversed, the normal joy and camaraderie of the clan is strained.

Inhibitions and insecurities are making you want to skip a family event. Either you don't want to be seen as the "loser" in the room or don't want to hang out with people who you perceive as "losers." At any rate, the dynamics within this group have been disrupted and you feel like you don't belong, so it's become awkward to associate with them.

Even reversed, this card still represents family ties, tribal groups, and working towards a common goal. I encourage you to work through your feelings of wanting to stay home and not participate. Unless this group is more than mildly annoying or boring, go and play nice. You might need a kidney from your cousin Ralphie someday. Just sayin'.

September 26, 2018: Card O' the Day: Seven of Wands. This card brings with it a big rush of intense energy that has to be managed well. If you're not up for it at the moment, don't try to jump in because you'll get overwhelmed. There's no sin in waiting until you're ready if you're still in "quiet preparation" mode. (See yesterday's card)

For those of you who are ready, have courage and a flexible and adaptive mind to clear all obstacles as you move forward. This will include realizing you're not the BEST person to do some tasks. Delegate to professionals or others better suited. Yes, you'll have to check your ego, but trust your minions.

Also, your current location may be flawed in some way and not have the right feng shui, traffic, ju-ju, neighborhood, audience, etc. for your endeavors to really flourish. You may have to find a different street corner, shop, website, or what have you to maximize your efforts. If moving locations is not an option, make physical changes like rearranging the furniture, changing the drapes, painting, and so forth to revamp the "look" and thus the feeling of your site.

September 25, 2018: Card O' the Day: Four of Swords. This card represents quiet preparations before taking action. You may find yourself retreating from social activity or declining invitations so you can concentrate better on what's going through your mind at this time. It's through this centered stillness that you can best put together your thoughts about what's next for you. Don't discount your dreams...they'll provide valuable information about your hopes and fears. To be clear: this is NOT stagnation or procrastination, it's a time of gathering forces.

As you sit pondering, take care not to "what-if" yourself into a puddle of anxiety. Write down any foreseeable setbacks or snags, and then make an appointment with a professional (lawyer, CPA, financial counselor, etc.) to discuss these possibilities and learn what you can do to prevent them. Recognition and anticipation of difficulties means you can nip them in the bud before they gum up the works, or avoid them altogether.

September 21, 2018: Card O' the Day: Five of Swords. A couple days ago the Queen of Swords was urging you to speak your truth, and today's Five of Swords indicates that's not going to be received well.... The "communication breakdown" indicated by this card may mean tribe members will no longer speak to you. More discord.... But for your own sanity, you've got to drop the smiling mask you've been wearing and stop sucking it up for the harmony of the group.

There's a lot of comparing and sizing each other up in this tribe. Let them continue if they want, but you need to tend your own garden for now. Are you being your best self in the best way YOU know how? Remember, there are countless ways to iron a shirt. Just because you don't do it the way "they" do it your shirt is still smooth once you get done.

As old structures and patterns fall apart and losses start piling up, you may find the situation simply can't be fixed. If that's the case, walk away and use your energies where they're appreciated and not judged "less" than.

September 20, 2018: Card O' the Day: Two of Pentacles, reversed. We continue with the "stepping away" theme that's been running through our daily cards. This card represents discontinuing something you used to take care of, which will cause disharmony. But you must drop this thing because it's either become too much for you to handle, or it doesn't serve you anymore to do it.

While you may believe you've shifted your perspectives and are now seeing things in a different/true light, nothing concrete has manifested yet. The manifestation is your "proof" you've done it, and without that solid evidence, you're getting a bit antsy. I'll bet things you want to change have a certain time line that can't be rushed. You're ready to make the changes RIGHT NOW, but it CAN'T happen "right now."

Therefore, keep practicing your shift in perspective, because it must be practiced consciously until it's become "muscle memory" and happens on its own. This change of heart/mind/view didn't come overnight. You've got time to let things happen as they do; there's no need to rush...except in your impatient little soul!

September 19, 2018: Card O' the Day: Queen of Swords. The last couple cards o' the day indicated you're becoming disenchanted with your family, tribe, or community. The Queen of Swords tells us why. She's a great truth teller and has zero tolerance for BS. I have a feeling you have realized or will soon realize some things about the people in your lives, and it ain't pleasant.

If you decide to step back from a group or an individual because an uncomfortable truth has come out or your own loss of respect, be sure to clearly communicate why. If you're vague, you do yourself a disservice by not revealing your honest feelings. This queen is VERY good with diplomacy, so you'll find a way to express yourself authentically without stabbing someone in the eye.

The final thought about the Queen of Swords is that she's a pretty concrete thinker. Black v. white, right v. wrong, no gray areas or mitigating circumstances. In some situations, of course, there is truly no wiggle room. However, think carefully before you burn bridges and throw the baby out with the bath water. This queen learns from her mistakes; think back to other bridges you've burned...were they mistakes? Is this current situation salvageable through compromise?

September 18, 2018: Card O' the Day: Ten of Pentacles, reversed. The word "family" evokes thoughts of blood relatives and in-laws--people you're related to. However, for this reading today, I want you to look further afield...consider this card relevant to your usual "group", homies, circle, friends, "tribe", any whole that you're a part of that has set traditions, norms, beliefs, and/or roles for its members. Ya feel me?

Okay, now that we've broadened the definition of "family", know this: you're about to buck the system. The norms, beliefs, traditions, roles you've been accepting as yours, etc. are no longer working for you. You've outgrown them. What once worked, doesn't sit well for you anymore. I don't think it's a quick decision, but more of a slow burn that's been building for a while. It began as boredom, dissatisfaction, or disappointment that has grown to restlessness, resistance, and flat out "I don't wanna!"

Eventually, you won't be able to stand it and will have to escape this "safe zone" of tradition and defined roles to find freedom and fresh air. This will piss off some people in the group, especially as the holiday season nears. Drama will ensue. Stand firm and don't engage. Ultimately, you'll be happier breaking away from the same old things.

September 14, 2018: Card O' the Day: Judgment, reversed. Your community/tribe is going to go through some difficult transitions. The incoming information isn't going to be accepted well...by you or other members of the group. It would seem the self-styled (or "elected") leaders of the group haven't been doing what they promised or what was expected of them while they help that position. This will be disappointing to say the least.

As you discover this unfortunate reality, you may be tempted to criticize yourself for having trusted too easily, relied too heavily upon others, and the like. Don't. You made good-faith decisions based on what you knew at the time. Move forward with this new information, make improvements, and correct any mistakes you're responsible for. And just maybe, per the card of the 12th, YOU should take over that leadership position and show them how it's done!!

September 13, 2018: Card O' the Day: Six of Swords. The suit of Swords governs the mind, your thinking processes, and the voices in your head. This card indicates it's time to change the way you do certain things or go about solving problems. If you continue in your mental habits, you'll continue to return to the usual solutions you've used...those same solutions that leave you feeling dissatisfied.

An example of this may be to procrastinate over getting a project done until the very last minute. Then you go to your usual solution and kick into high gear. Yes, you get the thing done, but it's slap-dash and you need three days to recover from the frenzy. And you know damned will you could have done a better job of it had you started sooner.

If you can accept your limits, and the limits of others, you'll be able to plan a way forward that doesn't require so much stress. Actively change your life for the better by changing your mind about it.

September, 12, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Magician. Each of us takes up space in Universe uniquely and specifically. The Magician represents that shape of your space and you're being encouraged to fill it entirely. By filling your allotted space, you complete your portion of the "big picture" and the part of the whole we were talking about yesterday.

You're consciously aware of where improvements must be made, and you're ready and in the position to focus your purpose. Feel, trust, and use your power for creating a greater good for your community.

This card indicates very strong forward motion and unlimited possibilities. Your will and ideas are ready to change the world as you know it, and you're acting as a catalyst for the actions required to manifest the change. Combined with the community card of the Four of Wands, I feel like some of you will be compelled to engage in "do-gooding"...helping to clean up after hurricane Florence, perhaps, or running for public office.

September 11, 2018: Card O' the Day: Four of Wands. I don't know that I could have drawn a better card than this one on this particular day.... Our country's people do well in crises and pull together to help our neighbors. This card reminds us just how well....

The Four of Wands represents community, society, and a unified whole that works and creates in stability, harmony, and peace. If you notice all creatures form families and communities--life simply works better when you don't have to do it all yourself. This card is indicative of a tribe or group working together to make a unique contribution that creates a unified and vital whole. You have an opportunity right now to be a part of this group and to add your personal touch to something greater and more beautiful than any one of you could have made alone.

While the recent phase of self-exploration is starting to wane, you're being asked not to give up inner journeying altogether. Perhaps it won't be as front and center as it has been of late, but we should all continue search for our highest and truest Selves.

September 10, 2018: Card O' the Day: Queen of Cups. The keyword for the day is "receptivity." This queen represents gratitude for whatever comes her way with no attachments, expectations, or demands. She reminds you to accept gifts gracefully and receive lessons with equanimity.

She also represents favorable emotional energy-- whether your own or in your environment. This is a "good luck" thing as it provides a safe space for deep emotions to emerge to be examined and cherished or healed before being let go. Listen to your deep inner voices when making decisions about what to keep and what to remove.

Because the energies of this card are super compassionate and nurturing, it can be easy to overstep your own boundaries (we talked about that yesterday, too) in your efforts to care for others. Maintain those personal fences so you don't get overwhelmed and lost in everyone else's crises and emotional garbage. Though you want to help, some things must be experienced so growth can occur.

September 9, 2018: Card O' the Day: Nine of Wands, reversed. Insufficient or impractical preparation for your end goal is snagging operations. Resistance is also an issue--yours to the hard work ahead or someone else's to your idea or methods. This trouble and inconvenience can make you want to just chuck it all and go home. It would make life a lot easier to just hit Netflix and eat Cheetos all day. However, with some hard work, this all can come together and be quite successful. After all, nine's are about completion!

The reason you're getting your drawers in a twist about this stuff, and are not able to react to road blocks more gracefully, is that personal boundaries are not being imposed. People then step past, and you get cranky even though you say it's okay "this time." Let go of your defensiveness and simply reiterate and enforce your boundaries.

September 8, 2018: Card O' the Day: Ten of Wands. Many times the Ten of Wands can represent oppressive burdens and having bitten off more than you can chew. This time around, though, there's a renewal of your spiritual call, and you're ready to confront and conquer! heroic tasks. There will be a lot of responsibility and striving to meet or maintain your goals. Be determined to remain dependable and follow through with what you promised. Your integrity and word are at stake.

This job may be a solo venture, but I'm feeling more like your work is part of a whole. Your dedicated tasks must be done so the "whole" succeeds and flourishes in creative professional realizations.

A lot rests on your shoulders! It's going to be hard in the next days or weeks to get everything done. Therefore, take well-timed pauses to rest and refresh in order to press forward. Trust me, in the end, all this hard work will be worth it!

September 7, 2018: Card O' the Day: Queen of Wands, reversed. The reversed Queen of Wands can become possessive about her territory and what she perceives as "hers." If she feels thwarted in any way, she may become catty and snarky behind the back of those who have gotten in her way. She views healthy competition as cut-throat rivalry and will merrily back-stab to get what she wants. If she can't get it, then she'll make sure everyone else is miserable through her drama and volatility.

Sorry, folks! I brought this one on. A few moments before I drew the Card O' the Day, I was attending to some business administration and discovered a minor annoyance. Really! A very MINOR annoyance...and yet I get slapped with the reversed Queen. It's not like I blew a gasket or anything. I observed the situation, wrinkled my nose and gave a frustrated snort, and then moved around the obstacle. In the end, I gained my objective.

Therefore, the question is: am I kidding myself in thinking I'm not upset or is this a lesson for us all? I'm going to go with "lesson for us all" for $300, Alex. I really don't have my panties in a twist, but I can see how some frustrations can get out of control if we let them.

September 6, 2018: Card O' the Day: Six of Pentacles, reversed. The need for independence continues...others' independence from you and your independence from "doing for them" as you push them to need you less. Certainly, you'll always be needed, but strive to be needed for more than your laundry, cooking, yard work, babysitting, checkbook balancing, etc. skills. Ideally, you want to be needed for your love, humor, wit, charm, strength, etc.

If you notice, those two lists above are comprised of tangible skills--things you DO for others--vs. intangible skills--things others enjoy by knowing you. Intangibles you freely share and give, whereas the tangibles can become expected and taken. You're being asked to reconsider how you use your resources, tangible and intangible, for their highest purpose and your highest good.

This card also represents coming to understand that each of us has as much to offer the world as the next guy. Artificial social strata or castes mean nothing. Therefore, there's actually no "wrong side of the tracks" to come from or rise above. Unfortunately, not all of us have received this memo.... Until then, do YOUR best to ignore the social divisions of "The Haves" and "The Have-nots" and treat all with dignity and kindness.

September 5, 2018: Card O' the Day: Ten of Wands, reversed. Yesterday I asked you to get out of your own way and allow the Wands' energy to flow through your life. This card indicates you're going to have to do some active and purposeful clearing of debris and clutter. This can include literal cleaning of closets or cupboards, but I'm betting it's going to be more along the lines of getting people who depend upon you to become more independent of you. Are you still doing your teenager's laundry? Do you go in to work early to start the 20-cup coffee urn in the break room? Do you run special deliveries for your boss because he/she missed the regular mail?

If you expect to make your own dreams come true, you must place a value on your time and energy...no one else will. You can't expect others to read your mind, see past your half-hearted "I got this...", and automatically give you the space you need. You have to ask for help. You have to draw a line and say I won't do that for you anymore. If you continue to carry everybody's water for them, you'll end up angry and resentful, which will only limit you further.

Shedding responsibility for others won't be an easy habit to break, but you'll be surprised by the relief you'll feel when you manage it.

September 4, 2018: Card O' the Day: Eight of Wands. Eights indicate manifestation and Wands represent the energy that makes things happen or sets things into motion--be that mental, physical, or spiritual energy. Therefore, this card is heralding a time of change and movement forward. Trust your personal powers and get out of your own way. Tune into the subtle energy shifts within yourself and your environment so you can understand what action (or not) is needed next.

This energy is pretty big stuff and must be guided and controlled. This card indicates a conflict between your own impetuosity and logical foresight. For that reason, ideas will need to be structured and organized lest you get carried away by the speed of it all and advance too rapidly.

As you throw yourself into this energetic Level 5 Rapids, you'll be giving your all to it. Keep in mind the importance of each step on the journey, not just the end result. Finally, recognize when you need a break and take it otherwise you'll burn out before reaching the goal.

September 3, 2018: Card O' the Day: Three of Cups. We just had this card a few days ago but the message today is slightly different...more in tune with the reversed Sun of yesterday. In general, this card indicates difficulties of late are beginning to soften as healing and resolution takes place. This allows energy to be used for expansion and growth rather than protection and damage control.

True celebration, as represented by the Three of Cups, comes from your joy, not from outside events, circumstances, or special achievements. Have the courage and determination to celebrate small events without the shadow of anticipating the return of hard times. ("Yeah, things are better NOW, but just wait. I'll get knocked down again soon enough so there's no point in being happy." ) Give yourself the permission to be fulfilled with what you DO have and experience (consciously choose!) the joy life contains.

September 2, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Sun, reversed. It's interesting that the body aspects of The Sun are your legs and movement quality. What does your walk say about you? Do you stride (or sashay!) forward with pride and assurance, or do you take tentative steps? (And no, it has nothing to do with physical ability... a person in a wheelchair can still sashay energetically and with aplomb.)

If you find your movements to be hesitant, it could be that you're lacking in confidence, criticizing yourself harshly, and then projecting a false front to cover your insecurity and self-doubt. When feeling uncertain, it's probably because you're stressing too much over the empty part of your glass and forgetting about the full part. The Sun is all about consciously CHOOSING joy.

In every circumstance or experience there will be pros and cons. You're being asked to develop a new objectivity about those pros and cons...especially the cons. Look for the hidden pros and CHOOSE joy.

September 1, 2018: Card O' the Day: Queen of Pentacles, reversed. As you explore your inner workings and person, you may find dissatisfaction with social "norms" and the gender-specific expectations family, spouses, or your community place upon you. This Queen is generally considered the "Martha Stewart" of the deck; but when reversed, conformity and obedience to "rules" is questioned.

Recently, you may have been spending more time outside, with friends, volunteering, and generally finding what you need and want out of this life. The dusting and vacuuming may have been neglected (ahem), which then causes you guilt and shame for having been a lax housekeeper. But hey, if you're not running a restaurant out of your kitchen, who cares?

What this really boils down to is this question: Dare I be so different? Yes! Dare! Then if you don't like it, go back to making soup, homemade bread, and keeping the dust bunnies down to just one generation. If, and only if that makes you HAPPY! What society considers traditional roles might be what you live for; they could also be a prison to you. You decide which.

August 31, 2018: Card O' the Day: Three of Cups. By receiving this card today, I see the contemplation of your inner depth and wisdom has been fruitful, and you're coming to realize you're at "home" within yourself. No, we're not "islands", but being good with your own company, abilities, and achievements is a good thing. Getting pats on the back for your good works does feel good and it helps motivate for future endeavors; however, be able to congratulate yourself and MEAN it. This internal feeling of "I'm pretty darned cool!" will give you the strength and courage to try things outside your normal safety zone.

This card also portends of inspiration tempered by reason, skill, and intelligence. And instead of being a wet blanket on your magical ideas, said reasoning helps you find the compromises necessary for making things actually happen.

The shadow of this card is overabundance, indulgence, and escapist behavior. Be careful that your celebrations are done with responsibility and temperance. Nothing ruins a good party more than having to pray to the porcelain god. Just sayin'....

August 30, 2018: Card O' the Day: The High Priestess. The High Priestess represents our inner knowing from a deep inner place. This place is hard to access while living in the very busy material world. Yesterday's Wand energy is chaotic, and The High Priestess is telling you in order to make sense of it, you'll have to be still, silent, and patient. The answers will come to you if you pay attention. Now, I don't mean you should try to meditate for 8 hours straight! If you force it, you'll end up over-thinking and driving yourself nuts. Be gentle with it.

The High Priestess also reminds you of the necessity to stay calm in extreme situations. Now is not the time for action, because there are too many voices pulling at you from all sides. There is potential for abundance...it's just not yet clear.

August 29, 2018: After Two AMAZING expos in Skokie and Raleigh (and a lot of driving in between) it's time to return to the... Card O' the Day: Ace of Wands, reversed. Upright, this card is all about new energy and beginnings! However, when reversed, it's like the steering wheel to this ride is just for show--it's not attached to anything substantive. I feel like a ton of energy is rushing through that makes me want to get right out there and...what? But if I knew, I would...how? And remind me why? A frustrated restlessness compels us to DO something, but there's no concrete direction.

Impatience is absolutely NOT the answer. Beware of making any decisions right now regarding what seems like the "greatest thing next to sliced bread!" It's illusion and not based in solid thinking or upon an energetic foundation. "Mistakes will be made", as they say.

What to do in the mean time with all this ambition and anticipation? Find a physical outlet. Burn calories via exercise or organized sports. Even lively games of cut-throat Euchre or Scrabble will keep your mind occupied, which is what you need to avoid those oh-so-wrong "bright ideas."

August 23, 2018: Card O' the Day: Three of Wands, reversed. Yesterday's Prince is a slow, cautious fellow who's eminently practical. However, that can also translate into fear of taking the occasional, well thought out risk. That's the self worth thing showing up again.

Because you hold yourself to rather unrealistic standards, and expect to build Rome in a day, you're getting overwhelmed by all that you've set before yourself. Where to begin!?!?!? Well, asking for help is out of the question because then everyone will know how weak and incompetent you are, right? Oh, no...they'll just make fun of you or condescend to offer a little help that's worse than if you'd just kept your mouth shut.

You can stay here, overwhelmed and alone or you can encourage forward motion by breaking down the big task into smaller, doable pieces. Then give yourself a more practical timeline. Then trust your community to give you the help you need. If you can do that, you're burdens will fall away

August 22, 2018: Card O' the Day: Prince of Pentacles. Even though this card is a "prince" (or knight, depending on the deck) and the energy represented is youthful and active--rather than mature and contemplative--its earth element keeps this energy grounded and stable. Yes, okay, some may call it plodding, but slow and steady is called for at this time. Dare I say the "p" word? Patience.... This card is guided by the angels of Concentration and Purposefulness to give you unwavering attention and a realistic approach to your plans.

These qualities of the card are laudable and something to aspire to. However, there are some shadows that are worth mentioning.

The humble prince is a great protector of his tribe and does so without fanfare. And because he's "always there", his people rely heavily upon him. He allows this because he secretly believes he's not worth much and has to be extra helpful, at his own expense, to earn his keep in society. Therefore, I'm reminding you of healthy personal boundaries and that you absolutely matter, too. Take up all of your space and say "no" occasionally.

August 21, 2018: Card O' the Day: Six of Pentacles, reversed. This card indicates that some of us are attaching personal validation to money. That money isn't flowing as we'd hoped right now (a payment didn't come in, the raise didn't happen, your lottery ticket didn't win, etc.), so we're feeling like losers, "less than", or not "enough" in some way. When caught up in this material lack, you may feel cranky, shortchanged, or covetous of what you perceive others to have.

What you really want is attention! Go seek it from your friends, community, or tribe. Organize a potluck picnic and invite everybody. Organize a happy hour. Contact everyone you know, and tell them it's 80's night at the local cantina. Fill your cup with emotional and spiritual validation. It's actually way more valuable than a nicer car, better clothes, or more bling.

Finally ask yourself this: Am I willing to recognize success as being something other than a bigger paycheck or bank account?

August 16, 2018: Card O' the Day: Prince of Swords.

The Prince of Swords represents youthful, impetuous, action-oriented energy. There are bees in your bonnets that are buzzing loud and need to be let out and manifested. But the inherent recklessness and restlessness of this energy makes it difficult to ground ideas in reality and be responsible for all the little details. Another caveat is that anyone this caught up in their own head is going to be very headstrong and loathe to listen to others.

Part of the instinct for survival is to mask pain. In the wild, animals can't afford to favor a limb or be seen wobbling about. If sick, they need to lay low lest predators see their weakness and target them for an easy kill. This Prince is like that, too. He covers himself with armor so no one can see his sadness, broken heart, anger, or resentment. While the armor shields the view of outsiders, it also holds the emotions in preventing them from being healed.

The sparkling intellectual energy represented by this card is vastly useful. But it's a tricky tool to use. It's a brilliant horse that needs to be trained, not broken. Find a way to harness this energy, but use a delicate touch.

August 15, 2018: Card O' the Day: This High Priestess, reversed. The High Prestess signifies a time of inner communion and contemplation. When she's reversed like this, and added to the cards of the past week or so, she signifies coming out of your shell and no longer holding back your voice or on your needs and wants. This independence may leave you feeling a little "on your own", but it's in a good way like when you got your first apartment. And now that you are on your own, you'll be setting new standards and boundaries.

Be aware that some relationships may begin to feel superficial and one-sided--as in, you're doing all the work to stay in touch, make plans, and perhaps even finance outings to keep a relationship alive. These are your needs, wants, and voice standing up for you. This is your B.S. tolerance dropping to zero. Ending these relationships may be uncomfortable in the moment, but you'll feel so relieved when that nonsense is no longer in your world.

Lastly, as you begin to dare to act outside the expected social norms your community has placed upon you and refuse to be anybody's doormat, there'll probably be gossip and side-eye at the grocery. Finding this freedom within yourself can be extremely sexy, and if you indulge your passions, you may be labeled a "slut." Other nasty names may include bitch or "too much." All I've got to say is have a blast being "too much"! There's a heavy metal song that goes: One life! I'm gonna live it up!!!

August 13, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Sun. BOO-ya! Somebody just pulled in a shit ton of celestite, turned of their brain, and took a deep-ass breath! It may be Monday and Mercury is still in retrograde for another week, but Universe just gave us assurance that life is good. What a difference a day makes!

In receiving this card we're given a moment of clarity in which we can understand anything is possible and everything is eternal. Put down your phone for 5 minutes and look outside. If it's raining, watch the rain and relax. If the sun is out, count the leaves on the trees an relax. In a high-rise downtown? Then watch the cars on the street below and relax.

A new cycle is coming, probably when Mercury goes direct on the 19th. Between now and then try on a few different "hats" to see what's next for you. Watch other people and see what works for them--it might work for you, too.

August 12, 2018: Card O' the Day: Eight of Swords. Oh, wow! Tying ourselves in knots, are we? This card indicates many of you are overthinking life and mind-looping yourself into a frozen pile of inertia who's afraid to draw a deep breath lest you do it "wrong." Life isn't supposed to be this hard!

This kind of self-doubt can become crippling if you let it overtake you. A little is normal and can be shaken off with a pep talk from friends or your stronger Big Kid self. However, if you find you simply can't shut up that negative voice in your head, seek counseling from a licensed therapist, clergy person, shaman, or someone else trained in talk therapy. This doesn't mean you're crazy, by any means! You're just a bit stuck.

Celeste is a lovely baby blue crystal that is said to calm the mind and help you see a clear path ahead. If you're too short-sighted, you'll only focus on the obstacle right in front of you rather than looking for, and seeing, ways past it. Perhaps the atomic frequency will help you realign your own frequency, or you'll just enjoy a pretty rock. Either way, contemplate the beauty of its crystal structure to distract yourself from yourself long enough to get a different perspective on life. And breathe....

August 11, 2018: Card O' the Day: Eight of Pentacles. Not every job is going to be a Stellar Accomplishment. Life requires that you attend to menial tasks, so step into your integrity and do them well. This card represents doing your work steadily and carefully without concern for reward or recognition. I mean, really; no one is going to throw you a ticker tape parade for emptying the dishwasher or folding the clothes in the dryer. Nevertheless, that work is important, so take pride in it.

By understanding that the actual work matters more than the result, you will learn to approach tasks, even mundane chores, with pride and sincerity. Live in your highest purpose while you scrub your toilet, because giving a task your best shot is love in action.

August 10, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Empress, reversed. As you begin to open your heart to finding your inner joy, you may realize you've been nurturing, helping, coddling, and protecting others for too long. The Empress is the archetypal "mother" figure and, when reversed, she's had enough of being the mommy. It's good to discover this. With this realization, take time to understand why you tend to over give and be too nice at your own expense. It is absolutely okay, and NECESSARY to say "no" and self-advocate to retain boundaries you need to be comfortable.

That said, be careful not to take that "me, myself, and I" thing too far. In your efforts to shed the mantle of caregiver, firmest shoulder, and thriftiest shopper to allow more for others, it can be tempting to blow the budget at the mall and ignore the phone. Balance, balance, balance! Find how can you indulge your own needs and yet still be a supportive member of your tribe.

Finally, The Empress reversed can indicate an out-of-control growth like cancer. Just for chuckles, do a self exam of your breasts (guys, too) and check for lumps. Also, take a gander at all your moles, freckles, pimples, and random brown patches. Check the BACK of your legs and look in the mirror at your posterior side. Do yourself a favor and have anything hinky checked out. I'm just sayin'....

August 9, 2018: Card O' the Day: Ten of Cups. The Ten of Pentacles represents having a solid material foundation and wealth. Yes, it's a happy and secure place to be to know you'll have enough for retirement and a little left over to give to your kids after you pass. On the other hand, the Ten of Cups signifies the kind of lasting happiness that cannot come from mere possessions. (I kind of beg to differ on this because the perfect pair of pumps can bring me a certain kind of joy...but I digress.)

The kind of serenity, peacefulness, and happiness the Ten of Cups represents is true, INNER joy and satisfaction. It's the realization that you're fully at home--within yourself-- wherever your feet end up taking you. This kind of happiness already exists in your heart; it's just waiting to be discovered. Allow yourself to be softer and more receptive to feeling and experiencing joy...you certainly deserve it!

Never doubt that ALL things are possible for you....

August 8, 2018: Card O' the Day: Queen of Swords. This card is a continuation of yesterday's World as it signifies letting go of old ideas to make space for and grasp new beliefs, ideas, and knowledge. The Queen of Swords is a natural analyst and intellectual being. With her mature yin energy, she encourages thoughtful planning and non-action at this time. Trust your thought processes and inner knowing to guide your timing for eventual action.

This may seem cold and calculating, and you may be accused by others as being unfeeling or inconsiderate. However, in actuality you're feeling EVERYthing very deeply. You're just in a place where you can stop to think about the consequences of your actions your feelings may drive you to do. Instead of being carried away, you can sit with your emotions, consider them carefully, and understand what's truly best for you.

We're being asked to use our analytical powers to cut away all illusion and face any truths you may be avoiding. With crystal clarity, align your truth with that of others. Meaning, stand firm where you must but also compromise where you can. You'll have to be willing to make some tough choices.

August 7, 2018: Card O' the Day: The World. Because this card is the last of the major arcana, it signifies an ending of some kind. However, all endings make space for new beginnings, and we're being asked to look forward to those rather than mourn the ending part. This is a moment of natural balance...that wonderful time of having completed the final task but before you have to begin work on the next thing. Have a party and celebrate this moment of freedom!

The World can also signify some pretty profound spiritual epiphanies. Perceptions of your world may shift and expand past previous boundaries. You may have thought you had a solid world view, and of your place in it, but something is causing you to reevaluate. You may come to understand your concept of the world is only aspect of an infinitely faceted world. As your view expands, so does your consciousness, and you'll find yourself shedding some earthly concerns and security as you realize you simply don't need them.

August 2, 2018: Card O' the Day: Five of Swords. This card helps you see the consequences and results of negative patterns in your life, whether that pattern be smoking, overeating, spending too much, being stuck up, trying to out-do you neighbor, etc. All this posturing is to much work and your facade of "this is who I am" is getting harder and harder to maintain. Once you can move past the "win/lose" mentality and appeal to your higher self, you'll find a lot of clarity about what you need to really be happy.

This card echoes what I said the other day about the Kabbala's teaching that everything is incomparably unique and each thing and each being has a special place in the universe. Only you can do you as perfectly as you do!

The shadow to this card is you may have to put up with a certain amount of eating crow. Your ballsy persona has been pretty pretentious, and some people may not be able to resist telling you "I told you so." Gracefully accept your giant slice of humble pie and move on lighter in heart and spirit.

August 1, 2018: Card O' the Day: Nine of Pentacles, reversed. The Nine of Pentacles represents material largesse and ease. But when reversed, what you do have may not feel enough. Look! the Joneses across the street have a new car! We need to get a boat....

But the more you seek to gain material stuff, the more oppressive those things become since you have to take care of them, make time to use them, make space for them, and protect them against others who covet them. Being afraid of having your stuff stolen or damaged leads to insecurity. And even if you can afford all these expensive toys, continued accumulation threatens to overwhelm and suffocate what you already have. Therefore, you never actually enjoy any of it.

If the "shine" wears off your new toy almost immediately and your find yourself seeking another new thing to get that "shiny" feeling back, I'd say Universe is sending you a message that it's time to work on YOUR shine. Once you feel shiny INSIDE, you'll feel peaceful, serene, and not need to keep up with the Joneses.

July 31, 2018: Card O' the Day: Queen of Wands. Whew! Looks like you've heeded the advice to stop spinning your wheels, because today's queen represents withdrawing from struggle or challenges to regain or maintain an optimistic point of view. Good on ya!

I applaud the fierce determination she has to get her own way or pursue her own interests. However, her persistence can morph into obstinacy if she's not careful. Also, because she's so very sure of her own judgment and power (NOT a "bad" thing by any means), she must exercise those qualities with care lest she runs roughshod over others working with her or in her path. I'm not asking anyone to dim their lights, just navigate with courtesy and compassion.

The stone associated with this card is yellow topaz. It is said to bring light and joy to those who wear it or keep it nearby. It's also supposed to inspire loftier thoughts and liberate the soul. Bonus: it's pretty!

July 30, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Chariot, reversed. Over commitment is reiterating the over burdens of yesterday, and being over committed means you're not using your resources and energies wisely or economically. This stems from impatience to "get there." The process is as important as the final goal, and some of your ideas for implementation actually are opposed to your aims. This will lead to running in circles and being easily distracted from your course as you have to fix and adjust the mechanics almost constantly.

As you continue to spin your wheels in the mud, you'll begin to doubt yourself and see obstacles at every turn. You might become overly aggressive and unreasonable as you try, and fail, to salvage what you've started.

The first thing to do is stop wasting gas; turn off the engine and rest a minute. Be present in the moment of relaxation. Breathe deeply as you count to 90 and listen to the silence. Now, without emotion or judgment, assess the situation. What's working? What's not? What do you keep and what do you let go? Then put yourself back into FIRST gear and move forward slowly.

July 29, 2018: Card O' the Day: Ten of Wands. I LOVE WHEN THE CARDS ARE SO FREAKIN' OBVIOUS! The Ten turned up, and I thought Wha? "Overburden", "too much", "what you thought was a good thing actually overtakes you kinda like kudzu".... But of course! Yesterday we were given the green light to let imagination rip! You have to dream it first before you can make it happen, right? Today we get the warnings that act like seat belts in a Ferrari. We're not slowing down the car, we're just keeping you safe (-ish) while you go zooming down the road.

This card also represents the hard work you need to do once your vision has solidified and you've got a direction. It promises success, creative professional realizations, and new experiences. (Which is kind of a "duh!" statement because we all know hard work usually leads to success and reward. But it's nice to have that validation and encouragement.)

It will become essential to relieve stress and tension. Once you've gotten on a roll with your bright ideas, you'll be tempted to work 24/7 lest you miss any random micron of fortuitousness. That mindset is actually coming from a place of lack. Allow yourself time to relax. Okay, you might miss ONE small opportunity, but it isn't going to be the Big Brass Ring anyway. However, the refreshment you gained from relaxing and letting that little thing slide is way more beneficial to your health and wellbeing than that little thing ever could have been. Which then allows you to grab the real Big Brass Ring when it comes.

July 28, 2018: Card O' the Day: Seven of Cups. I'm being reminded that life is short and fragile.... A good lesson from the belief of Kabbala is that we're born to be happy. (Yesterday I reminded you that only you can do "you" completely and perfectly. My other favorite Kabbala lesson.)

In addition to our many talents and gifts, we humans have the ability to dream and fantasize about making our futures better. The Seven of Cups is representative of this imagination, our daydreams, and wishful thinking. We're being told the way forward is not always shown to us through sober realism. By imagining an end result, we then hit the drawing board to create the steps to get there. Mankind didn't achieve the ability to fly by first creating a wing and then wondering what to do with it.

The shadow of this card is about keeping emotions bottled up.... You're not expressing frustration, anger, sadness, etc. and that's not good for you. Stay true to yourself by daring to dream and then taking the steps necessary to improve your situation. Only you have the power to make yourself happy.

July 27, 2018: Card O' the Day: Ten of Cups. I've been seeing a lot of posts about Mercury in retrograde and that we can expect things to go...um..."awry" to put it mildly. Therefore, the experts are advising to batten down the hatches. Okaaaaay.... Just as I believe we can feel the atomic frequencies of crystals--which can make us feel better or worse--I can certainly buy that planetary alignments can make us feel awesome or whacked out depending on the gravitational pull those planets exert on Earth.

However, as a Tarot card reader, I've got my own two cents' to toss out there. The Ten of Cups is among the TOP "happy" cards of the deck. It's right up there with The Sun. All that "happy" is not being bestowed upon you by excelling at work, winning the lottery, getting engaged, etc. This particular type of "happy" comes from within. It's your secret little pocket of "I can do this" or "I'm enough."

I think receiving this card today, in the midst of Mercury's shit storm, is a reminder of how truly resilient we are. When you lose connection during an important phone call, get a flat tire, have your ideas shot down at work, break a nail on your wedding day, forget your SO's birthday, etc., etc., remember you are a creation of Universe. You have a place here, and only you can take up the You-Shaped space as perfectly as you do. You ARE enough. You CAN do this. Even during Mercury retrograde.

July 26, 2018: Card O' the Day: King of Wands, reversed. The reversed King of Wands really wants to be left alone to handle his shit and get himself sorted out. Long established routines of responsibility and expectations from others are grinding him down, and he's getting resentful and intolerant. Certainly, he maintains the stuff he must do, but a lot of stuff others can do for themselves...yet they want him to keep doing it, so they don't have to.

Because personal boundaries and limits are being overrun, the reversed King tries to aggressively establish and hold them. He may come across as defensive and self-righteous as he refuses to continue carrying everyone's load for them. The reason the King is being so obnoxious, loud, and pushy is that he's actually very insecure about his necessary fences and feels guilt for having to let some responsibility go. He excessively explains why he won't or can't do something. It's as if he's trying to justify his limits to himself because he perceives them as being selfish (which we are taught is a "bad" thing) or wrong (a "good person" wouldn't turn their back in such a way).

What to do? Assess the B.F.D. As in, is there blood, fire, or death? If not, stay on your own mat* and resume dealing with your own shit. Let everyone else sort their shit on their mats. *(A yoga reference)

July 24, 2018: Card O' the Day: Prince of Wands. A former ballet teacher of mine would come to my company and guest teach and coach us. She would always fully participate in the classes she taught rather than merely tell us what to do. She was an absolute firebrand and taught killer-hard classes. We, 20 years her junior at least, would groan and whimper with exhaustion while she, herself drenched in sweat, would holler "If not now, WHEN?!"

This card is indicative of her energy and the recognition that now is the time to combine your intellect with your restlessness to be experimental, forward thinking, and oriented to the future. You're being challenged to seek broader and greener pastures at the very least in your attitude towards life. If you can actually make physical changes (see July 20th's card), all the better.

I'm still convinced you need to work on your own since the Prince doesn't find the opinions of others important or helpful. It's not the advice of others which will hold you back--only you can do that--it's simply not relevant to you at this time. One word of caution, though: examine your motives. Are you taking dares based on "fight or flight" reaction to your current situation? Move forward by all means, but don't run forward to the future out of fear of the present.

July 23, 2018: Card O' the Day: Three of Pentacles, reversed. I've picked the same card two days in a row before, but I think this might be a first: picking it upright and then reversed.... AND, by the way, we had this same card 8 days ago. What!?!

The phrases "acting alone", "unwillingness to ask for help", and "refusal of advice" are leaping at me, and I'm wondering if there are some things that need to be sorted out by you and you alone. Coupled with yesterday's spiritual work of finding and trusting your inner GPS, I feel like it's time to be alone and do your work without input from besties or parents.

If you absolutely have no idea how to tap into your unconscious, perhaps a pranayama yoga class or two or a guided meditation class might get you pointed in the right direction. There are also guided meditation CDs or audioblogs you can listen to in your own space. However, because this stuff needs to be worked out in your own heart and mind, try to limit how-to classes or CDs to just a point in the right general direction. They should not become crutches you depend upon to do the work for you.

Generate you OWN new ideas, even if it's a struggle and they're wholly impractical and fantastic. The point is those are yours, and you practiced listening to your guts and seeing your guiding light all by yourself.

July 22, 2018: Card O' the Day: Three of Pentacles. This card is often interpreted as being about teamwork and initial success after beginning work on the material plane, but I'm feeling the deeper, more spiritual connotations today.

Spiritually, this card represents the guidance of your inner truth and Self. Your gut knows what's real and true about any situation before your heart and brain can (or are willing to) catch on. Your gut is the bestie who can see a mile off he's no good for you, but you keep going out with him because you're "in luuuuuuv!". It's the old conflict between solid common sense and emotional desires, which, by the way, can be present under any circumstances and not just in your love life. Like, say, buying a car with excellent gas mileage versus a Hummer that gets 2 gallons per mile but looks cool as shit.

Another valuable lesson from this card is the cultivation of deep concentration and understanding of a project or relationship as the cornerstones of the foundation of said project or relationship. Meaning, you've got to truly understand where you're trying to go and how you're going to move forward before you even break ground. Once you have that understanding of the most basic requirements, perseverance will bring powerful expansion and positive outcome.

July 21, 2018: Card O' the Day: Two of Wands. Personal power, boldness, and rebellion is welling up inside you, and you're ready for adventure and all of the many opportunities that appear to be meant for you! However, this volatile, energetic oomph! that's blasting through you is very scattered and unfocused causing you to waste most of it through inefficiency or foolhardiness. Actions right now are knee-jerk reactions that may bring radical change but more likely will bring you unpleasant surprises and/or unwanted result.

Destruction is often the first step in any creative process. A good example of that is razing an old building to make space for a new one. But do you know how much careful planning and engineering goes into blowing up a building so the whole thing collapses straight down without damaging its neighboring structures? That's what you need to do...develop the necessary mental discipline to seek your fortunes without destroying the security of established foundations or neighboring supports.

July 20, 2018: Card O' the Day: Judgment, reversed. This is so weird.... Last week, when reversed Judgment came up, it followed the King of Pentacles. It comes again this week following the Queen of Pentacles. The King is representative of traditions, continuity, and your family...all that anchors you and provides stability and foundation from which you grow and build your life. The Queen represents the management of the daily tasks and interactions which make up that tradition, continuity, and tribe or community. Reversed Judgment signifies difficulty with or resentment towards transitions and changes.

Because the "difficult changes" came right after "physical plane" PERSONALITY cards, I feel as though changes need to be made in YOUR physical world, not in how you think or feel. (I remind you that the court cards indicate you or people you deal with.) Concrete changes to your body, your house, your job, and/or the people you interact with are what is being indicated. All the changes Universe is asking you to make are to bring you better health, greater joy, and more fulfillment.

So, I'm now asking you: What do you need to do to make your body healthier? Who do you need to remove from your life? What changes do you need to make to your home to settle your soul or help you sleep? What career choices do you need to make to find fulfillment in your life's work? Often, we can make substantial revisions in our lives with attitude adjustments or speaking our minds a little more often. This time, we need tangible, physical changes.

July 19, 2018: Card O' the Day: Queen of Pentacles. The Queen of Pentacles is the mistress of the nuts and bolts of life. She manages the household resources, can make gourmet meals out of leftovers, coordinate the schedules of six different people, maintain order in chaos, and still have time to make friends feel welcome and important to her. And yet, as the epitome of "self-value", this queen never puts herself last. Lastly, because she's so connected to Mother Earth, she reminds you of the importance of being in natural surroundings to renew your own connection with nature.

Her appearance today means she's had enough of these off-energy, touchy-feely esoteric days and wants you to return to ground and the tangible blessings you enjoy every day. Today, anchor yourself in the here and now by digging in the garden, cleaning a closet, washing your car, or going for a run. Be present in the concrete world and put spiritual quests and emotional upheavals on the back-burner for a minute.

If you need help, the stone associated with this card is agate. It can help connect you to Earth and reality. It also aids in your search for what is factually true (not what you believe or perceive). Facing facts, no matter how unpleasant, is the first step in changing unpleasant, unhealthy, toxic, or wasteful circumstances for the better. So, if you're inclined to include rocks in your life, put a piece of agate in your pocket to remind you to be real today.

July 18, 2018: Card O' the Day: King of Cups. Even the most spiritually unenlightened among us can generally understand when they've stayed too long in a situation and can't expect any further growth, happiness, or benefit from it. Changes and new directions are necessary to create a fresher environment...your roots have become pot-bound, and it's time for a bigger pot in which to flourish. This may mean moving to a bigger place if your current space has become cramped; conversely, it could mean down-sizing in order to more efficiently use resources.

If you are spiritually aware and connected with the more etherial aspects of our existence, you may have the courage to allow deeply buried wounds come to the surface to be healed. Acknowledging the reality of this old pain means no longer hiding from yourself or others. "Water under the bridge!", "It's all good!", "No use crying over spilled milk!" and similar phrases minimize and ignore our feelings. But then those hurt feelings simply stay in a box on your shelf and never get resolved.

Create an open and accepting environment in which you can be honest and say "Hey! That HURT!" Once feelings are recognized they can be dealt with and healed. And this goes for everyone's feelings, not just your own. In such a receptive place, a lot of misunderstandings, intentional injuries, and drama can be resolved. I caution you about holding unrealistic ideas about yourself or others, though. Sometimes the "healing" means ending things once and for all.

July 17, 2018: Card O' the Day: Six of Wands. The energy of today is much more balanced and easily managed compared to yesterday's energetic snit fit. The number six indicates harmony, and when coupled with the fire of the Wands, we have smooth, creative energy that we don't have to fight with or tame. So, make a point of enjoying the good vibes that bring optimism, a willingness to accept challenges, and the oomph to pull you out of the mire of lethargy.

Whenever you have tension, frustration, setbacks, or upsets, it's important to really and fully release that stress. Just heaving a sigh of relief that it's over and continuing to push on isn't enough. Athletes make cool downs after a hard workout or contest part of their process. They warm up, work hard (apply stress to their bodies and minds), and then cognitively and purposefully cool down to remove the excess lactic acid in their muscles. If they just plopped down and had a beer after, they'd pretty much freeze up into one solid ache. Mental and emotional stress needs to be just as pointedly and consciously released through a nature hike, yoga, meditation, hot bath, night out with friends, etc.

July 16, 2018: Card O' the Day: Temperance, reversed. Maybe it's Monday or because it's hot, but we're still whacked and out of balance. When Temperance is reversed, the imbalances continue. Whereas Judgment reversed shows imbalance in your thinking v. your instincts, reversals of Temperance lead to imbalances in your emotions. Therefore, for those of you who cry when frustrated, embarrassed, or angry (raising my hand here, too), you may have to hide your tears behind uncontrollable sneezing, coughing, or a dash to the restroom for "gastric upset." Because projectile diarrhea is so much less humiliating than cry-baby tears, am I right?

Ever feel like you know exactly what you need to do, but you just can't seem to make it happen? There's a lot of that happening with this card. In addition to the fumbling to execute anything on the physical plane (this includes writing or making presentations), it's not a good day for decisions, changes, or tackling huge problems. Do the best you can for now, and try to at least get the bare minimum done. Forgive yourself for being less than your stellar best, and let this off kilter energy pass.

July 15, 2018: Card O' the Day: Three of Pentacles, reversed. I think it's time for a break from your routine or a solid vacation. Three's indicate the product of a union of effort and ideas, and Pentacles indicate the physical plane. However, when this card is reversed, that indicates all is not well on your physical plane. Your actual body may be fatigued or out of sorts; your mind/emotions/spirit may be in a "mood" or snit.

This crankiness will cause you to mismanage your resources. You might try to "wing" things that you really aren't qualified to do, and you're too snarky to ask for help. Like a toddler, you insist on doing it yourself and end up doing it badly. Apathy leads you to accept a piss-poor job, but trust me when I say you'll regret having to do it all over again later.

Therefore, drop what you're doing--before you make a complete hash of it--and muddle along until you can take off on a quick weekend camping trip, overnight bike tour, fishing day, or whatever is in your budget of time and money to get you back to nature. Living entirely within the man-made world is not good for your body or soul. You NEED nature to thrive!

July 14, 2018: Card O' the Day: Seven of Swords. The number seven is a magical number based in nature (7 colors in the visible spectrum, 7 musical notes per octave, each moon phase lasts 7 days, etc.), and the suit of Swords is of the mind. Together, they can herald "magic of the mind", which can be interpreted as some rather brilliant thinking and sparks of inspiration. Now, these fantastic ideas may not be viable or successful, if implemented, but the good news is the wheels are turning. While there's no guarantee any of these bright plans will succeed, trying is always better than doing nothing.

So, things will continue to feel out of balance and off-kilter until you find a new route of action. This action, any action, will help you feel less trapped. This card isn't saying the crisis has passed, but rather that your mind is getting in gear and is helping you see new hope, renewed trust, and relief from isolation (whether self-imposed, circumstantial, imagined, etc.). And with that renewed ambition, you'll be willing to take a few chances (see above re trying bright ideas).

Finally, this card has some very deep spiritual components to it. Beneath the surface, if you're willing to look, can be found both hidden truth and opportunity.

July 12, 2018: Card O' the Day: Judgment, reversed. It's always interesting to me how my (almost) daily cards will follow a theme for a few days...like each card is part of a bigger spread which is revealed to us one card at a time.

Yesterday, we had the King of Pentacles. It's representative of tradition, family, and continuity within society. Judgment, reversed threatens that continuity. It signifies the resistance to or fear of the process of constant change and inevitable movement forward. This process includes (but isn't limited to) growing old, children moving out, retiring from your life's work, ending relationships, transitioning from what you think you want to what you know is better for you, having to give up on long-held dreams because you're too old or the effort to make the dream reality just doesn't fit in your life.

The threats to the continuity in your life can come from within, too. You may have come to a point in your relationships, career, lifestyle, hobbies, etc. that you realize it just isn't working for you anymore. Changes must occur or you'll wither on the vine without fully ripening.

We earth signs or King of Pentacle types really struggle with any alterations to our routine. I get that. But try to go with it because staying put isn't best for you.

July 11, 2018: Card O' the Day: King of Pentacles. When a court card comes up in a reading, you may be exhibiting some of the personality traits of it, or you may be dealing with another person who has those traits. It can be a female; just because the King is assigned a male gender, it doesn't mean that his traits are exclusively found only in men. This is true of the Queens and Princesses/Pages-- males can have some of the personality traits of those court cards, too. In the case of this card, the personality is fully integrated and is at home with both masculine and feminine qualities.

Being a king, this card denotes maturity and wisdom. Being from the suit of Pentacles, we add rationality and practicality in all things. This suit also represents the physical world, which makes the King very cognizant of the usefulness and value of things. This combination, if taken too far, can morph into stuffy, curmudgeonly, and scroogey tendencies. Therefore, it's important to stay connected to fun activities and people lest you forget the lighter side of life.

This king's appearance today makes me feel like we're especially capable right now of seeing what options are best for solving problems and correcting imbalances. Because this personality feels fulfillment by taking care of others, traditions and career are probably uppermost in your mind as you work on an important project or towards a promotion at work or help organize a family reunion. As noted above, try to keep these important occupations fun.

July 6, 2018: Card O' the Day: Princess of Wands, reversed. I'm not surprised to have this card follow the cards of the past two days. The reversed Princess reiterates the frustration and resentment yesterday's King was representing. While his feelings seemed a bit more "mature" and "reasonable, the Princess speaks for the inner child who is basically spitting mad. Her True Self is being ignored and rejected as she tries to behave as she "should."

Like toddlers in full on melt-downs, actions are rash but uncertain stabs at something, ANYthing with a desperate hope it will fit and feel good. However, discernment is off, and the wild stabs are more about finding what you DON'T want rather than what you do. You must remember that most of life is about failing and flailing and floundering as you make your way to where you want to go. It's society and "The Rules" that make us feel stupid for each mistake, and thus we become fearful of making any move at all lest we do it less than perfectly.

This card also represents ideas and teaching. As in, "I have an idea! Let's give it a whack! Um...well, no, that's not it. Lesson learned, and we won't be doing that again."

July 5, 2018: Card O' the Day: King of Wands, reversed. Interesting.... I thought yesterday's Lovers was what we need to exhibit in our interactions regarding Love of others. But today's reversed King is telling me that some of you are requiring that pure, expectation-free Love from others. Our good King resents the neediness and requirements that are being presumed of him. This is making him move away from responsibilities just to get some air already!

Some may view this "I NEED to do this for ME!" attitude as being ego driven and self-centered. However, insecurity of Self is rising up and is causing this boiling in the guts. Having finally come to realize a situation is no longer working or has become dissatisfying, it's apparent continuing would be pointless.

Remember that Nature requires balance. You cannot be an effective partner, business person, friend, lover, caregiver, etc. if you're not happy. Making yourself happy means you have to make some self-centered changes in your environment. Others may not like it because it upsets THEIR balance. If that other person is truly important to you (your spouse or child), then compromise is the answer to "having your cake and eating it, too." On the other hand, if you're not invested in the emotional well being of those particular others, then it's up to them to adapt to the changes.

July 4, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Lovers.

What the world needs now is Love, sweet love
It's the only thing there's just too little of
What the world needs now is Love, sweet love
No, not just for some but for everyone

The Lovers recognizes this need for love that honors the unique individuality of others beyond the Self. It's Love that's based in freedom and not in expectation or need. Pure Love is a balance of apparent contraries: freedom/necessity, cause/effect, love/hate, good/evil. Love is the coin, the contraries are the heads and tails of that coin.

When you understand and really connect to the concept of Love, you'll be able to see others as equals, share what you have without resentment, accept and appreciate their individuality, and communicate effectively. To be clear, this does not mean you give away everything that defines You. It's about including others in your circle of abundance and fulfillment.

June 29, 2018: Card O' the Day: Six of Wands. Sixes denote harmony, and when combined with fire energy, that gives us fuel for the long haul. It's a stable and controlled burn capable of being used well and efficiently. This card also encourages you to have faith in yourself and Universe; you'll need this faith to achieve success in all you attempt. And that faith is well-placed because long-desired interests are coming to fruition. In addition to faith, which is a good thing, your personal leadership is going strong as you marshal your skills and make the choices that are right for YOU.

That said, don't forget to relax. Recognize when you've put in a good day's work and then take a break to refresh yourself. It does you no good, and will ultimately delay your success, if you become exhausted physically and emotionally. You NEED occasional breaks to continue even the most enjoyable tasks or endeavors.

June 27, 2018: Card O' the Day: Two of Wands. Vast, internal energies are trying to move but are blocked by responsibilities, security, safety, or other perceived limits that hold you back. This results in discontent, restlessness, and seeking adventure. To find your peace again, you'll have to make a choice (thus the doubt and fear that is also present): protect what you have and stay with what you know or go forth into the new and unknown?

Now, this does NOT mean you have to turn your back on everyone you know, your family, job, pets, living situation, stuff, and everything else that makes up your life. You can find adventure on a hike through your local woods. You can find opportunity by attending your next local Rotary Club meeting. You need to help others? Volunteer in your town. My point is, you can change the world while maintaining your current life.

That said, there are infinite possibilities, so don't be easily contented. Life is too brilliant to settle.

June 26, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Empress, reversed. The "mom" in you wants to run away from home. Traditional "feminine" roles or chores are just too much right now and actually irritate the snot out of you. There's a desire to self-indulge and not do a damn thing that's expected or wanted by anyone else. Frustration, lethargy, and feeling just ... blocked make you want to indulge in a "quick fix" of action that brings a moment of empty pleasure (retail therapy, anyone?). Or maybe a giant bowl of ice-cream, bag of Doritos ... a six-pack of TWINKIES!!! Unfortunately, binging on junk food or shopping will only leave you feeling even more bloated and depressed.

What's the reason behind these feelings? (UGH! Yes, I'm going to make you go there and examine "Why?") Are you feeling unheard regarding who you really are? Are you giving too much of yourself away? Have you allowed yourself to be taken for granted?

If the answers to the above questions are yes, then what are you going to do about it? You can't go on like this, you know. Eventually, your health won't allow it because you WILL get sick, literally, of caring for everyone else but yourself. Food for thought....

June 21, 2018: Card O' the Day: Two of Pentacles. With all that goes on in life on the physical plane--job, gardening, hobbies, cleaning, meals, bills, schlepping children to and fro, etc.--adding spiritual work to the mix can be the straw that breaks your back. The Two of Pentacles represents the balancing act life is, and it brings you the gifts of cleverness, agility, and determination. Also, being a "2" you may have some choices or decisions to make. Learn to tell the difference between what you really need and what you only want. It may help with these decisions or choices.

Life coaches and business managers generally espouse the virtues of having a "5-year plan." I loosely agree with that concept, but this card is urging you to drop judgments, preferences, and attachments to concrete details of those long-term plans. Because life is so tricksy, and everything can change in an instant, you simply cannot set your future in stone. So, be present to what's happening in the moment; it'll help you maintain your footing when life throws you a curve. Yes, have basic idea of where you want to be in five years, but just know it may take you ten years to get there, and THAT'S OKAY!

June 20, 2018: Card O' the Day: Queen of Cups. The importance of this card today is it's another queen. Queens denote mature, contemplative energy (rather than action, "doing" energy), and by having two in a row, it could indicate you're more fully developing your inner depth. Like the Queen of Wands of yesterday, the Queen of Cups also represents abundance and "cup-runneth-over" goodness. By sharing that, it comes back to you multiplied.

Since the Queen of Cups is so very emotion oriented, her appearance may indicate some fear of your deepest emotions. We're taught at an early age (especially boys) that displaying too much emotion isn't appropriate and that we shouldn't allow them to get out of control. And yet, that's how we fully live--through our emotions! Therefore, it's vital you're in touch with your emotions, intuition, and empathy so you can better understand and interact with others.

The caution sign that goes with this card is queens tend to work behind the scenes. The old adage "behind every successful man is a good/strong woman" is true of the queen energy. However, this out-of-the-spotlight facilitation and management can easily morph into manipulation. Keep a grip on your integrity and be certain of your intentions: for the greater good? or because you want it and getting others to do it for you is easy?

June 19, 2018: Card O' the Day: Queen of Wands. Our good queen's appearance today indicates you're in a position to share your love, laughter, and joy. You're being asked to allow your inner abundance to overflow and envelop others in the warm fuzzies you're experiencing right now. This sharing will make you feel even more blessed and full. In addition to the good feelings, you're capable of giving optimistic and generous advice to those who ask. The trick is to rely upon, and trust, your own judgement without overriding others in the process of helping them. A tricky balance to be sure....

And if you're struggling to relate to this card because of personal bad luck, then I encourage you to find these sensations. No matter how miserable you may be, doing something kind for another will lift you just a tiny bit. It's a proven psychological fact that if you help others less fortunate than you, you will feel better about your own life. I don't mean you have to drop everything and devote your life to solving the world's biggest problems. Simply picking up a bit of trash or letting someone merge in front of you in a traffic jam will give you a burst of feeling like you've done something good.

Even during our very darkest times, there's an innate, deep conviction that things are going to be okay. It's called our instinct to survive. Just as we know things could be worse (Murphy's Law), you must believe things can get better. Then make it happen.

June 18, 2018: Card O' the Day: Two of Swords. This card is indicative of the old "rock and a hard place" type of situation that requires a tough choice. At a crossroads or doorway, whatever you want to call it, this "thing" needs to be addressed. However, I don't think you're aware of every option...there's more than two ways to tackle your conundrum. Step back and broaden your view; look for another path. By the way, the one option that is NOT on the table is staying put. That road just leads to stagnation and more frustration.

Another angle of this card is that your energies are working against each other rather than in collaboration. You're basically swimming upstream. If you want to go in the direction of upstream--which is fine--get out of the water and walk on the bank! Way easier.

As you consider choices and options, suspend judgment of yourself (the shoulds and oughts and guilt), and try to figure things out dispassionately. Because no situation is ever black and white, you'll need compromise, tact, diplomacy, and all your best finesse to find your middle way. Take your time and choose wisely. Universe will wait.

June 16, 2018: Card O' the Day: Nine of Cups.

You won't get [happiness]
Thinkin' and a-prayin'
Wishin' and hopin'...
--Dusty Springfield

This card is often referred to as the "wish card" and can indicate a time of wishes coming true. But as we all know, wishes don't come true by themselves; you have to do the work to make them come true. Even wishin' and hopin' to win the lottery comes with the work of buying a ticket! Therefore, the secret to emotional happiness is taking responsibility for it and being in control of your own joy. Sitting back and waiting for it to land in your lap will leave you disappointed and resentful.

If this card finds you at a high moment in your life, know that you ain't "there" yet. This card is reminding you of the limits of your individual actions that it took to get to "here." Now is not the time to gloat, lest you become complacent in your self-congratulation, but to keep moving forward and doing your work.

Sheesh! When, then, do you get to rest on your laurels? When THIS lifetime has ended. And will you HAVE laurels, from this lifetime, to rest upon? Are you building a life of which you can be proud when it's all said and done?

But enough of that heavy soul-searching crap! Go outside and play!

June 15, 2018: Card O' the Day: Queen of Pentacles. Like the Empress, the Queen of Pentacles is very mothering and Nature-based. Also like the Empress, our good queen is a protective healer, caretaker, and/or nurse. However, the queen is better on the material plane than the Empress and can manage anything...people, resources, plans, bills, schedules, etc. She's also very realistic and pragmatic, and is the holder of high standards to keep the rest of us in line.

However, the queen is not as good in the Spiritual world as the Empress. Her appearance is reminding us to keep attention on our spiritual work and to make time for relaxation and play. I have a feeling all this soul searching is getting a bit heavy, so many of us escape into practical, day-to-day living. You can actually escape serious spiritual work through a day hike or swim in a lake. As you're enjoying the great outdoors, your soul is secretly recharging and sneakily nurturing your spirit.

After such a day of self care, you may have an epiphany about yourself that gives you new hope or direction. At any rate, there's still stuff that needs to be sorted and doing busy work won't make it go away.

June 14, 2018: Card O' the Day: The High Priestess, UPRIGHT. When we don't fight the lessons, that's when we learn the most. It's hard and it's painful, but go with it because some things must be understood through experience. Meaning you can read all about swimming, watch endless how-to videos about swimming, but you ain't swimming until you get wet. By experiencing things first hand and examining why you do what you do, or don't, say what you do, or don't, feel what you do, or don't, you will begin to understand reality and develop the capability in accepting both the light and darkness in yourself and others. Understand and accept the pig you're trying to put lipstick on is still a pig!

The High Priestess represents the most unfamiliar, yet most influential, aspect of our unconsciousness. She's our deepest selves and is both beautiful and ugly, refined and coarse, constructive and destructive. Ask yourself where you might be looking for answers outside when you should be looking within.

June 13, 2018: Card O' the Day: The High Priestess, reversed. When we act as the inspiration or muse for others, or guide them through their own suffering and growth, it is possible to give too much away and lose your identity or sense of self. This can lead to clouded insight and difficulty connecting to your inner wisdom, common sense, and most authentic core. Such cloudiness may manifest in lack of impulse control and/or the NEED to act and do...something...anything.

Be careful as you navigate these treacherous waters, but do keep going. You cannot continue to be used and caged as you have been. Just know that in daring to act outside expected norms and refusing to be a doormat, you may be labeled with "slanderous adjectives" such as slut, tramp, uppity, self-centered, wild, narcissistic, and any other negative word for being your own person.

June 9, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Moon, reversed. Am I willing to know my inner crazy? That's the key question with the reversed Moon. Your intuition is quietly, or not so quietly anymore, telling you some things have just got to give. You can't go on ignoring your "less than perfect" parts in the hopes they'll go away.

There's a great need to accept your animal self...the lizard brain part where you are driven to eat, breathe, and mate. In our efforts to be "civilized" and "good" in the eyes of society, we tend to bury those instinctual drives behind oughts and shoulds and mustn't's. But the problem with burying those primitive needs into secrets and isolation is they tend to get so stopped up they eventually blow like Kilauea.

It may feel like a you're descending into madness or that you're reliving past lives or experiences as your personal volcanic pressure builds. Acknowledge and accept the demons of your unconscious mind. By giving them space in your conscious world, they can get appropriate exercise and exposure to daylight. And in the light of day, I'll bet those demons aren't nearly as ugly as you imagine them to be.

June 8, 2018: Card O' the Day: Nine of Pentacles, reversed. As a "9", this card is associated with The Hermit. We just had The Hermit yesterday. Both The Hermit and today's 9 came up reversed. Hmmmmm.... This indicates to me that today's card is reiterating the dangers of self-isolation and "journeying" inherent in yesterday's card. The way I see the Tarot cards is that, when upright, the meanings of the cards sit at the top of a Bell Curve. The slopes up to and back down from the peak of the curve indicate the reversed meanings. Therefore, these slopes are the meanings taken to extremes, not just opposite to what's on the peak. That's how the normal introspection of The Hermit becomes avoidance; seeking inner wisdom leads to chucking all that you know for the ephemeral "something better."

By itself, the reversed Nine of Pentacles signifies threats to your physical and emotional contentment due to feelings of entrapment and the desire to roam and seek freedom. But random roaming will only lead to insecurity, self-loathing, loss of discipline in or concern for your life as it is, and ultimately, isolation.

Finally, 9's represent idealism and moral values. Are you willing to walk what you talk? And I don't mean just the fun stuff that pleases you or is convenient.

June 7, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Hermit, reversed. The Hermit represents all that is good about self-reflection, alone time, and seeking spiritual wellbeing. When reversed, though, The Hermit becomes more hermit-like in a "bad" way. Perhaps you're feeling alone, deserted, and/or misunderstood, so you slink under a rock to lick your wounds (or pout). This urge to run away and isolate yourself from all those who can help only exacerbates the loneliness, which makes it even harder to communicate your feelings.

Another way the reversed Hermit can mess with you is by twisting the search for The Truth Of The Self straight into a mid-life crisis. In the throes of "finding yourself", you may escape into immaturity and irresponsibility.

So, did you walk away from your tribe first? (You tell yourself it was so you didn't see their backs walking away from you.) Have you turned your life on its head? (Yeah, well, it's cuz you couldn't BREATHE anymore!) By staying out of your ego and remaining practical, you'll see the real and unpleasant truths...and by that I mean accepting your part in your own situation. Does that fix it and make it all better? Maybe not completely, but at least you're being honest with yourself.

June 6, 2018: Card O' the Day: Eight of Cups. Often this card appears when we need to stop "beating the dead horse" and leave a situation, thing, or person behind. But today, I don't feel the heaviness in my steps as I walk away. Here's a visual: Dorothy taking her first steps on the yellow brick road. She's leaving the wonder, beauty, and relative security of Munchkinland to seek the Wizard's counsel in the Emerald City.

That's what's happening today for you. The need to venture into unexplored territory isn't made with heavy steps and hearts AWAY, but with bated breath and excitement TO journeying, exploration, and growth. Recognize this turning point, this "finishing", and move on to the next big thing. Some letting go is required; that might tug on a heart string or two. However, it's necessary to seek your personal higher, better, "more"....

June 5, 2018: Card O' the Day: Three of Cups. The Three of Cups represents celebration of the love of friendship and community. You're in a safe and secure environment with a supportive tribe who will help you explore and expand with an open heart and inquisitive mind. If you should be disappointed on your journey, know that they've got your back. During the synthesis of love, you'll find healing and the resolution to step away from certain people, places, and beliefs that don't serve you or your highest purpose. (In real speak that means you'll figure out who can stay in your tribe and who's gotta go!)

Now, with the above said, be sure your celebrations of love and friendship are an organic expression of joy from within and not just an excuse to go get wasted with a bunch of other people. That kind of hedonism is just escaping from responsibility. You still have to live on this material plane and fairly contribute to the larger society if you want to maintain what you've established and built so far. A delicate balance of give and take....

June 1, 2018: Card O' the Day: Five of Cups, reversed. As you learn to take, as well as you give, you'll find this change of personal habits will transform any resistance and/or disappointments into something better and more useful. Coping skills strengthen, which allow you to move away from feelings of loss or lack. This is some really good change of heart and attitude towards life. Rather than waiting for someone or something to "make you happy", you're in the position and mindset to do it for yourself.

Another strong current going through this card is about kin, tribe, and reunions. Because you're feeling more generous towards yourself, you may feel more generous and forgiving towards someone with whom you have been feuding. It's a good time to bury any lingering hatchets....

May 31, 2018: Card O' the Day: Six of Pentacles. The primary keyword associated with this card is "reciprocity," which means give AND take. We are taught as small children to share, give to the less fortunate, and think of others to maintain ease and comfort for all. But some societies take that concept too far, and the wonderful, individual being is lost in the homogenous crowd. On the other hand, thinking only of the individual leads to anarchy and societal chaos. This brings us to the other important keyword of this card: balance.

On the surface, the Six of Pentacles indicates balance and harmony on the physical/material plane. The nuts and bolts of life are humming along without too much trouble. There's potential for increase and gain if you're willing to put in the time and effort. The undercurrent of this card is that we can be tempted to cut corners on our integrity/truth for greater rewards physically or materially. The equilibrium between positive and negative is precarious....

However, this brings us back to the "take" part of reciprocity. When your decisions to give or take are based in love, love of society AND love of Self, your whole environment--internal and external--will be serene and peaceful. The rule of thumb is to take what you need, but not more. You must take. If all you do is give, balance is destroyed, and you'll be miserable.

Learn to take, as well as give, within your truth and integrity.

May 29, 2018: Card O' the Day: King of Wands, reversed. The fiery King of Wands, when upright, uses his energies to create rather than destroy. Reversed, we've got a temper tantrum brewing.

Under the influence of this card you may be tempted away from your responsibilities and resent others for their expectations of you. How dare they tell you what to do?! But acting without scruples, tolerance, and ignoring the larger world means there will be a price to pay later for today's thoughtless actions. Errors in judgment will weaken your position in your community and with the members of your tribe.

Where does all this out-of-control fire come from? Insecurity of Self. There's the thought that you have to shout to be heard or be bigger and badder than anyone else to be noticed. Current and past world leaders such as Hitler, Mussolini, Bashar al-Assad, Stalin, Putin, and others are all excellent examples of the King of Wands in reverse.

Tread lightly, people, lest you burn bridges and lose everything you've held dear.

May 28, 2018: Card O' the Day: Three of Swords. The suit of Swords is tricky. It's technically of the mind, but it affects the heart deeply. That's because the dialogs in our heads--especially about ourselves--can cause so much guilt, shame, inner turmoil, doubt, fear that we're not enough in some way, and general emotional drama. And in what area of life do we suffer the most guilt, shame, inner turmoil, doubt, and fear of not being enough? In our interpersonal relationships and attachments, whether they be romantic, business, friendships, or family.

As uncomfortable as this suffering can be, there is great wisdom and unrealized intelligence in it. Through honesty with yourself and faith in your own beliefs and integrity, you can release the upset and accept the sorrow that some situations or people cannot be as you would wish them to be.

With the greatest of compassion, erase certain boundaries, criteria, quid pro quo's, and all other score keeping mechanisms you're holding for yourself and others, and simply allow love to enter.

May 26, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Lovers. We are tasked with making a choice...a higher choice. Self examination is necessary to determine your most deeply held values originating in the depths of your consciousness. This choice probably involves another person, although it could be about taking a harder but higher road. There is a necessity of considering the long-term implications of this choice very carefully.

Being faced with such a heavily moral decision has probably come because in an effort to be accepted, you've given too much of yourself away. So, you're faced with continuing on this path that isn't really comfortable for you and gaining desired acceptance, or you step back to firmer ground where your integrity lives. If you can let go of the attachment to acceptance (being seen as "cool"), you'll be in a better position to make your decisions from a spiritual level.

The high road is harder to walk. It's not as much fun. It requires some sacrifice. You may be called a goody-two-shoes. But in the end, you'll be able to live with yourself in serenity knowing that you did the "right thing" for you.

May 22, 2018: Card O' the Day: Five of Cups. Fives are energetically volatile, and the suit of Cups indicate emotions. Put them together, and I'm guessing some of you may be having your emotional waters stirred up right about now. All the astrology sites are ranting about big changes and instability caused by the current alignments in the heavens, and my cards are reflecting the same.

Disturbances and disappointing experiences in relationships or partnerships will be happening or coming. Emotions will be involved, and it may get yucky. But as with all yucky experiences, you'll learn some valuable lessons and face some blinding truths. Regrets? Probably. However, try to frame those regrets into "Well, I don't need to do THAT again." rather than "I'm a total waste of oxygen."

These next weeks may put you very off-balance. Through self-reflection and serious introspection, I'm asking you to feel your emotions. Don't run from them; sit in them and get real about them. Release all self-judgment and be who you are. Claim your personal power and make your way through this period of discovery, disappointment, and change of self.

May 20, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Chariot. After the two doubt-filled cards of yesterday and before, I'm delighted to see The Chariot today. This card gives us the shifting gears we needed. Whereas we may have been stuck in neutral or first, this card puts us nicely into drive!

Self-control, mastery from within, and a triumph of will are represented by The Chariot. Even though you're up to your eyeballs, these efforts will be both engaging and stimulating and will pay off in the long run. Persevere through this next phase!

As you align with your world, move forward with your plans. Expect travel in the coming weeks/couple months that has something to do with your development--in other words, I'm not feeling said travel is for vacation only. The other day I mentioned being open to obscure opportunity...be sure to take advantage of anything prime. There also may be some "merging" with another whether for business or the fun of it. Merging can mean forming a partnership, friendship, or frequent contact that leads to favorable, long-term circumstances.

May 19, 2018: Card O' the Day: Four of Wands, reversed. I've drawn another "not happy at work" card. Upon further study, I think I may know what this is about.... It's getting to be graduation time--whether college or high school--and many graduates have final projects due before the end of their studies. This card also represents certain rites of passage (graduation) and a "leave-taking." (Oh! How about weddings? Getting everything done before the Big Day and then departing on a honeymoon, moving to a new city to begin married life, etc.)

At any rate, these final projects or preparations are weighing you down and becoming overwhelming. The labor necessary to get it all done is becoming forced and rushed because you're running out of time. It's starting to feel monumental and the incompletion is causing anxiety and dissatisfaction. Disorganization makes you even less efficient. Finally, to top it all off, you're just not READY to graduate or walk down the aisle or whatever is on your plate right now.

The thing is, who's EVER completely "ready"? Things can be planned down to the very last detail, but then you still have to have faith in yourself and dare to leap. Let go of the minutia and prioritize. Then do tasks in small manageable pieces. Take a break and go for a walk around the block, and do some more. What doesn't get done obviously wasn't THAT important, and you're going to be okay.

May 18, 2018: Card O' the Day: Three of Pentacles, reversed. The Three of Pentacles often represents your work and how you work with others. Reversed, it can mean there's struggle in that area. Such struggle could be haste or immaturity in your management techniques. (I'm not talking about management of a restaurant or department at your company. I'm more concerned with how you manage your own resources, time, knowledge, assignments and so forth that you're directly responsible for. [And this could be at home, too.]) You could have set the bar for yourself too high and are seeking the impossible.

Therefore, I want you to ask yourself, "Am I doing what I love? Am I doing what suits my talents and knowledge?" If the answer is less than a resounding "yes", then it may be time to reevaluate your physical plane. More training/schooling is never a bad investment in yourself if that's what you feel you need. Reduce the size of your current projects/chores into more manageable and realistic steps. Look at the goal and consider what you should do TODAY to advance forward. Give a more generalized thought to the coming week rather than micromanaging every step for the next year.

My point is this card is indicating getting tangled in the details of the physical plane. To go further, you're required to put more effort in the basics: more sleep, more contact with nature, better food, quality time with people who "get" you. Certainly we all have obligations that must be attended to, but see where you can minimize those obligations and spend more of your life catering to your most authentic self. Therein lies happiness--you being you.

May 17, 2018: Card O' the Day: Seven of Swords. The suit of Swords, in general, is pretty shadowy because it's all about what's going on in our minds. As we all know, that's where the voices of judgment and self-doubt live and work to hold you back from your natural daring and high-spiritedness. Your "voices" may encourage you to stay isolated, keeping yourself to yourself, where you can't interact and engage with others. Because, of course, that's how you get hurt.

This card represents all that, but it also represents a lot more, and this "more" part is what I want to emphasize today. Creative imagination, new concepts or plans, and invention also live in your mind. Heightened inspiration push you to research your ideas and create the strategy you need to get things out of your head and onto the table. This card also brings you the courage to be unpredictable and go for what you want or imagine.

The spiritual components of this seven ask you to realign with your truest center, your gut. Listen for hints and truth bombs. Be alert to hidden opportunities. Finally, come out of your shell because this card indicates ideal unions between friends or partners of any kind (business, romantic, etc.).

May 16, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Sun. Well ain't that special? Even on this rainy day (in Athens, Ohio at least) The Sun has shone on us all.

Esoterically and/or spiritually speaking, this card signifies great and pure energy, new beginnings, and the optimism that anything is possible. As you look on life with wonder, you come to feel "at home" in yourself, and you're at peace with what you life has brought you thus far--good, bad, and ugly.

On a less metaphysical level, this card represents enjoying simple pleasures and accomplishments. It's about finding satisfaction and happiness with what you do have and not kvetching about what you lack. The Sun is reminding you that it's awfully nice to be alive and experiencing the miracles of each day.

Finally, and most importantly, The Sun's appearance is an omen of joy. Look for joy in all you do--today and always. Even on your most "unfortunate" days, look for joy and The Sun, because as long as you remain breathing, there is joy to be had.

P.S. In the more than two years that I've been drawing a Card O' the Day, I've never pulled The Sun. I've drawn The Sun, reversed, twice (Dec. 31, 2017 and Oct. 3, 2017) but never the upright Sun. Trivia...or food for thought?

May 15, 2018: Card O' the Day: Princess of Swords, reversed. A good friend of mine has a name for herself when she gets on her holier-than-thou high horse: Judgy McJudgerson. This name is completely appropriate for the Princess/Page of Swords when she's reversed. Yesterday I asked you to let your freak flag fly and not be afraid of your personal passion, instincts, and urges. Today Ms. McJudgerson is feeding you the disinformation that you're "wrong" to do so as she belittles and shames you.

This feeling of "wrongness" may cause you to hesitate to share personal details or your creative ideas with others. That ugly, derisive voice in your head saps your confidence and leaves you feeling unprepared or too stupid to handle your job, home life, or recreational activities.

Even though this card is governed by the heart chakra (mental energies have an effect on your heart), throat chakra difficulties are indicated. Meaning, you can't speak up for yourself to yourself. Therefore, today's homework is to tell that vile, judgmental voice in your head to Shut. Up. Remember the test: is it legal? who does it hurt? If it's legal and it's not hurting anyone, then you have my permission to do your thing!!

May 14, 2018: Card O' the Day: Strength, reversed. Some people are simply more reticent and others more bold, which then creates an imbalance in society. Social norms and laws help keep the bold ones from overly annoying the quiet ones and thereby keeping peace among all. At the same time, even the quietest of a tribe will get a wild hair up their asses occasionally, and the usually bold ones aren't nuts all the time.

When Strength is reversed, as it is today, this indicates that the "wildhair" energy has become a force that cannot be confined or controlled. An overwhelming Will pushes one to behave in an uncharacteristically bold or daring way. These passions, urges, or instincts--the wildness within us all--can be seen as personal weakness when not appropriately governed. One can doubt one's own sanity or "goodness" and become very emotional and fearful over this perception of oneself as being "wrong" or "bad."

However, if you suppress and unreasonably deny your passions and wild hairs, those strangled feelings will emerge eventually, and it could be a big and inappropriate mess! Think of the stereotypical midlife crisis where a guy dumps his family, buys a red corvette, and runs off to Vegas with his new girlfriend--who's 20 years younger.

The thing is, we're ALL prone to moments of being "socially unacceptable" at one time or another! The trick is to let yourself off the chain occasionally so you don't build up a big head of steam that causes you to blow up. Leak off that steam in small spurts to maintain your balance between proper citizen and wild and crazy guy. As long as no one is getting hurt and it's legal (never mind what your grandma would say), let your freak flag fly!

May 13, 2018: Card O' the Day: Eight of Cups. So, maybe it's not just me and my jet-lag. This card represents a decline in interest and lack of creativity as we wander from "thing" to "thing" looking for something to catch our fancy. We're not quite sure what, precisely, we're looking for, but what we've got or are doing ain't it. Therefore, I suspect, like me, you're indulging in distractions and briefly amusing pastimes like Netflix binges or video gaming.

I think we're caught in what sailors call the doldrums...a place at sea where the winds are still and the currents sluggish. Thus, a ship could sit for days or weeks going nowhere fast. At the same time we're stuck, wondering what "the next thing" will be for us, know there's a secret transition happening while we're bored to tears. Remember, nothing changes unless forced, so that means we have to get good and darned bored before we get off our rumps and do something about it.

This is a time of endings, a lull in activity and interests, and then a transition into the new. I suggest we go with it and indulge in another round of Netflix while the winds aren't blowing!

May 12, 2018: Back from BMSE Hawaii!

Card O' the Day: Seven Cups, reversed. Okaaaaaaay...maybe this one is for me. Feeling lost in daydreams: I'm definitely still punch-drunk from jet-lag and lack of sleep.

Also for this card we have relaxation, loosening up, and taking time out to decompress and recharge. I guess ALL the laundry doesn't really have to be done TODAY.... I did get the damp SCUBA gear rinsed off yesterday, but I can let it go another day or two before putting it away. It's really something when you have to pointedly chill out when coming home from a vacation.

A nap is definitely on my agenda today.

May2, 2018: Card O' the Day: Prince of Cups: It would seem yesterday's Judgment card was congratulating you on the hard work you're doing but not that "you're done." *Sigh* Our Good Prince represents a difficult, but profoundly rewarding, spiritual quest of personal revelation and healing.

I don't know that we'll ever "get there" or "be done." However, these cards of late that keep harping on trust and personal growth are here to remind us that only we can make ourselves happy by following that journey within. Whether that happiness comes from deep contentment, achieving goals and dreams, getting good with past mistakes or abuse, forgiveness, or whatever it is your soul needs and calls for, you've got to do your work. No one can do it for you.

So, today's Prince is inviting you to take on challenges, with absolute trust and no reservations, that will help and/or force you to grow. You will experience tremendous exhilaration if you jump into the unknown and dare to be YOU!

May 1, 2018: Card O' the Day: Judgment. Oh, wow. All the hard work we've being doing this year is coming to fruition. This card reiterates that your truth and reality is not to be found outside yourself in other people, activities, vices, practices, hobbies, volunteering, etc., but it's to be found within you. Look there to find the way to make yourself happy.

Judgement represents hearing and heeding a call--an awakening to your truth--that brings rebirth to your soul, spirit, and life. A personal decision will be made that will make significant impact upon your life and the way you move forward from here. Such a decision can bring freedom from confinement and bondage, achievement of goals, and joy. However, these changes will require total dedication to "stick", because they won't be easy, and it'll be very tempting to just slide back into the same old rut and behaviors.

Finally, Judgment is the courage to look at yourself and recognize what's lacking. With this new-found wisdom and clarity, you'll see doorways to peacefulness you couldn't see before.

April 29, 2018: Card O' the Day: Ten of Swords, reversed (again, see 4 days ago). Apparently, we're being reminded that "this, too, shall pass." That, or to really, seriously, this time for sure, Let. It. Go. Keep looking forward and keep your feet moving. Remember what happened in that Bible story about Lot and his wife as they were leaving Sodom; she turned back for one final look and was turned into a pillar of salt. If ever there was a lesson about letting it go....

As you look forward, I'm sure you're feeling SOME anticipation about what's coming next. Excellent! Dwell heavily on those feelings of excitement and "I wonder...." Concentrate on every advantage you do have, and try to morph any weakness or disadvantage into something you can use. Have insomnia? Do on-line research about building your own website rather than bing-watching Netflix. Would rather take a hike or bike ride than build your website? Then use that "me time" to brainstorm!

Some keywords for the Ten, reversed: Gain. Success. Power.

April 28, 2018: Card O' the Day: Six of Pentacles. When I signed on to Facebook, just now, to write this Card O' the Day, there was an animation about it being "Pay it Forward Day." How VERY appropriate that I've pulled the Six of Pentacles!

This card indicates flowing material energy of the kind that can bring success and influence. But the meat of this card is about what you do with that fortunate energy, because it also represents a precarious equilibrium between Positive and Negative. This means if you don't use this energy for charity, kindness, and to pay it forward (all the time, not just today), you may find your success tastes bitter and you have diminished connections to everyone. To put it bluntly, if you cave on your integrity and go for the quick, but less-than-honest buck, you will be sorry.

The key word to this card is reciprocity--meaning you enjoy the rewards of giving and receiving without caring about keeping score. How you value and handle those exchanges determines your Karmic balance with Universe. Don't take more than you need, and give to those who have less than you. Trust me, you'll sleep better at night.

April 27, 2018: Card O' the Day: Ace of Wands, reversed. Even upside down, this card heralds new beginnings. But the reversal means those beginnings may be delayed, or the right one just hasn't arrived yet. Yeah, you're ready for changes and new stuff, but hold your horses and wait for it. Don't go off half cocked just because you've got ants in your pants. You'll only end up making mistakes that slow you down even further.

What to do while you're waiting? Research. Once you decide what you want to do, research how you can make it happen efficiently and with the best use of your resources. That'll keep you busy and make you feel like you're doing something towards your goal.

After spending a couple hours Googling and planning, go outside and burn calories in Mother Nature. Not only will you bleed off excessive energy (if you're too pooped from tilling the garden, you won't have any oomph left to get into mischief through bad decisions), but Mother has a way of calming fears, reducing stress, and making you feel that all is right in your world.

April 26, 2018: Card O' the Day: Five of Cups. This is a continuation of yesterday's card's message regarding circumstances that clear the way for renewal. Based on today's 5, I'd say said circumstances originated from an unpleasant and unexpected disturbance causing feelings of loss and deep disappointment. Betrayal of some nature may have been involved. At any rate, it completely sucked, and it's hard to try to see silver linings at this moment.

Remember, this time in your life will pass and you'll come out the other side. Something valuable will remain, and with that remaining asset, you'll find new avenues and possibilities.

As with the 10, we're being asked to let go of what was and accept what is now, because that's what you're dealing with--a new set of facts and reality, not what was true before the "disturbance" blew a hole in your life. Check to see if you're ego-bound to a sense of being "right." Can you swallow your pride, accept this didn't work, and move in a different direction?

April 25, 2018: Card O' the Day: Ten of Swords, reversed: Many Ten of Swords cards are depicted with a person face down on the ground with ten swords stabbed in their back; some even show a pool of blood. When this card is reversed, the swords essentially "fall out." Yay! What this means is, the worst is over, and you can start to relax and recover. You've survived and turned a corner.

The recent extreme circumstances have actually cleared the way for rebirth and exciting breakthroughs. These can lead to advantages, gain, and success. Which, in anyone's book, is a good thing, right?

However, don't let any lingering negative feelings over the recent past events keep you locked in upset. Holding on to sadness, anger, disappointment, etc. will only prolong the experience you're trying to get over. Examine the situation without emotions or self-blame, accept responsibility for your part in it, take note of the valuable lessons, make arrangements in your life to never do "that" again, and move on. This is your chance to (wait for it...) Let it Goooooooooo......

April 24, 2018: Card O' the Day: Princess of Wands, reversed: When the fiery Princess of Wands is reversed, her energies tend to be a little out of control. Because she's very conscious of the challenges in her way right now, she may hesitate to act. But at the same time, she's fearful she'll "miss the bus" so to speak, so she'll stab at things indiscriminately in a vain attempt to do SOMEthing that will bring her the desired results.

Guess what? It ain't gonna work. Get a grip and do nothing without careful thought and planning. If you can't concentrate on said careful thought, then go do something physical to burn off the energy without causing harm, and leave the big decisions for another day. Swimming laps or going for a run are good ideas because you can do them on autopilot and just burn calories. Stay away from activities that need coordination and attention while you do them--like splitting wood.

Because your attentions may wander under the influence of the reversed princess, you may be a bit accident prone (thus, the no wood splitting thing). Take extra care with "hot" things like the stove or fireplace; minor burns could be in the picture for your today.

April 20, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Empress. The Empress is also very fact oriented in her way of thinking (see Eight of Swords, reversed). She give us courage to try new things and, if we fail, there's no judgment or recrimination. She will help you examine your motives, actions, and mistakes without drama, so you can learn from what went wrong and do better next time.

The key to awareness is found in love, acceptance, nurturing, and physical care of yourself. When you're feeling whole and well-cared for, then you have the energy and sense of well-being to show compassion to others and share your abundance. Many times I've spoken of being sure to keep your own "cup" full through self care, because if you've given everything you have to others, there's nothing left for you or to share further. You have to keep yourself healthy in order to continue to help those around you.

In addition, this card represents creativity, progress, life renewed, and action. The energy behind The Empress is well grounded, and her Hermetic symbol is a door. Will you step through that door?

April 18, 2018: Card O' the Day: Eight of Swords, reversed. Upright, the Eight shows us how we can get trapped in our own limited thinking. When the card is reversed, the potential for liberation is greater as your thinking becomes clearer. Also, your ingenuity and improvisational skills are high right now.

When eights (representing manifestation) are combined with Swords (representing the mind, your thoughts, and your thinking processes), the answer to your problems is all in your head. Use your noodle and THINK your way out of your difficulties. Look at your problems analytically--no emotions, dreams, or wishes--and be very dry and honest about your abilities and resources. What do you have, in hand, to help you move forward? Where are you procrastinating about taking concrete steps? No blame or guilt for not doing something already or overestimating your talents or wallet: just what are the facts?

The final question to ask your self is Why? Why did you procrastinate or overestimate yourself? Are you setting yourself up for failure subconsciously (or consciously), because you're afraid of success and the work it takes to continue that success?

April 12, 2018: Card O' the Day: Queen Of Cups, reversed. When a pendulum swings, it goes to extremes in both directions until it finally comes back to center and balance. As I've mentioned, we had a long period of inner journeying, and as we rejoin the material plane, we can feel unmoored and disconnected. Think of astronauts who spend time in space floating effortlessly in zero gravity. Then they have to come back to Earth and slog through the heaviness of normal gravity. I feel like that's what we're dealing with now.

Coming out of zero gravity and back to reality can be a very emotional experience. The flood of feelings can be overwhelming, and it's awfully tempting to want to go back to "space" and "zero gravity" to continue floating in the wonder of spiritual connections. Back in reality, every nerve seems so alive it's almost painful, and the slightest criticism is devastating.

The Queen of Cups, reversed, also represents sharpening your practicality and seeing past illusion. Therefore, she's acknowledging our difficulties, is sympathetic to our highly emotional states, but wants us to get back to work. The wood won't chop itself, and the water hasn't yet grown legs--get carrying the buckets.

April 11, 2018: Card O' the Day: Nine of Wands. There's new energy coming into shape, but it can be volatile and might make you a bit emotional. You'll want to maintain control and personal boundaries (this energy may tempt you to say "yes" to everything). However, be aware boundaries keep out the good as well as the bad, so use discernment when saying no.

As you come to recognize the actions needed right now to carry you forward from your recent contemplation, honor your conscious mind and unconscious soul, which are working in harmony right now to give you clear direction. This card brings great strength that is intensified by this internal guidance.

If you find your way blocked, look deeply at the cause of those obstacles and consider how you contributed to the problem and/or attracted this negative energy. (Rarely does anything happen TO you without some input of your own.) Victory is coming, but it will be preceded by uncertainty and a little fear. Trust that you're doing it right.

April 10, 2016: Card O' theDay: The Moon, reversed. While this card can mean a denial of all things "unseen" and esoteric, I'm just thinking it's time to get back to the real world for a while after all the journeying and soul searching off the past weeks. When The Moon is reversed, it brings gifts of insight into the imagery of the psyche. Acceptance of that then allows the digestion and clarification of the alternative experiences you may have been having.

I, myself, am having a "return to the real world" day as I come off the psychic open-ness of this past weekend...coming back to ground after being in the clouds, so to speak.

April 6, 2018: Card O' the Day: King of Pentacles, reversed. While this spiritual talk and mental restructuring is all well and good, when it comes down to walking what you talk, the materialism within all of us starts to balk. You're probably pretty comfortable in your surroundings...perhaps you'd like a bigger TV or a newer mattress, but it's YOUR nest and you've become used to it. But as your mind and spirit move towards making changes in your life, you begin to wonder whether you're capable of letting go of some stuff while still maintaining this level of physical comfort.

Just because you're turning over new leaves spiritually and emotionally doesn't mean you have to go live in a cave, wear only a loincloth, and subsist on dirt and roots. You can be spiritual, kind, compassionate, and helpful to all creatures right from the security of your old sofa! I'm not coming to take away your iPad, heated slippers, or electric wok. You're allowed to have nice things and be physically content as you reconsider what's truly valuable in your life.

On a side note, the King of Pentacles can indicate overeating and digestive issues. I don't know why, but I've been craving sugar lately. Could be the late season snow and cold weather we've been having...I'm eating out of frustration. Just be mindful.

April 5, 2018: Card O' the Day: Four of Swords, reversed. We are finally coming out of the thoughtfulness that's been consuming us as we learn more about ourselves and who we want to be when we grow up. During our deep introspection, some issues were resolved, but as we resurface, we find a bit of a dilemma. We're not quite the same as we were weeks or months ago, and what worked then doesn't fit anymore.

Fortunately, this awakening from our contemplative slumber comes with clarity and new perspectives. I'm willing to bet you have a pretty good idea of what you need to do; now it's about getting the courage to do it.

The other day The Fool came to us. Full of beginnings, daring, and standing on the edge of a cliff, he's raring to go--scared stiff, true, but still wanting to leap. I think you've had enough time to think about things so any leaps you take won't be uneducated or in the dark. Trust yourself. Be a little audacious. Live fully.

April 3, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Fool. And here we have it, the card of all beginnings.


April 2, 2018: Card O' the Day: Five of Pentacles. Just as we all fail, we are all flawed. Remember back in high school when you'd get a zit? You knew, just KNEW everybody was staring at that zit and laughing behind your back! You wanted to die.... Except, nobody was looking at your zit because they all had their own zits, or high-water jeans, or dorky haircut to worry about.

Self-consciousness about your perceived flaws only reinforces the notion that you're somehow not "enough." You're being urged to find the roots of this idea that you're lacking, and let go of that old hurt. This may be very difficult to do, and you may need help in the form of therapy or counseling. To complete this phase of the spiritual quest you're on, you need to drop some psychic weight in order to move forward.

But you can do this. Our card also speaks of endurance, strength, and determination! As you drop old baggage, you're going to discover new interests that help you bloom...and maybe then you'll come to realize you've always be enough.

April 1, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Hanged Man. In some ways The Hanged Man reminds of The Fool who has been upended by Universe...which makes sense because it's said that the entire Tarot journey is Man (The Fool) making his way through life's challenges. So, today on April Fool's Day, we have The Fool hung upside down, trapped by circumstances, and forced to think.

Our Journey, that we've been on for weeks, continues as we willingly sacrifice old values and attitudes that allow us to have spiritual breakthrough. Giving up past certainties does indeed turn your world on its head, but what a fresh view! Keep up this good work of positive mental changes, and I guarantee you'll find new joy in your life.

Something else this card brings is redemption on a spiritual or emotional level. Let go of self-blame and guilt for past mistakes and cringe-inducing actions. We. All. Fail. And embarrass ourselves. And stick our foot in our mouth. And do stupid stuff. Forgive yourself for being an idiot, and try not to f*ck up TODAY. Then try again tomorrow. When you do inevitably f*ck up, make it right, learn your lesson, and forgive yourself.

March 31, 2018: Card O' the Day: Death, reversed. Death and The Tower are the two "big changes coming" cards of the Tarot deck. When they're reversed, like yesterday and today, the energy is softened to a certain extent but it's by no means less serious of a wake up call. I interpret The Tower as a big change in your head (get it? lightening hitting the top of the "tower", or your noggin), whereas Death indicates physical changes to your body or your physical world.

Getting these cards back-to-back tells me that changes in your head will lead to changes in your physical world. As in you'll decide to make changes that then manifest in better fitness, weight loss, recycling, continued education, etc., etc. Those manifestations then create their own manifestations such as greater health, more energy, a happier environment, and a better job, which then leads to....

Everything is connected and interconnected. One small change in your mind can lead to change in your routine that snowballs into fulfilled dreams and a better world around you. That may seem a little intimidating, but you don't have to do it all today. Just take the first step.

P.S. Like I said yesterday, changes are coming and resistance is futile. Therefore, just go with it, and make your life easier.

March 30, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Tower, reversed. I feel like we're still in Mind Changing/Epiphany Mode (in fact, I had my own "aha!" moment just this morning). When The Tower is reversed, however, it either lessens the degree of the Big Change, or it shows resistance to that change.

Even small changes to your thinking is useful in the long run. Simply choosing to switch to reusable shopping bags will have an impact on Mother Earth and possibly change others' minds on the topic as well. Therefore, no positive change can be too small or "less than mind blowing." Negative changes can also be good for you eventually. (A negative change in my life that comes to mind is my 2nd husband leaving me. It hurt at the time, but it also freed me up to be available for the husband of my dreams!!)

If you're resisting a positive or negative change, don't. You're only making life more difficult for yourself. With all changes, there will be some backsliding into the old patterns. When that happens, cut yourself some slack and correct your course. It takes time to ingrain new habits and get used to changes. Try to look at your average performance over the week or month rather than your daily actions. If you MOSTLY kept to your new track, you're still getting ahead.

March 28, 2018: Card O' the Day: Four of Pentacles, reversed. As you consider alternative ways of living to what you're used to, shields come down. You're able to reconsider what, exactly, you need to feel secure in your world. Can you feel secure with only $X in the bank rather than $YY? Do you need to upgrade your phone again to feel cool? This is a time of releasing your grip on material energies in order to pay more attention to creative, emotional, and intellectual energies.

This does not mean you can't still pursue your goals and dreams. It only means you'll do so in a more relaxed and less frenetic manner. You'll "desire" instead of "NEEDING DESPERATELY!" And, by following your dreams intellectually and emotionally, you'll remain grounded and practical with your resources. As in, instead of spending money and free time attending useless seminars, you'll go to the park for a picnic with friends and brain-storm with each other. A free and fun networking experience!

March 27, 2018: Card O' the Day: Princess of Pentacles. This Princess came to us, reversed, a little over a week ago with hints of a shift from the material plane to things deeper and more spiritual. Today, upright, she's validating that you're on the right track to living life more fully and being present to all possibilities.

Fascinated by your recent studies or contemplation of your inner workings, you're entering into a phase of maturation that impels you towards a positive and affirming search for Self and how you fit into Universe. Your truth, and Universal Truth, become a radical personal realization that allows you to move into the unknown with wonder and trust, so that even small things can seem like grand adventures!

Like all of the Princesses/Pages, the Princess of Pentacles also indicates messages. Hers are of the restoration of the understanding of your individual perfection and magic.

March 26, 2018: Card O' the Day: Five of Wands, reversed. We're making progress on our inner journeys to a higher level of understanding who we are! This card is indicating many of you are getting to a good place within, and things are starting to make sense. No longer do you need to be so RIGHT all the time and to convince others that your personal beliefs, values, position, actions, etc. are the only way to go. Because you're good with yourself, this allows you to see that the beliefs, values, positions, actions etc. of others are good, too, if only a little different.

We all know the old saying that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger blah, blah, blah. But handling difficulties, major and minor, also make you more practiced at sorting out snags and snafus. When you know what to do or can come up with a plan B on the fly, then road blocks don't seem so awful. What used to be a major setback becomes a mere petty annoyance.

Y'all are doing good work! Transformation is imminent....

March 23, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Hanged Man. Now we're getting somewhere people!! The Hanged Man indicates the willingness to trust but also the fear of change. The mind wants stability and security, yet the soul is yearning for growth and expansion.

As you dig deeper into more profound thinking, you can expect a new vision and reverses in your values and attitudes. We've had a couple reversed Pentacles recently that also indicated leaving long-held traditions and values behind. The trend continues with today's card. Now, I don't believe you'll chuck your entire lives and turn your back on everything you've ever believed. I feel these cards are indicating a more refined discernment of what you believe...sort of what you'll keep and what you'll shift.

Relinquish control and allow something new and greater to emerge. This will require you to shift from ego-centric thinking and behavior to that of your True Self. A Self who is innately more compassionate, forgiving, and understanding of the Big Picture of life. I mean, is it really worth popping a neck vein if the barista made your latte with whole milk instead of skim?

March 22, 2018: Card O' the Day: Three of Cups, reversed. Just as we go through phases in our interests (you were once avid for skiing or SCUBA diving and now, not so much) and fashions (goth, emo, acid washed denim), we also go through phases in our relationships. During this current growth period, know that you might outgrow some friends.

This card indicates the process has already begun as you find less time to socialize or attend events with the usual crowd. You may find you feel bored by them or drained rather than energized and supported. It's becoming preferable to just to stay home instead of playing the game.

It's time to look at some hard realities. The reversed Three indicates a completion. This group of friends and associated activities may well be a chapter of your life that's finished. If that's the case, file it away under "good times" and move forward.

March 21, 2018: Card O' the Day: Queen of Pentacles, reversed.

As you continue your personal journey, ordinary "traditional roles" may fall by the wayside as your attention lies elsewhere. You may lack interest in cooking and cleaning (where it wasn't a problem before), or those chores seem even more onerous that usual. The adventure of "finding" yourself is more interesting and consuming right now.

As you seek, you may find like minded people with whom to discuss deep thoughts, esoteric studies, and methods of enhancing your spiritual experiences. However, be careful of jumping on any bandwagons or falling for schemes and snake oil. Just because someone calls themselves a shaman and others swear by his/her talents, it doesn't mean they have all the answers. Know that in this phase of seeking, you're more vulnerable to self-doubt. You may find yourself hiding behind false fronts of "getting it" and being "awakened" just to be like the others in the group. The others may appear to be so enlightened that you begin to covet their serenity and wisdom.

All I can say is don't...don't covet, don't hide, don't fake it, don't join because everyone else does. Be authentic in yourself. If it doesn't resonate with you, ask questions. If those questions can't be readily answered to your satisfaction, find out for yourself. And for heaven's sake, don't spend thousands on "magic" crystals, dusts, wands, herbs, candles, lessons, retreats, etc.! Your own enlightenment and awakening is completely in your control and available to you in your own back yard.

March 20, 2018: Card O' the Day: Ten of Pentacles, reversed. As you begin to think and feel more deeply and attempt to connect more with the Spiritual world, you may find yourself rethinking long-held beliefs and traditions. You probably learned those beliefs and practiced those traditions as a child, and you've continued them as "the way it's always been." However, they're no longer as satisfying and are becoming superficial as you grow.

It's going to be a bit scary moving out of your comfort zone of the "known" and trying new things.... Not to mention the discomfort your family/tribe may dump on you as you decline invitations to celebrations or habitual get togethers. You may circle back around after a while and re-engage in those traditional activities, but I suspect you'll participate more on on a social level (to keep the peace or to just have a chance to visit with the other members of the clan) rather than through any great religious or deeply held belief in the rituals involved.

This is all part of YOUR personal journey back to Source and coming into alignment with YOUR True Self. Even though we walk and engage with others, ultimately our path is our own....

March 18, 2018: Card O' the Day: Princess of Pentacles, reversed. Normally the Princess of Pentacles is very practical and materially oriented. True, she has youthful energy and isn't quite as sedate and practiced in her business affairs as the Queen of Pentacles, but her feet are usually firmly grounded and her thoughts tend towards the physical world. When reversed, her clarity of thinking and practicality suffers as she echoes the messages of yesterday's Queen of Cups.

The reversed Princess pulls away from trivial fixations (gaming, shopping, texting, parties, etc.) to seek a new world of perceptions. To help enhance the those deeper feelings and understanding, she may develop new interests in crystals, scrying, or any one of a thousand topics of esoteric study. (Not that she would admit this new-found interest in the woo-woo world to any of her friends, mind you!)

What's truly important here, though, is the shift of focus from the material plane to your spiritual plane. The Queen of Cups and the reversed Princess are telling you that your inner sight has been on the back burner for too long, and it's time to pay attention to the deeper meaning of your purpose here.

March 17, 2018: Card O' the Day: Queen of Cups. As Mother Nature wakens from her winter's sleep (and based upon the current weather in Ohio, Mom is having a hard time getting out of bed...), the natural rhythms of the world will change. As creatures of that world, our rhythms are changing, too. You're being reminded to pay attention to those undercurrents to help you with the connection between self and soul. Seek a deeper development of your inner life.

The Queen of Cups is the sort to base all her actions upon her feelings. Sometimes that's a "bad thing" when making tough choices. However, at this time, she's telling us to pay attentions to our feelings and go with our hearts. The Queen is also the "holder of visions", and that makes sense if you consider that our hopes, dreams, and visions for better things come from the heart. So, in the process of getting dreams out of your head and on to the material plane, your heart will be a key player. When we want something badly enough, we can make it so.

Finally, feel gratitude for whatever life brings you without expectation or demand. Yes, strive for more, but concentrate on what you DO have rather than what you don't, and then express your joy for it...out loud.

March 14, 2018: Card O' the Day: Nine of Pentacles. You're living your ideals on a safe and secure material plane...almost idyllic! Of course, it's not perfect and you'd love to have a new A, B, or C, but the lights are on, there's food on the table, and the car's running. You can be content and satisfied with what you've accomplished and earned thus far through good management and some good luck.

And yet, Universe is asking you to not just squat here and maintain. The creature comforts of the material plane are what allow you to seek inner purpose from a stable place. After all, you can't be effectively communing with your higher self when you're hungry or in danger. So, while things are materially easy right now, take that time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Perhaps now is the time to take a college course and begin that dream of higher education. For true expansion and growth, you need to keep moving, stay curious, and dare little.

March 13, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Emperor. The Emperor stands for structure, order, and reason. He's sort of the foundation of your life: your inner father figure to yourself, your inner boss, your inner law maker.

Right now I feel like he's in "protection mode" and setting up boundaries to ward off attacks of disturbing emotions that you don't want to deal with. This messiness doesn't fit in your ordered (read: rigid and inflexible) way of thinking. But guess what? Life is messy and emotional! Modern architects have learned ways of designing buildings that can withstand earthquakes by making them flexible. Rigid stone structures collapse upon themselves when shaken.

Therefore, you're going to have to make exceptions to your rules. I'm not saying you have to completely scrap all your values and belief systems, but if there isn't some leeway, you'll end up in a tiny tribe that believes exactly the way you do. And that won't be a very fertile ground in which to expand and grow yourself.

Forgive minor transgressions against you, or find a way to make the big ones right again. In rigidity, you will stand alone; in flexibility, you will find companionship and manifestation.

March 8, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Hierophant, reversed. The reversed Hierophant is representative of rigid rules and dogma that stifles you from following your dreams. And frankly, you've had enough of that as your own creativity and inspiration well up inside of you like maple sap rising in the trees. You're feeling rather daring and are ignoring that sniffy "What will the neighbors say?" voice...good for you!! As long as your bright ideas are legal and don't hurt anyone, go for it!!! When you do, you'll be surprised how much fun you'll have and how successful you'll be.

Just be a little careful and listen to your gut. If a "shaman" type guru-ish person tries to sell you the latest "snake oil", do your research. The reversed Hierophant can indicate tricksy people in the guise of spiritual leaders. Also, don't commit to anything major right now. You're still exploring all your options and you don't want to get locked in at the first shiny possibility.

March 7, 2018: Card O' the Day: Six of Swords, reversed. Just when I announce Spring Fever is here, it SNOWS! I always think spring (in Ohio, at least) is a schizophrenic season--it doesn't know if it's coming or going, up or down, warm or cold. The day can start with the need of a parka and end in a T-shirt. If the weather is this disoriented, I can only imagine your psyche. I know I only want to nap in front of the fire. I can't seem to stick to any one activity or chore, and my resolve to go for a brisk walk is in serious jeopardy.

There's something going on with water, too. Personally, I've had enough of the rain that's caused ankle deep mud in my area. Others of you may also experience excessive rain, late season snow, washed out bridges, or flooded roads (or basements). Travel across water could be problematic, so double check all details and pack a few items in your hand-carried bags just in case your big suitcase is delayed. Once arriving at your destination, take a day to adjust to your surroundings to mitigate any culture shock.

This, too, shall pass....

March 6, 2018: Card O' the Day: Princess of Pentacles, reversed. I think Spring Fever is beginning.... A friend of mine posted fully blooming crocuses on his FB page, and I could feel his excitement. My own daffodils are well up, and the buds are fat. Others are posting countdowns to the day we reset our clocks.

This would explain feeling distracted and confused right now. If you are tasked with learning anything new, it'll be a struggle (alas for the poor students who must push through and continue with their studies). Even things you normally find interesting or plans you were looking forward to will seem less fascinating as Mother Nature begins to stir from her winter's slumber.

This ancient, annual transformation is felt by all living creatures, including us! Therefore, don't be surprised if you're drawn to spiritual and "Nature-al" pursuits more than usual. Don't fight the feelings; indulge in them. Go outside and take a walk around the block; if you can, take a hike in a park. Give thanks to Mother Earth for supporting you and doing Her thing. Once you've indulged a bit, you might find it easier to get back to reality. You may have to indulge a little each day to balance the "fever" with practicality.

March 1, 2018: Card O' the Day: Five of Swords. It's truly hard work to walk a spiritual path and strive to make changes. This card represents the inner conflicts and frustrations you encounter on that journey. In order for the new, better, higher spiritual practices to stick, old patterns of behavior and belief have to be broken down so they can fall away.

These words are effortless to write, but VERY hard to implement every day. It's so very easy to look for short term gains and make excuses for ourselves if those small gains come at the expense of others. Truly those small (see also: petty) gains are merely hollow and meaningless. Kind of like binging on a box of Twinkies...the short term gain is a sugar rush as those cream cakes dance on your tongue. Half an hour later you feel vaguely nauseous, bloated, crashed, and guilty for having indulged in such self-destructive eating habits.

It's time to move past the "win/lose", "what's in it for me" mentality. I believe all of us are born inherently decent. In most, the Highest Self really won't let us be assholes! It's harder to eat your veggies, take a daily walk, and be kind to others, but the long term rewards are innumerable! Put down the Twinkies, and walk away.

February: 28, 2018: Card O' the Day: Two of Pentacles, reversed. Still not at our best.... So do be careful with your money (gambling, stock market, etc.) because you're NOT financially savvy right now. A lack of focus and general distractions get in the way of wise decisions and the necessary research into any new ventures. This card indicates there's no lack of desire, though. You're certainly hot to trot about finishing something, but scattered energies and annoying roadblocks are preventing you from getting it done. The reason is that it's not time. Try to be patient.

One good thing about being prevented and scattered is that you're going to be forced to, or will intentionally, drop stuff that doesn't serve you anymore. You think you can still handle it or that it's useful, but it's not. Start your spring cleaning early and reduce your clutter physically, emotionally, duty-wise, obligation-wise, etc. What can you let go?

Paperwork is also indicated here. Part of the annoying interference may be red tape, applications (that then take WEEKS to be approved!), appointments that are weeks/months away (but you can't do other things until that's taken care of), and so forth. I know I'm dreading getting my tax receipts in order for my accountant; you, too?

February 27, 2018: Card O' the Day: Five of Pentacles. Did you ever go on a road trip with your family and several hours into the drive whine "Are we there yet?" That's this card here: we're in the middle of a transitory period and you're beginning to wonder if you're "there yet", or if you'll ever get "there." You're doing good work, but this kind of work is always in progress, and we're in an especially transitory period.

This card indicates many of you may be feeling less than "enough" and rather self-conscious about your perceived flaws at the moment. This can lead to only looking at the empty part of your glass and missing the richness of the full part. Even if you think your glass has mere drops at the bottom, concentrate on those drops you DO have, and don't dwell upon what's been lost, or spend time worrying about what more may be lost before it's all done.

Keep your chin up, persevere, and keep your little brain cells alert for new ways of making things better. You never know what will happen next and just changing your perspective may allow you to see something you've missed.

February 22, 2018: Card O' the Day: Six of Pentacles. Fecundity and manifestation are the results of the fertile energies at work. There's potential for material power, which results in the practical application of resources so that your dreams are easily achieved. Solutions to any problems immediately become apparent and can be implemented with ease.

The shadow side of this card is that all this ease with money and power can quickly go to your head. The easiest choice to solve a cash-flow problem may be to lay-off employees, give away pets, allow life insurance to lapse, stop the allowance you give your grandmother (that she relies heavily upon), or any other way to reduce your spending that hurts others. When you hold the purse strings, you have great responsibility--not only to the purse, but to those who rely on that purse for their well-being, too.

This card has huge potential for good...and bad. The positive/negative energies are precariously balanced and you must do all you can to maintain the balance, if not actively push towards the "good." To do so, make your keywords compassion and reciprocity. If you cannot give actual cash to maintain the balance, look to where you can give other resources like time, a casserole, baked goods, your own sweat and labor, etc. Don't Scrooge up on me, people! Ebenezer was not a happy camper.

February 21, 2018: Card O' the Day: King of Cups, reversed. The reversed King of Cups has his heart and intentions in the right place, but tends to go about it clumsily. The good news is that he's going deep to explore his inner workings and trying to find new ways to express that. This exploration may include seeking unconventional "healing modalities" that can bring greater peace than traditional western medicine.

The bad news is that the yang energy causes him go in hook, line, and sinker to the detriment of his real world and relationships. While seeking, he may seem very closed off to others. As others try to reach him and maintain normal connection, he will tend to turn his back and put out a "do not disturb" sign. When his tribe gets frustrated with him, his ego will protect him by complaining that no one "understands" him or doesn't appreciate the Spiritual Work he's doing. The unconventional healing modalities become crutches that he almost worships them with his fervent practice. At his worst, the reversed King will chuck his entire life to follow the guru du jour.

As tempting as it is to really immerse yourself in personal spiritual work, you have to keep one foot on the ground and remain connected to the real world. Take time for your tribal relationships. Maintain necessary responsibilities. Research alternative healing techniques to be sure they're valid and not dangerous! View all people who offer spiritual advice (even me!) with a grain of salt. No guru, no matter how lofty and famous, is without flaw. Trying to find your spiritual path is laudable; just don't disassociate from the real world hoping the "woo-woo world" is better and the answer to all your problems.

February 19, 2018: Card O' the Day: Nine of Swords. It looks like the work of the High Priestess has begun. No more denying necessary changes as you awaken to the unpleasant truth you've been avoiding. This card represents the need to face, and accept, an ending. It's not fun, and while you still have a hard time receiving this, you're starting to "get there."

You know the old saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"? The reason we live by this rule is that discomfort or pain is the only thing that moves us to make changes! Otherwise, we just waft along in our rocking chairs maintaining the status quo. Why? Most of us are LAZY (me included) and can't be stirred to grow...because it's werrrrk! Ugh, whine, whimper.

Now is a time that habits and ways of life can no longer stay the same. You're giving too much of yourself to a situation and you're hating it. The mental anguish you're experiencing is a reflection of your feelings about the situation, not the actual situation per se. Fortunately, these miserable feelings are getting loud and uncomfortable enough that you're going to make changes. Finally! Trust me, you'll be glad you did.

February 18, 2018: Card O' the Day: The High Priestess. The High Priestess is indicative of your unconscious self--the potential for meaningful "knowing" from your gut, but it's sort of "immature" in that you haven't really tapped into it. It's potentially an excellent source of insight and guidance, but you either don't know it's there or you don't trust it. In my mind the High Priestess is the younger version of The Star--they live in the same place just below your solar plexus and nudge you in the right direction (if you're open to listening).

Because the High Priestess is hidden in your unconscious, she also represents the resistance to change reflected in the reversed Tower and Death we recently had appear. Having slammed the door on the big changes needed, the High Priestess is slithering under the door to draw you into her/YOUR wisdom about the situation. She's there and you can trust her. She's inviting you to do the soul-searching you must to make the necessary choices for a better life.

February 17, 2018: Card O' the Day: Death, reversed. Well, I gave it a couple days for the dust to settle after The Tower, reversed. Seems I didn't wait long enough, or else we've got some serious work to do and Universe isn't done kicking our asses.

When Death comes along, it's time to let something tangible go--like relationships, jobs, possessions. On the other hand, The Tower urges us to change our mindsets and beliefs. When these cards fall back to back like this (even separated by a couple days), I feel like some major life changes are required to get you onto a path towards your happiest and highest Self. So, not only do you have to change your circumstances, but you've also got work to do in your head.

I understand you're afraid to move into the unknown, but staying put will keep you trapped in your "unfortunate circumstances" and cause unnecessary waste of your resources and failure to achieve your dreams. You can't cling to the past and what you've come to know hoping it'll get better by itself. It won't; you must act. You're going to have to let go of a lot, but it doesn't mean you have to chuck it all. See what you can salvage and then walk away from the rest.

February 13, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Tower, reversed. I consider The Tower, reversed or upright, to be a lightening bolt to your head--or keister, depending upon whether you're hiding your "crown chakra" up in your "root chakra." Something is ending or changing shape. This change of shape is not a comfortable thing because you're emotionally and intellectually invested. Which means even though you see the ship is sinking, you keep bailing hoping you can salvage the situation.

Hiding under the covers and denying the discovery isn't going to help--it'll only get worse the more you run from it. This thing will not stop happening, so turn around and deal. By actively handling the situation, the more in control of it you are. Being in control will help you feel less like you're being swept helplessly by a tidal wave.

Now, it occurs to me that even "good" things can feel like a tornado has blown through your life. New jobs, starting school, or even falling in love can twist your guts into a knot. Be in control. It's the only way to handle what's going down right now.

February 9, 2018: Card O' the Day: Ten of Pentacles. This card validates you're on the right path to creating material comfort and ease for your old age and for your family. It's also a 10, which means it has beginning/ending type energies attached to it. You're in the process of completing a cycle, so tie up the loose ends and look to see what's next.

More importantly, however, are the spiritual lessons of the Ten of Pentacles. This is a reminder that not all that glitters is "gold." In many respects, this card is about mere accumulation. Now, you may think you'd certainly like to "accumulate" enough wealth for a fancy new car, but at what cost to your soul? It brings to mind one of my favorite sarcastic snarks, "How nice for you that you own/wear/drink/drive X, Y, or Z."

Spiritually, this card is a reminder to go beyond the material world to bring abundance of a different sort to all corners of your life. Compassion, empathy, charity, and authenticity, when practiced daily, will bring more wealth to you than you could ever imagine. The kind of wealth that lets you sleep well at night knowing you're making this world a better place.

February 6, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Hermit, reversed. This card is adding to yesterday's reversed King who was heaping harsh words and criticism upon you. The impossible standard of perfection to which you hold yourself is isolating you from others and keeping you in your head--a very cold and lonely place. Your ego tries to save face for you by putting up a front and keeping those who can help, or love, you at arms length.

The first question to ask is "What am I so afraid is true about me?"The second is "Why is that so awful?" You are no more flawed or terrible than the next person (and nor are you more perfect, just so you know).

Life will be a lot more joyful, fun, successful, and EASY if you can get good with who you are. Once you're able to accept your cons, you can get on with the work of fixing them, or at least working with them, so you can enjoy your pros!

February 5, 2018: Card O' the Day: King of Swords, reversed. Are you the type of person who looks for strings attached to good things? Do you have trouble saying a simple thank you when someone gives you a compliment?

When the King of Swords is reversed like this, I feel like many of you are overwhelmed by the possibilities and gifts offered in yesterday's card. You're tempted to bluster and bluff your way through the fear and puff your chest with power. But that's just hot air hiding your insecurities and perceived weaknesses. Secretly you berate yourself for not deserving your fortunes. You'll just ruin it like you ruin everything....

Tell yourself you've got this and get control of your fear. This will let you drop the defensiveness and be more receptive to others and their good ideas. Ask questions and listen to the answers. You'll look magnanimous while gaining valuable information on the sly.

February 4, 2018: Card O' the Day: The World. Being the last of the Major Arcana, The World represents endings--but endings always herald new beginnings since life is cyclic. First we'll address the ending. This can be the ending of a job, relationship, or anything tangible; it can also be the ending of belief systems, feelings, negative thought patterns, habits, or anything intangible. Whatever it is that's ending, it's important and needs to be handled with attention. Be sure to tie up any loose ends so nothing remains undone that will be a source of regret or temptation to back-slide later.

The "beginnings" half of this card indicate a slow but consistent and determined evolution towards your personal success and serenity. Changing how you view reality comes from the inner perception of your spiritual awakening. And when I say "spiritual awakening", I don't necessarily mean seeing complicated visions and suddenly being hit with unusual psychic gifts. I'm talking about being okay in your own skin and accepting where you are in this moment as being a good thing.

As you begin to feel differently about your life and yourself, you'll see forward and recognize what could be if you set your mind to it. Face this time of ending/beginning with joy and celebration because the possibilities are endless!

January 31, 2018: Card O' the Day: Justice. Earlier The Chariot and The Magician talked about mastering your own life force and getting good with who your are. Justice takes you further to find balance between your ego and your Higher Self. It's no coincidence that the body aspect of Justice is the heart...your center, the core of your being. This is the place from which you temper the fire in your belly with the serenity of your Crown. Your Highest Self seeks to raise you to the perfect levels of love, forgiveness, and charity. Whereas the instincts in your belly/ego are fighting for survival. Neither Highest Self or Ego are good or bad--we are not wholly saints or sinners. The trick is to find balance between the two and to allow the Saint and Sinner to peacefully coexist within.

By this I mean to strive for self-acceptance and complete honesty with yourself. I don't believe any one of us can be really happy as an utter asshole; I don't believe anyone's Highest Self will allow them to be peaceful and contented as an Asshole of the First Water. (Consider Scrooge. He was an asshole, but not a happy asshole.) Therefore, when I ask you to accept your faults without guilt or shame, I have a feeling your Highest Self will chime in that that particular "failing" is not something you have to continue doing. Once the guilt and shame are removed, you can drily assess whether continuing such behavior is really working for you.

The Magician and the Chariot were telling you it's getting to be time to move. So is Justice; she represents decisions and actions born of understanding, clarity, and balance. She will help you make the adjustments you need to become responsible for your own maturity of character, truth of Self, and judgment about what to keep and what to change.

January 29, 2018: Card O' the Day: Seven of Wands, reversed. Upright, the energy of the Seven of Wands is already a bit volatile. When reversed, it goes even more wonky. This is good news because it adds an element of changeability and impermanence--which means we'll pass through this moment of discomfort and unease that much faster.

As with The Magician, the shadows of this card include self-doubt and self-consciousness. You're still not too sure about yourself with other people or in certain situations. Therefore, you're apt to keep others at a distance while you sort through things in your own time and in peace. While you're there, sorting in peace, discover the inner resources you have in abundance to bolster your confidence and not feel so intimidated by life.

January 28, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Magician. Sap is beginning to rise within your psyche and physical body. You're beginning to anticipate spring, and therefore there's a desire for action. Your intellect is being energized as the wheels in your head are turning. There's a new focus to your purpose and will. In order to use your resources to their fullest and most unlimited possibility, you may have to learn new skills. But you'll find that entertaining and enjoyable as your brain eats up the new information with rabid interest.

These new ideas and skills may be overt on your physical plane, but the whole thing stems from making connections with your personal life force and realizing the magic of your truest self. As you begin to explore the question of "Who am I?", you'll begin to feel more at home in your own skin. Your new endeavors will probably start out as solo ventures. This is more about finding yourself than inventing a better mousetrap.

The shadow side to all this is some very natural hesitation as you wonder about measuring up and being "good enough." You're being asked to face those fears. Also, because not one of us on this planet is perfect, understand mistakes will be made. Allow yourself the occasional goof, cut yourself slack, and move on wiser for having learned a lesson.

January 26, 2018: Card O' the Day: Eight of Pentacles. With the harmonious energy flow of this card, work becomes almost a sacred ritual. You're enthusiastic about current projects, and they will bring you deep satisfaction. It may sound strange, but you're being asked to see the beauty of work. Even ordinary and rather mundane tasks have inherent beauty in them--open your eyes to that and find new appreciation in the action of that work. This card is about the work, not the results--the journey rather than the goal.

However, all that attention to detail and focus on the actual craftsmanship can make you a little hypnotized by the itty-bitty specifics. Look up occasionally from your work and take a gander at the big picture to stay in touch with reality. This is foundation building time, but you have to take in

January 24, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Chariot. The Chariot is a big "personal development" card. The fact that it's a moving vehicle represents the progress and movement forward that you're making. Attitudes and thought processes are moving out of past ruts and shifting to make room for the new, better way of perceiving and reacting to your life.

The attitude changes come from the growth and development of your ego. You're not getting upset by petty little stuff; your urge to snark and snap is dropping to the floor because you realize that reaction serves no one and simply makes life harder. You no longer need validation and kudos from everyone you care about because that validation comes from within yourself. When you're whole and happy, you don't need others to pat you on the back.

Having this kind of control over your emotions, thoughts, and --by extension--actions will make life feel easier. I'm not saying that suddenly all your problems will go poof! I'm saying that you'll be able to weather storms without falling apart; you'll celebrate small happinesses with the joy they deserve; minor annoyances will be seen as just that: minor. You've found your Big Kid pants; wear them well!!

January 18, 2018: Card O' the Day: Two of Cups, reversed. Still not playing well with others...and now I know why. Social or workplace interactions are not balance, and your personal power is feeling threatened. There may be a bit of jealousy lurking around, too, causing the disharmony. The big culprit is going to be miscommunication and conflicting messages--meaning, you're not speaking your truth. 

Because of the interpersonal friction, this will want you to cut off cooperation on your end and just do things alone. But that only leads to wastefulness and silly actions in order to maintain that distance.

We must use our voices! It may be a little embarrassing to admit to someone that your feelings were hurt when you were left out of an event or meeting. However, by speaking up, you may learn that others assumed you didn't want to, or were too busy to, attend. Never assume what others are thinking or feeling, AND don't let others assume something about you by not communicating clearly!

January 17, 2018: Card O' the Day: Eight of Wands, reversed. When reversed, the Eight of Wands indicates a lot of little things going wrong at once. Maybe it's just today, or maybe it's been that way all week. The good news is that it's only temporary, but the lesson here is an important one: how do you face adversity? Consider this time of petty annoyances as practice for big catastrophes. Do you let it ruin your day or do you just shrug and say "sh*t happens"?

By example, this morning I tripped coming up the two small steps into my mudroom. I took a header into a corner of the walls, spilled four cups of birdseed, and whacked my fingers on both hands trying to save the birdseed and myself. I can either (A) let loose a river of foul language, compound the physical pain with emotional and inner agitation, and heap upon myself doubt and uncertainty as to the worthiness of me breathing the air that I do. OR, (B) I can take a deep breath, scoop another four cups of birdseed, feed the flippin' birds, and then clean up my mess. 

A concrete result of going with Option A will mean you'll have difficulty working well with others for the remainder of the day and maybe into tomorrow. Your 1/2 hour of pissy mood will rain on everyone else's day. They, in turn, may rain on a third person. This means valuable time and resources is wasted due to negative energy and bad juju. Not to mention, there's a very real chemical reaction in your brain that washes your entire body in stress-induced hormones.

Might I suggest going with Option B?

January 16, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Devil. The Devil is representative of all we hate and are ashamed of about ourselves. It's the card that points out how you hold yourself back by believing the negative things others say about you. You buy all those limits imposed upon you by society, and thus say you can't. Bullshit. Embrace your "shadows" and liberate your life from the fear of being laughed at for your attempts at greatness. (Those who stand by laughing, you'll notice, are not trying anything themselves.)

In addition to pointing out the negative, The Devil offers you the decision to awaken to the responsibility to YOURSELF to master your life force. Through extraordinary effort and introspection, you can set free the light within you that you've put under wraps because of believing what has been told to you rather than believing what you know to be true about yourself. When you believe in your True Self, you'll throw off the chains of The Devil and find the work-arounds you need to employ to get done whatever you dream. (Using a very simplistic example: short people have to use ladders or step-stools to reach things. So what?) 

The stone associated with The Devil is snowflake obsidian. It's said to help show you your true inner Self, warts and all, and identifies emotions that hide our reality. It also helps you admit where you're being tempted away from your True and Best Self by the desire for power, personal gain, addictions, bad habits, cravings, etc. (Now, it's not a "bad thing" to strive for personal gain and power in your field. Personal gain and power become "bad things" in the way you use them.) You may find having a piece of snowflake obsidian nearby will give you the tangible talisman you need to start believing your own gut instead of what the neighbors say.

January 13, 2018: Card O' the Day: Five of Cups, reversed. I'm so glad to see you're all working that flexibility and adaptability that yesterday's reversed Three offered! Today's reversed Five is only adding to the largesse with emotional stability and further coping skills. This allows you to transform "unpleasantness" and inconvenience into something better that works for you instead of against. By that I mean you're capable of making the hard decisions and creating change and to make space for those changes to stick.

Expect to feel renewed as you move past any losses or disappointments towards recovery of balance, mood, and joy. This card also bodes well to healing rifts between loved ones, friends, or colleagues. When you're emotionally balanced and firmly on your feet, you're in a good place to offer/accept apologies, take responsibility for your part in the conflict, and see ways forward to kinder, gentler relationships without becoming a doormat.

January 12, 2018: Card O' the Day: Three of Wands, reversed. I often bring my own life experiences in to help illustrate my readings. This card resonates particularly well with me today because of a project I'm birthing at the moment. 

I found myself getting really anxious and nauseated during the "creativity time" of my project, but I couldn't figure out why. Was I being over-ambitious? Did I have unrealistic expectations of success, fame, or wealth? Was I being careless with details? While I have engaged another person to help me, was I piling the lion's share of the project upon her shoulders and taking advantage of her help?

On the way to my barn one morning the phrase "fear of failure" popped into my head. A-HA!!! That's why I feel overwhelmed and scared to death by the big picture of my dream! What to do? Besides breathing deeply, I'm trusting that these feelings are temporary (they are indeed because since I've figured out the whole fear of failure thing, my stomach has settled). I'm also reducing the project into bite-sized pieces and prioritizing each piece. There's no sense in sweating detail C when A and B have to be accomplished before C even becomes important. Therefore Detail C has been moved to the "that's for tomorrow" file.

Also, what is the importance level of my project in my life? Will my car get repossessed if I fail? Will the utilities to my house be cut off? Will I starve? No. Therefore, I can relax and let the project unfold naturally. If the answer is "yes" for any of you, then you have your work cut out for you. Prioritize tasks, create and stick to a time line, remain flexible, ask for help, and most important of all, have a Plan B.

January 10, 2018: Card O' the Day: Two of Pentacles, reversed. On Monday we talked about obligations and responsibilities and the need to review what you can release and what you still want to do (or must do). The reversed Two is reiterating the demand to do so. The upright Two of Pentacles of last Thursday was representative of finding balance in your life. Reversed, it's saying your out of balance due to the many obligations you pile upon yourself.

Being out of balance will affect your focus and scatter it to the winds. You won't be able to make solid financial decisions, efficient routines will become impossible as you flit from thing to thing, and you'll end up forgetting important stuff while you tend to trivia.

Reorder the whole mess. Sit down and write out a schedule of all you do. Do you have time for yourself built in? Is there time for proper meals? 8 hours of sleep? relationship nurturing time with loved ones or partners? When you see how chaotic your life is on paper, in black and white, you can start making concrete changes to bring back balance. The trick is sticking to your new schedule....

January 8, 2018: Card O' the Day: Six of Cups, reversed. You're ready to take a more honest look at your past and assess it truthfully. No more rose-colored glasses about the good ol' days! There was a reason you ended the relationship, quit the job, moved away, or whatever it was you put an end to. When tempted to linger in the past, remind yourself of that reason; recall everything negative about that situation or person to prevent yourself from back-sliding.

Not only are you cosmically ready for this work, you're consciously, emotionally, psychically ready as you release old emotional ties and destructive life patterns. This is also a good time to review obligations and responsibilities. Schedules and financial resources change. You may no longer have be able to keep volunteering, chauffeuring, cleaning, etc. that you started doing back when you had more time, money, and energy.

I feel a new trust in the future and renewal for us all coming in these next weeks. Take advantage of this impulse to look forward. Cut the ropes to anchors holding you back.

January 7, 2018: Card O' the Day: Ten of Pentacles, reversed. Has anyone else noticed the cards for the past week are all about energy and material manifestation? I should not be surprised, I guess, since many people make New Year's resolutions regarding their material plane. The most common resolutions are to lose weight, quit smoking, reduce or stop alcohol consumption, adopt a healthy diet, start a business, ask for a raise, and other similar stuff to improve their physical world.

Today is no exception with the ten of Pentacles. However, the reversal tells me we're trying too hard with the material world. By focusing a great part of your energies on the physical plane, other things suffer. You may be required to clear the decks to make space (see yesterday's Two) but you're too afraid of letting the "known" go and stepping into the fresh new unknown. By staying put, you'll simply stagnate; any wealth gained will be a hollow victory.

This card has potential for returning back to Source and lifting your attention to more spiritual endeavors. Remember, "so as it is above, it is below; so as it is below, it is above." Everything in the physical world reflects aspects of your Self and has a correspondence in the Cosmos. Therefore, as you pursue your earthly improvements, look for the matching energy/improvement in Universe. How will losing weight/quitting smoking/getting a raise improve the matching vibration above?

January 6, 2018: Card O' the Day: Two of Pentacles. There are three cards in the Tarot deck that have an infinity symbol embedded in them--The Magician, Strength, and the Two of Pentacles. They're linked by this commonality, and therefore, we have echoes of The Magician and Strength in our reading today along with the main event of the Two.

An animal associated with this card is the fox. He represents adaptability, cleverness, determination, and agility. Animals tend to live in the here and now, and the fox and the Two are asking you to be really present to what's happening today. Pull your planning back from a 1-year or 6-months term to one week at best. The reason you need to be living short-sighted is this card is about stable changes that lead to more perfect balance. Some letting go of unnecessary crap is required and is part of the change scenario.

Trust that these changes are for the better and adjust your thinking, attitude, and actions to accommodate the changes without freaking out. That's why living in the short-term is important right now--it keeps you from thinking how these changes will affect the "XYZ" six months from now. Think of it this way: if you keep your feet under you and take short steps, you're more likely to keep your balance and not slip on the icy sidewalk. And if you do slip slightly, you'll be able to regain your balance without going down on your ass.

January 5, 2018: Card O' the Day: Seven of Cups. Receiving this card today makes so much sense when taken in context with the cards of the past few days.

The first steps to making serious changes involve IMAGINING something different. How would your life be better if you stopped doing "X"? How could you free up more of your resources (time, energy, money) if you cut "Y" out of your life? The Seven of Cups brings the freedom and ability to imagine a "better different" with all the inherent imagination, fantasy, daydreams, and bright ideas contained in it.

We have plenty of Wands energy burning under our butts right now, so unleash your fantasy to explore the possibilities. This card also represents "all things possible"; so, just saying', you've got a Chinese menu in front of you right now! Don't worry if you can't seem to pin anything down just yet and feel overwhelmed by too many choices; you'll begin to comprehend it all soon enough. This is the anticipatory time before actually moving into action and creating new stuff or making concrete changes.

January 4, 2018: Card O' the Day: The World, reversed. Recently, we had the Three of Wands, followed by the Three of Pentacles; then another Wands, and now another card with the emphasis on the earth element (when The World is reversed, the usual Fire element is overwhelmed by the Earth sub-element). This tells me there's creative energy there to move, but we're still a little stuck about making things happen on the material plane.

This card offers stability, security, and permanence but also inertia and stagnation. There's a tendency to cling to material, tangible things and refusal to recognize an "ending" of some kind. This could be just the remnants of the holiday season. We spend months preparing for the "big days", and when it's over, there's a let down as we crawl back to normalcy. On the other hand, the holiday season may have been hiding an inevitable ending, and now it's time to face it.

Allow wisdom and compassion to guide you as you let things go. Some sacrifice will be necessary as with all endings. The more you fear and/or resist the changes, the longer it'll take and delay the manifestations waiting for you. Bite the bullet; pack up the Christmas decorations; move on.

January 3, 2018: Card O' the Day: King of Wands. As I mentioned yesterday, the suit of Wands is about acting; the key concept with the King is initiating new projects. The King portends good news and opportunities and is pushing you to aim high in your endeavors. Get the hell out of your own way and have at it! (However, the practical Taurus in me is advising at least SOME prudence. Let's not go overboard.)

Back to the toddler present in the Threes of the last couple days...this card is also representative of wanting to do it all yourself in your eagerness to express yourself and ideas. The good King is known for being impatient with details and intolerant of limits. 

So, yes, think big and use this lovely Wands energy to get you off the couch. However, be mindful of reality. What is practically possible TODAY? Make a 1-week, 1-month, 1-year, and 5-year plan for your goals. The plans must be flexible, however, because you KNOW nothing works the way you originally envisioned. Though we're parked in front of the fireplace trying to stay warm, this means our imaginations can fly!

January 2, 2018: Card O' the Day: Three of Pentacles, reversed. Yesterday, we had the Three of Wands, reversed. Wands represent creative force and the impulse "to do"; Pentacles are about experiencing life through the physical/material world. Three's represent the first results of creativity and commencing action upon the stability of the Two. Therefore, taking the two 3's together, we have creativity and beginning results in the material world.

However, as with yesterday, this card is reversed indicating there are troubles. As with yesterday, today's card has implications of ego because of the "working alone" element. If you are able to or are working with someone right now, your energies are opposed and there's conflict where you should be working in harmony. Also, haste or "immature management" is present. Meaning, you're rushing the project, trying to cut corners, and/or believing you're more advanced than you are (recall that toddler trying to pour the milk).

If you continue on this path of "I can do this all on my own in my own way", expect to crash and burn. You'll be humiliated by your failure and will have to eat crow as all your supporters (from whom you refused support) say "I told you so." Again, don't squash your impulses but use them wisely, play well with others, and for heaven's sake, ask for help when you START to get in over your head and before you're drowning.

January 1, 2018: Card O' the Day: Three of Wands, reversed. Firstly, I was hoping to choose a truly profound major arcana that would set the tone for the year. However, this card reminds me this is "the card o' the day" for a reason. We take each day as it comes, do the best we can, and then move on to the next. So, today....

(GADS! I love my cards! I wrote the above paragraph before I allowed my Big Book to speak to me...and then came to about the same stuff I already wrote. LOL!)

The reversed Three of Wands indicates the over-ambitiousness, pride, and "I can do it, I don't need help" attitude of a three year-old trying to pour milk on their cereal from a freshly opened GALLON of milk. Y'all can relate to this scenario, right? And y'all can feel the disaster coming!

Set aside your ego and your obstinacy (I CAN SO DO IT!!!) and break tasks into smaller jobs. Concentrate on each step as it comes and delegate where you can (cooperation is present in this card). I'm not saying you must water down your dreams, just put things into perspective of what you can do today or this week. Not only will your journey towards your goals be more tranquil, but you'll find the labor and burdens of this trek to be lighter and more manageable.

December 31, 2017: Card O' the Day: The Sun, reversed. It's interesting we get this huge "thumbs up" for the final card of 2017. As wonky as this year has been, there have been as many highs as there were lows. Don't lose sight of the highs, people. However, the reversal of this card indicates a caveat, or two, as well. 

When The Sun is reversed, it can mean you're being too hard on yourself and not allowing yourself to feel proud, accomplished, joyful, and all those other pat-myself-on-the-back emotions after doing a job well. It's not a crime to give yourself kudos! It's not tacky to reward yourself after achieving something for which you've worked. So go ahead and appreciate all you have; you deserve it, and you're worthy of it.

Just don't take the self-congratulations too far. The reversed Sun can represent arrogance and vanity. Also, some interpretations of this card indicate health problems; schedule your annual physical, mammogram, colonoscopy, PAP smear, dental cleaning, etc. sooner rather than later. I get that you're busy and don't really like having your very personal space invaded, but a quick check now could save A LOT of inconvenience and expense later. (P.S. This goes for your beloved pets, too.)

December 30, 2017: Card O' the Day: The Fool. How very appropriate to receive The Fool on the next-to-last day of this year! Off all the decks I have (save for my gem deck which depicts rocks), and 99% of all the decks I've seen, the character that depicts The Fool is always looking forward, in the direction his feet are carrying him. That's our goal today and on most days: to look forward and leave the past behind. Certainly the past has valuable lessons, insight, and wisdom, and therefore it should not be ignored. However, neither should it be glorified as the only days which were worth living.

Recently, I've been studying the mystery school of Santa Muerta. Our most Holy Death interprets this card as one of beginnings AND/OR endings, which I find interesting since all other interpretations I've read are of beginnings only. However, Death is nothing if not balanced. Either way, this card indicates a great flood of energy that will begin something new or end something that requires it. Also, we can see this beginning/ending as escape/liberation. If you think about that, it makes perfect sense--many endings are "liberations" for us, and a new beginning could easily be an "escape" from stagnation.

You're being asked to "travel light", and by that I get the feeling it has nothing to do with how many pairs of clean skivvies you bring with you. Traveling "light" in this case means listening to your highly tuned intuition right now. You have the support of Universe to make a leap of faith and dive into the unknown. Changes must be made to allow for this; but by accepting drastic change, you gain freedom.

Yesterday's Prince of Cups invited you to journey to the center of your True Self. The Fool is reiterating this invitation today as 2017 draws to a close.

December 29, 2017: Card O' the Day: Prince of Cups. As we come to the end of the year, I feel like many of you have "tried everything" to get past some stuff that had your emotions riding high and plunging low from--what felt like--moment to moment. The tangible solutions didn't work, so now you're turning to intangible, spiritual healing that comes from your heart. The active yang energy of the Prince pushes you to take a big risk, trust absolutely, and then just ... jump. 

The thrill of the free-fall into your emotional center will take you on a difficult but profoundly rewarding quest of personal revelation and subsequent growth. The Prince indicates an emotional state of repression and rationalization. However, the fact that Princes/Knights are depicted riding horses indicates movement. This tells me you're done biting your tongue and justifying your situation.

I wish you a good journey on your personal voyage to becoming closer to your true and authentic Self. Remember, few of us ever "get there"; the process is where you learn all the valuable lessons that enable you to live better. Bon chance!

December 24, 2017: Card O' the Day: Four of Cups, reversed. The passing of the solstice means the days are starting to get longer, believe it or not. It's true the weather will get colder for the next couple months, and yet, this is a time of anticipation of "what's next?" The boredom and apathy of the upright Four morphs into restlessness when reversed, and I think that's tied directly to the solstice and the change of season.

This card also indicates a heightened sensitivity to messages, premonitions, and foreboding. (This can also add to your restlessness.) Therefore, pay attention to your guts and the hairs on the back of your neck for hints and guidance. However, don't go overboard and start imagining omens of doom in the lint trap of your dryer!

With the new season comes new opportunity, new lessons and teaching moments, and new light into your inner being. Take advantage of it all and seize opportunities as they come to you. The rut you've been stuck in has been turned over and you're being dumped out!

December 21, 2017: Card O' the Day: Three of Swords, reversed. Any time you get a bunch of people in a room, you're going to have conflicts. Even the most like-minded, on the same path, in the same boat, from the same family group is going to have a few differences of opinions, food choices, politics, etc., etc. about which you may argue in a playful--or not--manner. This card indicates difficulty in accepting the truths about these differences. Not accepting these truths leads to drama, side-taking, finger-pointing, and not supporting others as you should or could.

Get honest with yourself, and those in your group, and accept responsibility for your part in the drama. Where did you get defensive or snarky about a difference of opinion, beliefs, what-have-you and cause or add to the drama? Where were you not supportive? Even sitting passively, when you should have spoken up or done something, needs to be addressed.

By raising your hand and saying "that was me, my bad!", the healing will begin. It will advance further when you ask what you could have done differently and then LISTEN with an open heart to the answer. 

P.S. Singing. The Thoth Companion by Michael Osiris Snuffin interprets the reversed Three of Swords to represent singing. So, a little group singing might help lighten the mood. But no comments about who's off-key!

December 20, 2017: Card O' the Day: Ten of Cups. This is one of the more "super Happy" and "fairy-dust and unicorns" cards of the Tarot deck--if I chose to read along those lines. However, I don't, so we're going to go deeper into what I feel is the more honest interpretation of this card.

The reversed Queen of yesterday was feeling pushed to be social when she actually wanted to be alone to work on herself. Therefore, the reiterated concept of "detachment" makes sense through this card today. What the Queen is looking for is to connect with her heart and move through her world from there, that place of love, peacefulness, and contentment.

Allow yourself to be softer and receptive to the incredible joy that's actually living inside of your heart, right now, ready to be discovered. Welcome yourself home to who you really are today and every day forward. Have the courage to love and be loved. You'll find the things you thought were sooooo important will cease to be so, which will give you space to be absolutely happy... today. When tomorrow comes, figure out how to be happy then. But that's for tomorrow.

December 19, 2017: Card O' the Day: Queen of Wands, reversed. The Wands court carts tend to be not quite loners, but more independent. They prefer to do things on their own terms and won't wait for the crowd--they'll go to a movie by themselves because they want to see it now rather than wait for the convenience of a friend to join them.

When the Queen of Wands is reversed, she's being pushed to do things with others. Big surprise, it's the season of family get togethers and parties. (Eye-roll. I mean, you have to work with these people every day, do you HAVE to party with them, too?) 

Whatever personal growth path you're on right now is being disrupted by the hubbub of holidays and PEOPLE! Oy! You'd really like to keep it simple, but at the same time you don't want to be a Scrooge. Try to find a balance between your peopling duties and self-care and reflection. The good news is there's only about two more weeks of this stuff, and then you get to hibernate all through January and February!

December 17, 2017: Card O' the Day: Eight of Cups. Yesterday we had the Eight of Wands; today it's the Eight of Cups. Eights represent manifestation of goals, but also the end of a cycle and the changes that go with endings. Travel is also inherent in Eights. That "travel" could be actually leaving a place, a physical or temporal separation, or just stepping back mentally and emotionally.

Endings and/or separations are hard sometimes--our old situations are comfy and recognizable--but this provides space for the "new" to expand and grow. The reason these endings/separations are necessary is because they lack something vital; something's incomplete; some piece is missing that you need. You know in your gut it's time to move on, and you're actually ready for it, but it doesn't make it easier to do. Do the best you can....

December 16, 2017: Card O' the Day: Eight of Wands, reversed. Yep, the last week before Christmas is upon us. We're waisting lots of energy on last minute rushing around, which only adds to our inner agitation and frustration. Little things will go wrong, you'll be held up in long lines, and your already high emotions will boil over. To top it off, no one at work or home is cooperating, and everyone seems to be running in opposite directions.

Breathe deeply. Again. Once more. In through the nose and out the mouth. Let your body, mind, and spirit relax.... Do your very best to cope with all the inconveniences (small or large) with equanimity. Find ways around obstacles, adopt a "well, darn it" attitude if something simply cannot be solved, and make that thing that you JUST. HAVE. to have or do, but now can't have or do, go. Nothing is worth your sanity or the stomach ache.

This card can indicate travels may be disrupted. Therefore, double check all preparations, depart for that road trip an hour early, and allow THREE hours at the airport before your flight. If you're driving, be sure your spare tire is in good condition, and bring gloves and boots.

December 15, 2017: Card O' the Day: Prince of Wands. As the year draws to a close, restlessness begins to stir in our midsections. Is next year going to be just same ol'-same ol', or is it time to make changes? I think it is, and the Prince coming to us like this indicates you probably agree. 

This Prince isn't exactly the most practical of the lot; he seeks movement and new adventures because of his driving animal energy. Being a passionate young man, he's pretty much up for anything if it promises excitement. This type of energy can be highly useful to get you to take risks, motivate you to change directions, and grab life by the horns. The trick is to harness it effectively so you don't make some idiot mistake in the heat of the moment.

Start by examining your dreams and seeing what's actually feasible. You might be required to move houses or change jobs; don't be afraid of that. I don't feel like you can do major stuff right now, meaning don't pack just yet. You've got to get through the holidays and the year's end. However, begin making plans, and then you can hit January with all jets firing.

December 14, 2017: Card O' the Day: Five of Cups, reversed. The hard choices that have been hanging over our heads have been made or else you're very close to a solution. This will allow the difficulties and family squabbles to settle. It may even get to the point that hatchets get buried and "long-lost" relatives will actually come to Christmas dinner or will finally be invited again. This card indicates recovery, renewal, and moving forward from hard feelings and loss.

If any family disappointments continue, don't put on a smiley face and pretend it doesn't matter and your feelings aren't hurt. Seek support and admit your pain, so you can move through it and not stay stuck festering in your own bile. Try to be done with it THIS year, and don't let it hang around for another year.

December 13, 2017: Card O' the Day: The Magician. The Magician has very strong significance regarding all forms of communication. It's also speaking of empowerment, first steps, and using resources and knowledge to your best advantage. I feel like we're learning to really open that throat chakra and speak our truth! (see the #metoo#resist, and other movements) New beginnings are afoot, but we're in the process of laying the foundation upon which to build this new "world." 

While you may not be an activist in the public sense of marching, campaigning, making speeches, etc., I feel this card can be taken in this particular interpretation on a personal level as well. Meaning, you're finding your voice at home, at work, in school, within your social circle, within your family, and in your own mind...you're not keeping your mouth shut any longer about what you want, need, and what's best for YOU. Good! It's time to make your own "magic"!

December 12, 2017: Card O' the Day: Three of Swords, reversed. Where I'm sitting right now (Southeastern Ohio), the wind is BLOWING, which seems in total alignment with this card. A "group" problem (family, work department, community, club...) is escalating and will cause ruin if the core issue is not addressed, and soon. Quarrels will become nasty, words will be tossed out in anger that can never be taken back, and relationships will be forever broken.

If you're a part of this group, then you do have responsibility for at least SOME of the drama. Accept your responsibility for whatever small or large part you've been playing, and stop blaming others for your problems. (You may honestly think you've done nothing wrong. Your part may be as small as simply being in the same room and biting your tongue. The correct action would have been to speak up or remove yourself completely.) It's difficult to really own up to the truth about participation in group dramas. 

As with all Swords-related turmoil, high emotions don't help the dust to settle. Leave your emotions and ego at the door, get analytical, and use your intellect to solve this problem. Swords often indicate "cutting" something; in this case it could mean cutting a toxic person or group out of your life.

December 11, 2017: Card O' the Day: Seven of Wands. I'm sensing a theme in these last days. Is it just me or are preparations for the holidays getting a little scary and overloaded? Do you get the feeling if you don't do it yourself, it won't get done "right"? Pretentious much? Seriously, like you're the ONLY person who can decorate a tree/wrap/cook/bake!

The best lessons are learned through struggle, so take notice of what makes you struggle, and don't do it anymore! Remain clam and resourceful as you look for ways to do things differently. For example, I'll be having family staying with me for several days, and that means a lotta meals I gotta prepare. I'm starting, now, to make freezable casseroles and soups that I can heat-n-eat after a day of activities.

"Yeah, but..." you whimper defensively, "It's tradition!" Fine, you want to end up cranky and exhausted 5 days BEFORE Christmas, be my guest. But resisting help and/or delegation and/or simply dropping some stuff altogether will accomplish nothing in the end.

December 10, 2017: Card O' the Day: Queen of Swords, reversed. When reversed, the normally cool-headed, intellectual Queen of Swords becomes ill-tempered when her ambitions for the "perfect" holiday season are frustrated by real life. In an effort to force this hoped for perfection, she micromanages every breath, thought, and potty break of those around her. And if you think she's being harsh to you, then you have no idea what torture she's putting herself through. You would never know it, though, because she's got an iron grip on her emotions.

We have become brain-washed by Better Homes and Gardens, Oprah Winfrey, and Martha Stewart that if your house isn't worthy of a "Beautiful Home" centerfold this Christmas, then you're a crashing failure. Remember, Martha, Oprah, and those magazine photo-shoots have minions...LOTS of minions to make every detail perfect. You don't have that many minions, if any, so just do what you can, toss the magazine in the recycle bin, and flipping' chill on yourself. (Remember what I said yesterday about reversed cards auguring illness.)

December 9, 2017: Card O' the Day: Ace of Wands, reversed. Still grinding and slipping gears with this card. The reversed Ace represents energy that has no direction. You feel the vibrations and excitement, so you're apt to grasp at shiny things thinking THIS is the answer to your restlessness. Actually, not so much. If you leap before looking, you'll make mistakes. Try to rein in your impulsiveness; when the Ace of Wands is reversed, inaction and reconsideration is advised.

All reversed cards can indicate illness--and we've had several lately--but I'm not feeling the danger of chronic, serious illness or disease. The "illness" whispered to here is more along the lines of fatigue, upset tummies, anxiety, etc. caused by over-stress and over-activity. Absolutely do NOT skip the gym or your yoga practice right now, refuse that third beer or glass of wine, and be the wimp that goes home at 11:00 on a Friday or Saturday night. Sleep, exercise, moderate partying, and self-care will get you through the next month without losing your mind or wrecking your health for the rest of the winter.

December 8, 2017: Card O' the Day: Two of Wands, reversed. This card is somewhat similar to the The Wheel, reversed, in that energies aren't moving smoothly, and it feels like you're slipping in and out of gear. Another Two reminds us of the decision necessary and also the conflict that pushes you to this decision. Unexpected events might prove to be "useful" in solving your problem. For example, car trouble may prevent an unpleasant meeting or an un-wanted social event from being attended; a temporary illness may get you out of baking cupcakes for the class; and little "boons" like that.

At this time, your energy and resources are stretched very thin so use them wisely. Keep your eyes open for resources and help where you didn't think to look before. Take advantage of time or step-saving services. If you pay a couple bucks more for pick-up or delivery, it'll actually save you more energy in the long run. Right now, be cheap with your time and attention, not your money.

December 7, 2017: Card O' the Day: Two of Swords. A tough decision must be made. That/those decision(s) are fraught with emotion, and EVERYbody has an opinion about what you should do. This is your road, and therefore YOUR decision to make. This is a serious "go with your gut" type of situation. Your heart and/or your mind won't like it, but you have to TRUST this resolution is best for all parties.

You will doubt yourself and your choice(s), but step out of judgment and all instinctive or reactionary responses to the situation. Go to a deep, reflective place and really listen to the truth that you already know. There you'll find the point of balance leading to self-acceptance of your choice(s) and inner peace with what you must do.

December 5, 2017: Card O' the Day: The Wheel, reversed. The Wheel of Fortune is generally an omen of energies turning upwards and for the better. That's still true of the reversed Wheel; only those energies are a bit chaotic. Think accelerating in a car with a hinky clutch rather than an electric vehicle that just sort of goes "whoosh."

Look for bad patterns of behavior or thought that you're allowing yourself to wallow in and complain about. You don't like something? Change it! When the Wheel is reversed, it's indicative of negative attitudes that only you can fix.

This card also signifies hectic social obligations becoming too much. Big surprise, since we're gearing up for the holidays and all the parties and celebrations (whether you like them or not) that we're supposed to attend. When you recognize you just can't do this next event, go ahead and beg off with "the flu" or "some stomach bug." Then curl up on the sofa with Netflix and just get your chill back. I'll write you a note....

December 1, 2017: Card O' the Day: Three of Cups, reversed. The holiday season, in my mind, actually starts with Halloween. Parties, decorations, big choices to be made about costumes, etc., etc. Then comes Thanksgiving, Kwanza, Hanukkah, Christmas, and all the other religious or secular holiday celebrations of which I'm not acquainted. These fall/early winter months are all about closing another year and celebrating the accomplishments in tried and true fashion.

But that's not to say it's all roses and sunshine. There's a certain bittersweetness to realizing that costumes no longer fit, your kids would rather do something with their friends this year than what has been done since they were really little, and precious decorations have gotten damaged in storage or don't seem that pretty anymore. This is the hard part of time passing and of outgrowing traditions.

Another aspect of this card is that all the partying becomes wearying. You're obligated to make appearances at so many different parties--do you REALLY want to hang out with your co-workers, at the office, after a long work week? Yeah, the punch is spiked and tawdry glitter garlands are hung everywhere, but it's still your workplace, and it's still the same people you see EVERY day. Then there are the family parties with the obnoxious relatives with whom you have nothing in common!

I don't mean to sound all "bah, humbug", I'm just pointing out how we force ourselves to do things we don't want to do. This holiday season, be sure to say no to the more tedious events and save your energies for those you really want to attend. Better yet, invite your nearest and dearest over for a super-casual pot-luck, BYOB and just decompress from the holiday hubbub.

November 30, 2017: Card O' the Day: The Hermit, reversed. Still not wanting to be quiet and introspective...as if somehow that's a bad thing to just sit and be with yourself. I recently read that being "lonely" is the negative state of being the only one in the room and not liking it. Being "alone" is the positive state of being in your own presence and still having a good time! The Hermit teaches the art of being guided by your own inner light.

The Hermit, upright, also helps you discern which people in your life are worthy of your time and energy. Because the Hermit is so well-tuned to his/her needs, rhythms, or likes/dislikes, he/she knows who to keep, who to let go, and when to just be alone. When this card gets turned on it's head, all energies are skewed. You don't want to be alone, but can't stand most of the people you run into or must interact with. Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

Start with the easiest thing: learn to be alone and like it. Like yourself even when you dance like an idiot and eat crazy-weird stuff. Then practice doing that in public and NOT CARING what others think of you. Finally, have the self-love to remove people from your life who just drag you down.

Yesterday, The Star was reversed, which indicated we'd lost our external guidance. Today, the reversed Hermit tells us it goes deeper than that: we've lost our INNER guidance.

November 29, 2017: Card O' the Day: The Star, reversed. The Star represents your inner silence, your communion with Universe, your understanding of your place in the Cosmos. When this card is reversed, you've lost touch with that Source and feel as though you're not "enough" in some way.

In order to feel more "enough" and worthy of your place in the world, you try to fill the inner void with stuff, friends, parties, fads, academic degrees, climbing the corporate ladder...anything to make you feel bigger than you do. You distract yourself from this uncomfortable feeling of lack in any way you can.

Here's a thought simply "be" rather than "do" for a few days. Just go through the motions of your life, and be happy with just that much. Be happy that you managed to get a load of laundry done and your bed made. Be "enough" to yourself in the smallest of ways. Universe already thinks you're enough. Realizing that little nugget of truth will be tremendously healing.

November 28, 2017: Card O' the Day: The Devil, reversed. The Devil is about bondage to the "shoulds" of life, and many of those "shoulds" center on material things. (I should send Christmas cards, I should get my 2nd cousin a gift, I should go to my co-worker's wedding, etc.) When the card is reversed, you can no longer see how many pointless, whacked "shoulds" you're adhering to! It's time to weed a bunch of "shoulds" from your life before they get completely out of control.

Leave the self-recriminations at the door. You haven't done anything wrong, you've just allowed your boundaries to get a little limp. Shore those boundaries back up, and see where you can say "no." Trust me, releasing yourself from a few "shoulds" will feel awfully good and give you some much-needed breathing room!

November 27, 2017: Card O' the Day: Princess of Cups. The Princess of Cups is an idealist who tends to romanticize relationships of all kinds. She's very compassionate towards others and that makes her an excellent negotiator and people manager. She works with such diplomacy that everyone feels like they come out of a conflict the clear winner. Look to where you can use your own diplomacy and compassion to its best advantage.

Something else the Princess represents is self-development. She's in the process of recognizing her own value and worthiness of being loved. Once you begin to comprehend and believe this concept, you'll see the door to your "cage" has always been wide open. Step through that door and embrace the adventure that's calling you!

November 26, 2017: Card O' the Day: Six of Cups, reversed. Be careful during the coming holiday celebrations not to get caught up in family traditions. Try to introduce something new this year rather than sticking to the same tired stuff you've done since you were six. Just because you've "always" done it this way, doesn't mean it's that much fun. Maybe you're remembering it being HUGE fun, but you've just gotten too old to do keg stands on Christmas Eve. 

Memories are like that: you remember it way more fondly that it actually was. On the other hand, it may have been way less awful than you remember when you were caught up in teen angst and EVERYthing was life and death. 

Let the past go with a wave and a smile. Make new memories. Make it a "tradition" to shake things up each year. Maybe start having ethnic foods for Christmas dinner. Last year was Ethiopian, this year it's Russian! Make a rule about personal electronics; explore the new board games and make it a "thing" to play stupid games or build jigsaw puzzles Christmas morning.

November 25, 2017: Card O' the Day: Nine of Cups. No one else, any thing, goal, milestone, or event can "make" you happy. It's a conscious choice and mind-set to be happy in your life. The Nine of Cups represents taking responsibility for your own happiness and being in control of it. This state of purposeful happiness brings fulfillment like nothing else. Your wishes will come true at every turn when you choose to be happy with your life, and others will appreciate and recognize your radiance.

This is not to say you have to settle for what life brings you. Certainly dream big dreams and do your best to make them come true. However, with conscious and purposeful happiness in your heart and mind, the small successes on your way to the big dream will be satisfying and bring joy. It's like a budding actor being tickled to death with a walk-on part and taking great pride in that moment. The next thing might be a local commercial. Then comes a role where they're in the same shot as the star and hand that star an object. Each following role is a stepping stone towards the big dream, and each small success is worth celebrating and being happy about.

Savor the feelings of happiness and pay attention so you can practice those feelings purposefully and with ease. The next time you hit a snag, small or large, you'll be able to move through it with equanimity and not lose touch with your basic happiness.

November 24, 2017: Card O' the Day: Temperance, reversed. Temperance, reversed, is much like Black Friday at Walmart! Energy is totally out of balance due to excess or lack (too much stuff you want to buy and not enough money, too much stuff you want to eat and not enough stomach capacity, etc.). This kind of imbalance creates stress, which leads to high emotions, quarrels, and upset tummies.

Furthermore, EVERYone you meet seems determined to be as uncooperative or uncompromising as they possibly can be! This makes you frustrated and impatient, which leads to distraction and inefficiency thus preventing you from getting chores done, completing projects, or handling problems. Or is it REALLY everyone else? Has your own imbalance turned you into a snarky shrew and people are reacting to you rather than you to them?

Now that we've passed the cooking and eating frenzy of actual Thanksgiving Day, what say you back the hell off materialism and go for a hike in your nearest state park? Even if you go for just a couple hours on Saturday or Sunday, it will be beneficial. You won't miss all the big sales because Cyber Monday is still ahead. You have time to chill and rebalance your psyche. And once rebalanced you'll solve problems, shop wisely, and be able to wait patiently in the long line at Starbucks.

November 21, 2017: Card O' the Day: Four of Swords. The four of Swords recognizes the need for rest, circumspection, and solitude. Sorrow, pain, and fatigue have brought you down, and it's time to withdraw to find and renew your power. Resistance to or denial of the psycho-emotional wounds only makes the hurt last longer by preventing the pain from moving on. You have to acknowledge it, allow painful feelings to rise, bloom, and then ebb away. 

Remember the value of meditation or other spiritual practices that help you quiet your mind and bring calm. In the stillness, you'll be able to find the solutions and heal. Remove the negative energies of others through the cleansing rituals of your choice. Contemplate the advisability of distancing yourself or disconnecting altogether to protect yourself from further hurt.

November 20, 2018: Card O' the Day: The Lovers. This card is an important reminder to ourselves as we come into the holiday season. It often appears when we're in a place of giving too much of ourselves away in order to feel acceptance and love. Draining yourself dry can lead to frustration, fatigue, and grumpiness about the entire celebration process.

The deeper meaning of this card indicates it's time to make one of the hardest choices of your life. You must consider the implications of the choice very carefully. It will bring wisdom, and the right choice will improve your entire outlook for your future. It will be the first choice in a string of decisions that will bring peace and healing to your life.

This choice will probably involve cutting repressive ties. Trust your inner judgment to make the best decisions for your highest good and then stand by those decisions. When weighing the pros and cons, look for the option that has the fewest disadvantages rather than the option that has the most advantages. Those "advantages" may simply be "shiny objects" with no true substance or lasting effect.

November 17, 2018: Card O' the Day: Six of Cups, reversed. Yesterday we had the Ace of Swords to herald the chance for a new way of thinking. Today, we have the reversed Six of Cups to move us in new emotional directions. Good stuff!

This card encourages letting go of past emotional baggage and actively working to release it. It take conscious, mindful work to end destructive behavior or mind loops, emotional ties that are slowly destroying you, and old obligations out of which you're getting nothing. If you need help moving this stuff out of your psyche, mind, and heart, I urge you to seek help from your spiritual advisor or a mental health professional.

This card is telling you to clean out your mental and emotional closets and face forward to future regeneration and renewal to become your best Self.

November 16, 2017: Card O' the Day: Ace of Swords. YESSSSSSS! You're getting it! The Ace of Swords offers you a new way of thinking and new mental force and power in the old grey matter.

Much-needed clarity brings understanding and new solutions to your old problems that just don't seem to want to go away. "Aha" moments are going to reveal the truth about a lot of stuff. It's not going to be comfortable (real, useful truth rarely is), but it'll give you freedom from baggage and a new direction. This card gives you strength in spite of the adversity, so know that you can do this!

Learn your lessons well during this time of mental overhauling and CHOOSE to win. Make a conscious choice to be happy and successful. And then do the work necessary to make it all happen.

November 15, 2017: Card O' the Day: Nine of Swords. The Nine of Swords is a heavy mental anguish card, and it's no surprise it follows the King of Swords, reversed. (The King was saying there was a meanie about and the Nine is validating that it's you who's being mean.) The thing we get out knickers in the tightest twists about is a relationship. Any kind of relationship we're invested in that goes south will upset us. The deeper the investment, the deeper the anguish.

Because we generally doubt ourselves first, we view the crash as "what did I do" and not "what did the other guy do"? If you're able to point the finger, you might be sorely tempted to turn it back on yourself by saying "well, I made him do that." This knee-jerk self-doubt reaction means you can't be truly objective in the situation and means you're going to become trapped by your own negative thinking and beat yourself to a bloody pulp. 

What to do? Get seriously analytical and dry. If you need to, ask a neutral party to help you sort through the situation. Ask yourself the tough questions, like where did you give too much of yourself away? where were you too self-deprecating that paved the way for your downfall? This is hard to do, but the reward is a transformation to higher self-esteem and acceptance of your whole self just as you are.

November 14, 2016: Card O' the Day: King of Swords, reversed. Ooo. Who's being mean to you? Somebody's acting the tyrant. Harsh words, excessive "discipline" directed at you to try to make you behave the way they want you to...just NOT nice! It may not be just one person; you may be feeling the whole world is out to get you and that you simply cannot catch a break. Check closer to home, too. Are YOU being mean and nasty to yourself? Constantly harassing yourself to work harder, eat less, exercise more, volunteer your time more, bake better brownies for the bake sale (NO box-mix for you!), etc?

If you're the culprit, stop it! Lighten up on yourself already! Be as nice to yourself as you are to others. Would you be allowed out in public if you were that mean to everyone else? If it's someone else to whom you can say "stop being mean to me!", then do so. You don't have to stand for that kind of abuse. If it's someone who has authority over you (your boss, for example), protect yourself any way you can.

The bottom line is all you can control is your own behavior. Whether that behavior pattern is coming from within yourself or comes from outside sources, you can only control how you react to that harshness. Do you do so with an erect spine and diplomacy that commands the respect you deserve, or do you lie down and take it like a beaten dog?

November 10, 2017: Card O' the Day: Ten of Swords. This card is ordinarily interpreted as pretty gloomy stuff, but I'm not getting that today. My Big Book reveals the deeper nuances of this card.

Constructive force and imagination are present. That brain power is backed by determination and fortitude. Eloquence in presenting your ideas to others is marred by impertinence and self-inflation (see November 7th and the 9 of Cups). This puffery is trying to hide your insecurity (see Princess of Swords on the 8th). If you can quiet your fears, admit to others you're a little nervous, and heed their advice or ideas, you'll do well. Also, one of those advisors may become a collaborator in your endeavors. If that's the case, go with it because this card bodes well for compatible and profitable partnerships.

Like the Ten of Pentacles, this Ten of Swords is indicating an ending that makes way for new beginnings. Growth and transition is coming for you. The shadows inherent in this card indicate said growth and transition will be arduous, but worth it all in the end. Attitude is the key here: how you react to and view your challenges will make all the difference between crashing and burning or coming out the other side victorious.

November 9, 2017: Card O' the Day: The High Priestess. Being a "2", I was instantly smacked with the usual "2" stuff, as in doorway/crossroads. Digging into my Big Book O' Tarot, I see The High Priestess is representative of the gateway to the collective consciousness through your own unconscious Self. The body aspect of The High Priestess is the right brain (arts, dreams, language), and this card has foundations in knowledge and vision.

I find this a perfect follow up, or companion card, to yesterday's Page of Swords. The braininess and intellect are validated and reiterated, but intuition and your "gut wisdom" are brought forward today. Both types of knowledge are equally important when working on manifesting visions and goals...but you know that because you simply can't miss the powerful feelings that something's afoot! 

Yesterday I asked you to not be shy about asking for help. Today, The High Priestess gives us the ability to receive advice and good ideas with grace. This is fortunate because none of us has ALL the answers, and we can certainly use help in reaching our goals.

November 8, 2017: Card O' the Day: Princess/Page of Swords. Excellent...the little grey cells are activating! The Page of Swords is the brainy sort and her appearance indicates mental activity and intellectual development. She also represents single-mindedness, discrimination, and daring. Unfortunately, her objectivity and determination make her a bit "forceful" and forgetful of her tact and finesse. Therefore, her bluntness can be seen by some as thoughtlessness and uncaring as she steams forward to get to her goal. And yet the Pushy Bitch is actually a cover for hidden vulnerability and a lack of full confidence.

By all means, let that bee in your bonnet out and manifest it to the physical plane--now IS the time what with the Ten of Pentacles and Nine of Cups in our pockets. Just don't be shy about asking for opinions, help, or other input. Be polite and gracious in your negotiations (catching flies with honey and all that), but allow Ms. Pushy Bitch to keep you from getting run over by well-meaning assistants.

November 7, 2017: Card O' the Day: Nine of Cups. We got the Nine of Cups on October 19th, too; it had followed the Ace of Swords. At that time I felt like the Nine was reassuring you that your ideas stemming from the Ace were good, and you'd have wishes coming true. This time, we have it following the Ten of Pentacles. The Ten is already a very fortuitous card that validates our current path to lasting security. Pile on the Nine of Cups, and I feel like we're getting a little too much of a good thing.

Yes, health, wellbeing, and success are indicated here, but I'm feeling some "aren't I special" energy. We're tempted to show off our latest new toys we've recently been able to afford. I know you worked hard for those treats, but the flashy display smacks of arrogance and materialism. Having "arrived", one is tempted to rest upon laurels, being sure to display those laurels to all, of course. 

Wishes for good fortunes are tricky, and you have be precise. You would do well to dine on a slice of Humble Pie for dinner tonight as you pass your steak to someone less fortunate. Check in with your integrity and have an honest conversation with your gratitude because just as it's your turn to be on the rise at this moment, it will become your turn to sink soon enough.

November 5, 2017: Card O' the Day: Ten of Pentacles. This is a lovely card of warmth, happiness, and hearth and home. It indicates you're on the right track to creating lasting joy for your future and that of your family/posse/tribe (I want to include those you choose as your "family" rather than limiting this to only those with whom you share DNA). This is prosperity of your own making and therefore much more valuable to you in terms of lessons and gratitude than if your abundance had plopped in your lap by chance. 

There are shadows lurking around the edges of this card, however. It's because it's a 10, and ten's herald endings...all things end, even the good stuff. But without endings that force us to move forward we become lazy, indifferent, and dull. As Temperance advised yesterday, enjoy your good times while they last. Keep your sights set to the "right now." You can always fret and worry later.

November 4, 2017: Card O' the Day: Temperance. I continue to read for myself.... I rarely interpret the Tarot for myself, but cards I'm drawing this week seem to resonate deeply with me. Today is another....

For the last year, or perhaps longer--I've lost track--I've been practicing being very much in the moment; living my life timelessly and only today without a great deal of thought about tomorrow. (Certainly I've been booking expos for next year, and I pay attention to the next dental appointment I have; life does require some planning ahead.) Temperance wants us to relish THIS moment and to understand the right things will happen for us in due time. Just like babies can't be rushed or delayed, once a germ is hatched, it must be allowed to go at it's own pace. Yes, we must nurture that germ, prune off unnecessary parts, add fertilizer, etc., but ultimately it'll be what it will be on it's own time.

Temperance also represents creativity and fluency in that creativity--your ideas and goals are valid and are worthy of your time and attention. Work economically. This takes us back to "all things in due time"; don't over work or waste resources trying to make things happen sooner than they're ready. Success will come based upon your accurate calculations as you sharpen your capacity to discern, and face, reality. Think "surgical precision" rather than blasting at it with everything you've got hoping to hit SOMEthing.

Live from your center and find your inner harmony if only for THIS moment.

November 2, 2017: Card O' the Day: Seven of Wands. ANOTHER seven!?!?! Sevens indicate change and inner work. (Just changing your socks isn't going to eliminate your foot odor; gotta wash yer feet, too.) But Sevens also represent creativity and exciting thoughts. Therefore, this inner work isn't going to be drudgery. The passionate energy of the Wands is pointing you in a new direction of experimentation--whether you like it or not. You'll need this "wind at your back" because the coming changes and ideas aren't going to be a total cake walk.

I say this because the "tried and true" methods of before don't fit this time around. You'll need to get inventive and defend those odd-ball methods agains the nay-sayers. Trust yourself that it'll work. Personal conviction are your keywords for today.

November 1, 2017: Card O' the Day: Seven of Cups, reversed. Sorry, I seem to be pulling cards for myself again today. But this works for me because I was getting awfully tired of sitting on the sofa in front of the fire! After giving a lecture last night at a local library, I feel like my barnacles have fallen off.

This card stresses clear and logical thought when it comes to setting priorities and making realistic plans for the near future. It represents designs or outlines and supplies the intention and determination to push forward. Not that everything will miraculously fall into place by itself, though. We have to use some resoluteness to break through our personal fogs of inertia and put our minds on a goal or purpose. Fortunately, this card bodes well for that happening and for achieving results. 

So, get off the couch, get dressed (ahem, Annette), and get moving!!

October 31, 2017: Card O' the Day: Seven of Pentacles, reversed. Um.... I'm thinking this card is for me.... Notice I haven't posted a Card O' the Day in a few, and this is exactly how I'm feeling. My butt is parked in front of my fireplace, and I'm only doing what I must to fulfill obligations I've committed to or to prevent personal discomfort. Complications with your work may disappoint you to the point of inertia and then you procrastinate getting back to it to fix the problems. (Oy! this is so ME these past few days!)

Since there's nothing really wrong with you (or me), we have to persevere despite our laziness. And yet let's be gentle with ourselves because self flagellation, recriminations, or guilt only make us feel worse and want to burrow further into our holes. Therefore, do only what you must to not get fired or lose your reputation if you're an independent contractor or own your small business. The rest of it, let it slide. The dust bunnies under the couch will still be there next week; order take-out; bide your time and rest while you can. Your internal flames will fire up again soon enough.

October 25, 2017: Card O' the Day: Princess of Wands, reversed. Yesterday I let you know you were on the cusp of exciting changes as you end one chapter and begin another on your grand adventure of Life. I've been saying for the past few months that winter time is when you'll really see shifts and that autumn is our time of preparation. So today, the Princess of Wands flips on her head and screams HOLY SHEEEEEYIT! I"m not ready for this!!!! Seriously. Panic Much?

It's just your fear making you feel scattered or tantrum-y. It's just your fear that makes up the most inane excuses not to go forward with good ideas and plans you've been anticipating and wanting for months. That's okay. We're all scared of taking risks at one time or another. What not to do? Cover it up with an "I'm too cool for school" or blasé "I can handle this" attitude. Admit to yourself and your tribe you're scared you're going to fail. Allow your support network to (here's a radical thought!) support you!

October 24, 2017: Card O' the Day: Judgment. I don't know that we ever get to the place that Judgment represents. It's more of a goal to aspire to, and we should strive to get there, but I suspect our "judginess" will always prevent us from fully "arriving."

The "place" I'm talking about is that of awakening to the inescapable truth that we all have a True Self within us; it's an actual real "thing" not just an esoteric idea. This True Self is the very best of each of us. It's the divine-ness that animates the block of flesh that walks around with your name on it. Once you recognize your True Self exists, your next task is to clearly perceive the extent to which you've been true to that Self, or not. I think most of us will have way more "or not" than what's good for us, so now we have to fix that part and develop a caring and merciful attitude to our True Selves.

This card also represents the final reckoning at the end of a life chapter. No, your physical death is not imminent, just this chapter of your story. The finishing of this chapter means you're ready for new directions and changes that lead to growth and rejuvenation! Best of all, putting this chapter to rest means you can forgive yourself for all that you think you did "wrong" and move on to the endless possibilities of which your True Self is capable.

October 20, 2017: The Card 'O the Day: The Wheel of Fortune, reversed. Getting The Wheel in a spread speaks of changing fortunes and generally for the better. When it's reversed, I would still call it a good omen, just not a smoothly delivered one. The energies get a little herky-jerky--kind of like when you learn to drive a stick shift. That stop-start annoyance is actually based in your attitude about the coming changes. You're ready for new adventures on a deep level, but you're comfortable where you are and really aren't in the mood to make the effort it takes to launch new ideas, relationships, etc.

The "bad" news is the changes are as inevitable as the changing seasons. How to deal with them? Remain flexible, have courage and faith in your abilities to handle things, and don't get too attached to stuff/people lest it's taken away or you realize it's time to release it. I want to reiterate that you're ready for the changes. You're just scared you'll botch things. However, look how nice you managed to make your current situation--so nice you don't want to move on! You can make the next phase just as successful; I promise.

October 19, 2017: Card O' the Day: Nine of Cups. What a fantastic following card for the Ace of Swords! I just love when the cards spell out a message as clear as sky writing....

The current energies of your world and mind are kind of jazzy and volatile--think energetic steed. This energy can take you places you've always dreamed of, but it takes a firm hand and discipline to get the most out of it. Harnessed well and used wisely, this horse can take you to achievement, help you surmount difficulty, and provide wish fulfillment in the coming months.

As with all forward motion and building of your personal "empire", you must do so with integrity. Trust your instincts and don't over-think things beyond the standard investigations and research. You're in the position of taking full control of and responsibility for your happiness. Go get 'em!

October 18, 2017: Card O' the Day: Ace of Swords. This is a GREAT card to follow The Tower! In my interpretation, the big scary changes The Tower indicates are often of the mind (the lightening hits the tower, a/k/a your noggin). The Ace of Swords is announcing a surge in mental force and power with an opportunity for a new way of thinking about current problems. Real truths will become apparent which will lead to "aha" moments as new and more viable answers emerge. Think "enlightenment"!

The appearance of the Ace also indicates new beginnings and a sense that it's time to tackle problems. Your thinking has cleared and you can see the way forward, so get busy. Because Swords can represent legal issues, some of you may be experiencing problems that have legal attachments.

October 12, 2017: Card O' the Day: The Tower, reversed. Wasn't I JUST talking about stagnation? When upright, The Tower is about tearing down structures, or having them torn down whether you like it or not. Reversed, it indicates "imprisonment." No, I don't feel anyone is going to jail, but staying immobile (even if it's in a reeeeaaaalllly nice place) and clinging to old ways means you're held captive by your comfort. Sitting still and deceiving yourself into believing you don't need or want anything else means the end of growth. And the day you stop growing is the day you start dying.

Of course, leaving your comfort zone feels chaotic and scary; that's why we stay put where it's "safe." But it's okay to come out and explore the Big World. You may get hurt, but also excel more than you could ever have imagined! Consider this card a divine kick in the butt and jump out of the nest. Just remember to flap like hell on the way down!

October 11, 2017: Card O' the Day: Ten of Cups. The Ten of Cups represents the kind of perfection that makes one fear for when the rug gets yanked out from under you. Please don't look this gift horse in the mouth and enjoy this hard-won joy, emotional well-being, repose of the heart, and blessings you've earned. Universe bestows this kind of largesse, when needed, for the kind of spiritual development you can only achieve if the nuts and bolts of daily living are in order.

From this secure emotional foundation, you'll be able to handle the next challenges--because of course there will be more obstacles to overcome! Without continued growth, you'll simply stagnate in this puddle of overabundance. In my book, stagnation is equivalent to constipation. Therefore, count your blessings, consciously recognize the emotional contentment that currently fills your life with meaning and purpose, but keep your eyes open for coming potholes in your road.

October 3, 2017: Card O' the Day: The Sun, reversed. The sunny part of the sky is that you'll find new objectivity as you make plans for the future. It'll be easier to clean closets, garages, and your mind of useless clutter. This objectivity grounds your forward motion in the reality of your available resources. The clouds are that ever-lurking "I'm not enough _______." (Fill in the blank.) Fear of vulnerability makes you less daring than you could be. Lack of confidence makes you do things on a smaller scale. If you do earn success, it's too good to be true, and you don't deserve it.

The sunny part of the sky is that you'll find new objectivity as you make plans for the future. It'll be easier to clean closets, garages, and your mind of useless clutter. This objectivity grounds your forward motion in the reality of your available resources. The clouds are that ever-lurking "I'm not enough _______." (Fill in the blank.) Fear of vulnerability makes you less daring than you could be. Lack of confidence makes you do things on a smaller scale. If you do earn success, it's too good to be true and you don't deserve it.

Therefore, your homework for the day is to chase those clouds away and DARE. Think big thoughts! Know that you deserve every blessing you get! Build up your own confidence in your mind and heart! Then temper your plans with earthly practicality--it's no accident that practicality and realism go with the Earth element. However, do NOT temper the fire in your belly, the desire in your heart, or the dreams in your head.

October 2, 2017: Card O' the Day: Prince of Wands. The Prince delivers more energy to push us forward, and the daring and fierceness we need to ride that wave. You're ready to change directions and have the improvisation skills and impulses to make that happen. This directional change will mean leaving old patterns of behavior or thought behind.

Foundations are being built here. From these foundations you'll be able to see clearly what needs to be cleared off, pruned, dumped, etc. to implement improvements that lead you to success and happiness.

A few days ago, the cards have been urging us to make a decision, and now they're bringing us the energy we need to push the chosen option forward. This choice may mean some travel over land is involved, changing jobs, or moving houses. At any rate, it's good for you to be fired up again!

October 1, 2017: Card O' the Day: The Empress. Today The Empress is in her most creative incarnation representing a person full of ideas and boundless creative potential. This potential may take form in business or leadership roles--either way, there's lots of room for success and abundance. Also, there's the natural energy behind you required to make the most of the germs of inspiration.

However, as with all new things springing from our psyches, there's doubt and confusion about what you're trying to get off the ground. We ALL wonder if what we're doing is going to turn out okay or be a big flop. Take time for self-care, nurturing, and love. You encourage others in their endeavors and prop them up don't you? Now's the time to do it for yourself.

September 30, 2017: Card O' the Day: Nine of Wands. It looks like those of you who needed to make a decision have come to one. Take comfort in those plans because you can expect health and good recovery after all the apprehension and fear. Homework: how did you get to this point? Perhaps some changes in your lifestyle are in order so you don't have to repeat this little exercise....

For anyone else who hasn't yet made the choice or doesn't feel the need for a Big Decision in their lives, this card brings courage, commitment, stamina, and tremendous power. Who doesn't need that kind of fire in their belly? Whatever you're up to, know that you'll come out the other side both internally and externally accomplished--albeit pooped!

September 29, 2017: Card O' the Day: The Lovers. We still need to make a decision.... You understand the responsibility of the choice, and you're ready. The Lovers represent the necessity of carefully considering the implications of your choice and that you should go with the option that has the fewest DISadvantages rather than going for the option with the most advantages.

Your personal values will be put to the test, so allow your superconscious to enter into the process. It's free from ego, desire, and attachment and will suggest a path of moral integrity and common sense from where you make choices at your highest spiritual level.

Also present in this card is frustration. Let go, find trust, achieve balance, and overcome.

September 28, 2017: Card O' the Day: Two of Wands. One of the toughest decisions in your life is before you, so it's very natural to have doubts, hesitation, and sadness as you ponder your options. (Doing nothing is NOT an option, however.) This card includes elements of physical suffering or disease and necessary destruction before creation can occur. Therefore, coupled with yesterday's Two of Swords, I feel like some of you may be facing decisions relating to surgery.

You're being called to an action that requires courage to step through the doorway before you. Trust your instincts to take the risk and choose what YOU really want. On the other side, you'll find balance and recognition of your fullest potential.

September 27, 2017: Card O' the Day: Two of Swords. There's a need to make a choice for YOUR greatest good, but many will complain because they'll be inconvenienced, put out, annoyed, hurt, or let go. It's hard to do what you must when you know others won't like it, but this is a time to leave your emotions out of it and do what's best for your highest self and potential growth. Trust it's the right thing to do.

September 26, 2017: Card O' the Day: Ten of Swords. Belief systems, along with other stuff, are indeed shifting (see yesterday's card). The Ten indicates an ending/beginning phase. I encourage you to take a moment to look back along your path and see what's happened in the last months to get you here. Observe without blame, or self-recrimination so you can simply learn from the experiences. This is not meant to be a self-imposed guilt trip and 50 lashes with a wet noodle.

It can be tempting, when looking back at all your "mistakes" and "failures", to become overdramatic about it and shout at the winds of fortune, gnash your teeth, and tear your hair. However, a better approach would be to accept the inevitable changes and/or repercussions and surrender to your highest self. Your highest self, which IS truly there, I promise, will lead you forward with constructive force and determination. 

Find--and hold on to--positive thoughts and viable plans. You CAN control your thoughts and behaviors as your previous world view comes crashing down. Let the changes come. The Universe will be the better for them, trust me.

September 25, 2017: Card O' the Day: Four of Cups, reversed. Upright, the Four of Cups can indicate a settled rut, which is not necessarily a "bad thing", but it doesn't bode well for growth. However, reversed, the water element of the Cups is moving--pouring out of the vessel, so to speak. This translates to a certain restlessness in your heart and in the sacral Chakra, which governs this card. Your sacral chakra is down low in your belly; excitement is brewing there and you may find that your bowels may become a bit looser than usual.

This excitement is an indication you're ready to break out of a fallow period, and you're thirsting for new experiences or relationships. However, this rush of energy will cloud your usual prudence, and you may be apt to leap into a relationship based only upon a pretty face, the promise of easy money, or something else too good to be true. Fortunately, your psychic awareness is on high, so you have extra help with your discernment. Make use of it! That means you'll have to slow yourself down and listen to your gut. 

Value and/or belief systems may shift along with your energy patterns. Meeting new people and having new experiences will do that. And if that happens, it means it was time to transform certain things in your heart and mind.

September 22, 2017: Card O' the Day: Princess of Wands, reversed. I so hate to harp upon "coming changes"; I'm beginning to feel like a broken record....

When the Princess of Wands gets reversed, her fresh, curious energy gets sent sideways. Unstable, indecisive, superficial, and lack of concentration are all indications of energies that are scattered and volatile. Good judgment is out the window, and you may be doing unwise things for the mere thrill of it or to find something "louder" than your flip-flopping stomach. 

Are you tempted to throw yourself on the floor and kick and scream like a toddler? That's the Princess of Wands in you who's been upset and desperately needs things to go back to "normal." 

All the psychic disturbance you've been feeling of late boils down to a fear of the changes coming. Your intuition, soul, higher self, the hairs on your arms, etc. know there's something big in the atmosphere. Will those changes take something valuable from you? It depends where you place your highest value.

September 21, 2017: Card O' the Day: Eight of Pentacles, reversed. I feel jittery and anxious today.... What with the fires, floods, earthquakes, and typhoons of late--and all the physical damage that goes with it--it's small wonder. I'm an earth sign, of the Earth, a Turtle animal totem...sometimes I feel like I don't walk upon the Earth's surface but through it up to my ankles. Therefore, when the physical plane is whacked, I feel out of sorts, too.

The Eight of Pentacles reflects this upset in energy of the physical plane. This card is particularly attached to jobs and careers, so, when reversed, it indicates dissatisfaction in that department. However, I don't feel it's time to change jobs or careers per se, it's more like that area of our lives becomes the scapegoat for the overall "twist in our knickers" some of you may be feeling.

What to do? I'm not really certain. I'm going to try cleaning my dining room. It's productive and yet doesn't require any intelligence or problem solving skills. Some of you may try physical exercise to get the blood moving. As tempting as a tub of ice cream and a stack of movies sounds, I'd advise against it. The physical energies aren't moving smoothly and stagnating further will only add to the stuck-ness. Get moving whether you like it or not.

September 20, 2017: Card O' the Day: Five of Pentacles, reversed. Karma is coming back around, and you're going to have to face some "unfortunate" truths about yourself, your beliefs, and/or your tribe. Spiritual changes are needed, and your soul is demanding to be heard. The party times are catching up, and it's time to go deep. It still not may be quite the right time (obstinacy and impatience are present), but know that you're getting close to the inevitable reckoning.

The way to do this deep work as painlessly as possible, is to check your ego at the door along with your emotions. Calmly and drily observe the facts. What are the mistakes that got you here? Did you buy into a belief system? I